RELIABLE SOURCE MUSICを最新から表示 (402アルバム)
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM999_1 Christmas Cuts Robert De Fresnes,Gareth Cousins,Paul Wheatley,Mario Scala,Andy Powell,Andy Powell,Samuel Stockton,Warren Bennett,Neil Taylor,Anthony Flynn
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM999_2 Christmas Cuts Robert De Fresnes,Anthony Flynn,Warren Bennett,Neil Taylor,Paul Wheatley,Andy Powell,Samuel Stockton,Gareth Cousins,Mario Scala
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM412 Music Box Christmas Andy Simms Traditional Christmas carols played on three types of music box for a magical and festive mood
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM411 Electro Energy Harry Valentine Euphoric; driving and heavy Dance for sports and energetic edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM410 True Crime Mike McGuill Eerie; apprehensive and mysterious underscores for True Crime atmospheres
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM409 Traditional Middle Eastern Moods Yasmine Latkowski A variety of authentic styles from across the middle east region; played on traditional instruments
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM408 Jazzed Up James Denning,James Denning, Robert Saich-Wagerfield An Eclectic range of jazz through the decades recorded live for fully authentic tone
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM407 Heart-Wrenching Cello Susie Winkworth Reasonating; emotive and stirring Cello narratives for documentaries
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM406 A Trip To Japan Robert De Fresnes,Chris Bucknall A upbeat and exhilerating blend of chart pop and traditional Japanese instrumentation to celebrate Japan
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM405 Middle Eastern Jazz Toby Daniel, Sandro Friedrich, Alexander Sasha Shlain Authentic Middle Eastern jazz in a range of moods in minimal arrangements
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM404 Indie Pop Vol. 2 Zac Porter, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Nick Rice, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Cathal McKeon, Stephen Green, Jim Regs Breezy, excited and carefree Indie Pop and Rock for a summer festival sound
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM403 Funky Fun Vol. 2 Alex Attwood,Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall This selection of cheeky and confident funk and pop soul tracks conjour a carefree and energtic mood
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM402 Solo Piano Moods Vernon Haig Contemplative, soulful and romantic solo piano pieces
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM401 Modern Classical Vol. 2 Johan Marick,Richard Keyworth,Anthony Aldersley Driving, flourishing and positive classical tracks with a emphasis on forward motion and uplifting tones
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM400 Politics & Power Gijs Van Amelsvoort Live record cinematic, orchestral tension with sweeping melodies, striking percussion and driving synths. Recorded live at Fames Studio in Skopje.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM399 Gen Z Pop Lewis Dransfield Global Top 40 pop chart styles of the 2020s
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM398 Thought Provoking Richard Chorzelski Soft, pulsing and punctuated underscores for themes of contemplation, questioning and study
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM397 The Best Of The 90s Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall Iconic chart sounds from from the 90s
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM396 Quirkier Vol. 2 Crispin Merrell, Gordon Young,Alex Attwood,Dobs Vye,Crispin Cris Merrell, Gordon Young A mixture of playful, curious and daft underscores with charm and quirk
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM395 Simple Acoustic James Kelly,Wick Wild Straightforward and unpretentious acoustic guitar underscores
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM394 Eccentric Pastoral Gareth Rubery Quirky and characterful string, woodwind and pizzicato underscores for curious and cheeky scenes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM393 Pensive Percussion Vol. 2 Neal Clutterbuck Tense, atmospheric and apprehensive underscores using percussion instrumentation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM392 Optimistic Indie Alex Attwood,Richard Keyworth,Anthony Aldersley Upbeat, bright and positive indie band tracks with a happy-go-lucky, DIY feel
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM391 Soft Pulses Vol. 2 Mike McGuill Soft, organic underscores for themes of technology, science and information
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM390 Top 40 2021 Ben Macklin,Lewis Dransfield,Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes, Danny Kirsch Our latest pop album inspired by the latest chart hits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM389 Rhodes Piano Tension James Kelly Investigation and true crime themes on Rhodes Piano for a minimal and light tension approach
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM388 Galloping Acoustic Indie Richard Keyworth Excited, euphoric and building acoustic indie tracks with powerful percussion and soaring melodies. Perfect for landscapes, happy endings and travelling topics.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM387 Moody Cityscapes Mike McGuill Inner city struggle and tension with influences of garage, dubstep and UK Bass
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM386 Stirring Cinema Vol. 2 Jonathan Vincent,Jonathan Vincent, Keith Beauvais Uplifting, noble and rousing contemporary orchestral filmscores with driving, staccato strings featuring prominently
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM385 Feel Good Folk Mike McGuill Playful and relaxed acoustic tracks for kids, cooking or entertainment edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM384 Consumer Concerns Vol. 2 Ariel Fairchild,Ariel Fairchild, Ian Fletcher Pensive, neutral and minimal underscores for consumer and current affairs
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM383 Rural Retreat Gareth Rubery Relaxing and soothing strings and acoustic guitar for pastoral themes and folk underscores
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM382 Woodwind Curiosities James Pickering,Mat Andasun Playful and charming woodwood with percussion and strings in a British tone
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM381 Gypsy Jazz Jonathan Vincent, Keith Beauvais,Alex Attwood,Keith Beauvais, Richard Moore A sunny, swinging and sprightly selection of gypsy jazz tracks
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM380 Turbocharged Swagger Zac Porter, Stephen Green, Marvin Daley,Talkback Jack,Talkback Jack, Lloyd Griffiths,Liam Love, Stephen Green, Marvin Daley,Liam Love, Andrew Samson, Stephen Green, Marvin Daley,Liam Love, Nick Rice, Stephen Green, Marvin Daley Hyped and psyched hip hop and EDM with punchy percussion, big melodies and bags of energy
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM379 Contemporary Piano Mat Andasun Emotive and inspiring contemporary piano scores
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM378 Artistic Curiosities Andy Simms Intriguing moods in minimal, subtle arrangements for arts and culture edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM377 Neutrality Vol. 2 James Pickering,Mat Andasun,Mike McGuill,Richard Chorzelski Bubbling underscores with a tone of impartiality, information and clarity
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM376 Pizzicato Moods 4 Alex Attwood,Andy Simms A wide range of moods on pizzicato strings for obs doc, reality and factual entertainment edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM375 Darktronic Vol. 2 Jonathan Pilcher The second installment of one of our most successful albums of all time. Tones of investigation, fear and tension in a modern electronic sound.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM374 Pastoral Cello James Pickering, Jess Cox, Michael Thorne Romantic, classical and pastoral duets on cello and piano
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM373 Electro Pop Ben Macklin,Joshua Ellis Punchy Electro Pop synths with positive melodies
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM372 Vintage Soul Matthew Clark,Robert De Fresnes,Keith Beauvais, Jonathan Vincent,Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall,Jonathan Vincent The sound of the 1960's pop soul from America
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM371 Boardroom Showdown Jonathan Vincent Theatrical, orchestral pieces for ambitious characters and competitive drama
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM370 Traditional Christmas Classics Gareth Rubery Old Christmas favourites played by a string quartet
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM369 Christmas Pop Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall,Robert De Fresnes Modern and retro pop tracks with a feel-good Christmas vibe
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM368 Charming Christmas Gareth Rubery Jolly, happy and heartwarming orchestral Christmas themes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM367 Marimba Moods Vol. 2 Sophy Purnell,A.D.A.M Habraken, Jesse J. Maasdam,Johan Marick,Andy Simms Cinematic scores designed around the versatile, expressive and enchanting sounds of the marimba
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM366 Endangered Planet Gijs Van Amelsvoort An album inspired by the climate crisis ranging from moods of hope and striving, to sadness and mourning
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM365 Chillbeat Electronica Vol. 2 Robert De Fresnes A collection of Tropical House and Electro Pop styles for moods of happiness, style and relaxation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM364 Light Classical Gareth Rubery,James Denning Soft classical arrangements for uplifting and gentle pastoral, British and rural scenes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM363 Textures of China Alex Attwood Textures and amtospheres of China using traditional instrumentation and synths
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM362 Melancholic Piano Sophy Purnell,Anthony Aldersley,Richard Chorzelski,James Pickering A variety of sad, despondent and reflective piano-led pieces
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM361 Optimistic Piano Scores Vol. 2 James Pickering, Matthew King,Anthony Aldersley,Sophy Purnell,Andy Simms,Alex Attwood Joyful and minimal piano underscores for tones of happiness, optimism and hope
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM360 Ambient Investigation Alex Attwood Ambient synth investigation underscores for a minimal approach
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM359 Uplifting Soundscapes Vol. 2 Nicholas Neidhardt,Nicholas Neidhardt, Joshua Ruben,Neil Athale Themes of endeavour, energy and striving on piano, strings and percussion
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM358 Cinematic Ambience Gilbert Linley String, piano and synth pieces for moods of hope, contemplation and beauty
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM357 Carefree Summer Richard Keyworth Solo electric guitar in a happy and carefree mood
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM356 Anxious Conclusions Vol. 2 Alex Attwood,Tim Benjamin Subtle, building tension underscores for scenes of anxiety, stress or emotion
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM355 Big Beats 3 Zac Porter, Niamh Murphy, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Zac Porter, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Jack Thompson, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Konstantinos Papalexopoulos, Stephen Green, Jim Regs Anthemic, uplifting, cutting-edge beats bursting with energy, attitude and swagger!
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM354 Documentary Sadness Mike McGuill Delicate melancholy moods for documentaries and current affairs
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM353 Art Rock 2 Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes, Danny Kirsch,Robert De Fresnes , Chris Bucknall, Juno Wilbury Emotive Indie guitar with tones of saddness, stirring and hopeful tones
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM352 Funky Pop Keith Beauvais,Keith Beauvais, Jonathan Vincent,Alex Attwood,Mat Clark,Jonathan Vincent,Mat Clark, Jonathan Vincent Fun, upbeat and carefree funky pop tracks for factual entertainment edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM351 Feel-Good EDM Talkback Jack Upbeat, sporty and exicting dance and pop beds
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM349 Uplifting Ambient Jeff Woodall Warm, positive electronica for heartwarming moments
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM348 Consumer Affairs: Resolutions Richard Keyworth,Andy Simms,Anthony Aldersley,Alex Attwood Endings and conclusions for consumer affairs and documentaries in moods of happiness, sadness and unresolved
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM347 Consumer Affairs: Shady Operators Vince Webb, Christopher Whiter,Vince Webb, Raoul Neumann,Andy Simms,Alex Attwood,Wick Wild,Vince Webb Underscores for stories of dodgy dealers, lies and scammers for consumer affairs and documentary edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM346 Consumer Affairs: Scene Setting Richard Chorzelski,Alex Attwood,Jonathan Vincent,Andy Simms Story introduction for Consumer Affairs and Documentary edits in a range of instrumentation and moods
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM345 Orchestral Ostinatos Gijs Van Amelsvoort, A.D.A.M Habraken, Jesse J. Maasdam A collection of orchestral tracks featuring repeating melodies in moods of hope, determination and energy
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM339 Organic Acoustic Vol. 2 Alex Attwood Optimistic and warm underscores in a range of instrumentation for rural affairs edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM338 Surveillance Mike McGuill Fearful, tense and anxious underscores for documentary and crime themed edits
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM337 Cheesy Lounge Vol. 2 Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall,Robert De Fresnes, Gabriella de Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes , Chris Bucknall, Juno Wilbury Kitsch and vintage cheesy tracks with charm
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM336 Uneasy Acoustic James Kelly Troubled, apprehensive and introspective acoustic underscores for documentaries and factual programming
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM335 Japanese Spirit Vol. 2 James Pickering, Jess Cox Inspiring and emotive Japanese tones from live recordings
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM334 Tokyo Beat Talkback Jack Positive and rousing pop tracks featuring traditional Japanese instrumentation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM333 Observational Documentary Scores Vol. 2 Andy Simms,Gareth Rubery,Jonathan Vincent Quirky, minimalistic and playful pizzicato and marimba based themes and tones
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM332 Emotive Orchestral Gijs Van Amelsvoort, A.D.A.M Habraken, Jesse J. Maasdam Poignant and moving orchestral scores for moments of saddness, regret and hope
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM331 Mediterranean Holidays Geoff Clark Upbeat and happy tones for holidays and vacations to the Mediterranean
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM330 Eccentric Cinema 2 Alex Attwood Quirky and characterful tracks of curiosity, intrigue and playful themes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM329 Majestic Classical Gareth Rubery Atmopsheric, grand and elegant orchestral tracks for landscapes, events and poignant moments
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM328 Indie Party Mat Andasun,Mat Andasun, Issac Elliott-Anderson A fun, poppy & energetic indie album with a punch
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM327 Wholesome Acoustic James Kelly Tender and optimstic folk tracks for feelgood and gentle moods
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM326 Ambient Haze Mike McGuill Neutral, spacious and synth based underscores for questioning, consideration and contemplation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM325 Crime: Victims Jonathan Vincent,Wick Wild,Alex Attwood,Gareth Rubery Reflective and evocative underscores for recollections and human stories
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM324 Crime: Raids Alex Attwood,James Pickering,Andy Simms,Richard Chorzelski Intense and action packed tracks for police raids, criminal activity and investigation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM323 Crime: Perpetrators Alex Attwood,Andy Simms,Wick Wild,Richard Chorzelski Scene setting moods for criminal activity, investigation and wrongdoing
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM322 Soft Pulses Mike McGuill Light and curious underscores for investigation and scientific subjects
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM321 Modern Classical Johan Marick,Richard Keyworth,Anthony Aldersley,Robert De Fresnes Artistic and expressive classical tracks with a emphasis on forward motion and uplifting tones
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM320 Remembrance James Pickering,Andy Simms,Jonathan Vincent Poignant and reflective underscores for themes of commemoration or nostalgia
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM319 Top 40 2019 Robert De Fresnes,Ben Macklin,Luke Jones,Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall Chart influenced pop sounds tracks from the sound of 2019
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM318 Sad Ambience Jeff Woodall,Mark David Ethereal and electronic based underscores for melancholic scenes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM317 Nursery Rhymes Joe Kaye A modern take on traditional nursery rhymes
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM316 Emotive Piano Pop Andy Simms,James Pickering, Matthew King,Richard Keyworth Emotional, uplifting piano for stories of perseverance, and triumph over adversity
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM315 Anxious Underscores James Pickering,Michael Holt,Richard Chorzelski Tension atmospheres with minimal instrumentation
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM314 Vintage Newsreels Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser A selection of moods based on old British newsreels from the 1940's and 50's
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM313 Rhythmic Strides James Kelly Rhythmic based acoustic and indie tracks aimed at themes of travelling and journeys with a consistent beat. Moods ranging from investigation, determination and happiness.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM312 Classical Intrigue Jonathan Vincent Classical tracks with a tone of investigation and curiosity
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM311 Delicate Beauty Sophy Purnell Intricate and gentle underscores for light reveals and scene setting
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM310 Shades Of Alba Ben McElroy,Alex Attwood A wholesome and acoustic flavour of Scotland and a strictly bagpipe free zone
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM309 Big Beats 2 Zac Porter , Stephen Green, Marvin Daley,Simon James , Stephen Green, Marvin Daley,Lawrence Mau Yip , Stephen Green, Marvin Daley More anthemic, uplifting, cutting-edge beats bursting with energy, attitude and swagger!
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