SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE215 LIFE PATTERNS Carmen Manley, Simon Edwards An evocative collection of lively pieces for a small, eclectic ensemble. Includes natural sound effects woven into ambient soundscapes.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE214 BRIGHT DIRECTION Matthew Cang, Carmen Manley Upbeat, easy-going and rocky backing tracks blended with non-lyric female vocals. Perfect for generating some underscore allure, attitude and glamour.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE213 DARK ELECTRONIC POP Lewis Amoroso, Ivana Lukic,Lewis Amoroso, Adir Tov,Lewis Amoroso, Josh Craggs,Lewis Amoroso, Daniel Stringer,Lewis Amoroso, Carlie Randall A selection of emotional, thoughtful and dark love songs. Half with female, and half with male, vocals.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE212 PULSES Paul Whitehead A selection of underscores featuring short, rhythmical pulses creating a sense of anticipation and urgency. For serious-minded drama, documentary and factual programming.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE211 STRINGS ATTACHED Davide Tammaro Twelve pieces for small string ensemble, classical guitar, and piano. Features many moods: busy streets to romantic beauty, pathos and passion to light whimsy.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE210 DARK ANALOGUE DRONES Paul Whitehead, Dom Kane Electro-organic soundscapes. Static on the surface with a finely sculpted low-end, and lots going on underneath...
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE209 UNDERLYING TENSION 2 Ben Beiny Contemporary, tense and active. These tracks will help drive pictures along, whether it be a police investigation, a human drama or nature in the raw. A companion album to SCORE099.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE208 EMOTIONAL EVOLUTION Pawel Morytko A collection of light modern orchestral pieces which transition from romantic, poignant and tender into inspirational, proud and cheerful themes.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE207 EDM FESTIVAL ANTHEMS Jake Ridley Huge builds, massive drops, slamming beats and monstrous bass lines. EDM FESTIVAL ANTHEMS has all the ingredients for an epic and outrageous hands-in-the-air weekender.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE206 CINEMATIC LEGENDS Clive Lukover An epic, mighty and memorable collection of orchestral themes featuring choirs and percussion, and full of mythology and magic. Made for tales of dragons, knights, fairly tales and fables. Companion to SCORE082 and SCORE112.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE205 NATURAL HIP HOP Nyda Rosalind Theatrical, heartfelt and honest hip hop from the East Coast. Grown up on pop, gospel and rock 'n' roll, Natural Hip Hop is a deeply personal album, loaded with attitude.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE204 BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS Jorden Milnes, Steven Mcgill A modern blend of contemporary, chart friendly, and unique Christmas songs. From the traditional, warm and cosy, to the upbeat and humorous. Yuletide sensations aplenty.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE203 ROCK STOPS 'N' DROPS Timothy Bricheno, Toby Bricheno, Anthony Kiley,Timothy Bricheno, Toby Bricheno, Kevan Gallagher, Anthony Kiley Down 'n' dirty rock 'n' roll with easy to edit gaps, drop-downs and build-ups built in. Editors get ready, locked in and LOADED!
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE202 TRIP HOP VISIONS Matthew Vucic, Ffion Williams A blend of ambient textures, theatrical female vocals, breakbeats and a unique artistic perspective. TRIP HOP VISIONS delivers a rare mix of influences, from Post Rock, Synthwave and Progressive Trance.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE201 SPACESCAPES Michael Tourle A collection of awe-inspiring atmospheric pieces exploring the beauty of outer space. With piano, electric guitar, organic textures and subtle beats, SPACESCAPES is positive and optimistic in tone.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE200 SCORE AT THE OPERA Charles Gounod, Nicola Kirsch,Giuseppe Verdi, Nicola Kirsch,Georges Bizet, Nicola Kirsch,Wolfgang Mozart, Nicola Kirsch,Gioacchino Rossini, Nicola Kirsch,Vincenzo Bellini, Nicola Kirsch,Antonin Dvorak, Nicola Kirsch,Gaetano Donizetti, Nicola Kirsch,Giacom A collection of some of the most popular arias featuring a live symphony orchestra and the voice of Nicola Kirsch. Full versions, orchestra-only versions, with edits and some instrumental beds.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE199 THE FIRST BLUSH OF CHRISTMAS Kerry Beaumont Nine original compositions reflecting a range of festive feelings. From celebration and magic, to nostalgia and beauty, THE FIRST BLUSH OF CHRISTMAS is glowing with seasonal style.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE198 ELECTRONIC SOUNDTRACKS Geoffrey Wilkinson Dramatic and ambient electronic underscores. Hypnotic, tense and atmospheric. Retro, yet timeless.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE197 SPORTS HYPE BANGERS Markus Gleissner Pre-game pump-up tracks to inject energy and motivation. With build-up sections, big drops, monster brass licks and sizeable, swaggering, beats.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE196 ICEBOUND Matthew Vucic, Ffion Williams Big themes for epic stories with a Norse-Gaelic twist. Powerful and primal female vocals, huge percussion, tons of atmosphere, ancient instruments, blood and thunder.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE195 SUMMER HOUSE Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes,Jorden Milnes, Stewart Draper Summery, sun-soaked and chilled-out dance. Tropical house and dreamy EDM infused with positive and uplifting vibes.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE194 GOOD TRAVELLING 4 Glenn Sharp,Matthew Moore,Dick Walter A collection of atmospheric tracks, evocative of different countries and continents, using a variety of both conventional Western and traditional ethnic instruments. Companion to SCORE070, SCORE094 and SCORE142.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE193 NEOCLASSICAL SKETCHES Koshi Kamada Simple vignettes with light orchestration for strings, piano and woodwinds. Artistic, sophisticated, animated and beautiful.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE192 JAZZ FUNK THEMES Martin Williams Killer brass licks over a super-funky rhythm section. With one foot in the '70s and a modern ear on the production process, these tunes are enduring, hooky and funkalicious.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE191 CINEMATIC ATMOSPHERES Barry Hudson-Taylor Lush deep strings, piano and smooth organic elements. A collection of powerfully emotional and panoramic pieces containing moments of redemption, loss, discovery and denouement.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE190 BIO-MACHINA Thomas Swann Chilled-out electro-organic underscores inspired by industrial and technological processes and benign cybernetic creatures.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE189 ACOUSTIC ELEVATION Samuel Burgess, Ian Thomas, Thomas Cawley Disarming, rhythmic and experimental jazz album lead by Ian Thomas' intense drum track and augmented by upright bass and floating keys. Perfect for looming tension and unravelling minds.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE188 POP ANTHEMS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes,Jorden Milnes, Corrina Taylor,Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes, Jeremy Hackett,Jorden Milnes, Tanya Phoenix Top drawer commercial pop songs with catchy hooks. Cool, bright, stylish and emotive, covering many contemporary genres, with both male and female vocals.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE187 DRAMEDY 2 Clive Lukover Shifty goings on, dastardly plans and clumsy comic characters. A second collection of subtly comedic tracks, with added tension. Fourteen tunes to represent dramatic comedy, with pizzicato versions often included. A companion album to SCORE135.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE186 ELECTRO SWING CUTS Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A collection of fun, enthusiastic and lively Electro Swing tracks, including remix elements, vocals and instrumentals with a wealth of quirky charm.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE185 NEON WAVE 2 Paul Whitehead Follow-up to the hugely popular Neon Wave (SCORE097), again blending modern electronica with 80s nostalgia and this time, expanding the palette to include guitars, strings and a menacing electro punk edge.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE184 PROHIBITION PARTY Jonathan Gillies A delightfully ragged and fun collection of 1920s-style jazzy tunes ranging in tempo and mood. Perfect for a classic 'whodunit' or a Charleston house party, and performed by a live band with vivid enthusiasm.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE183 EMOTIVE TRANCE Timothy Gilbert Somewhere between chillout and uptempo, EMOTIVE TRANCE creates a sophisticated electronic atmosphere. Hedonistic, urgent and reflective.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE182 FRESH TRAILERS Toby Bricheno A fresh take on a popular genre. Huge orchestras, deep fx, gnarly brass, cranked guitars and extraordinary drama. FRESH TRAILERS contains beauty and brawn in equal measure, (with an extra helping of muscle).
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE181 HAPPY ANTICS 2 George Stroud,Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A second collection of humorous pieces ranging from playful to peculiar, kooky to kinky and sly to silly. A sidekick album to SCORE081.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE180 NEW AGE JOURNEYS Michael Tourle Relax, unwind and reset your chakras with this collection of beautiful new-age music featuring specialist live woodwinds and inspirational atmospheres.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE179 CINEMATIC SLIDE GUITAR Cameron Mcbride, Paul Cuddeford Dramatic, dusty underscores - all featuring slide, acoustic or electric guitars in a variety of textures and styles. Wistful and dirty tremolo sounds, sparse slide soundscapes and classic blues rock.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE178 POWERFUL PROMOS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes,Jorden Milnes, Steven Bodsworth Positive and agile tracks designed to give your campaigns something unique, stylish and contemporary. Offbeat, epic, courageous. Forever commercial.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE177 INTERCONNECTION Oliver Vessey Complex interlocking musical patterns played on tuned percussion, piano, strings and synths. A useful and unusual collection, perfect for scoring mesmeric machines, biomechanical evolutions and hypnotic human endeavour.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE176 DARK PIANO BUILDS David Disher Twelve emotionally rich piano pieces which share a similar arc - building in intensity throughout, reaching a peak near the end, before a calm coda. Orchestrated with yearning strings and organic textures.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE175 NU 90S JAZZ Geoffrey Wilkinson A fusion of jazz, hip-hop and dancehall - styles which burst through in the 1990s. From the producer behind British jazz-rap group Us3, we bring you 15 instrumentals to play on your Discman while renting a video from Blockbuster.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE174 UNDERCURRENTS Cameron Mcbride Dark, sparse underscores and dramatic beds designed for crime, documentary and investigative journalism. Understated and atmospheric.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE173 INDUSTRIAL UNDERSCORES Dick Walter From early industrial machinery to hi-tech electronic assembly lines, INDUSTRIAL UNDERSCORES provides an invaluable resource for underscoring images of automated and mechanical wonder.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE172 UNDERSCORING THE POSITIVE 3 Matthew Moore Personal and intimate, including gentle pizzicato strings and glockenspiel, this is the third in Matthew Moore's unobtrusive but highly effective and popular series of albums. A companion album to SCORE048 & SCORE092.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE171 CONSEQUENCES Dave Hewson, Michael Tourle 12 instrumental pieces for establishing and underscoring stories on serious subjects. A useful mix of themes, sparse underscores and movement, to drive stories forward.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE170 CONTEMPORARY CHRISTMAS CLASSICS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes A modern, heartfelt and sincere take on traditional, well-known Christmas songs. Lyrical changes and a fresh approach brings the festive season bang up-to-date.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE169 TRUE STORIES Gregory Fitzgerald Exquisitely produced instrumentals blending crisp electronica and warm acoustic lo-fi. Chilled beats with tuneful, pianistic melancholy, perfect for drama and documentary.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE168 GUITAR POP ANTHEMS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes, Jeremy Hackett,Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes,Sue Milnes, Thomas Wardle,Jorden Milnes, Philip Webster,Jorden Milnes, Steven Mcgill,Jorden Milnes, Benedict Robinson Chart-friendly, heartfelt and accessible pop songs about freedom and love, all of which utilise the venerable acoustic/electric guitar. With vocal and non-vocal versions.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE167 NEWS & CURRENT AFFAIRS 2 Clive Lukover A resource for hard-hitting news and factual programming. Main titles, bumpers, stings, underscores and stems provide a comprehensive toolkit. An amped-up companion to SCORE 126 'News & Current Affairs'.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE166 POSTCARDS FROM MUSCLE SHOALS Matthew Cang The groove, the whole groove, and nothing but the groove. A collection of tunes and riffs, inspired by and recorded at the legendary FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Southern rock and authentic rhythm and blues.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE165 LIVELY LATIN BEATS Matthew Moore,Clive Lukover Latin-infused contemporary, beat-based and light-hearted instrumentals. From street sounds in Puerto Rico to house-parties in Mexico City.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE164 VOCAL IMMERSION Sophy Purnell Heartfelt, distinctive and minimalist vocal textures sit alongside beautiful arrangements which evoke hope, love, triumph, allure and charm. With strings, piano, mallets, and percussion.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE163 FUTURE BASS ANTHEMS Jorden Milnes,Jorden Milnes, Steven Bodsworth High-impact beats, chopped up catchy vocals fused with huge drops, and laced with massive synths. An album perfect for getting positively pumped and hyped.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE162 EASY LISTENING Dick Walter Classic and groovy concepts in a modern package. Relax with a collection of mellow, upbeat and jazzy tunes. To ensure ease of editing, main versions and underscores have the same file start.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE161 DARKSCAPES Michael Tourle Musical atmospheres from organic, synthetic and unusual sound sources create emotional unrest and a novel sense of foreboding.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE160 EPIC SWAGGER ANTHEMS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes A bold and confident collection of songs blending laid-back dominance, hyped-up cool and effortless power. Perfect for dramatic entrances and audacious characters.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE159 PIANO CHRONICLES Matthew Moore Classy variety of styles for solo piano, from Baroque to boogie-woogie, and romance to ragtime. This tasteful ten-fingered collection occasionally includes alternative versions played on harpsichord.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE158 EPIC TRAILER ANTHEMS Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes With lyrics designed to tease an audience and a three act structure perfect for trailers, these powerful songs will add weight and emotion to the right campaign.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE157 STATELY HOMES Ian Livingstone,Matthew Moore Luxury and elegance scored in a traditional style with strings and woodwinds, featuring piano, harpsichord, church organ, regal brass, and refined harp. Memorable tunes to impress Anglophiles everywhere.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE156 EPIC FORCES Claudio Pietronik, Jonny Carpenter Exciting and commanding, this memorable collection of fantasy and action adventure themes uses a large orchestral palette, choirs, huge percussion and modern synth programming.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE155 THE POWER OF JAPAN Clive Lukover,Clive Lukover, David Elliott Anthems to inspire a nation. Using traditional sounds and the spirit of Japan, ten tracks with a powerful physicality and a kinetic sense of honour. Featuring shamisen, koto and a range of taiko drums.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE154 THE LIFE SCIENTIFIC 2 Oliver Vessey Atmospheric electronics and percussion, active with constant movement, and illustrating the science of humanity, nature and technology. Companion album to 'The Life Scientific' - Score 036.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE153 PIANO EMOTIONS Clive Lukover Mellow and reflective pieces for piano, delicately supported by light orchestrations and distinctive programming. Occasionally dramatic, at times sentimental, always delicately beautiful.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE152 COLOURFUL STRING QUARTETS 2 Dave Hewson, Bryan Lester, Jamie Fekete, Sam Slater A classic, timeless and melodic collection of string quartet pieces. These tracks have a wide application, from melodramatic to cheeky, from comic to mournful, and playful to period. A darker follow-up to Colourful String Quartets (SCORE-105).
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE151 NU COUNTRY Jorden Milnes, Phil Ashmore Classic, acoustic, country rock featuring a strong male vocal, accompanied by guitars, piano, Hammond organ and drums.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE150 CAREFREE Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes Uplifting, acoustic pop tracks to make you feel good. Light, breezy and full of joy, featuring mixed voices, guitars, ukulele and rhythm section.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE149 PIANO NOIR Jess Kennedy Romantic piano and sensuous strings create dramatic themes and evocative atmospheres. These tracks express a range of emotions from passion and intensity, through Pre-Raphaelite melancholy, to dark and mysterious longing.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE148 DRAMATIC DIRECTIONS Nick Bardoni, Steve Warr Essential both for trailers and dramatic sequences, these tracks build with kinetic energy using contemporary percussion, and orchestral and electronic textures. Brimming with musicality and creativity, this is not just another trailers album.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE147 DANCEFLOOR NIGHTS Taylor, David Noakes, Brad Parsons, Dave Edward, Jn,Brad Parsons, Dave Edward, Rebecca Lewis, Taylor,Cliff Randall, Carmi Esta, Howard Pearse, Dave Edward, Jn, Taylor,Dan Dodd, Brad Parsons, Rebecca Lewis, Dave Edward, Taylor,Andrew Murray, Carmi Esta, Ho A collection of mid-tempo dance tunes with memorable lyrics and motivational beats, creating a classic club atmosphere.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE146 DARKTRONICA Paul Whitehead, Dom Kane Razor-sharp, dark, moody and pumping electronica. An album brimming with attitude and startling textures; sometimes threatening, occasionally redemptive, always dramatic.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE145 CLASSICAL FAVOURITES Clive Lukover Ten of the best and most recognisable classical pieces from composers such as Handel, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Holst. Jubilant, regal and classy.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE144 CHRISTMAS BEATS Matthew Moore Christmas tunes as you've never heard them before. Modern interpretations in a wide variety of genres, including; jazz, chillout, pop, dance, and electro-swing to name a few. Festive, delightful and unpredictable.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE143 A CHRISTMAS SPARKLE Kevin Kerrigan, Taylor Ten tracks reflecting a traditional Christmas perspective. Using bells, choirs and a selection of orchestral colours, this is innocent, appealing, and glowing with festive cheer.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE142 GOOD TRAVELLING 3 Dick Walter,Matthew Moore,Clive Lukover Atmospheric tracks depicting different countries and continents, some with contemporary rhythms, and some with a traditional feel. Instrumentation includes both conventional western and traditional ethnic instruments.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE141 ACOUSTIC GUITARS 2 William Morgan, David Walter A new collection of pieces for acoustic guitars, with a variety of accompaniments. Catchy themes, pleasant atmospheres, childlike melodies and characterful tunes. Companion album to 'Acoustic Guitars' - Score 030.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE140 SPOOKY & SCARY Kevin Kerrigan, Taylor A broad spectrum of frightening tracks covering all things ghastly. From gothic cinematic, creepy and kooky ghost-hunting, to seriously macabre horror soundscapes. Just what the bogeyman ordered.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE139 BIG BAND ENERGY Dick Walter A wide variety of tracks exploring the different moods produced by the classic big band line-up, from punchy to sexy, showbiz to the '20s and catchy to Latin.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE138 URBAN DARKNESS 2 Patrick Gomersall,Tim Gilbert, Patrick Gomersall Music for investigative documentaries and dramas, with a contemporary flavour, using edgy rhythms and moody sounds. Companion album to 'Urban Darkness' - Score 010.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE137 PANORAMIC ATMOSPHERES Barry Hudson-Taylor A collection of atmospheric tracks evoking spacious landscapes and magnificent vistas. Clean ethereal beds are tastefully peppered with piano and guitar phrases to reveal beauty and drama.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE136 VINTAGE ELECTROPOP Amy Collins, Martyn Stonehouse An authentic collection of sincere electropop songs. Retro slick production and sublime, natural female vocals evoke effortless cool and timeless classic sounds.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE135 DRAMEDY Matthew John Moore,Clive Neal Lukover A collection of subtly comedic tracks, with added tension. Curious goings on behind suburban curtains, awkward moments one to one, and wry physicality. Ten tunes to represent dramatic comedy.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE134 PIZZICOLOUR Dave Hewson,Dave Hewson, Jamie Fekete, Bryan Lester,Jamie Fekete, Bryan Lester,Jamie Fekete Positive and plucky. 15 tracks all driven by, or featuring, pizzicato strings with harp, piano and light percussion. Various styles and influences are covered and 'Pizz Only' versions are provided for each track.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE133 SOULFUL SONGS Clive Neal Lukover Uplifting club tracks with 80s and 90s influences. Proudly featuring live brass, a deep and funky rhythm section and lashings of soul. Each track has a main, instrumental and light version.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE132 SUNSHINE & RAINBOWS JN, Jorden Milnes,Carmi Esta, Brad Parsons, Howard Pearse,Marlon Jupiter, Andrew Ian Murray,Kevin Kerrigan,Kevin Kerrigan, Brad Parsons,Rory Christopher Muldoon, Brad Parsons,Kyle Davis, Andrew Ian Murray,Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes,Noah Bryce, Marlon Jupit An upbeat collection of songs featuring themes of summer, sun, love and good times. With a variety of popular modern music styles including electro, nu-folk, singer-songwriter, rock, hip hop and contemporary RnB.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE131 Guitar Star Ballads 3 Jan Juzef Cyrka,Jonny Carpenter,Jonny Carpenter,Gianluca Ferro,Jonny Carpenter,Mika Tyyska,Jonny Carpenter,Kit Tang,Jonny Carpenter,Jack Thammarat,Paul Adrian Harvey,Jonny Carpenter,Jake Willson,Dave Lockwood,Jonny Carpenter,Jonny Carpenter,Chris Mike,Pau Jazz and rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production Underscore versions are included for all tracks Companion album to 'Guitar Star Ballads 1 & 2' Score 118 & 122
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE130 Essential Nu Disco Taylor,Steven Carpenter,JN,Grant Warren Ransom,Taylor,Steven Carpenter,JN A modern spin on the 1970s dance craze Electro, French House and modern pop sensibilities mixed with classic disco sounds give this album a colourful and upbeat party vibe With vocal and non-vocal versions
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE129 Club Beats & Electronica Taylor,Dave Edward,Alex James Henderson Using modern and classic club styles, all with a pop sensibility These tracks sound authentic, uplifting and utterly danceable
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE128 Born Winners Elizabeth Levine Classical crossover tracks to excite and motivate Crossing the finishing line, overcoming the odds, and breaking barriers, this album is the sound of champions
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE127 Love Hope Rebuild Steve Baker A heart-warming collection of instrumental tracks evoking feelings of responsibility, regret, affection, concern and optimism With a timeless yet modern line-up including piano, bass, drums, warm strings and tasteful synths
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE126 News & Current Affairs Clive Neal Lukover A convenient resource for all styles of news reporting and factual programming From urgent and substantial to light and reassuring, each track includes a bed version and stems are available on request
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE125 Cinematic Synthesis Paul Whitehead Digital space battles, epic synth adventures, and future dystopian worlds, these tracks cover styles including 80s retro, EDM-infused hybrid film scoring and futuristic sci-fi soundscapes All tracks come with super-usable percussive beds
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE124 Tests & Trials Pascal Magdinier,Andrew Ian Murray Themes which generate a sense of risk Mostly at the lighter end of the dramatic spectrum: family dramas, kitchen competitions, courtroom battles or swashbuckling duals, this album has entertaining conflicts covered
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE122 Guitar Star Ballads 2 Mateus Asato,Jonny Carpenter,Jonny Carpenter,Brian Maillard,Jonny Carpenter,Roy Ziv,Jonny Carpenter,Jack Thammarat,Jonny Carpenter,Jake Willson,Jonny Carpenter,Lari Basilio,Al Joseph,Jonny Carpenter,Claudio Pietronik,Jonny Carpenter Jazz and rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production Underscore versions are included for all tracks Companion album to 'Guitar Star Ballads 1' - Score 118
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE121 Lo-Fi & Chilled Patrick Gomersall,Tim Gilbert A collection of downtempo chillout tunes From chillwave and tranquil new-age to futuristic beat-based bliss All tracks are instrumental, with the 60 and 30 second versions including mixes without lead elements and mixes without drums
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE120 Breakfast Beats Matthew John Moore,Michael Philip Holt Mid-tempo understated instrumental grooves Elegant and frisky, these tracks create a sophisticated yet decadent atmosphere, perfect for breakfast by the bar
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE119 POSITIVE POP Jorden Milnes, Sue Milnes Unashamedly cheerful, upbeat disco floor-fillers. Modern yet timeless, these pop classics will brighten up any occasion. Vocal and non-vocal versions.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE118 GUITAR STAR BALLADS 1 Jan Cyrka, Feodor Dosumov,Jan Cyrka, Alex Hutchings,Jan Cyrka, Jakub Zytecki,Jan Cyrka, Marco Sfogli,Jan Cyrka, Al Joseph,Jan Cyrka, Guthrie Govan, Philip Jewson,Jan Cyrka, Dave Lockwood,Jan Cyrka, Sergey Golovin,Jan Cyrka, Jan Cyrka, Andy James, James Gr Jazz and rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production. Underscore versions are included for all tracks.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE117 A SIMPLE BEAUTY 4 Dave Hewson, Paul Lennon These pieces, for piano and chamber strings, are gentle and emotive. Alternative versions and mixes are available as described. Companion album to 'A Simple Beauty 1, 2 & 3' - Score 088, 089 & 116.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE116 A SIMPLE BEAUTY 3 Dave Hewson, Paul Lennon These pieces, for piano and chamber strings, are gentle and emotive. Alternative versions and mixes are available as described. Companion album to 'A Simple Beauty 1, 2 & 4' - Score 088, 089 & 117.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE115 KOOL KIDS Charlie Savigar Simple, catchy and childlike melodies depicting happiness - from babies, toddlers and little ones. Simple percussion, guitar, banjo, ukulele and woodwind capture the essence of childhood.
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