SAUCE MUSICを最新から表示 (69アルバム)
SAUCE MUSIC SM_068 Rock Til You Drop Gerard John Dewar,James Winston Green,Charles James Nicholas Casey, Gerard John Dewar,Richard Daniel Heptinstall,Sergey Kolosov,Robin Philip Southby Kick ass riff heavy rock tracks to shake you right down to your bones. Driving, trashy, strutting and adrenalin fuelled.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_067 Acoustic Spring Harry John Evans, Gerard John Dewar,Richard Daniel Heptinstall,Steven Charles Gordon Markwick, John Angus Winfield,Christopher James Griffin,Charles James Nicholas Casey, Gerard John Dewar,Mark Peter Revell,Essey Smith, Jared Chance Taylor,Thomas Joseph Indge, Gerard John Dewar,Joe Garrett,Benjamin Peter McElroy Light, bright, positive and cheery acoustic tracks for when the flowers start to bloom and the sun gets higher in the sky.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_066 Soul Sessions Gerard John Dewar,Art D Halperin,James Winston Green,John Angus Winfield,Darren Guy Mudge,Pierre Stephen Hopkins, John Angus Winfield,Charles Morton, Dean McGinnes Sweet soul music inspired by the classic American sound of the 60s and 70s. Upbeat, bright, soulful, warm and romantic.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_065 Nail Biters 2 Adam Salkeld,John Bisset,Robin Southby,Alexander David Matthew Swift,Gerard John Dewar,Marcus Anthony Hedges,Jeevan Anandasivam,James Winston Green Crime, thriller and drama tracks filled with pressure, tension and suspense for when you're running out of options
SAUCE MUSIC SM_064 Plink Plonk Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Sergey Kolosov,Peter Henry Mayne,Claire Brock,Benjamin Peter McElroy,John Angus Winfield Quirky and interesting musical percussion tracks plinking and plonking from pretty, light and playful to warm, curious and hypnotic.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_063 Acoustic Autumn Craig Johnson, Simon Leslie Brown,John Angus Winfield,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Richard Daniel Heptinstall,Patrick Aidan McManus, Essey Smith,Benjamin Peter McElroy,Mark Peter Revell,Sergey Kolosov Autumnal acoustic tracks for when the days get shorter and the leaves start to fall. From warm, flowing and reflective to bright, cheerful and positive.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_062 Lo-Fi Sounds Liam David Quinn,Gerard John Dewar, Harry John Evans, Kennedy Sian Power,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Robert Dylan Thomas,Christopher James Griffin,Gerard John Dewar, Harry John Evans,Gerard John Dewar,Courtney Seven,Konstantinos Panagiotidis Lo-Fi pop and electronic tracks to soundtrack your best life. Cool, Dreamy, Hazy, Shimmering and Atmospheric.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_061 Pop Up Gerard John Dewar, Charles James Nicholas Casey,Robin Philip Southby,Jeevan Anandasivam,Gerard John Dewar,Matthew Robert Corbett, Michael Joseph Wilkie,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Matthew Thomas Wright,Richard Daniel Heptinstall,John Angus Winfield, Punchy, dynamic, feel-good and fun contemporary pop tracks to shake up your summer!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_060 Reggae Roots Gerard John Dewar,Christopher Edward Rome, Jonathan Paul Read,Joseph Patrick Rodwell,John Angus Winfield,Robin Philip Southby,John Angus Winfield, Steven Charles Gordon Markwick Lively up ya self with these authentic, feel-good, summery and laid back reggae and ska tracks. Irie!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_059 Elegant Strings Assaf Rinde, Jillian Leigh Whitaker,Benjamin Peter McElroy,Peter Henry Mayne,Sergey Kolosov,John Angus Winfield, Steven Charles Gordon Markwick,Dominic Francis Glynn,Thomas Joseph Indge, Gerard John Dewar,Peter Henry Mayne, Jean-David Caillouet,Roland Mar A beautiful collection of classical strings tracks. From bright, bouncy and positive quartets to elegant, bold and emotive orchestras.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_058 Dramedy And Gossip Benjamin Peter McElroy,Olivier Bibeau,Sergey Kolosov,Matthew Adam Taylor,Luther Walton,John Angus Winfield, Steven Charles Gordon Markwick,Mark Ian Sayer Wade,Nicholas John Shipley Norton Smith,Nico Lode Vyvyan Willems, Roland Martin Roberts,Thomas Willia A mischievous mix of contemporary and classic dramedy combining orchestral instruments with modern electronic beats to create quirky, curious and jaunty tracks.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_057 Plugged In Youth 2 Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Sean Sparacino,Gerard John Dewar,Christopher James Griffin,Jeevan Anandasivam,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Christopher James Dececio,Robin Philip Southby,Dean Douglas Stylish and modern electronic pop tracks with catchy melodic hooks and cool rhythmic beats and bass.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_056 Genetically Modified Drones David John Graham Bisset,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Nicholas Alexander Cox,Dominic Francis Glynn,John Angus Winfield,Peter Henry Mayne,Sergey Kolosov,James Warburton Drones textures and atmospheres genetically modified to create cinematic, futuristic and hypnotic soundscapes.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_055 Where In The World Neil James Myers,Gerard John Dewar,John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,Peter Henry Mayne, Isabella Frances Marjorie Fletcher,Christopher James Griffin,James Winston Green,Jeevan Anandasivam,Dotinc,Benjamin Peter McElroy Journey around the world with this mix of contemporary and traditional tracks with influences from Africa to Asia, the Middle East and beyond.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_054 Electro Swing Social Club Gerard John Dewar,John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,Nico Lode Vyvyan Willems,Darren Guy Mudge, Nicholas James Brown,Sergey Kolosov,Christopher James Griffin,Jason Tarver,Matthew Robert Corbett, Michael Joseph Wilkie,Mark Ian Sayer Wade Kick up your heels at the Electro Swing Social Club with these lively, fun, quirky and retro electro swing tracks.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_053 Indie Pop Generation Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Eli Daniel Block,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Matthew Thomas Wright,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Thomas Oliver Heap,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Keaton Benjemmen Dekker Dynamic and feel good alt indie pop tracks drenched in cool for the millennial scene setters.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_052 The Geek Lab John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,John Angus Winfield, Simon Francis Baker,John Angus Winfield,Gerard John Dewar, Charles James Nicholas Casey,Craig Johnson , Simon Leslie Brown Quirky upbeat and fun geektastic tracks with electronic, pop and folk influences crafted by the super nerd.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_051 Riff It Up Jeevan Anandasivam,Gregory John Fitzgerald,James Winston Green,Christopher James Griffin,Opium Flirt,Liam David Quinn,Sergey Kolosov,Richard Daniel Heptinstall Riff driven contemporary tracks from electronic, pop and rock built around dynamic rhythms and hooky riffs.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_050 Pure Piano 2 John Angus Winfield, Steven Charles Gordon Markwick,Sergey Kolosov,Mark Hay Choi,Mark Ian Sayer Wade,Charlotte Jane Savigar,Timothy David Gillet,Peter Henry Mayne,Robin Philip Southby A beautiful collection of solo and layered piano tracks. From emotive, hopeful and elegant to positive, uplifting and bouncy.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_049 Champion Of Champions Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington, Emre Ramazanoglu,Gerard John Dewar,Richard Daniel Heptinstall,John Angus Winfield,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Robin Philip Southby Get ready for battle with these powerful, dynamic, uplifting and inspiring anthems.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_048 Pizzicato Pluckery Mark Ian Sayer Wade,Neil Robert Dube, James Patrick Kaleth, Max Bronco,John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,John Angus Winfield,Peter Henry Mayne,Andrea Terrano, James Patrick Kaleth, Max Bronco,Luther Walton,Philip Mark DaCosta, Jonathan Cohen Positive, fun, jaunty, playful, curious and quirky pizzicato string pluckery
SAUCE MUSIC SM_047 The Nordic Files David John Graham Bisset,Michael John Boddy,Ivans Moroko, James Patrick Kaleth, Max Bronco,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Gerard John Dewar,John Angus Winfield,Sergey Kolosov,Gareth Hughes, James Patrick Kaleth, Max Bronco,James Patrick Kaleth, Ma A soundtrack to crime, dark drama, mystery and suspense inspired by scandinavian noir
SAUCE MUSIC SM_046 Weapons Of Mass Percussion 2 Gerard John Dewar,Robin Philip Southby,Jeevan Anandasivam,John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,Steve Matthew Carter,Sergey Kolosov,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,John Angus Winfield,Neil James Myers Punchy, hard hitting organic and electronic drums, beats and percussion. From rhythmic, tribal, upbeat jazz and orchestral to choppy electronic, hip hop beats and breaks.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_045 Jazz Club James Alexander Knight, Laura Sara Dowling, Dario Di Lecce,Charles James Nicholas Casey,David Bertrand Holland, Robin Frederick Taylor Sell,James Alexander Knight, Robert William Taggart,John Angus Winfield,Nicholas John Shipley Norton Smith Delve into our history of jazz, from the cool traditional jazz of smoky late night bars and clubs to the swing, big band and latin jazz of cabarets and ballrooms
SAUCE MUSIC SM_044 Santa's Remixmas Tape Richard Daniel Heptinstall,John Angus Winfield, Pierre Stephen Hopkins,KC Carter,Stephen Matthew Porter,Robin Philip Southby,John Angus Winfield,Timothy Forrester Clarke, Tam Nightingale,Nayler Emmanuel Largie Santa is back with his remixmas tape. Hand picked remixes of some of our best loved Sauce tracks plus a few new originals, because you've been such good boys and girls
SAUCE MUSIC SM_043 Changing Times David Bertrand Holland,Robin Philip Southby,Gerard John Dewar, Thomas Joseph Indge,Peter Henry Mayne,James Warburton,Luther Walton,Sergey Kolosov,Stephen Matthew Porter When only the facts matter. News, politics, current affairs and documentaries. The soundtrack to our changing times.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_042 Summer Clubbing James Patrick Kaleth, Max Bronco,Olivier Bibeau,Christopher James Dececio,Robin Philip Southby,Paul Joseph Smith,Konstantinos Panagiotidis,Jeevan Anandasivam,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Christopher James Griffin,Michael John Boddy Electronic dance pop and EDM tracks to soundtrack the coolest summer parties. From the beach to the pool and back to the villa.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_041 Vocal Oodles And Doodles 2 Ali Boyd-Brent, Timothy Clarke,Mark Wade,Matthew Howes,Michael Boddy, Belle Humble,Pierre Hopkins, John Winfield,Sergey Kolosov,Tam Nightingale, Dominic Glover,Tam Nightingale, James Singer,Tam Nightingale, Signe Thorup Back by popular demand! The latest oodles and doodles collection of fun and quirky wordless vocals over catchy, rhythmic and often zany tracks.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_040 Americana Roadtrip Robin Southby,Richard Heptinstall,Pierre Hopkins, John Winfield,David Holland, Jonathan Russell,Robert Aitken,James Stelling,Gregory Elkins Grab your hat and boots and take an americana roadtrip. From bright and positve to sad and lonesome country blues, bluegrass and southern rock.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_039 The Big Screen - Dark Corners Marcus Anthony Hedges,Daniel James Denning,James Patrick Kaleth,Assaf Rinde,Jillian Leigh Whitaker,John Angus Winfield,Neil James Myers,Benjamin Joe Hayden,Marcus Anthony Hedges,John Angus Winfield,Pierre Stephen Hopkins,David Bertrand Holland,Jeevan Anan The soundtrack to your nightmares! Hybrid trailer tracks from tense and unnerving to frightening and aggressive Don't go to sleep!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_038 Vocalify Joseph Anthony Housley,Charles Curtis Martin,Christopher James Deccecio,Daniel Kwabena Hylton Nuamah,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Sofi Aline Meronen,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Kehinde Olanrewaju Ayeni Contemporary pop songs with killer vocals A match for any streaming or radio hit Stream Download Repeat
SAUCE MUSIC SM_037 Industrial Predator Gerard Dewar,Thomas Indge,Adam Salkeld,Robin Southby,Sergey Kolosov,Jeevan Anandasivam,Steve Matthew Carter,David Bertrand Holland,Christopher Griffin Industrial and dark hybrid rock and electronic tracks from driving, aggressive and intense to ominous and menacing
SAUCE MUSIC SM_036 Dramedys On Vacation David Bertrand Holland,Sergey Kolosov,Stephen Porter,Peter Mayne,Nicholas Worrall,Timothy Gillett,Alex Ngo,Nicholas Alexander Cox All the fun and shenanigans of a family vacation From positive and playful to mischievous and curious Watch out The Dramedy's have arrived
SAUCE MUSIC SM_035 Positivityfest Daniel Heptinstall,Quentin Lachapele,Robin Southby,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Simon Brown,Craig Johnson,Christopher Griffin,Timothy Gillett,Alex Ngo Positive, bright, fun and feel-good indie folk pop tracks to make you dance in the sunshine Kick your shoes off!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_034 Life Is Breathtaking Sergey Kolosov,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Peter Mayne,Nicholas Alexander Cox,Assaf Rinde,Jillian Whitaker,James Warburton,Stefan Fletcher Inspiring, emotive and cinematic themes reflecting the beauty of life and the world around us
SAUCE MUSIC SM_033 Grit Jamie Reddington,Jeevan Anandasivam,KC Carter,Thomas McFall,Dotinc,Courtney Seven Gritty electronica with the attitude of youth, from chopped up beats to hip hop and pumping energetic dance
SAUCE MUSIC SM_032 The Big Screen - Adventure Matthew Corbett,Michael Wilkie,Assaf Rinde,Jillian Whitaker,Assaf Rinde,Sophy Purnell,Stefan Fletcher,Stefan Fletcher Adventure awaits with this collection of epic trailer tracks Running from dinosaurs, fighting pirates and discovering new worlds Are you brave enough?
SAUCE MUSIC SM_031 Piano And String Memoirs Stephen Porter,John Winfield,Steven Markwick,Robin Southby,Mark Choi,Dominc Glynn,Peter Mayne,Sergey Kolosov,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins Minimal, beautiful and emotive piano and strings for drama, documentary, nature and human stories
SAUCE MUSIC SM_030 Strange And Supernatural Sergey Kolosov,Thom Thomas-Watkins,Adam Salkeld,Thomas Greenberg,Charles Casey,Gerard Dewar,Gerard Dewar,Dominic Glynn,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Butler,Jimmy Kaleth,Alexander Swift,Gerard Dewar,Thomas Indge,Jimmy Kaleth,Daniel Denning Scared of things that go bump in the night? Seeing strange lights in the sky? Explore the unknown and unexplained horrors of the paranormal and scary science fiction
SAUCE MUSIC SM_028 Plugged In Youth Ty Frankel,Jack Chilcott,Giant Sounds,Nayler Largie,Christopher Griffin,Courtney Seven,Ty Frankel,Travis Graves,Dotinc The contemporary sound of urban pop for the streaming generation Style, edge and attitude
SAUCE MUSIC SM_027 Adventures In Young Love John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Simon Brown,Craig Johnson,Sergey Kolosov,Charlotte Savigar,Dan Reid,Matthew Howes The soundtrack to growing up, first dates and endless summers Positive, catchy and feel good acoustic tracks for that coming of age journey
SAUCE MUSIC SM_026 Weapons Of Mass Percussion John Winfield,Sergey Kolosov,Nick Coler,Paul Whitehead,Andrew Shaw,Benjamin Hayden,James Murray,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,James Knight,Robert Knight,Peter Mayne,James Knight Hit it! An eclectic mix of drums and percussion from classic rock, jazz & swing to hip-hop, tribal and quirky Crash bang wallop!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_025 Ladies Man Assaf Rinde,Jillian Whitaker,Nick Coler,Sergey Kolosov,Matthew Corbett,Michael Wilkie,John Winfield,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Quentin Lachapele Ladies Man is the musical embodiment of every woman's secret crush He's handsome, he's romantic, he's smooth, he's dangerous You love him and hate in in equal measure He won't call you tomorrow but tonight you'll have the time of your life!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_024 Silicon Heartbeat Thomas McFall Electronica across the digital spectrum, from driving and glitchy to fluid and futuristic Reboot your system
SAUCE MUSIC SM_023 Wish Upon A Christmas Piano Trad arrJohn Morgan,Steven Markwick,Trad arrJames Morgan,Juliette Pochin,Trad arrPeter Mayne,Trad arrStephen Porter,Trad arrNicholas Worrall,Trad arrChristopher Marshall Beautifully stripped back solo piano renditions of classic Christmas songs
SAUCE MUSIC SM_022 The Big Screen - Big Fx Sam Wale,Benjamin Hayden,Nick Coler,Benjamin Hayden,Quentin Lachapele Monster sound effects for when you need to make an impact Go BIG or go home!
SAUCE MUSIC SM_021 The Big Screen - Coming Soon Benjamin Hayden,James Murray,Assaf Rinde,Jillian Leigh Whitaker,Paul Whitehead,Benjamin Hayden,Gavin Greenaway,Matthew Taylor The ultimate soundtrack of epic orchestral and hybrid tracks for all blockbuster movie trailers and promos One album to save us all
SAUCE MUSIC SM_020 Latin Flavas DotInc,Jelisa Smith,Gerard Dewar,Nick Coler,Nicholas Bentley,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Sergey Kolosov,Charles Casey,Gerard Dewar,James Knight,Marco Fenstein,Robert Taggart,Michael Hutton,James Knight,Nigel Price,Marco Fenstein,Gary Baldwin The many sounds of modern South America from street fiestas and late night urban dance parties to the traditional samba rhythms of Rio's carnival and beaches
SAUCE MUSIC SM_019 Nail Bitters Gerard Dewar,James Murray,Gerard Dewar,Thomas Indge,Alexander Swift,Nick Coler,Benjamin Hayden,Matthew Taylor,Paul Whitehead Tension, suspense, anxiety and drama Whether you're on the run from the law, investigating a crime scene or answering that million dollar quiz question, this album has the soundtrack
SAUCE MUSIC SM_018 Meet The Dramedys John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,John Winfield,Peter Mayne,Sergey Kolosov,Nicholas Worrell,Timothy Clarke,Ali Boyd Brent,Timothy Clarke
SAUCE MUSIC SM_017 Rock Life Dan Reid,Matthew Saunders,Jon Steele,Charles Casey,Gerarad Dewar,William Michael Simpson,Dan Reid,Matthew Saunders,Jonathan Steele,Sergey Kolosov,Gregory Elkins,Brian Quast,Paul Whitehead,Paul Whitehead,Andrew Shaw,Christopher Brady,Matthew James Bosworth Rock, indie and a smack of metal Killer guitar riffs and lots of distortion taking you from the sweaty clubs and bars, to arenas and stadiums via the festival headline slot Perfect for action, sports, movies and TV
SAUCE MUSIC SM_016 Drone Dna Nick Coler,Nick Bridge-Butler,Daniel Antonio Gamboa Villalobos,Thom Frederick Thomas-Watkins,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,Benjamin Hayden,John Winfield Drone DNA unravels the genetic code of drones, atmospheres and soundscapes from light and ethereal to dark and foreboding
SAUCE MUSIC SM_015 Santa's Festive Mixtape Matthew Corbett,Michael Wilkie,Timothy Clarke,John Winfield,Pierre Hopkins,John Winfield,Sergey Kolosov,James Morgan,Juliette Pochin,Christopher Marshall,Roderick Matthews,Tim Deal,Katherine Deal,Nick Coler,Dan Reid,Matthew Turner,Matthew Saunders,Matthew Santa's Festive Mixtape stuffs your Christmas stocking with a collection of original and well known tracks for the festive season Covering every theme from magical and wintery to quirky and jazzy, this album had something for everyone's wish list
SAUCE MUSIC SM_014 Acoustic Guitar Picked Apart Gregory Elkins,Jonothan Roger Bishop Acoustic guitar played in different ways and styles from picking, slapping, bowing and strumming, all combined in layers to make an eclectic album ranging from quirky and fun to unusual and atmospheric
SAUCE MUSIC SM_013 Street Beats Joseph Snook,Nayler Largie,Joshua Ben Finder,Nayla Largie,Teddy Sambas,Wilfred Kouassi The freshest beats from the hottest new urban producers From jazzy old school hip hop to rock influence urban tracks and epic beats combined with strings, brass and dirty synths Taking inspiration for the street it features elements of grime, trap and rap
SAUCE MUSIC SM_012 Pure Piano Stephen Porter,Peter Jones,Timothy Clarke,Peter Jones,Mark Bates,Rubin Banks,John Winfield,James Morgan,Juliette Pochin,Matthew Howes,Matthew Howes,Daniel Slatter,Harry Francis,Mark Revell,Harry Peat Just beautifully recorded live and programmed piano, nothing else From bright and postive, perfect for commercials, to emotive and dramatic pieces for films and drama Pure and simply featured and solo piano
SAUCE MUSIC SM_011 Classical Collectables 2 - At The Movies Richard Wagner,Jacques Peat,Johann Pachelbel,Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,John Philip Sousa,Johann Strauss I,Frederic Chopin,Camille Saint-Saens,Antonio Vivaldi,Paul Dukas,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Bedrich Smetana A collection of most famous classical pieces from the best-loved movies, recorded with live orchestra Pieces include the epic Ride Of The Valkyries from the film Apocalypse Now, the upbeat and fun Can-Can from Moulin Rouge, to the beautiful Ballade No1 In
SAUCE MUSIC SM_010 Vocal Oodles & Doodles Timothy Clarke,Tam Nightingale,John Winfield,Simon Baker,Michael Palmer,John Winfield,Rubin Banks,Harry Peat,Peter Jones,Kristy Clark,Simon Edwards,Virginia Clee,Matthew Howes A quirky collection of tracks with wordless vocals, in various styles, from retro doo-wop and boogie-woogie to jazz scat and other fun improvisations These tracks include swinging double bass, plodding tuba, upbeat ukulele, ragtime piano and bouncy percus
SAUCE MUSIC SM_009 Crazy Youth Rubin Banks,Harry Francis,Ian Murdock,Harry Peat,John Winfield,Simon Baker,Richard Parkhouse,George Tizzard,Gregory Fitzgerald,Tim Deal,Dennis White,Paul Burden,Dennis White,Thomas Oliver Lowe,John Martinelli Packed with young and carefree tracks, this album covers all the crazy stages of youth From cute and quirky bouncing babies to energetic kids and moody teenagers The album starts with toy pianos and xylophones and progresses with guitars and drums to char
SAUCE MUSIC SM_008 Dramatic Adventures & Sporting Endeavours Gavin Greenaway,John Winfield,Nick Coler,Paul Frazer,Stuart Henshall,Dennis Ng,Neil Shervell,William Michael Simpson,John Winfield,Keith M Osborne,Alexander Swift,Rubin Banks,Harry Peat The ultimate album for life's adventures, from the elation of victory to the sadness of failure For sporting events, battles in love and war or dramatic suspense, this album covers it all Tracks include epic orchestral pieces perfect for action and drama
SAUCE MUSIC SM_007_1 The Pop Factory Anders Wrethov,Kiran Marshall,Jonathan Wedge,Charles Leftwich,Edward Foerre Erfjord,Anders Wrethov,Kiran Marshall,Jonathan Wedge,Charles Leftwich,Ruby Williams,Joe Williams,Tom McHenry,Nick Robinson,Craig Chin,Mark Daniel Vallance,Patrick Mclntyre,Lindsay
SAUCE MUSIC SM_007_2 The Pop Factory Anders Wrethov,Kiran Marshall,Jonathan Wedge,Charles Leftwich,Edward Foerre Erfjord,Anders Wrethov,Kiran Marshall,Jonathan Wedge,Charles Leftwich,Ruby Williams,Joe Williams,Tom McHenry,Nick Robinson,Craig Chin,Mark Daniel Vallance,Patrick Mclntyre,Lindsay
SAUCE MUSIC SM_006 Club Cuts Rob Talbot,Chris Allen,Jussi Levasalmi,Bruce Gainsford,Joshua Paul Jenkin,Bruce Gainsford,Nick Sadler,Jon Evans,Mott King,Joe Fround
SAUCE MUSIC SM_005 Classical Collectables Edward Elgar,Gabriel Faure,Gustav Holst,Edvard Grieg,Franz Liszt,Felix Mendelssohn,Ludwig Van Beethoven,George Frideric Handel,Leo Delibes,Frederic Chopin,Luigi Boccherini,Georges Bizet
SAUCE MUSIC SM_004 The Quirky Machine John Winfield,Simon Baker,John Winfield,Virginia Clee,Simon Edwards,John Winfield,David Samuel Mosley,John Winfield,Keith M Osborne
SAUCE MUSIC SM_003 Keep It Simple Damon Butcher,John Winfield,Nick Coler,Jonothan Roger Bishop,Rupert Christie,Jonothan Roger Bishop,Stephen Brayne,Richard Marcangelo,Koby Israelite,Rupert Christie,Andy Lewis,Nick Coler,Helen Nash,Liam Christopher Westbrook,Robin John Stout,Paul Mosley,Jo
SAUCE MUSIC SM_002 Chilled John Winfield,Harry Peat,Claire Schofield,Michael Frith,Jon Bishop,Nick Coler,Matthew James Robertson,Mike Reed,Richard Marcangelo,Simon Edwards
SAUCE MUSIC SM_001_1 Songs & Acoustic Sketches Joseph Watkin,Sarah Louise Howells,Richard John Llewellyn,Kieran Mac Feely,Nick Coler,Kieran Mac Feely,Sukie Smith,Andrew Critchley,Robert McClymont,Simon Edwards,Richard Marcangelo,Paul Mosley,John Winfield,John Winfield,Michael Wyzgowski,Virginia Clee,S
SAUCE MUSIC SM_001_2 Songs & Acoustic Sketches Joseph Watkin,Sarah Louise Howells,Richard John Llewellyn,Kieran Mac Feely,Nick Coler,Kieran Mac Feely,Sukie Smith,Andrew Critchley,Robert McClymont,Simon Edwards,Richard Marcangelo,Paul Mosley,John Winfield,John Winfield,Michael Wyzgowski,Virginia Clee,S