SOHO PRODUCTION MUSICを最新から表示 (159アルバム)
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO259 Inspiration Aspiration Steve Buick Luxury lifestyles and leisure, reality TV, cooking and food, shopping, vacations, travelling, blissful landscapes, inspirational electronic beats, technology, advertising, perfection and aspiration.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO258 Life On Earth David Mitcham Beautiful diverse nature inspires cinematic sounds, from colourful birds to the mysterious deep ocean to the hunting chase, featuring layers of ethnic, orchestral and minimalist sounds.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO257 Drum And Bass Beds Kamil Mazurek,Oliver Kilpatrick Exciting, racing, high impact, adrenaline pumping drum and bass beds, urgent, catchy and cool, vibrant, electronic activity and fast movement, confident, intense competitive attitude for sports, speed and endurance, city life, Summer youth
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO256 Cool Christmas Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe,Benedict Gordon,Joseph Rusnak Feel-good pop and cool hip hop beats meets Christmas tradition! Sparkling, cute, upbeat, dance, fun and festive motivation for Christmas adverts, activities, leisure, shopping and fashion. Cuddle up to rom coms, cooking and glistening magical bells.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO255 Glam Rock Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,James Henterly, Dennis Klinefelt,James Henterly,James Henterly, David Bradley Retro party time, glitter balls, outrageous costumes, makeup and platform shoes, 1970s glam rock, chugging guitars, pounding drums, wild exciting action, driving sports riffs, TV and throwback documentaries and movies
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO254 Christmas Shopping Lewis Lloyd, Michael Botzaropoulos,Michael Botzaropoulos, Ryan James Trebilcock,Jack McKenzie,Joseph Michael Rusnak,Robert Clarke, Kevin Jarvis,Markus Gleissner,Paul Williams, John Burns,Kevin Jarvis,Nicola McCollum, Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe Big, bright Christmas advertising excitement! Happy, feelgood sleigh rides, kids, presents and magical moments. Bouncing, festive celebration, cheeky quirky to sentimental beauty, it's a contemporary yuletide sleigh-bell utopia
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO253 Ambient Textures Loz Netto Soundscapes and ethereal floating atmospheres. Clean, warm, hopeful optimism, beautiful documentary textures, nature, water, calm, airy and fresh, meditation and tranquillity. Cinematic ambience for health, wellness, medicine, sciences, history and the ar
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO252 Christmas Party Andrew Lauzon, Rayna Slobodian, Caron Nightingale,Kenneth Munshaw, Caron Nightingale,John Pregler, Bernard Perry, Caron Nightingale,Ann Moore, Lisa Cohen, John Miller, Caron Nightingale,Andrew Lauzon, Caron Nightingale,Ann Moore, Lisa Cohen, Caron Nightin Get into the Christmas spirit with this bumper bundle of joy - plenty of holiday classics and originals from vintage orchestral to Hip Hop, Pop Punk, Surf Rock and more! It's a Hip-Hoppin, Rock 'N' Rollin' Christmas and New Year party special !
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO251 College Punk George Twydell Party like you mean it - upbeat college rebel party tracks, crazy wild Emo punk and alternative rock, driving hard extreme sports, racing aggression, teen movies and angsty wild side youth pop punk culture songs and instrumentals
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO250 Advertising Callum Melville, Luke Melville,Joshua Ellis Stylish shiny contemporary adverts, promos and lifestyle tracks, bright summer flavours, tribal beats, glamour and fashion TV, happy, positive, motivational, dance, fun excitement and rushing drama, high end promotion for beauty, sports, travel, vacations
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO249 Summer Of Sound Bill Shanley Classy guitars and retro guitars take you to experience the exciting thrill of the surf, groovy fun party and vacation times, high school proms and dreamy encounters, rock and roll rebels, space age pop, 50s 60s vibes and happy quirky comedy, games and TV
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO248 Jazz Swing Jeff Lardner, Mark Allaway, Michael Eaves Sophisticated styles from the 20th century vintage years. Hot Club swing, Western swing, Alpine swing, Gypsy Jazz and some saucy Cabaret gems cover leisure and relaxation pursuits, sunny activities comedy and fun in a happy carefree era
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO247 Future Bass Flavas Sean Sparacino,Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe Feel-good weekend life is now 24/7, exciting, warm, bounce, mellow dance for reality tv party nightlife, catchy EDM, Summer vacation days, optimism, youth, positivity, fashion, advertising, fresh new tech and the digital world
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO246 Lo Fi Beats Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe,Tom Walters Lofi Hip Hop and House, fuzzy, hazy fun, cool and relaxing. City living, fashion, sports, shopping, youth, food, internet. Electronic, 80s aesthetics, science and streaming
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO245 Electro Swing Michael Botzaropoulos, Justin Patrick Desjardins West,David Mitcham, Michael Botzaropoulos,Michael Botzaropoulos,Jake Bradford-Sharp,Michael Botzaropoulos, Samuel Witt, Amelia Love,Michael Botzaropoulos, Christian Fernando Perucchi Party into the 2020s electro jazz style, retro, modern, quirky, vibrant showtime, optimistic with big vintage swing EDM, music for dancing, variety-packed with sultry tango numbers and jaunty gypsy jazz remix, Soho is bringing the neo swing revival
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO244 Indie Youth Lifestyle Harry Perry,Kevin Jarvis,Loz Netto Indie lifestyle music for youth, memories, optimism, hopes and inspiration. Bright, party, calm, cool, building, positive, relaxed, moody, warm, summer sunshine, road trip, school and teen emotions
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO243 Magic Electric Steve Buick Fantasy magical, beautiful, atmospheric, vibrant, mysterious, imaginative stories, thoughtful, light, sparkling creativity, puzzles, quests, dark worlds and bright adventures
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO242 Summer Pop Party Krisztian Vass,Thomas Sidebottom,Johannes Huppertz Happy pop lifestyle, modern, youth, new, confident, optimistic, bright, motivational, exciting Summer sunshine, commercial, cool, bouncy, sassy, positive reality, fun, easy romance, dance, party celebrations.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO241 Americana Acoustic Paul Cartledge, Harry Ferri USA patriotic songs as acoustic instrumentals, country and western, fun and humorous, happy, dance, folk, singalong, cowboys, farms to soft gentle nostalgia and civil war battle proud historical melodies.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO240 Trap Reality Mike Sampey, Mark O Grady Urban street swagger, edgy hip hop synth and guitar, bold, confident, danger and drama, cool nights and hot sunny days, tension, reality, intense LA beats.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO239 The Travel Show Rick Cassman,Rick Cassman, Vyv Hope-Scott,Douglas Kinloch,John Donaldson Moving across the world, leisure, activity, contrasting cultures and adventures through travel. Punchy, bright, positive, fun to smooth, soft, thoughtful, reflective relaxation, ethnic, dramatic, serious to dance fusion.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO238 Warped Classics John Harris, Ben Hobbs,Vyv Hope-Scott Absolute classics with a twist - Kitsch, quirky synths, classical, dramatic, fun, cute, electronic music, moogs, retro and sweet for kids and comedy, bouncy, positive, intense to sweet, sleepy relaxation, crazy eclectic and eccentric music concrete
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO237 Rock Beds Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,George Twydell,Rick Driscoll,Jakko Jakszyk Badass freestyle monster rock beds that hit your threshold - fitness freaks, petrol heads, extreme and endurance sports, motor racing, surfers. Under pressure? track or field, raise the stamina, fight or ride the big grunge roller coaster of aggression
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO236 USA Road Trip Rick Cassman, Vyv Hope-Scott,John Donaldson,Rick Cassman,Douglas Kinloch,Vyv Hope-Scott,Rick Cassman, Sam Cassman The ultimate USA road trip experience, country cool, dusty roads, trucker man, daytime magazine, cheerful, party, warm, landscapes, tourism, culture, city life to rural country, jazzy tracks to Mexican influences.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO235 Architecture And Design Leonardo di Lorenzo Business, blueprints, innovation, exciting inspiration and building hopes. Planning, constructions, wondrous, majestic creations, retro historical and world cultures, strange, dramatic, soft, soothing, soaring, ideas and atmospheres.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO234 Latin Obsession Dominic Ashworth, Derek Nash Party time! Fun, exciting, humorous, joyful rhythms, salsa tunes featuring saxophone, piano, guitar, drums taking you straight to South America. Dance, cookery, vacation, travel, food, culture, let's go Latin!
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO233 Theatric Illusions Nigel Bates Impressive, mystical and magical, ethereal voices and soaring guitar, wonder, danger, magic and adventure, fearless, battles, competition beds, grand, epic, thrillers, fear and tension - ambient, Filmatic, cinematic emotional dreamscapes of fantasy
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO232 Daytime TV Rick Cassman,Rick Cassman, Vyv Hope-Scott,Vyv Hope-Scott,John Donaldson,Douglas Kinloch,Ron Gozzo Jolly Daytime TV and magazine shows, leisure, warm, happy, joyful, positive music plus voiceover beds. Animals, kids, cute, farm, nature, community, friends, holidays, caring, relaxed, reflective, exciting, bouncy and fun
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO231 Snazzy Gypsy Jazz David Mitcham Upbeat and downbeat, sophisticated vintage gypsy jazz, fun, moody, dances, retro parties, strolling, smooth, jaunty, cool, calm and passionate, 20th Century, stylish, quirky, party, activity, life and leisure
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO230 Rebel Punk Ron Thal Heavy intense punk beast rock - Aggressive male vocals, dirty electric guitars, grungy teenage love humour. Upbeat, vibrant, edgy big riffs, metal, thrash, endurance sports, the ultimate challenge
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO229 Funky Disco Loz Netto It's a disco celebration, time to party on down, spin the mirror balls, lace up the platforms, flash the sequins, head for the floor, strut your stuff - Funkadelics and Disco Queens, shake your booty and feel the funk !
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO228 Gaelic Stories Stuart Elliott, Brendan Mcauley,Gordon Pattullo Gaelic Celtic lands steeped in magical wonder, nostalgia, fairy tales and folklore, enchanted myths and legends, magical beings, elves, goblins and mermaids. Ethnic melodies, instruments, whistles and pipes
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO227 Surf Rock Dudes George Twydell Cool surf rock, twangy guitars, upbeat tempos and warm sunny beaches. Action, sporty tunes, from chilling out by the waves to tense moments among the waves. Positive retro music
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO226 Pop Up Pool Party Chunky Nelson,George McFarlane,George McFarlane, Zoe Miles Great songs, modern upbeat rhythms and that electronic sound. Cool vocal tracks, with a pop and dance feel, positive, uplifting, contemporary, exciting beats. Crazy, exciting music for dancing in the club.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO225 Nostalgic Melodies Wynne Evans, Philip Jewson, Paul Cartledge,Paul Cartledge, Harry Ferri Bittersweet emotion, building, triumphant, operatic joy. Light, nostalgic, orchestral, flowing, lilting beauty. Heart-warming traditional songs in soft yet powerful arrangements.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO224 Raging Beast Ron Thal Heavy intense rock for the punk beast within! Aggressive male vocals, dirty electric guitars, grungy teenage love humour. Upbeat, vibrant, edgy big riffs, metal, thrash, endurance sports, the ultimate challenge.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO223 Pints and Pitchers Tony Berry, David Littler, Jeff Hill, Steve Millington,Peter Shutler, Bonny Sartin, Mac McCulloch,John Donaldson,Bob Saker The sounds of Merrie old England, Irish mirth and crack, ethnic folk, sea shanties, travel and traditional ballads. The jovial revelry and historical horrors of the bawdy alehouse.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO222 Human Emotion Sean Elder The various shades of emotions - gentle pastoral strings to unsettled dangerous atmospheres, perfect for magical fantasy. Orchestral, beautiful, tender, rich, lonely, bright, warm, epic, light and optimistic
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO221 Shockwave Supercharge Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,Steve Buick,Stuart Elliott,Colin Towns Edgy aggression, dirty guitars, killer keyboards, pulsing beds and beats, heavy solid riffs, extreme sports, endurance sports, motor sports, pumping iron, skateboards, euphoric metallic meltdown mayhem
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO220 House Party Chunky Nelson,George McFarlane Electro House to fill the dancefloor. Beach party hits to futuristic workout-ready tracks. Young, upbeat, cool, modern, bright, speeding, stomping, rhythmic, punchy club beats, video games and reality TV
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO219 The Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer Phil Kelsall,Trevor Thornton Music, Maestro, Please. The ultimate venue for ballroom dancers, and the most famous dance floor in the World, host of the World Championships and Strictly Come Dancing - Grade 1 listed all the way
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO218 Extreme Sports Breakout Colin Towns,Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,Stuart Elliott Extreme rock for extreme sports. Intense, heavy, cool, crazy, racing, cool, wild, heart-racing, determined, bright celebration revving up for a showdown for the ages
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO217 Hillbilly Bluegrass Rhonda Brown,Martin Laight Country Classics, Nashville beckons, welcoming fiddlers, banjo pluckers, happy fun hoedown folk, line dancers, barn dance officianados, there's acappella in them there hills!
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO216 Romantic Treasures Paul Williams Step back in time to the retro vintage age of romantic love themes and love stories from a bygone era. Piano, strings, acoustic guitar and vocals taking a trip through melodic pastoral and romantic melodies.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO215 Indie Alternative Rock Stuart Elliott,Colin Towns,Rick Driscoll, Stuart Elliott Euphoric, uplifting, motivational and all things Indie - anthems, alternative, post punk, industrial, underground, college rock and stadium rock combined with big guitars, uplifting powerful sports and jangly reality TV moments.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO214 Plastic Pop Chunky Nelson,George Robertson McFarlane,Ross William Griggs, George Robertson McFarlane,Eva Rosa Mariposa Fernandez, George Robertson McFarlane Pop variety pack! Shouty, punchy, bright, crazy, electro synth, vocals, vibrant and uplifting. Girl power, attitude, empowerment to romance, dancefloor party hits, urban rap hip hop RnB, sport, fashion, chart styles, and smooth RnB
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO213 The Hotel Lobby Rick Cassman, Vyvyan James Hope Scott,Vyvyan James Hope Scott The grand hotels of the world, from New York to Vienna, ooze sophistication and charm with a cocktail piano or harpist setting the mood, as do the foyers of Cabaret and Cockney joints, Social Clubs and Saloon Bars
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO212 Eighties Rock Loz Netto The ultimate 1980s rock feast - Classic rock, big riffs, open roads, stadium anthems, stompers, grinders and chuggers, Southern Rock, empowering songs, lyrics, vocals and meaty guitar instrumentals
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO211 Business Matters Mark David Allaway,Jeffrey Steven Lardner It's all in a day's work, The Office, High Finance, Big Business, Apprentices to Entrepreneurs, Boardroom Shuffles, The Photocopier, Luncheon Invites and Dinner Dates, I'm busy right now Just leave a message
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO210 Scotland Ceilidh Party Gordon Pattullo,Robert Forsyth Crowe,LeeJacobs,Peter Shutler,Bonny Sartin,Mac Mc Culloch,Mark Simson,Ronald Kerr Jigs, Reels, traditional popular folk tunes, the country dances of Scotland, The Gay Gordons, Dashing White Sergeants, romantic mountain airs from Ceilidh bands, accordions and fiddlers
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO209 Extreme Attitude George Stephen Twydell The badass Beast of Rock destruction, extreme attitude, extreme sports, motor sports, petrol heads, endurance sports, wipeouts, dirt jumping, fret-shredding chaos, combat ready, taste the fury
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO208 Experimental String Quartet David John Arnold,Paul Brian Hart Minimalist, modern classical and circular 20th century systems music by the world renowned Allegri Quartet Art forms, bizarre drama, development, suffering, experimental, process music, stasis and repetition
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO207 Jazz Joint John Graham Donaldson,John Graham Donaldson,Simon Leonard Thorpe,Simon Leonard Thorpe,John Neville Rufus Altman From the intimate side streets of Paris, London and New York comes Gypsy Jazz, Freeform, Avant Garde, Urban Cool, Detective, Fusion, sophisticated Jazz Trios, wild brass and elegant piano
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO206 Classic Rock George Stephen Twydell Legendary rock styles, power-driven solid Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, super massive raunchy riffs, Old School classics, high calibre stadium ready sports anthems and screaming melodic guitars
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO205 Christmas Extravaganza David John Arnold,Paul Brian Hart,Anthony Arthur Wakefield,Gerry Hart,Rick Cassman,Vyvyan James Hope Scott,Derek Nash,Dominic Richard Ashworth,Sean Elder,Glen Tarachow,Vyvyan James Hope Scott,Clive Richardson,Bryan Hurdley,Thomas Alexander Farnon,Henry Bo Christmas Spectacular a fast moving celebratory extravaganza of non-stop orchestral, brass band, jazz, string quartet, clockwork toys, fun and variety for the festive season, seasonal and traditional favourites
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO204 Eye On The World Jakko M Jakszyk International News, Documentary, World trek, travel planet, Eastern, Asian, Oriental, Africa, China, India, haunting ethnic beats, mystical chants, regions in conflict, developing nations, exotic wonders
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO203 Demolition - Hard Rock And Metal Douglas Ian Kinloch,Douglas Ian Kinloch,Alex Fletcher,Roberto Floris Killer hard rock and metal chaos, extreme sports, psychedelic, punk and blues, dirty, big beats, lashings of guitars, edgy madness aggression, riffs, grunge and alternative in equal measure
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO202 Easy Acoustic Leisure Loz Netto Warm, optimistic, refreshing, new acoustic suites, nature, restful human emotion, relaxed travel, peaceful light blues activity, contentment, comfort, lifestyles, children, ambient fresh colours
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO201 Christmas Morning Gerry Hart,arrGerry Hart,arrStuart Alexander Elliott,James Edward Lascelles,Stuart Alexander Elliott,arrStuart Alexander Elliott,arrRick Cassman,Vyvyan Hope Scott,Vyvyan James Hope Scott The magical excitement of a Christmas morning, cold and frosty, snow and icicles glisten, bells are ringing, handbells, sleigh bells, church bells in festive celebration, traditional and new tunes
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO200 Rock Star Fun Stuff Ron Thal Big rock sound stage euphoria, awesome rock guitars, exciting anthems, wild punk essential beds and underscores, grinding hard edgy alternative, theatrical jazz fusion, stompers and big stadium chants
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO199 String Quartet - Film And Tv David John Arnold,Paul Brian Hart The legendary Allegri Quartet deliver emotions and styles for the large and small screen - Romance, travel, comedy, happy, sassy, pizzicato and cookery to melodic pastoral, sad, loneliness and wartime despair
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO198 Balkan Beats Isabella Frances Marjorie Fletcher,Peter Henry Mayne,Peter Henry Mayne The breathtaking Balkans, land of buses, bureks, old bangers and man bags where a nod side to side means Yes and up and down means No Its crazy, its fun, join the folk dance party, book Balkan, book now
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO197 Innervisions Rick Driscoll,Stuart Alexander Elliott,Jacqui Copland Dreamscapes, Art Rock, Psychedelic, Space Rock and Ambient A soft Rock Musical concept of Humanitarian issues and Environmental awareness - Soulful Diva vocals, rich chordal textures, melodic gutsy guitar
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO196 Suburban Smile John Graham Donaldson The home comforts of dramedy, suburban life, gentle new acoustic, circular and refreshing For progress and the positive, human drama, medical training, motivation and communication
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO195 Synthology Henry Bowers Broadbent Enter the weird and wonderful world of analogue vintage moogs and synths where nostalgia meets science and experiments meet spooky futuristic sci fi - arpeggios and sweeps, drama and poppy beats
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO194 Jazzed Up Classics arrDerek Nash,Dominic Richard Ashworth Famous classical tunes take on a sophisticated acoustic jazzy makeover Cafe, hot club, quirky, rock and roll, leisure, romance all delivered by guitars, saxophones, bands and solos in the jazz great styles
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO193 Global Solutions Kevin Edward Jarvis Powerful epic orchestral suites, promos and trailers that focus on the Corporate Challenges, Discovery, Natural History, Documentaries and Positive Development arising from the Geographic Wonders of the World
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO192 String Quartet - Classic Lines David John Arnold,Paul Brian Hart Stately Homes, Seasons, Nature, Gardening, Architecture, The Environment, Royal Ceremony, Funereal, Chamber, Comedy and Christmas all performed by Britain's longest running legendary Allegri Quartet
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO191 Pop Rock Chicks Rick Driscoll,Jamie Lisa Jacquemin,Jordan Kim Leatherland,Stuart Alexander Elliott,Rick Driscoll,Stuart Alexander Elliott,Rick Driscoll,Jamie Lisa Jacquemin,Jordan Kim Leatherland,Stuart Alexander Elliott,Johnson Brian,Natalie Kirsty Ellis,Rick Driscoll,S Hi energy girl power, rock stompers, stadium euphoria and indie rocktronica served with lashings of vocals, driving guitars and underscore beds Girl bands vs impact sports
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO190 Documentary Scores Thomas Alexander Farnon Essential filmatic documentary, human drama, American drama - Nature, romantic, science, travel, melodic underscores, lifestyles, minimalist Orchestral with strings, piano, guitar and percussion
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO189 Science And Retroscapes Andre Louis Jacquemin,David Alan Howman,David Rex Mitcham Time, Space, Sound Design and Science visit the depths and textures of the unknown, trekking through lands and solar systems Atoms, neutrons and gravity - but with no hiding place
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO188 The Magic Moog Vyvyan Hope Scott Analogue never sounded so good - from the Sci Fi of the 1950s to 1980s bands, vintage synths, oscillators, modular sounds and experimental tapes delivered Pop, Space and Cold War science
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO187 Soundscapes David Rex Mitcham Filmatic, crafted atmospheres and sound design for the environment, science, nature and human drama Toxicity, danger, darkness and turmoil evolving to new hope and shining lights
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO186 Minimal Touch John Graham Donaldson Corporate new acoustic, circular, minimalist systems, positive, optimistic and sophisticated Simple luxury, fresh nature, happy travel, comforting, refreshing and contented cycles
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO185 Lost Worlds Michael James Taylor,Anthony Edward Maloney,Anthony James Hinnigan Incantation, Apocalypto, Mayans, Ancient Civilisations celebrate with the charangos and pan pipes of South America Mysterious cultures, folk dances, laments and rain forest life
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO184 Rock Highway Dreams Christopher James Goulstone,Neil Martin Taylor,Christopher James Goulstone,Tania Frances Lloyd Uplifting expansive eighties rock, 1980s AOR chart styles West Coast road trips, powerful euphoric power pop Corporate, prestige, motivation and world trek, global anthems
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO183 Ukulele Party Mark David Allaway,Jeffrey StevenLardner,Martin Russell Wheatley The 200 year old Uke's awesome power delivers fun, funk, happy travel, nu folk and Christmas along with children, romance, waltz, Latin tangos, cowboys and cuckoo clocks
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO182 Cinematic Drama Thomas Alexander Farnon Filmatic portraits, drones and beds for human drama, detective drama and to emphasize the magic wonderment of nature, space, science and progress in a developing world
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO181 Pop Rock School Roger Drew Party Time, Fun Ska, College Rock, House Party, Teen Indie Riffs, Pub Rock, Road Trips, Glam Surf Rock, Good Times and Alternative Rock all served up with lashings of guitars
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO180 Mystery And Adventure Sean Elder A thrilling fantasy world of excitement, heroes, and magical mystery delivers action, adventure, building horror, chases, danger, drama, ghosts, orchestras, choir and effects
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO179 Retro Grooves Pete Stanford,Sarah Jane Fogg Beds, beats, and breaks, gameshows, chat shows, funky moogs, 90s clubs, 80s Ibiza disco house, electro, techno, drum and bass, trance, indie pop, eurobeats and chillout
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO178 Country Gold Loz Netto Classic Country, Southern States, Tumbleweed Trucking, Country Blues, Road Movies, Country waltzes, ballads, instrumentals full of banjo bounce, fiddlers, guitars, vocals
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO177 Jazz Club 3 David Mitcham Smokey Joe's menu gives you blues, boogie and beds - acid and blue note, grooves, walking bass, rhythm sections, showbiz, leisure, road trip, romance and city lights
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO176 Extreme Sports 2 Christopher Goulstone,David Knott,Simon Thomas,Christopher Goulstone,Christopher Goulstone,Christopher Goulstone,Augustus Isidore,Christopher Goulstone,Steve Curtis Ultimate, extreme, high octane, Olympic achievement, endurance, combat, motor sports, skydivers, paragliders, killer hardcore beats, metalcore groove, grunge and punk
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO175 Cinematic Human Emotion Thomas Farnon Filmatic, refreshing, evolving themes for human drama, romantic comedies, positive, circular, corporate new acoustic, leisure, affection, children, strings, orchestral hybrid
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO174 Latin Salsa Martin Laight,Simon Edwards,Jonathan Enright,James Le Messurier,Ivan Chandler,Ralph Lamb,Andrew Ross Lets go Latino - exciting club and dance floor sounds cover the amazing steps of the Merengue cheeky Cha Cha smooth Bossa party Conga Mambo Latin ballroom and folk
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO173 Funky Jazzy Beats Michael MacLennan An essential toolkit of suites - cool funk grooves, showbiz beds, chillout zones, reggae travel, retro funk and slinky smooth with lashings of brass, organ and funky guitar
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO172 Lifestyle Sketches Kevin Jarvis Refreshing, corporate, new acoustic, circular, minimalist, human emotions, leisure, property, cookery, achievement and discovery, piano, woodwind and strings
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO171 The Road To Exotica Henry Bowers Broadbent Steamy hot spicy kitsch, belly dancers, tropical romance, Arabia, Asia, The Orient, hypnotic South Sea Islands, pipes, gongs, cool beats, Carry On and Road movies
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO170 Songs Of Praise arrAlwyn Humphreys,arrLee Jacobs,Alwyn Humphreys,arrPhilip Reginald Hill,Philip Reginald Hill A popular celebration of religious song, hymns, psalms, canticles, Gregorian chants, spirituals, gospel, devotion, patriotic processional organ brass and mixed choirs
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO169 Mountain Music Martin Laight,Ariana Nasr,Micah O Connell,Andreas Thut,Kenneth Munshaw,arrLeon Hunt,Jason Titley,Douglas Kinloch There's gold in them hills, Hillbilly, Ballads, Road Trips, Travel, Truckers, Americana, Country, Songs, Instrumentals, Guitars, Fiddles, Banjos a plenty
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO168 Tankards And Taverns arrMalcolm Mc Culloch,Peter Shutler,Bonny Sartin Old pubs and farming communities brought to life on this classic songbook of famous British, English and Irish tunes Fun folk bands and fiddlers
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO167 The Haunted House Sean Elder,Sean Elder,Joern Beckmann,Thomas Farnon,Jack Cookerly Halloween Creeps, Stealthy Sleuths, Ghouls, Ghosts, Vampires, Poltergeists, Witches and Wizards gather in this bloody pit of lurking orchestral fantasy horror
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO166 Essential Blues 2 Christopher Goulstone,Simon Thomas,Christopher Bell,Christopher Goulstone,Christopher Goulstone,Keith Christmas The Blues joins explosive rock power and funk grooves, songs and mainstream contemporary - stadiums, anthems, slow dreamy, daytime TV, chat show swing
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO165 Essential Blues 1 Christopher Goulstone,Christopher Goulstone,Keith Christmas The roots genre of so much music, authentic raw recordings travel thru Delta Blues, Swamplands, Chicago Blues, Rock and Roll to Psychedelic Road Trips
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO164 Feel Good Pop Chunky Nelson Good times, party, bubbly catchy pop, tweens, positive, electro pop, dance, teen rock, girlfriend fun, surf, reggae, vocals and grooves
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO163 European Noir Colin Towns Drama, mind games, mysteries and crime, hollow passion, the haunted and the disturbed, romantic solitude and life on the dark side
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO162 Kitsch Holiday Theo Metz arrJack Emblow,Trad arrJack Emblow,Trad arrColin Frechter,Amilcare Ponchielli arrJack Emblow,Leslie Stuart arrBob Barratt,Colin Frechter,Richard Whiting arrJack Emblow,Robert Keiser arrJack Emblow,Perez Freire Osman arrTony Clout,Narciso Serrade Grab a suitcase, bucket and spade, old tunes and a smile, Travel, Cockney Music Hall, Continental romance, strict tempo dancing, fun band line-ups
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO161 Welsh Choir James James,Evan James arrJean Manasse,Trad arrJean Manasse,Trad arrLee Jacobs,Trad arrAlwyn Humphreys,Ellis Williams,Dyfed Lewis arrAlwyn Humphreys,Joseph Parry arrJean Manasse,Rowland Prichard,Samuel Wesley arrAlwyn Humphreys,Trad arrEric Jones,Jacques National Music of Wales, the nostalgic Welsh Choir, Opera Classics and rousing Traditional Hymns and Songs
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO160 Rock Box Christopher James Goulstone,Stephen Anthony Evans,Christopher James Goulstone,Christopher James Goulstone,Simon Frank Thomas Rock's Box of Tricks - Electro, Funk, Science, Nature, Celtic, Nu Metal, Alternative, Indie Anthems, Vocals and Promos
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