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GOTHIC STORMのボーカルメインのレーベル。
SONGCRAFT SONG018 Badass Synthwave Pop Songs Edric Tzu Hsing Hwang, Dino Wenjie Ong, zn, Rachel Meiqian Lu, JJ Neo Huge, exciting modern pop with male vocal, female vocal and instrumental versions.
SONGCRAFT SONG017 LOFI LOVE - Bittersweet 90s Indie Guy Rowland Cool lo-fi 90s love songs for smitten indie slackers with instrumental, male and female vocal versions.
SONGCRAFT SONG016 Modern Pop Punk Songs Jin Jie Ong, Edric Tzu Hsing Hwang Beautifully produced teen punk pop anthems from Singapore artists JJ Ong and Edric Hwang.
SONGCRAFT SONG015 Road Trip - Songs For The Open Road Thomas Dean Wilder, Charlie Bath Heartfelt reflections on life and the open road.
SONGCRAFT SONG014 Bittersweet Endings Thomas Daniel Bellingham Timeless and yearning acoustic songs of lost love with beautifully sung male and female versions plus instrumentals.
SONGCRAFT SONG013 Lush Atmospheric Pop Brent William George March A true stand-out album of atmospheric modern pop songs with beautifully sung male and female vocal versions.
SONGCRAFT SONG012 Indie Pop Rock Songs Guy Rowland,Negative One, James Edward McLean, Maphe,Gavin David Sweeney,David Benjamin Haynes,Kirk Gibson Teachout, Kyle James Pruzina,Isaac M Parkinson, Bridget Trewartha,Isaac M Parkinson, Imogen Piper Fresh and catchy alt. rock pop songs with male, female and instrumental versions.
SONGCRAFT SONG011 Contemporary Folk Songs Vincent J Constantino, Millie Hansen,Matthew Kilford, Charlie Bath,Isaac M Parkinson, Bridget Trewartha,Negative One, JEM, Maphe,Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones, Alexander Bennjamin Condliffe, Sally Catherine Cumberworth,Owen David Roberts, Andy Munro, Sinead Modern heartfelt indie folk with male, female and instrumental versions of every song.
SONGCRAFT SONG010 Kids' Songs Gavin David Sweeney, Ele Anne O'Kerwin Beautiful kids' songs with positive messages about learning, sharing and caring with male, female and instrumental versions of every song.
SONGCRAFT SONG009 Country Love Stories David Benjamin Haynes, Kezia Hughes Emotional country love songs beautifully sung with male, female and instrumental versions.
SONGCRAFT SONG008 Fun Electro Pop Songs Jin Jie Ong, Bryan Jun Xiang Ong, Tzu Hsing Edric Hwang Catchy young electro-pop songs. Features separate male and female vocal versions of every song plus instrumentals.
SONGCRAFT SONG007 Quirky Baroque Pop Vocals Thomas Hewitt Jones A renaissance singing troupe give us their jolliest theatrical fah lah lahs for quirky historical comic effect.
SONGCRAFT SONG006 Contemporary Rock Songs Lebrun Christian Gerald,Owen David Roberts,Jose Varon, Frederico Oliveira, Andrew Synowiec, Emily Rose Morris,Jose Varon, Frederico Oliveira, Andrew Synowiec, Emily Rose Morris, David Vives,Mark Scott McCarty, Mike Smith Spirited, gritty and determined guitar-driven songs featuring killer vocals full of personality and attitude.
SONGCRAFT SONG005 Soft Ambient Folk JEM,Cristina Llull,Negative One,Hollie Buhagiar,JEM,Negative One,JEM,Maphe,Hollie Buhagiar,JEM,JEM,Maphe Tender, evocative and honest folk songs, with tales of wistful yearning and fragile hearts
SONGCRAFT SONG004 Contemporary Country Hollie Buhagiar,Thomas Alexander Brough,Thomas Alexander Brough,Vincent J Constantino,Kelly McKay,Dustin Hovermale,Vincent J Constantino,Maureen Fichten Modern, passionate and evocative country pop songs with genuine sentiment and lively, confident swagger
SONGCRAFT SONG003 Songs Of Love, Loss And Hope Jonathan Paul Vincent,Gavin Alexander,Charlotte Rosina Turner,Jonathan Paul Vincent,Gavin Alexander,Hollie Buhagiar,Andrew McCarron,Jonathan Paul Vincent,Gavin Alexander,Hollie Buhagiar Poignant songs full of pathos reflecting lifeテ不 emotions. Featuring vocals, acoustic guitar, piano and lots of heart.
SONGCRAFT SONG002 Acoustic Stories Matthew Kilford,Charlie Bath,Matthew Kilford,Zoe Mead Beautiful, poignant songs with touching, heartfelt stories
SONGCRAFT SONG001 Contemporary Pop Songs Kelly Mac,Matthew Kilford,Keyhan Kamelian,Joseph Dancsak,Matthew Kilford,David James Amott,Joseph Dancsak,Michaela Renee Shiloh,David James Amott,Hollie Buhagiar,Jose Varon,Isabella Calmet Modern, sophisticated pop songs with catchy hooks that stick