SOMOSを最新から表示 (50アルバム)
WEST ONEのラテン・ミュージックのレーベル。
SOMOS SOO050 Reparto Cubano Adolfo Jose De la Torre Casmartiño Vibrant, excited Reparto Cubano with relentless, driving party energy. Features male vocals, punchy beats and contemporary synths.
SOMOS SOO049 Sonidos Alterlatinos Sergio González Rosas,Pablo Fuentes Caycedo,Maria M. Gutierrez Jaramillo A special SOMOS compilation of young, cool acoustic pop tracks and re-makes from our albums SOO006 Pop Alterlatino and SOO039 Atardeceres de Pop. Featuring fresh new vocals and 2 special versions of the track Solos in Mariachi and Salsa styles. Lyrics foc
SOMOS SOO048 Baile Funk Carioca Magno Vito, Breno Kalil Silveira, Serginho Rezende,Ordep Lemos, Serginho Rezende,Lucas Cerqueira Pereira, Breno Kalil Silveira, Serginho Rezende,Tiago Occilupo, Breno Kalil Silveira, Serginho Rezende,Magno Vito, Tiago Occilupo, Serginho Rezende,Magno Vito Vibrant, energetic Funk Carioca featuring male and female vocals, cool synth loops and infectious tamborzão rhythms.
SOMOS SOO047 Tardes de Cuba Javier E. Fioramonti Afternoons in Cuba. Bright, summery Cuban tres led instrumentals of traditional and representative dancing cha-cha, merengue and bolero rhythms.
SOMOS SOO046 Dramedy en marimba Juan D. Valencia Vanegas Curious, inquisitive, Dramedy cues which draw on influences from the traditional music of the Colombian Pacific Coast. Featuring Marimba de Chonta, playful wood and traditional percussion.
SOMOS SOO045 Dramedy en guitarra Mauricio Yazigi Playful, mischevious, guitar led Dramedy cues with comedic hitpoints, characterful woodwind and warm percussion.
SOMOS SOO044 Pasión por el fútbol Javier Fourcade, Juan Sevlever, Martina Trost, Sebastián A. Di Pardo, Darío G. Margulis, Matías Boatella Celebratory and passionate sports chants inspired by Latin American and European football tunes. With driving, warm horn sections, powerful crowd cheers and energetic marching band drums.
SOMOS SOO043 Días de Sol Andrés E. Mira Olarte, Mauricio A. Byfield Sanchez Positive and uplifting guitar tunes for sunny days, with an upbeat summery feel featuring traditional Latin American instruments like tiple, tinafono, donkey jaw and folklore percussion.
SOMOS SOO042 Colores de Afro Venezuela Baldomero Verdu Frias Songs inspired in the roots of Afro-Venezuelan tradition, weave together to form a rich tapestry of countryside life. Warm, cyclical drum themes evolve with passionate and energetic typical percussion ensembles, propelling spine-tingling vocal harmonies a
SOMOS SOO041 Conversaciones de Guitarra Mauricio Yazigi, Jose Manuel Prieto Tender and interweaving guitar melodies work in tandem to produce mesmerising harmonies. Accompanied by warm Latin percussion, these versatile tunes shine a spotlight on the beauty of the acoustic guitar.
SOMOS SOO040 Curiosidades Tropicales Efraín Ríos Morales Quirky, curious cues that span a multitude of Afro-Latin genres, with catchy rhythms and mischief at their heart. Featuring jazz-inspired brass, playful woodwind and energetic percussion.
SOMOS SOO039 Atardeceres de Pop Maria M. Gutiérrez Jaramillo,Pablo Trujillo GneccoSAYCO A cool, modern collection of sophisticated pop songs, with beautiful, soul searching vocal performances. Passionate lyrics are accompanied by heartwarming strings, guitar and drums, which work in harmony to soundtrack a perfect sunset moment.
SOMOS SOO038 Postais de Brasil Vasco, Lancaster Lopes Pinto Sweet and positive vibes from Rio de Janeiro. Featuring acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, Brazilian percussion, drums, retro keyboards and vocal arrangements
SOMOS SOO037 Electro Natura Julian Salazar MartinezSAYCO Inspired by nature, performed through electronic music. Electro Natura emulates birds chants, waterfalls and jungle sounds, mixing them with upbeat, uplifting and inspiring music. Featuring dreamy synthesizer pads, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and
SOMOS SOO036 Fugitivos Santiago Morales Montejo, Oliver E. Han Contemporary Latin-influenced Western cues. Featuring heavily processed electric guitars, innovative percussive arrangements and synth pads.
SOMOS SOO035 Bailemos Ballroom Juan D. Valencia Vanegas From Latin Grammy award-winning composer Juancho Valencia, Bailemos Ballroom is a delightful collection of sophisticated Latin ballroom music. Featuring quirky Chachachas and energetic Mambos, recorded at EGREM Studios, Cuba, with Havana's finest musician
SOMOS SOO034 Bolero Profundo Juan D. Valencia Vanegas Latin Grammy award-winner Juancho Valencia brings a heartfelt collection of original Bolero songs with sentimental lyrics and memorable vocal performances. Featuring an all-star line-up of Cuba's finest musicians on piano, brass, woodwinds, tres, guitar a
SOMOS SOO033 Percusión Cubana Efrain Rios Morales Exciting and authentic Afro-Cuban percussion patterns, featuring congas, timbal, bongo, bells and hand-held percussion.
SOMOS SOO032 Antologia de Cuba Efrain Rios Morales Recorded in the heart of La Havana with world-renowned Cuban Tres player Efraín Ríos, Antología de Cuba is a colourful and uplifting collection of Cuban songs in traditional styles. Featuring male and female vocals and playful performances from Cuban Tres
SOMOS SOO031 Balkan Manouche Latino Juan SevleverSADAIC, MatÌas BoatellaSADAIC, Javier FourcadeSADAIC, DarÌo MargulisSADAIC, Sebasti·n Di PardoSADAIC, Martina TrostSADAIC The fantastically bombastic adventures of a brass band from Argentina. Featuring playful, quirky, passionate and unique fusions of Balkan, Gypsy, Manouche, Swing with Latin styles.
SOMOS SOO030 Furia & Folclor Ramiro Andres Prada Ortega, Luis Flores Araye Powerful, driving rock fused with Afro-Latin rhythms. Featuring traditional Latin percussion, Bolivian ronroco, Venezuelan cuatro, Cuban tres, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums, cinematic synths and percussion.
SOMOS SOO029 Brasil Chill Beats Santiago Morales Montejo, Lancaster Lopes Pinto, Vasco Laid-back Brazilian-influenced R&B instrumentals with cool, relaxed beats. Featuring vintage sounding samples from our Bossa album, Brasil Retro Chill.
SOMOS SOO028 Chichadelica Gustavo Alcantara-Ramirez, Rafael Sarmiento-Rengifo Uplifting Peruvian tropical cumbia (a.k.a Chicha) featuring vintage sounding organs, effects-loaded electric guitars and energetic percussion.
SOMOS SOO027 Texturas de guitarra Jose Manuel Prieto, Mauricio Andres Yazigi Hirmas Stirring atmospheres for drama and documentaries. Featuring evolving minimalistic textures with acoustic guitars, ethereal synths and soft modern beats.
SOMOS SOO026 Nuevo Flow Andres Felipe Alzate Ortiz,Pablo Uribe Trujillo,Pablo Uribe Trujillo,Juan Gabriel Rodriguez Monsalve,Pablo Uribe Trujillo,Simon Escobar Uribe,Andres Felipe Alzate Ortiz,Pablo Uribe Trujillo,Simon Escobar Uribe Modern and cool reggaeton made in Medellin, inspired by the chart-toppers from all over Latin America Featuring contemporary beats, young male and female vocals, synths and guitars
SOMOS SOO025 Bocaditos de Colombianos Vol. 1 Juan D Valencia Traditional music from Colombia in different styles from the Atlantic and Caribbean regions, featuring traditional percussion and instruments such as Marimba de Chonta, accordion and clarinet
SOMOS SOO024 Un Momento Peculiar Javier E Fioramonti Quirky and unique Latin dramedy with melodic themes featuring pizzicato and long strings, characterful brass and woodwinds, accompanied by authentic Latin percussion
SOMOS SOO023 Flirteo Urbano Leandro Martinez,Federico Castillo Contemporary and commercial reggeaton and Latin urban Pop Featuring strong beats, classic synth sounds and contemporary male vocals with seductive lyrics
SOMOS SOO022 Banda: Orgullo De Mexico Enrique Carbajal,Cecilia I Brizuela,Rene Byron Brizuela From the heart of Mexico Energetic and passionate regional Mexican style Banda, featuring full songs with vocals, traditional percussion ensemble, colourful brass and woodwind arrangements
SOMOS SOO021 Raices De Cumbia Gustavo J Alcantara-Ramirez,Rafael H Sarmiento-Rengifo,Mauricio Andres Byfield Sanchez Explore the roots of cumbia Tribal cumbia from the Caribbean regions of Colombia, featuring a traditional ensemble with energetic percussion, gaita flutes, accordion, clarinet and vocal shout-outs
SOMOS SOO020 Travesia Cinematica Romulo Antonio Silva-Santisteban Cinematic tension with dramatic build-ups, emotional acoustic guitars, strong percussion, ronroco, gritty synths and effects
SOMOS SOO019 Brasil Retro Chill Vasco,Lancaster Lopez Pinto Cool and laid-back Brazilian Bossa Nova, Samba and Jazz with a hint of Lounge and Retro sounds Featuring Rhodes, acoustic guitars, cavaquinho, percussion, bass and drums
SOMOS SOO018 Billboard Reggaeton Andres Felipe Meza,Juan Fernando Fonseca Urban Reggaeton pop from across Latin America, featuring tough male vocals and energetic beats
SOMOS SOO017 Electro Latidos Mauricio Venegas-Astorga,Juan Jose Covarrubias Cinematic and inspiring electronic remixes made for documentary and drama Tailored from our album 'Latidos Andinos', featuring hypnotic beats and synths accompanied by guitars and strings
SOMOS SOO016 Rebelde Tropical Andres Emilio Mira Olarte,Mauricio Andres Byfield Sanchez Cool and youthful tropical indie songs, featuring playful lyrics, electric guitars, keys, brass, woodwinds, drums and percussion
SOMOS SOO015 Odisea Salvaje Orlando Perez Rosso,Pablo Garcia Croissier Exciting and inspiring Latin film scores,ツ featuring epic orchestral ensembles with energetic Latin percussion and traditional instruments
SOMOS SOO014 Viajes De Una Guitarra Mauricio Yazigi,Peter T Neff A compilation of various Latin American styles from Mexico, Cuba, the Andes and Brazil unified by one instrument: the guitar
SOMOS SOO013 Tango & Beats Javier E Fioramonti,Luis Flores Araye Traditional tango with cool modern beats Featuring upbeat, seductive melodies from bandoneon, violin and piano accompanied by percussive beats
SOMOS SOO012 Un Romance En Guitarra Javier E Fioramonti [EN] Full arrangement of 'Tu perfume'. Romantic theme played by a guitar trio with passionate, loving melodies. / [ES] Pieza romántica llena de pasión y nostalgia interpretada por tres guitarras. / [POR] Arranjo completo de "Seu Perfume". Tema romântico e
SOMOS SOO011 Electro Carnaval Juan Covarrubias,Janelly Russe,Juan Covarrubias Uplifting, feelgood, Latin electronic influenced genres from the Andes and Central America, featuring traditional instruments, vocals, synths and beats
SOMOS SOO010 Sentimiento Mariachi Enrique Carbajal,Rene Brizuela [EN] Regional Mexican - Mariachi. Featuring cheerful, passionate and traditional tunes performed by a traditional mariachi ensemble composed of violins, trumpets, Vihuelas, guitars and Guitarrón. / [ES] Album de estilo regional mexicano en estilo mariachi
SOMOS SOO009 Latido Andino Mauricio Venegas-Astorga [EN] A mix of nostalgic and calm traditional Andean music with contemporary string arrangements and melodies, featuring instruments like Argentinian Bombo Leguero, Andean flutes and traditional guitar-like instruments such as Ronroco and Charango. / [ES]
SOMOS SOO008 Complices Javier Fioramonti [EN] Intrigue, mystery and bravado music for investigative, adventure and atmospheric settings. Featuring instruments from Cuba, Colombia and Mexico mixed with modern acoustic and electric guitars. / [ES] Música de intriga, misterio y bravura para escenas
SOMOS SOO007 Na Praia Serginho Rezende,Magno Vito,Zema Tamatchan,Serginho Rezende,Ordep Lemos,Magno Vito,Ordep Lemos,Magno Vito,Serginho Rezende,Ordep Lemos,Magno Vito,Ordep Lemos,Serginho Rezende [EN] The spirit of Brazilian tropical lifestyle featuring feelgood, inspiring Pagode and relaxed Bossa Novas. / [ES] Pagode y bossa nova de Brasil. Canciones relajantes, alegres e inspiradoras para acompañar escenas veraniegas y playeras. / [POR] Pagode
SOMOS SOO006 Pop Alterlatino Sergio Gonzalez Rosas,Pablo Fuentes Caycedo [EN] Youthful alternative Latin-pop songs with influences from Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, featuring charismatic vocals. / [ES] Canciones de pop latino moderno con influencias directas de música cubana, colombiana, brasileña y mexicana, presentando
SOMOS SOO005 Sonido Norteno Enrique Carbajal,Rene Brizuela [EN ]Instrumental Mexican Norteña for every occasion, led by accordion and accompanied by drums, bajo sexto, percussion, sousaphone and bass; featuring the styles of Norteño Banda, Waltz and Cumbia. /[ES] Norteña Mexicana instrumental para toda ocasión, l
SOMOS SOO004 Un Viaje Por La Cumbia Santiago Ramirez-Roa,Rafael Sarmiento-Rengifo,Gustavo Alcantara-Ramirez,Fernando Carrillo-Arellano,Maria Ocampo-Olvera,Carolina Guadarrama-Tapia [EN] Dancey and colourful journey through one of the main Latin American music genres, from heartbreaking Mexican pop Cumbias to joyful orchestral arrangements from Colombia,[ES] Una variedad de cumbias latinas con sentires de fiesta y despecho, empezando
SOMOS SOO003 Gozadera Tropical Mauricio Sanchez,Andres Olarte,Rafael Sarmiento-Rengifo,Gustavo Ramirez [EN ] A joyful, upbeat celebration featuring energetic salsa, lively merengue and feelgood cumbia from Puerto Rico through to Colombia. / [ES] Salsa llena de energía, merengues alegres y varios géneros afro-latinos que evocan una sensación de fiesta, cele
SOMOS SOO002 Matices De Tango Javier Fioramonti [EN] Tangos from the heart of Argentina. Featuring traditional, modern and dramedy styles, passionately performed by a Tango quintet with double bass, violins, piano and bandoneon. / [ES] Tangos desde el corazón de Argentina. Presentando estilos tradicion
SOMOS SOO001 Os Jogos Serginho Rezende,Ordep Lemos,Magno Vito,Marcelus Leone,Ordep Lemos,Serginho Rezende,Magno Vito,Zema Tamatchan,Serginho Rezende,Vicente Dias,Magno Vito [EN] Inspirational, vibrant and emotive Brazilian music for sports, action, leisure and tropical lifestyle with influences of Samba, Rock and Bossa Nova. / [ES] Música Brasileña inspiradora y emocionante para deportes, acción, ocio y estilo de vida tropic