SONIC QUIVERを最新から表示 (153アルバム)
SONIC QUIVER SQ152 Shadows of Drama Jay Price Modern hybrid drama scores for factual documentaries and futuristic human stories.
SONIC QUIVER SQ150 Monsta Vic Wolfe Pile-driving rock for big, chunky power and extreme sports.
SONIC QUIVER SQ149 The Brighter Side Ken Miller Expressive, uncomplicated music for the sunny, funny side of life. From positive, fast action to tropical good times, quirky scenes and feel-good atmospheres.
SONIC QUIVER SQ148 Next Gen Xmas Vol. 2 - Original Songs Miles Lianson, Duffy Sylvander, Mia Mayer Rapped-up and popped-out Christmas bangers for the new era. Vol. 2 contains all original compositions.
SONIC QUIVER SQ147 Next Gen Xmas Vol. 1 - Contemporary Arrangements Miles Lianson, Duffy Sylvander,Miles Lianson, Duffy Sylvander, Dale Litchfield,Miles Lianson, Duffy Sylvander, Dumi Maraire,Miles Lianson, Duffy Sylvander, Terence Richard Rapped-up and popped-out Christmas bangers for the new era. Vol. 1 contains contemporary arrangements of some your favorite classics.
SONIC QUIVER SQ146 West Coast Best Coast II Tim Mosher Ultimate California rockin' road trip. An exciting and edgy ride from the ocean to the desert. Good vibes only.
SONIC QUIVER SQ145 Neon Metropolis Keith M Thomson Synthy electro and dream pop with a futuristic feel right out an 80's sci-fi soundtrack.
SONIC QUIVER SQ144 Groovy, Jazzy, Funky Geoffrey Wilkinson A cool and swanky collection of hip hop jazz tracks perfect for lifestyle programs and advertising.
SONIC QUIVER SQ143 Offworld Ken Miller The threat of the unknown. Eerie tension and suspense cues perfect for drama, mystery, science-fiction, danger scenes. Unsettling atmospheres and propulsive rhythm beds.
SONIC QUIVER SQ142 Positive Simplicity Jay Price Warm, positive and uplifting cues that are picture-perfect for advertising and the corporate world.
SONIC QUIVER SQ141 Venture Ken Miller A collection of richly orchestrated tracks creating feelings of achievement, motivation, progress, purposeful ventures and positive outcomes.
SONIC QUIVER SQ140 Intensmosphere Paul S Elliott Bone-sawing, psychosis-inducing tracks created from eerie materials. A terrifying approach toward a dystopian future meets the discovery of a cult beyond your darkest imagination.
SONIC QUIVER SQ139 Quiet Suspense Ken Miller Rich, intense and emotive scores perfect for trailers, science fiction, suspense, conflict, desolation, espionage, reality-TV and other highly-charged situations.
SONIC QUIVER SQ138 Damaged Goods Tim Mosher A no-fear, high-energy punk rock album from start to finish. Anthemic choruses, nostalgic themes, ballsy youthful stompers and gravelly vocals. Perfect for extreme sports, road trips, college movies and advertising to youth.
SONIC QUIVER SQ137 Calamity Fair Ross Hughes, Nicolas Pynn,Ross Hughes A costume-box full of folk fantasy for all adventure stories: from swashbuckling pirates to Victorian fight clubs; Medieval jousts to Celtic princesses pursued by dragons and ghoulish ghosts to tobacco-chewing cowboys. Calamity Fair has it all.
SONIC QUIVER SQ136 Cello World Ken Miller Musical underscores for news, drama, action, travel and urban scenes featuring the rich sound and nuances of the Cello over state-of-the-art textures.
SONIC QUIVER SQ135 Nocturne - Stealers, Dealers and Squealers Vic Wolfe The sound of the nocturnal underworld from fairground to dark alleys. Nocturne takes us on a journey from British psyche rock, through retro 80's sci-fi, to gothic glamour. Expect gritty themes, stomping glam-rock drums, twangy guitars and vicious vocals.
SONIC QUIVER SQ134 Futura Paul S Elliott Retro-futuristic piano, beats, synth and strings. Cool, mellow, trip-hop; laid-back floaty beats and sexy piano themes. Vintage cocktail lounge scene meets future tech.
SONIC QUIVER SQ133 Southern Gothic Cliff Haywood, Tom Hinkley Wide open desert landscapes, seductive scenes and introspective moods.
SONIC QUIVER SQ132 Five-O Paul S Elliott 1970's inspired instrumental funk and soul. An authentic vintage sound featuring rhodes, congas, hammond organ, buzz bass, wah guitar and wah electric piano. Think 70's action: TV cop show, casino heist and smooth sidewalk hustle.
SONIC QUIVER SQ131 Him & Her Vol. 2 - Mellow Folk Duets Ian McCutcheon,Alden Evans, Ian McCutcheon, Kath Williams An album of mellow folk duets by Ian McCutcheon with female vocals by Kath Williams. The five-track EP features three heart-breaking ballads, 'You and the Stars Above'; 'A Different Kind of Tune' and 'Lost in Motion'; the light, upbeat 'Dance All Night' a
SONIC QUIVER SQ130 Him & Her Vol. 1 - Gritty Vocal Duets Keith M Thomson An album of gritty vocal duets by Keith M Thomson with female vocals by Marijana Hajdarhodzic. From twangy rock to quirky pop, plus 2 not so traditional Christmas tunes. Perfect for TV, drama, sit coms, romance and advertising.
SONIC QUIVER SQ129 Night Tales Ivans Moroko, Victor Lazlo, Max Bronco Fantasy adventure hybrid trailer tracks for live action or animation featuring dramatic percussion, symphonic orchestra, electric guitars and synthesizers.
SONIC QUIVER SQ128 Big Beach Sounds Colin Giles,Ron Eisner, Dean Fishback An iconic album of big band, dub and acoustic reggae by authentic reggae artists. Positive and catchy vocals designed for advertising.
SONIC QUIVER SQ127 Future Forensics Jay Price A tense and edgy collection of modern hybrid electronic cues capturing the essence of crime, terror, advancing technology and social paranoia. A fresh fusion of retro, analogue synthesizers and modern production.
SONIC QUIVER SQ126 Super Sonic + Toolkit Dirk Leupolz,Russell McKamey Sonic Quiver's first sound design trailer album from masters of the art Dirk Leupolz and Russell McKamey. Twelve iconic, adrenaline-fueled action sci-fi tracks plus the essential TOOLKIT of elements. Explosive, masculine action and robotic themes. The fu
SONIC QUIVER SQ125 Urban Action Trailer + Toolkit Alain Leroux, Juan Zambrano A fresh and modern take on trailer as surprising as its cover. Urban Trailer Action combines high-energy trailer themes with modern pop, dance or hip-hop beats. This collection is perfect for action, sci-fi, crime and comedy, as well as sport, tech and ad
SONIC QUIVER SQ124 Good Acoustics Ken Miller Beautiful acoustic atmospheres in romantic, positive and nostalgic styles featuring warm and expressive piano and strings.
SONIC QUIVER SQ123 Sunshine Indie 2 Florian Mönks, Michael Sims The follow-up to the hit album, SQ64 Sunshine Indie, this is a 13-track Summer Indie Pop album. Think on-trend, high-energy optimism.
SONIC QUIVER SQ122 The Dramedy Files II Michael Sims Another twinkly-eyed peek into the not so ordinary world of suburbia
SONIC QUIVER SQ121 The Staircase - L'esprit De l'escalier Jack River Orchestral drama, thriller and romance Perfect for promos or trailers for film, TV and romantic crime or period dramas
SONIC QUIVER SQ120 Trendy World Beats James Kaleth,Max Bronco A hip and colorful trip around the globe featuring ethnic instruments and slick dance beats Great for travel, food, adventure programs
SONIC QUIVER SQ119 Roaring Twenty Twenties Remixed Ali Stewart,Gabriel P Clark A 21st century take on the music of the 1920's Swinging, modern electro remixes of tracks from SQ075 The Roaring Twenties
SONIC QUIVER SQ118N Pop On Point Dale Litchfield,Leon Duran,Pickle Baum,Dale Litchfield,Pickle Baum,Marga Darg,Dale Litchfield,Pickle Baum,Pickle Baum,Josh Freeman Plump and juicy mainstream pop with empowering vocal and instrumental tracks
SONIC QUIVER SQ117 Warm, Fuzzy, Kooky, Cool Terence Fontaine Quirky acoustic fun
SONIC QUIVER SQ116 Club Reggaeton Juan Vicente Zambrano,Robert Francis Taylor,Juan Vicente Zambrano,Julia Sierra,Juan Vicente Zambrano,Juan Vicente Zambrano,Daniel Luis Rodriguez,Juan Vicente Zambrano,Luz Elena Barros Welcome to Club Reggaeton where sexy, pulsating, Latino and Caribbean floor fillers just beg you to dance Intoxicating vocals, seductive summer beats and catchy tunes with that urban chart-topper sound
SONIC QUIVER SQ115 Homespun Acoustic Cliff Haywood,Tom Hinkley Positive and uplifting acoustic warmth
SONIC QUIVER SQ114 Boundless - Ambient Piano Atmospheres James Kaleth A beautiful collection of evocative pieces that are perfect for Films, TV Dramas, and Documentaries
SONIC QUIVER SQ113 Hell On Wax - Twangy Surf Noir Keith M Thomson Easy rider psychedelics meets salty surf gang in this retro-hedonistic, dirty surf pop album. Expect serrated 60’s surf guitars, grimy, bluesy backbeats and the occasional snarling vocal.
SONIC QUIVER SQ112 Mulholland Zomboys - Twangy Mystery Noir Keith M Thomson Psychedelic cinema; an ominous neon-lit Lynchian scene of creeps, shrouded in a nighttime blanket of B3 Hammond Expect twangy, jangly guitars, southern fried funk and impossibly laid-back beats
SONIC QUIVER SQ111 Simply Beds & Underscores Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese A collection of atmospheres, beds and underscores creating situational moods With a broad range of themes including: positive, light and inspiring; inquisitive, curious and apprehensive; laid-back and bluesy; tech and investigation These tracks are perfec
SONIC QUIVER SQ110 Berlin - Contemporary Cinematic Dirk Leupolz A stunning collection of contemporary cinematic cues from the award-winning German film and TV composer Dirk Leupolz Chilling thriller, epic trailer, enigmatic crime, modern warfare, ethereal sci-fi and romantic drama Recorded with live orchestra, orchest
SONIC QUIVER SQ109 Technicolor Toy Box Edgard Jaude,Ernest R Albert A collection of music cues offering an eclectic variety of styles from comedy to children fun, amusement rides, circus, suspense, humor and light drama
SONIC QUIVER SQ108 Ad-Friendly Gems Ramzel Devaney,Hans Bodicker,Ramzel Devaney,Duffy Sylvander,Ramzel Devaney,Hans Bodicker,Michael Bauer Catchy, upbeat lifestyle for TV commercials
SONIC QUIVER SQ107 Innocent Mischief Michael Sims Quirky orchestral comedy
SONIC QUIVER SQ106 Highlander James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam A positive, uplifting and emotive album with Celtic-inspired instrumentation Themes of optimism, inspiration, reunion, contemplation and nostalgia Great for corporate themes, overcoming obstacles and teamwork
SONIC QUIVER SQ105 Cry Baby - Rockabilly Riots & Blues Tim Mosher,Andrew Growcott Classic 50's rock & roll album Heart-aching teenage ballads, riotous high school dance themes and drag races of death Expect crooning male lead vocals, shoo whop chorus, twangy guitar, bass, drums and claps
SONIC QUIVER SQ104 Retrosonic! Vic Wolfe The long-awaited follow-up to 'Twisted Nerves', RETROSONIC! is a sassy, nostalgic B-Movie throw back Authentic retro, off-beat space-rock, raucous rockabilly, sleazy surf-noir, tub-thumpin', whoopin' and hollerin' Expect fuzzy bass, dirty sax, twangy guit
SONIC QUIVER SQ103 Evolver - Layered Atmospheric Indie Justin Black,Sam Joseph Delves Contemplative indie album of lush melancholia, meandering beauty and rushes of layered crescendos formed of gentle electric guitar, washes of percussion, insistent drums and piano solos
SONIC QUIVER SQ102 True North - Easy Folk Rock Stefan MacDonald,Celine Love,Oscar Hill,Justin Black,Stefan MacDonald Acoustic folk rock with a taste for the outdoors Think the open road, campfires, forest and canyon
SONIC QUIVER SQ101 Motion Of Life Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Emily Columbier Evocative, investigative, emotional and innovative tracks covering a wide spectrum of human horizons and pursuits
SONIC QUIVER SQ100 Sonic Road Trip Jez Miller,Vic Wolfe,Tim Mosher,Andrew Growcott,Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Kenneth Lewis,Scott Dente,Dave Cleveland,Matt Pierson,Kenny Greenberg,James Kaleth,James Kaleth,Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike,Peter Michael Clark,Felix Rocke,Jeremy Blackman,River Mahlano, To celebrate our 10th anniversary, Sonic Quiver takes you on a non-stop road trip of its first 99 releases with a 100-track compilation album In the opening act we put on our boots and take a hitch-hike tour through the USA: Surf & Garage Rock, Rockabill
SONIC QUIVER SQ099 Humor With Heart James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Charlotte Glaasson Orchestral TV drama with a sense of humor and nostalgic wonder This album is light yet poignant; perfect for cute commercials, dramas and documentaries with heart
SONIC QUIVER SQ098 Emotive Piano And Strings Cliff Haywood Emotional and beautifully crafted moods for piano and string quartet or ensemble, with solo piano versions
SONIC QUIVER SQ097 Strike Down Alex Khaskin,Don Garbutt,Alex Khaskin,Stan Fomin A dramatic and powerful collection of epic and action-packed hybrid orchestral scores
SONIC QUIVER SQ096 A Lighter Shade Of Indie James Kaleth,Max Bronco,Matthew Flint Lighten up your day with these melodic, guitar-based indie gems
SONIC QUIVER SQ095 Ethereal Drama Edgard Jaude An exciting collection of tracks exploring moods of drama, adventure, action and the state of today's technology
SONIC QUIVER SQ094 Reasons To Smile Kenneth Lewis,Scott Dente,Blair Masters,Dave Cleveland,Billy Whittington A fun, fresh and super useful collection of happy, feel-good acoustic tracks
SONIC QUIVER SQ093 Orchestral Contrasts Ken Miller A collection of inventive cues by mid-size orchestra featuring uplifting, emotive, mystery, comedy and pastoral moods
SONIC QUIVER SQ092 The Simple Things Terence Fontaine A collection of heart-warming and infectious themes from the positive and playful to the gentle and inspiring
SONIC QUIVER SQ091 West Coast Best Coast Tim Mosher,Andrew Growcott Guitar driven, laid-back California garage and psychedelic rock
SONIC QUIVER SQ090 Percussive Impact Edgard Jaude Highly percussive tracks designed to enhance high-voltage scenes Ideal for trailers, action films, computer games, sci-fi projects
SONIC QUIVER SQ089 Living Out Loud Ramzel Devaney,Ramzel Devaney,David John Austin,Dale Litchfield,Zach Ziskin,Zach Ziskin,Fernando Perdomo Charming acoustic flavored pop vocals and instrumentals that make you feel good, pick you up and give you the love
SONIC QUIVER SQ088 Stoked Kenneth Lewis,Scott Dente,Dave Cleveland,Matthew Pierson,Peter Michael Clark It's go time! Promo rock in overdrive for sports, action and all of life's crazy adventures
SONIC QUIVER SQ087 Cafe Europa Charles Durand A delightful collection of retro and quirky European flavored tracks, from French Cafe Music and street buskers to Gypsy jazz, and then to the cool 60's
SONIC QUIVER SQ086 Insurgency Edgard Jaude
SONIC QUIVER SQ085 Big Stories And Tiny Tales Oliver Patrick,Ralph Knight
SONIC QUIVER SQ084 Pedal Says Fuzz James Kaleth,Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike Pure uplifting fuzz rock tracks with full on energy for sports, gaming and trailers
SONIC QUIVER SQ083 Dust Bowl Blues Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Dee Dee O'Malley,Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Jim Meskimen,Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Steven Horwich,arrGeoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Jim Meskimen A multi-faceted, genuine musical documentation of America's 1930s Dust Bowl and Depression era
SONIC QUIVER SQ082 Full Throttle Vic Wolfe Hard and heavy rock'n'roll
SONIC QUIVER SQ081 Instant Happiness 2 James Kaleth,Fiona Dewey,Ross Andrew McLean,James Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,James Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Aden Simpson Keeping it light and bright with another dose of quirky melodies, carefree moments and happy times Featuring non-lyrical, instrumental and cute acoustic versions of each track
SONIC QUIVER SQ080 Country Trash Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese A brilliant display of contemporary country styles and moods including country rock, country blues, funk, bluegrass and two step Also included are sparse acoustic submixes
SONIC QUIVER SQ079 Dirty Rock And Blues Terence Fontaine Down and dirty, sexy sleazyrock?n?roll for the new generation
SONIC QUIVER SQ078 Epic Encounters Edgard Jaude A first-class musical definition of mystery, action, suspense, space, the supernatural and the unexplained
SONIC QUIVER SQ077 Urban Tales Michael Sims,Ramzel Devaney Contemporary, hard-edged and gritty drama moods
SONIC QUIVER SQ076 Simply Acoustic Guitar Kevin McPherson,Ramzel Devaney,David John Austin Pure acoustic guitar moods with a handful of fully produced tracks for extra flavor
SONIC QUIVER SQ075 The Roaring Twenties Ali Stewart A journey back in time to the nostalgic and exuberant music of the 1920’s.
SONIC QUIVER SQ074 Deep Oceans High Skies James Kaleth,Fiona Dewey,Ross Andrew McLean,James Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean Many of our planet's most breathtaking scenes take place in its dynamic skies, powerful seas and eerie ocean depths. Enhance your production with dark & mysterious movement, quirky & positive spirit and epic atmospheres. 
SONIC QUIVER SQ073 Edm Mix Up Miles Lianson,Ye-Jun Sohn An epic collection of electronic dance music to ignite any party
SONIC QUIVER SQ072 Crime Lab 2 - Premonition Jon Christian,Jon Christian,Joss Peach,Jon Christian,Peter Ludlam,Charlotte Glasson,Jon Christian,Phil Saatchi,Vanessa Elphick Uncover and examine the darkest aspects of the criminal mind and forensic science, the second volume of deep and intense modern drama cues and investigative themes
SONIC QUIVER SQ071 Drones In Motoin 2 Edgard Jaude Powerful scores designed for TV and movie scenes and trailers Ideal for drama, reality shows, computer games, suspense, crime, war, intense action, industry and space
SONIC QUIVER SQ070 Fun, Fresh & Positive Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese Versatile, evocative tracks featuring mainstream Ukulele in a variety of acoustic orchestrations Positive moods include light-spirited fun and activity, humor, beautiful landscapes, tropical getaways, relaxation and joy
SONIC QUIVER SQ069a A The Piano Collection Michael Sims A truly stunning collection of beautifully performed solo piano pieces Painstakingly recorded on world class pianos in the UK using the very latest in recording techniques to produce a fresh and definitive piano collection for 21st Century
SONIC QUIVER SQ069b A The Piano Collection Michael Sims A truly stunning collection of beautifully performed solo piano pieces Painstakingly recorded on world class pianos in the UK using the very latest in recording techniques to produce a fresh and definitive piano collection for 21st Century
SONIC QUIVER SQ068 Time And Space Terence Fontaine,Ali Stewart An eclectic and modern soundtrack to the world around us
SONIC QUIVER SQ067 Deep Fried South Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Dave Cleveland,Matt Pierson,Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Pat Bergeson,Ken Lewis,Scott Dente,Bruce Bouton From Nashville to the Bayou From banjo to the dobro This album cooks up the most authentic boot kickin', swamp lickin', finger pickin' music native to the deep south Y'all gonna love this
SONIC QUIVER SQ066 Minimal Sessions 2 Edgard Jaude,Edgard Jaude,Jeffery Scott Meegan The second volume of highly effective music beds offering a rich mix of music styles, grooves and instrumentations
SONIC QUIVER SQ065 Classical Celebration Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Bach Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Pachelbel Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Vivaldi Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Js Bach Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Franz Shubet Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Bach Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese,Eric Zimmermann,B Famous and newly composed music in classical, Baroque, sacred and modern styles Great for religious ceremonies, weddings, Christmas, meditation, celebration and other historical and noble occasions
SONIC QUIVER SQ064 Sunshine Indie Michael Sims Summer indie pop
SONIC QUIVER SQ063 Rev It Up Vic Wolfe,Joel DaSilva A dark and dangerous look at the seedier side of garage, surf and rock’n’roll.
SONIC QUIVER SQ062 Offbeat Elegance Rich Mahogany,Peter Weitz A whimsical collection of quirky tracks full of personality and charm, ranging from dub step to the fairground and outer space
SONIC QUIVER SQ061 Dancemaphobia Edgard Jaude Fresh, bold and powerful A great balance of pumped-up, creative dance tracks
SONIC QUIVER SQ060 Folkie Indie Terence Fontaine A cool and contemporary fusion of folk inspired indie rock and pop
SONIC QUIVER SQ059 Instant Happiness James Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Fiona Dewey Quirky melodies, carefree moments and happy times Acoustic guitar, ukulele, female & male wordless vocals, strings, clarinet and flute combine to keep things light & bright
SONIC QUIVER SQ058 Personal Journey Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese Warm, intimate and sparse music with a distinct acoustic quality conveying a range of human emotions, spirituality and natural beauty
SONIC QUIVER SQ057 Grinding Gears Kenny Greenberg,Kenny Greenberg,James R Hall,Jeff Taylor Raw, stripped-down and bad to the bone The best of garage-rock, blues-rock and southern rock'n'roll
SONIC QUIVER SQ056 Cool & Funky Terence Fontaine,Jez Miller,Michael Sims,Savasana Album 03 of the ESSENTIAL DRAMA collection. Slick and stylish retro funk and smokin’ jazzy beats.
SONIC QUIVER SQ055 Action & Menace Terence Fontaine,Michael Sims,Jez Miller Album 02 of the ESSENTIAL DRAMA collection An electrifying fusion of hard edged modern drama, rock and electronica
SONIC QUIVER SQ054 Dark & Atmospheric Terence Fontaine,Michael Sims,Jez Miller Album 01 of the ESSENTIAL DRAMA collection Haunting, cinematic drama themes over modern downbeat grooves
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