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SUPERSTORE SUPER017 Venus Rising Laura Vane, Paul Rawson, David John,Heidi Harries, Paul Rawson, David John,Raissa Panni, Paul Rawson, David John,John Etkin-Bell, Georgia Ptohides 9 soulful female fronted lush dreamy pop songs. A blend of chilled trip hop, spacey pop & enchanting atmospheres with a generous helping of fender rhodes, lush strings & heavenly female vocals
SUPERSTORE SUPER016 Simple Love Alex Roberts, Ellie Wyatt,Alex Ball, Alex Roberts, Ellie Wyatt,Alex Roberts, Ellie Wyatt, Oliver Forsmark 12 Heart-warming folk pop classics featuring the sublime voice of Alex Roberts
SUPERSTORE SUPER015 Femme Fatale Lana McDonagh, Toby Christopher Horton From the darkness there comes light. 10 beautiful cinematic pop noir ballads, featuring the spellbinding voice of Lana McDonagh
SUPERSTORE SUPER014 Feeling Blue Alex Wingham, Kate Hargreaves 12 raw blues tales of love & despair featuring the acoustic guitars of Alex Wingham & the smoky vocals of Kate Hargreaves
SUPERSTORE SUPER013 Intuition Natalie Barowitz, Jonathan Pilcher A sublime collection of 12 female fronted alt-pop songs. Sentimental ballads, atmospheric R&B, orchestral folk, dreamy electropop, ambient cinematic & uplifting soft rock
SUPERSTORE SUPER012 Silhouettes Elizabeth Massey,Elizabeth Massey, Phillipa Alexander Beautifully poetic acoustic ballads & sentimental indie folk songs of love, loss & tenderness
SUPERSTORE SUPER011 Afterglow Knightstown, Tom Aston Beautiful falsetto vocals glide effortlessly over blissed out dream pop-scapes, ethereal electronica & atmospheric deep house grooves
SUPERSTORE SUPER010 On The Edge Of Love Paul Creane,Lindsay Wright,John Etkin-Bell,James Oxborrow,Mark Revell,James Oxborrow,Mark Revell,Alison David,Lawrence Ray,Jesse Walton,Christopher Branch,Benjamin Smith,Thomas Donovan,Adam Ferretti,Dalibor Luptak A bittersweet collection of emotive Americana, dreamy indie folk, melancholic 60's country pop, soulful blues rock & feel-good stomping bluegrass
SUPERSTORE SUPER009 Reimagined Simon Edwards,Miriam Jones,Daniel Williams,Daniel Price,Simon Edwards,Calum MacColl,Carmen Bradford,James Oxborrow,Timothy Cotterell,Eva Rustige,Lincoln Jaeger,Jessica Banks,Hayley Wood,Simon Edwards,Virginia Clee,Simon Edwards,Kathryn Williams,Jessica Ba A stunning collection of reimagined traditional folk songs, hymns, music hall classics & spiritual songs deep from within the music archives Featuring Miriam Jones, Calum MacColl, Jess, Banks, Simon Edwards, Ginny Clee, Jo Beth Young, Michele Stodart & Ka
SUPERSTORE SUPER008 Where Is The Love Christopher Evans-Roberts,Richard Norris,Rachel Thomas,Marie Juliette Beer,Jefffey Arundel Arundel,Nick Robertson,Marie Juliette Beer,Marty Shtrubel,Lee Baker,Sound Vandal,Kenny McCracken,John Etkin-Bell,James Oxborrow,Jonathan Pilcher,Natalie Barowitz,Jo A collection of cool modern songs about love & life
SUPERSTORE SUPER007 Sub Culture Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Anna Rogersdotter Hedman,James Day,James Crane,Caleb Madden,Robin Savage,Christopher Kear,Robert Setz,Daniel Leavers,Mowse,Mike Farmer,Matthew Denny,Ross Hughes,Esben Tjalve,Rob Setz,Christopher Kear,Daniel Leavers A cool avant-garde collection of sub club classics
SUPERSTORE SUPER006 Sleep Room - Gone Ryan Cook,Nigel Weston,Alex Bowen,Richard King Beautiful filmic indie prog rock from British band Sleep Room This is their debut album
SUPERSTORE SUPER005 Wake Up John Etkin-Bell,Jimi Ashmore,Neil MacKenzie,James Oxborrow,Justin Gourlay,John Crick,Daniel Swift,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Rob Quickenden,Ryan Cook,Nigel Weston,Alex Bowen,Richard King,Sanjiv Sen,Michael Kelly,Ian Lake,Wayne Murray,John Etkin-Bell,James Oxborro A compilation of cool alternative rock with an up-beat vibe
SUPERSTORE SUPER004 Retrospective - Marty Shtrubel Marty Shtrubel,Charlie Layton,Laura Michelle Beard,Matthew Taylor,Marty Shtrubel,Sonny Flint,Marty Shtrubel A cool compilation of punk rock & quirky pop songs Marty Shtrubel is a classic British singer songwriter in the vein of Elvis Costello, Ray Davies, Pete Shelley & Peter Perrett
SUPERSTORE SUPER003 Someday - Single Andrew Grimes,James Crane Someday is a beautiful & heart warming vintage 1920s ukulele song
SUPERSTORE SUPER002 Lazy Sundays Sanjiv Sen,Michael Kelly,Ian Lake,Justin Gourlay,Robert Quickenden,John Crick,Daniel Swift,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Nick Robertson,John Etkin-Bell,James Oxborrow,Wayne Murray,Mark Revell,Justine Suissa,Jonathan Pilcher,Marie Juliette Beer,John Etkin-Bell,Russel A sublime collection of chilled out songs The perfect soundtrack for a lazy Sunday
SUPERSTORE SUPER001 Soul Destroyer Single - Marty Shtrubel Matthew Taylor,Marty Shtrubel,Sonny Flint,Marty Shtrubel,Matthew Taylor,Marty Shtrubel Mini 3 track EP by Marty Shtrubel