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TELE MUSIC TMCD1371 Lost In Nostalgia Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Guillot, Patrick Chartol,Mathieu Neil Emotional theme feat piano and strings. Beautiful and nostalgic. Perfect for human and romance drama.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1370 Neutral Underscore Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Guillot, Patrick Chartol Underscore with minimalistic instrumentation. Suspenseful patterns with a time passing feel. Perfect for reflective moment.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1369 Dramedy Suspense Olivier Bibeau Dramedy theme with light percs, mallets and strings. Stealthy, mischievous and suspenseful. Perfect for all things Dramedy and Comedy!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1368 Electric Guitar Ambiance Nathalie Raedler, Maxi Menot,Jonathon Ya, Maxi Menot,Jonathon Ya Moody ambiance feat delicate echoed electric guitar and clarinet with light percs. Dreamy and warm ambiance, perfect for indie films, documentaries, self-reflection.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1367 Comedy Kitsch Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Guillot, Patrick Chartol,Sylvain Ott Comedic orchestral theme in a dramedy and kitsch genre. Perfect for reality TV and daytime TV.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1366 Chillhop Beds Jean-Baptiste Ayoub Chilled hip hop influenced instrumental theme with smooth beats and sparkling melodies. Perfect for teen TV, influencers.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1365 Indie Psyche Machine Romain Roussouliere, Eliott Hosansky, Ludovic Gisselbrecht-Carquet,Romain Roussouliere, Eliott Hosansky Positive and bright psychedelic indie pop rock perfect for teen tv, indie films and road movie
TELE MUSIC TMCD1364 Victory Tiborg,Marc D'all Anese Epic and inspirational build-up orchestral themes rising to climax and gentle ending. Courageous, triumphant and heroic. Perfect for challenges, achievements, victories.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1363 Strings Banger Fresh Beats Nicolas Perrault, Augustin Parsy Modern crossover between strings and beats. Bold and confident, high-end and luxurious. Perfect for expensive commercials, corporate achievement.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1362 Happy Pop Folk Franck Fossey,Matthieu Devos Happy pop folk themes with warm guitars, light drums, bright piano and chorus. Positive and hopeful, perfect for all daytime TV programs.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1361 Tribal Percussions Jean-Michel Vallet, Claire Guillot, Patrick Chartol Ethnic percussions only! From big and heavy to light and cheerful. Percs for all kind of actions and moments in documentaries and movies.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1360 Electro Summer Beats Jok'A'Face, Amoria Sunny electro anthems with big beats, bright synths and vocal chops. Upbeat, bright, positive and carefree. Party time on the beach!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1359 The Investigation Marc Dall'Anese Tense and mysterious build-up themes. Perfect for all kind of investigation and crime stories.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1358 TV Tool Kit : Adventure Time Jean-Michel Vallet, Patrick Chartol, Claire Guillot TV Tool Kit : Epic orchestral theme with confident percs, majestic strings and solemn choir. Tense, conquering, victorious - perfect for all adventures tales!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1357 Drama Trap Frederic Le Quere Dramatic trap theme with synths, voice sfx and heavy beats and bass. Perfect for Hip Hop settings, modern and youth drama.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1356 Light Pop Beds Anne Tekstra, Bart Peter Helena Andreas Janssen Positive and sunny pop beds with light beats, bright guitars and keys, vocal sfx. Warm, carefree, light hearted. Perfect for daytime and youth tv, summer holiday topics.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1355 TV Tool Kit : Love Actually Mathieu Neil,Gary Royant,Sylvain Ott TV Tool Kit : From Romantic themes with delicate piano and beautiful strings to warm folk and seductive moments. Perfect for all the moments of a love story.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1354 Beautiful Storytelling Nik Ammar,Nicolas Deroo Beautiful build-up themes with delicate piano and graceful panoramic strings. Emotional and hopeful. Perfect for storytelling with happy end.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1353 Wonderland Orchestra Nik Ammar,Mathieu Neil Enchanting orchestral themes with beautiful orchestration. Magical, inspiring and panoramic. Welcome to wonderland!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1352 Lifestyle & Leisure 2 Ernest Saint-Laurent Positive, bright and cheerful theme perfect for al kind of lifestyle and leisure daytime TV magazines (diy, cars, garden, cooking, beauty, etc). Good vibes only!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1351 Light Electronica Beds Nicolas PerraultSacem Light electronica beds with synths, acoustic percs and light beats. Positive, warm and upbeat.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1350 American Country Folk Mathieu NeilSacem Heartfelt country folk themes featuring warm acoustic guitar, electric guitar and light percs. Gentle with a light pastoral touch.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1349 Orchestral Human Beauty 2 Martin Janssen Busy orchestral theme with dominant strings rising. Dramatic and epic. Perfect for all human topics.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1348 Dramedy Strikes Again! Guillaume de la ChapelleSacem Orchestral dramedy theme with strings, pizz, percs and mallets (celesta, marimba, glock). Mysterious, mischievous, suspenseful and light tension.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1347 Delicate Fancies Frederic Dubois, Hugo Renard Positive and busy theme with piano, woodwinds, strings and mallets. Bright and cheerful. Perfect for daytime tv and family movies among others.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1346 Neutral Tension 2 Bruno CaroneSacem Suspended themes with ticking percs and pulsating synths perfect for all tension moments and investigation program.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1345 Investigation Magazine #2 Benjamin Le JeanSacem Mysterious and eerie themes mixing ethinc instruments with synths, beats and sfx. Tense and scattered with a reflective feel.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1344 Investigation Magazine #1 Paul Reyre, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli Suspended and eerie themes with pulsating synths, ominous pads and strange textures. Perfect for all tense topics and investigation TV magazines.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1343 Feelgood Whistle Franck FosseySacem,Paul BoucharaSacem 50%, Emmanuel BinetSacem 50% Feelgood and folksy theme with acoustic guitar, light drums and whistle. Positive and happy with a pastoral and comical touch.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1342 This Is Beautiful Mathieu NeilSacem Beautiful themes with graceful legato strings and delicate chromatic percs. Panoramic with a magical touch.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1341 Childhood Memories Sylvain OttSacem Childlike theme with glock, acoustic guitar and light drums. Cute and playful. Perfect for all child topics.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1340 Uplifting Folk Geoffroy BerliozSacem Folk themes with warm acoustic guitar and confident percs. Uplifting, positive and hopeful with a pastoral touch.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1339 Neutral Tension Frederic Dubois, Pierre Antoine Sylvestre Tense themes with synths, drums and percs. From suspense to mysterious with a time passing feel.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1338 Tense Pulse Marc Dall AneseSacem Tense pulsating beats with ominous synths. Suspenseful and menacing. Perfect for investigation, thriller, modern drama and tv game show.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1337 Joyful Acoustic Journey Guillaume De La ChapelleSacem,Sylvain OttSacem Positive acoustic pop with guitar, light drums and percs, bright piano and strings. Panoramic, anthemic, hopeful and confident.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1336 Countdown Drama Tension Patrick Chartol, Claire Guillot, Jean Michel Vallet Orchestral and electronic countdown with hits and pulsating beats. Dark, menacing, tense and dramatic.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1335 Countdown Light Tension Claire Guillot, Patrick Chartol, Jean-Michel Vallet,Julien Thomas A variety of countdown fitting perfectly all kind of programs. From thriller and suspsense to dramedy without forgettig tv games and tv shows.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1333 Rockin' Vibes Alan Philip LeesSacem Rock influenced by the 50's, 60's and 70's. Sunny electric guitar and lively drums for a positive mood. Perfect for all daytime TV programs.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1332 Deliberation Marc Dall AnesseSacem Ticking and pulsating themes featuring keys, pads and drums. Fits perfectly all anticipation and tension topics. From TV game shows to movies.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1331 Global Warming Investigation Marc Dall AneseSacem Investigative theme with bright synths and pulsating beats. From dramatic to mysterious and tense. Perfect for all environmental concerns and science programs.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1330 Science & Life Frederic DuboisSacem 50%, Paul de ChaumontSacem 50% Pulsating themes featuring marimba, light beats, bright piano and synths pads. Busy, delicate and mysterious. Fits perfectly all science, innovations, environmental concerns programs.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1329 Atmospheric Guitars Pierre PintoSacem 50%, Alexis VedereSacem 50% Atmospheric guitars with light drums and percs. Country and folk influenced with a panorami feel. Calm and serene. Perfect for all pastoral and natural programs and movies.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1328 Emotional Piano 2 Patrick Chartol, Claire Guillot, Jean Michel Vallet Emotional piano themes for human stories.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1327 Action Cinematic Percussion Zakariya Jedraoui, Stefano Pallotti, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli Percussive cinematic themes with powerful percs and menacing synths. Epic, intense and dramatic with an urgent feel. It will fits all type of action movies and thriller.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1326 Investigation Report Frederic Dubois, Frederic Prados,Frederic Dubois, Franck Rap,Frederic Dubois,Paul De Chaumont, Frederic Dubois,Simon Bridonneau, Frederic Dubois Investigative theme with ominous synths, pulsating beats and suspenseful synth pads. Dangerous and tense with a reflective touch.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1325 Rise of a Hero Clement Barbier, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli,Lucas Napoleone, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli,Andrea Moscianese, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli,Michel Gouty, Victor Galey, Matteo Locasciulli Cinematic orchestral theme rising to epic finale with confident strings and heavy percs. Fits perfectly epic movies, heroic and achievements topics.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1324 Lifestyle & Leisure Magazine Ernest Saint-Laurent Positive pop featuring bright synths, catchy riff and light beats Happy and cheerful Perfect for all lifestyle and leisure topics: garden, cooking, fashion, home desco, travel, sports
TELE MUSIC TMCD1323 Middle East Danger Matteo Locasciulli,Victor Galey,Michel Gouty Middle Eastern influenced orchestral theme featuring ethnic instrumentation and percs From powerful and percussive to tense and mysterious
TELE MUSIC TMCD1321 Orchestral Reality TV Quentin Fouquet,Tom Howe,Antoine Daviaud,David Boustier, Alexandre Martin Delion,Mathieu Neil A diverse selection of tracks for different types of reality show.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1320 Suspense Alain Belloc Cinematic scores for moments of tension and suspense.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1319 Dramatics Jacques Kathrein, Chino Sanchez,Daniel Finot, Jacques Kathrein, Chino Sanchez Dramatic beds that help convey the emotion of the scene.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1318 Californian Woods Mark Noseworthy, Gregory Rogove Folk and Indie guitar tracks from the West Coast of America.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1317 Epic & Emotional 2 Mathieu Coupat, Jerome Plasseraud Big, cinematic scores for epic and emotional scenes.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1316 The Conquest Benoit De Villeneuve, Benjamin Morando Dramatic, cinematic orchestral scores full of tension and excitement.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1315 Roadtrip Quentin Fouquet,Mathieu Neil,David Grumel,Gautier Hache Organic Folk themes for an adventure through the wilderness.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1314 Les Impatientes Olivier Militon The beautifully emotional soundtrack to the TV series 'Les Impatientes'.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1313 Daytime TV Pop Olivier Militon,Tom Howe,Toby Lee, Orlando Roberton,Mathieu Coupat,Mathieu Neil,Quentin Fouquet Fun, catchy tunes for daytime TV and light entertainment.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1312 Western Guitars 2 Pierre Pinto, Alexis Vedere Acoustic Country and Folk tracks with an American flavour.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1311 Love Abigail Wade-Gledhill, Joel Wells, Orlando Roberton,Christopher Bangs, Orlando Roberton,Tom Howe,James Horn, Orlando Roberton,Mark Revell,Toby Lee, Orlando Roberton,Orlando Roberton,Jeremy Grandcamp Romantic themes for tender, cinematic moments.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1310 Emotional Piano Mark Revell,Quentin Fouquet,Nik Ammar, Michael Orchard Orchestral themes featuring evocative piano melodies.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1309 Jamaican Roots Jacques Kathrein,Chino Sanchez,Jacques Kathrein,Pierre Commandeur,Chino Sanchez A collection of laid-back Reggae and Dancehall tunes from the shores of Jamaica
TELE MUSIC TMCD1308 Natural Guitars Manuel Dedonder Contemporary Folk guitars creating rich, organic tones for evocative scenes.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1307 Gangster Movie Jacques Kathrein,Chino Sanchez,Jacques Kathrein,Pierre Commandeur,Chino Sanchez A fantastic collection of retro, 'Blaxploitation'-era Funk and Soul tracks, perfect for heist and chase scenes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1306 Orchestral Emotional Axel Hachadi Sophisticated, modern orchestral scores for emotional, cinematic scenes.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1305 Soul Of Brazil Jacques Kathrein,Chino Sanchez,Jacques Kathrein,Pierre Commandeur,Chino Sanchez An outstanding album of authentic Brazilian Bossa Nova and Samba tracks, full of Latin rhythms and uplifting vibes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1304 Western Guitars Manuel Dedonder Beautiful, Western-style Folk evoking roadtrips over the plains and panoramic desert scenes.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1303 Minimal Electronica Didier Perrin,Antoine Hilaire,Thomas Spicq Sparse, atmospheric Electronic themes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1302 Orchestral Action & Tension 2 Pierre Pinto,Alexis Vedere Another volume of cinematic orchestral scores full of drama and tension
TELE MUSIC TMCD1301 World Fusion Pierre Pinto,Alexis Vedere Ambient World Fusion themes taking influences from around the globe
TELE MUSIC TMCD1300 The Island Experience 2 Henry Wrigley, Orlando Roberton,Abigail Wade-Gledhill, Joel Wells, Orlando Roberton,Tom Howe,Orlando Roberton,Mathieu Neil,James Horn, Orlando Roberton,Antoine Daviaud Impressive beds and scores that tell stories of adventure.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1299 Orchestral Human Beauty David Boustier, Alexandre Martin Delion,Tom Howe,Mark Revell,Aisling Brouwer, Orlando Roberton,Jeremy Grandcamp,David Grumel,Nik Ammar,Orlando Roberton,Christopher Bangs, Orlando Roberton Beautiful, emotional scores for heartfelt stories.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1298 Emotional Victory & Defeat Nik Ammar,Mark Revell,Aisling Brouwer, Orlando Roberton,David Grumel,Gautier Hache,Tom Howe Evocative underscores for winners and losers.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1297 Factual Docs James Cook,Tom Howe,Tim Clarke,Gautier Hache,Orlando Roberton Sincere underscores for moments of tension and reflection.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1296 Gossip Lane Tim Clarke,Tom Howe,Orlando Roberton,Mark Revell Brilliantly illustrative themes for quirky moments and Dramedy scenes.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1295 Electronic Landscapes Thibaut Barbillon Electronic themes for Retro Futuristic scenes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1294 Romantic Stories David Sztanke Contemporary Classical themes for a range of moods and emotions
TELE MUSIC TMCD1293 Up In The Air Mathieu Neil Light, acoustic Pop and Folk with catchy, quirky melodies
TELE MUSIC TMCD1292 Light Dramedy Mathieu Neil Quirky orchestral themes with playful pizzicato strings
TELE MUSIC TMCD1291 Easy Pop Daniel Finot,Jacques Kathrein,Chino Sanchez Light and breezy Pop melodies
TELE MUSIC TMCD1290 On The Battlefield 3 Pernilla Osterberg Dramatic underscores that evoke the tense atmosphere of war
TELE MUSIC TMCD1289 On The Battlefield 2 Pernilla Osterberg Dramatic underscores that evoke the tense atmosphere of war
TELE MUSIC TMCD1288 On The Battlefield 1 Pernilla Osterberg Dramatic underscores that evoke the tense atmosphere of war
TELE MUSIC TMCD1287 Suburbia Quentin Fouquet Light, quirky orchestral themes for intriguing storylines
TELE MUSIC TMCD1286 Orchestral Human Drama Pernilla Osterberg,Henrik Meierkord,David Sztanke Drama, Cinema, Movie, Tragedy
TELE MUSIC TMCD1285 Factual Stories Daniel Finot,Stephane Aubert Piano and strings dominate in this collection of underscores for documentaries and story-telling
TELE MUSIC TMCD1284 Cute Little Ones Geoffroy Berlioz A sophisticated soundtrack with just the right balance of quirkiness and emotion
TELE MUSIC TMCD1283 Under The Stars Jerome Plasseraud,Mathieu Coupat,Melanie Pain A brilliant collection of female-lead Pop songs with catchy melodies
TELE MUSIC TMCD1282 Simple Piano Carmine Ghersi Simple solo piano themes in a range of styles and moods
TELE MUSIC TMCD1281 Dark Tension Benjamin Morando,Benoit Champierre De Villeneuve Soundtrack to a dystopian future
TELE MUSIC TMCD1280 String & Electro Stories Antoine Hilaire,Didier Perrin Synths meet orchestral strings in this collection of dramatic themes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1279 Wild Adventure Mathieu Neil,Antoine Daviaud,David Grumel,Alexandre Martin Delion,David Boustier,Antoine Hilaire,Jerome Plasseraud,Mathieu Coupat Epic and emotional scores for a dramatic journey
TELE MUSIC TMCD1278 Orchestral Action & Tension Axel Hachadi,Tom Howe Cinematic orchestral scores full of drama and tension
TELE MUSIC TMCD1277 Dream Big Orlando Roberton,Jeremy Grandcamp,David Grumel,Tim Clarke,Mathieu Coupat,Mark Revell Uplifting and inspirational anthems to bring you hope
TELE MUSIC TMCD1276 Fairy Tales Olivier Militon Brilliantly cinematic scores full of majesty and wonder, tension and suspense
TELE MUSIC TMCD1275 Playing Around Guitars Jerome Plasseraud,Paul Salvagnac Bluesy, atmospheric guitar themes for road trips and cinematic desert scenes
TELE MUSIC TMCD1274 Playelle Anais Mroz,Anthony Belguise,Stanislas Refet Debut EP from Paris-based Electro Pop band Frauds
TELE MUSIC TMCD1273 Koto Vision Ddamage A fusion of traditional Japanese elements and modern electronic production
TELE MUSIC TMCD1272 Intemporel Stephane Aubert Modern piano themes full of reflection and emotion
TELE MUSIC TMCD1271 Dear Animals Julien Baer Strange, experimental themes, influenced by the animal kingdom
TELE MUSIC TMCD1269 Sundown Olivier Mouchard Upbeat Indie Pop from Sundown The Band
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