TRUE STORIESを最新から表示 (69アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。ドラマ。ドキュメンタリーに適したレーベル。 The Sound of real life. Brand new label for documentary, unscripted and reality shows written by specialist TV composers
TRUE STORIES TRU170 Moments from Disaster Daniel Jansson,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Tim Gilbert,Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan Suspense and anticipation for disasters, cliffhangers, mishaps and factual shows
TRUE STORIES TRU169 Ambient Blooms Lincoln Jaeger,Stacey Leon Ambient, atmospheric drones and backdrops. Strings and synths that slowly build, swell and bloom.
TRUE STORIES TRU168 Piano Elements Stacey Leon, Thom Powell,Ian Paul Livingstone,Charles Holgate, Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan,Matt Norman,Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan Stripped-back piano beds and themes for human emotions and poignant stories, includes solo piano versions.
TRUE STORIES TRU167 Medical Science Jez Hurst,Peter Larsen,Ella Ryan, Tord Jungsten,Matt Norman Vaccines, bio science, laboratories, medicine, hospitals and health
TRUE STORIES TRU166 True Crime Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Stacey Leon, Thom Powell,Tim Gilbert,Sebastian Dominic Wilfred Smith,Matt Norman Drones, pulses, tension and mystery for murder and true crime investigations
TRUE STORIES TRU165 Earth Stories Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney, Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson,Georgi Alexandrov Strezov, Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson,Ian Paul Livingstone Epic and moving orchestral pieces for wildlife, the natural environment and the climate crisis. Recorded in Sofia with the Bulgarian Session Orchestra.
TRUE STORIES TRU164 Pizzicato Happy Marco Belloni, Max Bronco, Sophie Budd, Trent Larsen,Jez Hurst, Sophie Budd, Tom Goddard,Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco, Sophie Budd, Trent Larsen Simple, playful pizzicato strings for happy and quirky stories.
TRUE STORIES TRU163 Wilderness USA Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Corey Summers Americana, slide guitar and acoustic blues for hunting, fishing and roaming the great American outdoors
TRUE STORIES TRU162 Sunshine Indie Terry Caster,Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Nicholas Charles O'Donnell-Smith, Trent Larsen,Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen Indie pop energy, bright guitars and care-fee days
TRUE STORIES TRU161 The Influencers Adela Samme, Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Simon Pettersson,Thom Powell, Trent Larsen Glamour Pop EDM with wordless vocals, for the social media stars and the millions that follow.
TRUE STORIES TRU160 Cinescapes Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Tord Jungsten, Trent Larsen Contemporary, cinematic drama and stripped-back film score atmospheres
TRUE STORIES TRU159 Retro Funk Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney, Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney Funky horns, hammond organ and wah-wah guitars: live grooves with a retro funk band
TRUE STORIES TRU158 Mallets in Motion Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Anthony Holt,Ella Ryan, Tord Jungsten Marimba, xylophone and other mallet instruments in bright, minimal patterns of motion and movement
TRUE STORIES TRU157 Mysterious Universe Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ian Paul Livingstone,Daniel Jansson The haunting, metallic sounds of the hang pan: ambient, mysterious musical textures for space, the universe and science
TRUE STORIES TRU156 Epic History Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ian Paul Livingstone,Georgi Alexandrov Strezov,Andy Hopkins Orchestral, cinematic and choral themes for history, ancient worlds, myths and epic stories. Recorded in Sofia with the Bulgarian Session Orchestra.
TRUE STORIES TRU155 The Investigators Frank de Kova, Lars Kristen, Trent Larsen,Nora St John, Trent Larsen,Matt Norman Subtle tension and suspense for crime, mysteries, forensics and investigations.
TRUE STORIES TRU154 Inspiring Stories Paul Joseph Smith,Joanna Hampson-Gilbert, Tim Gilbert,Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan,Matt Norman Inspiring and hopeful pieces in the contemporary classical style, with piano and live strings
TRUE STORIES TRU153 Homemade Happy 2 Randall McGravey,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan More upbeat, happy acoustic folk. Organic and fun for crafts, cookery and stay-at-home life, with stripped-back underscore versions.
TRUE STORIES TRU152 Graceful Strings Andrew Lord, Ella Ryan, Gary Bishop Elegant, gentle, uplifting. Live string quartet for nature scenes and human stories.
TRUE STORIES TRU151 Fierce Sport Daniel James Denning, Jon Christian, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Marc Frampton, Thom Powell Hard rocking impact for sports action, the will to win and the thick of the fight
TRUE STORIES TRU150 Super Drive Ian Paul Livingstone,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Lincoln Jaeger Driving electro synth rock hybrids for gaming, racing, motorsports, cars and speed.
TRUE STORIES TRU149 In The Garden Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ella Ryan, Thom Powell,Danny Cullen, Tord Jungsten,Alison Jane,Jez Hurst, Thom Powell, Tim Harvest,Ian Paul Livingstone,Danny Cullen, Ella Ryan Organic acoustic guitar, ukulele, strings and piano for gardens, nature, outdoor life and summer days
TRUE STORIES TRU148 Animals and Pets Ned Milton,Frank de Kova, Lars Kristen, Peter Ludlam, Trent Larsen,James Charles Fowler,Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan,Thom Powell, Trent Larsen Fun, light-hearted acoustic beds and strings. Good for unscripted shows about animals, pets and furry things.
TRUE STORIES TRU147 Pop Soul Vocals Chris James, Nick Ramm Tasteful, mellow pop soul love songs with female vocals, piano and organ
TRUE STORIES TRU146 Lockdown Stories Jez Hurst, Thom Powell,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,DC Jansson Light tension, sparse drones and beds for the global lockdown, science and medical scenes
TRUE STORIES TRU145 Dream Pop Haze DC Jansson,Tord Jungsten, Trent Larsen Indie dream pop with an 80s influence. Shoe gaze guitars, pared back electro beats, analogue synths and breathy vocal textures.
TRUE STORIES TRU144 Selfies and Socials Adam Connor, Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Evie Perry, Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Tord Jungsten, Trent Larsen Pop beats and EDM for the selfie generation, glam tracks for the influencers and dance grooves for the social media stars.
TRUE STORIES TRU143 War Stories Ian Paul Livingstone,Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson, Oscar Aldred, Toby Ellis Military drums, suspenseful drones and strings to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day and the end of the 2nd World War in Europe.
TRUE STORIES TRU142 Plot Twist Tension Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Andy Hopkins, Danny Cullen,Alison Jane,Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan Subtle, suspenseful beds for highlighting plot twists in a storyline. Good for crime, investigations and light tension.
TRUE STORIES TRU141 Vintage Kitsch Chris Whiter, Vince Webb,Matt Norman,Emily Lim, Vince Webb,Vince Webb,Tarmo Heikkinen,Raoul Neuman, Vince Webb Kitsch orchestral fun with a vintage, 1950s light music, easy listening style
TRUE STORIES TRU140 Magical Worlds Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Alison Jane,Ella Ryan, Thom Powell,Emily Thomas Magical musical sketches for children's films, wizards and spooky fantasy.
TRUE STORIES TRU139 Pulsing Piano Ian Paul Livingstone,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Frank de Kova, Lars Kristen, Trent Larsen,Oliver Worth Simple, beautiful, minimal piano pulses for human stories, nature and emotion
TRUE STORIES TRU138 Plucked String Fun Frank de Kova, Lars Kristen, Peter Ludlam, Trent Larsen Fun, lighted-hearted and stripped-back pizzicato strings.
TRUE STORIES TRU137 Bright Guitar Builds Louis Edward Thorne Hopeful, chiming pop rock guitars that build, for daytime TV, reality and makeover shows
TRUE STORIES TRU136 Drums for Drama Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ian Paul Livingstone Dramatic percussion, huge drum hits and military snares for factual TV, promos and moments of drama.
TRUE STORIES TRU135 Backroads USA Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Corey Summers,Wilhelm Liesegang Subtle blues and slide guitar, plus acoustic Americana for the dusty highways and backroads of the United States of America.
TRUE STORIES TRU134 Nordic Noir Anthony Holt Icy landscapes and moody soundscapes in the pared back Scandinavian noir style for drama, documentary and nature footage.
TRUE STORIES TRU133 Tales of the Middle East Thom Powell, Trent Larsen The sounds and rhythms of the Middle East and North Africa. A fusion of subtle Arabic flavours for news, documentaries and scene-setting.
TRUE STORIES TRU132 Natural Disasters Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Jez Hurst, Tord Jungsten,Ian Paul Livingstone,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney Crisis, tension and suspense for natural disasters, extreme weather and documentaries
TRUE STORIES TRU131 Pop Punk Punch Daniel James Denning, Jon Christian, Trent Larsen Three chords and an attitude. Short, sharp, fast - crunching indie pop rock guitar brimming with energy.
TRUE STORIES TRU130 Fragile Planet Daniel Benjamin Weltlinger, Zed Parker,Holy Riva Moore, Zed Parker,Zed Parker Neo classical, ambient, emotive piano, strings and voices for ecology, environment and the natural world.
TRUE STORIES TRU129 Hi-Tech Corporate Alexius Tschallener, Martin Haene,Elien Lanz, Martin Haene,Marco Ricciardi, Martin Haene,Martin Haene, Sandro Dietrich Business, technology, cyber space, AI and the cutting-edge corporate world
TRUE STORIES TRU128 Rock Riff Indie Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Corey Summers,Daniel James Denning, Frank de Kova, Trent Larsen,Jon Christian, Marc Frampton, Matt Rider, Max Bronco Hard riff indie rock mania with heavy guitars and fuzz bass
TRUE STORIES TRU127 True Winners Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Brian Colin Burrows,Ian Paul Livingstone Rousing pop rock builds for sports, promos and those big winning moments
TRUE STORIES TRU126 Hopeful Stories Carl Vega,Paul Joseph Smith,Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan Bright and hopeful pieces in the contemporary classical style with piano and strings
TRUE STORIES TRU124 Moving Strings Ian Paul Livingstone,Michael Peter Doherty,Ian Paul Livingstone,Andy Hopkins,Dean Mahoney Emotive, simple, cinematic strings and piano for nature, human stories and film trailers With string only underscore versions
TRUE STORIES TRU123 Positive Minimal Tim Harvest,Zach Rowan Upbeat, flowing patterns of woodwind, mallets and piano in a minimal contemporary classical style
TRUE STORIES TRU122 Quirky Truth Andy Hopkins,Dean Mahoney,Tord Jungsten,Ella Ryan,Danny Cullen,Thom Powell Wry, off-kilter, fun backdrops scored for unscripted reality and factual entertainment
TRUE STORIES TRU121 Retro Jazz Cool Andy Hopkins,Dean Mahoney,Andy Hopkins,Simon Finch,Ian Paul Livingstone,Dean Mahoney,Andrew Kevin Hamilton,Michael Gorman Vintage live jazz quartet with organ, guitar, drums and upright bass Groovy, retro and oh so cool!
TRUE STORIES TRU120 Acoustic Stories Wes London,Frank de Kova,Trent Larsen,Corey Summers Gentle, organic acoustic guitar themes, pastoral folk picking and bright strumming stories
TRUE STORIES TRU119 Heartbeats And Pulses Ned Milton,Joshua Francis,DC Jansson Simple heartbeat pulses for light tension, documentary underscores, science and tech
TRUE STORIES TRU118 True Dub Frank de Kova,Trent Larsen,Dino Ferretto,Neil Joseph Stephen Fraser Authentic, live band Jamaican reggae, ska and dub with underscore dub versions
TRUE STORIES TRU117 Sparkling Piano Frank de Kova,Lars Kristen,Trent Larsen Emotional, shimmering, ambient piano and electronica in contemporary classical settings
TRUE STORIES TRU116 Political Drama Andy Hopkins,Ella Ryan,Danny Cullen,Thom Powell,Ian Paul Livingstone Politics, intrigue and spin for documentaries and current affairs
TRUE STORIES TRU115 Unsolved Mysteries DC Jansson,Kerry Muzzey,Richard Kimmings,Douglas Fenner Brown,Jason Matthew Pedder,Ian Paul Livingstone True crime, suspense, unsolved cases and mysterious documentary stories
TRUE STORIES TRU114 Plucked String Surprise Peter Ludlam,Frank de Kova,Trent Larsen Simple, quirky pizzicato strings for documentary, comedy and light-hearted moments
TRUE STORIES TRU113 Super Massive Andy Hopkins,Dean Mahoney,Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson,Ian Paul Livingstone,Joris Maarten De Man,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson,Ella Ryan Cars, trucks, explosions and speed for sport, promos and gaming
TRUE STORIES TRU112 Street Stories Ned Milton,Joshua Francis,Carl Vega,Jez Hurst,Thom Powell Urban, hip hop and trap underscores, stripped back for documentary, unscripted reality, and crime on the streets
TRUE STORIES TRU111 Luxe Life Frank de Kova,Lars Kristen,Trent Larsen,Frank de Kova,Lars Kristen,Trent Larsen,Dino Ferretto Luxury, hi-end pop for the hi-life: glamour holidays, fashion, penthouses and A-list nights out
TRUE STORIES TRU110 Beautiful Minimal Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,DC Jansson,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen,Matt Norman Poignant, sparse, minimal organic and electronic music beds for factual programmes
TRUE STORIES TRU109 Space Race Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Vince Webb Space exploration, astronauts, the cosmos and the wonders of space
TRUE STORIES TRU108 Road Trip Usa Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen Roots, blues and Americana for travel, documentaries, promos and the open road
TRUE STORIES TRU107 True Health Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Ella Ryan,Dc Jansson,Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson Medicine, health, hospitals, science and technology
TRUE STORIES TRU106 Drones For Drama Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Dc Jansson Low end drones and atmospheres for dramatic moments, light tension and scene setting
TRUE STORIES TRU105 Truly Happy Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Vince Webb,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Ella Ryan Upbeat, off-kilter, joyous and feel good stories for happy people
TRUE STORIES TRU104 Curious Truth Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,James Charles Fowler,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen Offbeat, quirky, curious light comedy and mystery for real life stories
TRUE STORIES TRU103 Reality Check Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell,Dc Jansson Reality TV, factual, urban crime, CCTV, theft and police on the streets
TRUE STORIES TRU102 Being Human Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Ella Ryan,Ian Paul Livingstone,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell Simple, moving piano and string textures for human stories, emotion and the narrative arc
TRUE STORIES TRU101 Truth And Lies Jez Hurst,Andy Hopkins,Jacob Jackson,Dean Mahoney,Thom Powell,Nick Herbertsen,Tord Jungsten,Danny Cullen,Nick Herbertsen,Dean Mahoney,Quinn Jenkins,Thom Powell Music for documentary, investigation and current affairs Someone's not telling the truth