THE SCORING HOUSEを最新から表示 (241アルバム)
WEST ONEのレーベル。ドラマ、ドキュメンタリーに適したレーベル。
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH231 Travels with Harp and Guitar Clive M. O. Carroll, Lily Neill Illustrative journeys through places and times
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH230 Technology and Motion Sphere of Influence The science of innovation
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH228 Looking Out Looking In Rory P. Dempsey, Dominic D. Sales Studies in observation and emotion
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH227 Spirits of Earth, Sea and Air Richard Durrant, Brian D. Gulland Colourful, visual music featuring imaginative juxtapositions of ancient and modern acoustic instruments
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH226 An American History Ross Hughes, Nicholas Pynn The changing face of American life and times, expressed through music inspired by the period
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH225 The Best Christmas Ever Richard A. Harvey,Bill Connor A sparkling, cinematic sound track for this most magical time of the year - scored for symphony orchestra and chorus
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH224 Shades of Blue Paul Reeves, Cliff Haywood, Ray M. Butcher Jazz After Dark
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH223 Voice Jam Timothy Z. D. Karp, Fiona J. Woodward,Timothy Z. D. Karp,Timothy Z. D. Karp, Dunia Botic Quirky, dreamy, cool, groovy flights of vocal imagination
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH222 Drum Line Louis M. T. Dodd Drum driven power, precision, energy, tension and force
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH221 Classical Drama Volume 2 Robert J. Foster A romantic escape to a world of classic drama, mystery and suspense
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH220 Troubadours Richard A. Harvey Music of the age of chivalry and courtly love
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH219 Lovely Dubbly Tarquin Boyesen, Alexander S. Gray Stylish, reggae-fused and Dub-happy
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH218 Classical Drama Volume 1 Mark P. Revell Period, theatrical drama, mystery and suspense
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH217 Super Eight Stardust Stephen Coates, Bea Parks Imaginative, musicality playing with light and shade
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH216 Beats and Pieces Jonathan B. Buchanan, James Copperthwaite A punchy, playful fist of fun
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH215 Country Life Francis R. Shaw Depictions of rural life, observed through the changing seasons
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH213 Cinematic Orchestral Matthew A. Thurtell, Vincenzo Bellomo Vivid cinematic storylines depicting drama, movement and emotion
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH211 Snap Shots Christopher Baron, John R. Hobson, Phillip E. Mulford Fun, quirky, retro movers and shakers
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH210 Cityscapes Tomas J. Greenhalf, Michael Gerard Paul Monaghan, Bea Parks,John Rowcroft, Bea Parks,Jack Lake, Bea Parks,Oliver Charles Hoton, Bea Parks,Stefan Malzek, Bea Parks,Alexander Mayor, Bea Parks,Richard Mead, Bea Parks Urban pulses of contrast and colour
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH209 All That Jazz Peter D. Long,Anthony M. Kerr Fun, quirky, retro movers and shakers
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH208 The Brighter Side of Life Richard Myhill,Graham D. H. Preskett Happy, quirky, upbeat tunefulness
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH207 Futurism Alexander S. Gray Visionary, far-sighted electronica
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH206 Harpmospheres Park F. Stickney, Nick Harvey Fascinating, vivid sound pictures for harp and other instruments
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH205 Cloud Roads Richard P. Craker Travel the beautiful wild
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH204 Bubbles of Possibilities Marc F. Teitler Musical Imaginations
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH203 Choices Christopher Baron, John R. Hobson The balance of neutral tension
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH202 Notes On Life Philip J. Jewson, Paul Cartledge Emotive, descriptive, piano observations
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH201 The Cheerful Earworm David H. Lowe,Graham D. H. Preskett,Richard Myhill A cornucopia of catchy cheerfulness.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH200 This is 200 Paul ReevesGb,Robert J. Foster,Jan J. Cyrka, Adam W. Noble,Vasco, Marc F. Teitler,James R. Graydon, James R. Nisbet,Alexander S. Gray, Robert H. P. White,Dave Hewson, Graham D. H. Preskett,Francis R. Shaw,Robert J. Foster, Richard E. L. Wells,Robert H. P. A hand-picked, celebratory showcase of the last 100 albums from The Scoring House and The Scoring House Editions
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH199 Tales From the Hills Richard A. Harvey Down roads less travelled
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH198 Theremintopia Dave Hewson An atmospheric journey into the wonderful world of the Theremin
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH197 America Acoustic Clem Clempson, Curtis F. Schwartz Catchy acoustic, bluesy, rocky, country themes featuring the acclaimed guitarist Clem Clempson
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH196 Life and Beyond Simon A. Rhodes Shades Of Visual Imagination
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH195 Travels With My Guitar Richard Durrant, Paul Cartledge Characterful virtuosity for guitar and other stringed instruments
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH194 The Beethoven Years John W. Lenehan Beethoven compositions, arranged for piano, depicting important stages in the composer's development.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH193 Nature's Yearbook Robert J. Foster,Mark P. Revell Life and stories through the changing seasons
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH192 Doors of the Mind Zac Jordan, Joby Burgess Subtle, emotive memories and moods
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH191 Life In Focus Nick Harvey Perceptive, descriptive observations
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH190 Swagger and Grit Richard Mead, Bea Parks, Cayte M. L. Webber,Richard Mead, Bea Parks,Richard Mead, Bea Parks, Axel Stone Raw, dirty, energized rock vocals and instrumentals.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH189 Around The World in 60 Minutes Part 2 Richard Myhill A tuneful circumnavigation of national colours and cultures
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH188 Around The World in 60 Minutes Richard Myhill A tuneful circumnavigation of national colours and cultures
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH187 Design Electronica Alessandro Boni Vivid, descriptive sound pictures
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH186 The Dark Mind Robert J. Foster, Richard E. L. Wells Powerful, disturbing sound images
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH185 Big City Small World Vasco, Claudio Strueby,Vasco, Patrick T. R. West,Vasco, Marc F. Teitler Hopes, dreams and reflections
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH184 Vivid Minimalism Robert J. Foster, Richard E. L. Wells Ambient, atmospheric moods and scenescapes.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH183 Country Sketches John R. Hobson, Christopher Baron, Phillip E. Mulford Seasons of country life and times
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH182 Raw Analogue Alistair Hawkins,Richard A. Harvey, Alistair Hawkins Powerful, emotive electronica
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH181 Politics and Ambition Paul Reeves,Paul Reeves, Richard Lewis,Paul Reeves, Maitreya Jani The will to succeed
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH180 Cool Play Brian L. Bennett, Warren Bennett,Warren Bennett Retro grooves, hooks and beats
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH179 Visual Thinking Andy Clark,Matthew Cang, Andy Clark The wings of imaginative electronics
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH178 Land of Song Part 2 Robert J. Foster, Mared E. Williams, Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Mared E. Williams, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands, Mared E. Williams,Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands, A celebration of Welsh culture and song
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH177 Uncovering The Past Dave Hewson Intriguing, atmospheric time journeys
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH176 Land Of Song Part 1 Robert J. Foster, Mared E. Williams, Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Mared E. Williams, Deian S. Rowlands,Andrew M. Findon, Deian S. Rowlands, Julia F. Findon A celebration of Welsh culture and song
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH175 Restless Lives Zac Jordan,Zac Jordan, Kevin D. DePree,Zac Jordan, DC Jansson Minimalist, emotive undercurrents to personal stories and human drama
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH174 Piano Nostalgias John W. Lenehan A fond look back at popular piano styles from the 1880s to the 1950s
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH173 Global Village Robert J. Foster Emotive, cultural ambiences from around the world
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH172 Life In Pictures 2 Alexander S. Gray, Robert H. P. White Handmade personal journeys
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH171 Sunshine Swing Street Graham D. H. Preskett, Paul Reeves Appealing acoustic alchemy
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH170 Sounds and Visions Bea Parks, Garo Nahoulakian, Oliver C. Horton Progressive, airy, sound images
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH169 Fizz Pop Jan J. Cyrka, Philip J. Jewson,Glyn M. Owen Kooky, hooky, funky fun times
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH168 Under African Skies 2 A G Magwaza,A G Magwaza, Brendan P. L. RossSAMRO,A G Magwaza, Gideon MurraySAMRO,A G Magwaza, Solam JaliSAMRO The sounds and spirit of Africa
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH167 Invented Memories Jonathan B. Buchanan Expressive, emotive minimalism.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH166 Days to Destruction James Copperthwaite,James Copperthwaite, Jonathan B. Buchanan Foreboding portents to a dark future
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH165 It's About Time Nick Harvey Music reflecting the tempos and moods of time and time passing
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH164 Sound Sketches Colin J. Riley,Colin J. Riley, Melanie Pappenhiem,Colin J. Riley, Andrew M. Findon Creative flights of visual imagination
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH163 Bass, Beats and Bleeps Earl Daley, Tim Debney, Richard Stevens, Michael Conn,Tim Debney,Tim Debney, Clifton Powell,Tim Debney, Earl Daley,Tim Debney, Lee Adams Thirty years from the sounds of the underground
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH162 I Am Machine Jeremy Abbott, Vasco Inspired by the digital pioneers of the early 80's: the sound of tomorrow
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH161 Super Funky Electro Jan Cyrka, Philip Jewson Imaginative, ear-catching, punchy electronica
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH160 Emotional Journeys Robert Foster,Zac Jordan Perceptive and emotive minimalism
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH159 Art House Cinema Tomas Greenhalf, Michael Monaghan, Garo Nahoulakian, Bea Parks Cinematic soundscapes, driving synth rock and contemporary electronica.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH158 Glamour and Gloss Richard Myhill Facets of sensuality, fashion and attraction
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH157 Small Stories from the Big City Matthew R. Collinson Evocative urban atmospheres and scenesetters
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH156 Painting Dreams Alessandro Baldessari Visual, intriguing mind pictures
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH155 Only Memories Nicholas J Hill,Andrew M Ernest,Nicholas J Hill,Andrew M Ernest,Conor B Manning,Nicholas J Hill,Christopher E Elmslie,Andrew M Ernest Facets of emotion scored for piano and string quartet
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH154 A Little Suite Of Happiness Paul Cartledge,Philip J Jewson Life on the light side
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH153 Acoustic Impressionism Brian L Bennett,Brian L Bennett,Alan F Parker Understated, emotions, imagery and observations
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH152 Go Piano Robert Henry Peter White Piano-driven beats, builds, beds and backdrops
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH151 The Historical Lute & Guitar Robert John Foster Period compositions, 1500 to 1850, performed on authentic instruments
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH150 Echoes Of The Great War Richard Allen Harvey,Graham Donald Harry Preskett,Bill Connor,Adam R Roberts,Bill Connor,Richard Allen Harvey,Graham Donald Harry Preskett,Brian Douglas Gulland,Brian Douglas Gulland Commemorating in music the centenary of the ending of 'The War to End All Wars'
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH149 Toxic Dave Hewson An apocalyptic glimpse into a dark mirror
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH148 Fly On The Wall Robert John Foster Life in close-up
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH147 Funky Modern Lifestyle Tarquin Boyesen,Alexander Stephen Gray Stylish, funky living
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH146 Intimate Acoustica Christopher Baron,John R Hobson Perceptive musical observations scored for tuned percussion, percussion, guitar and bass
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH145 The Orchestral Gallery Simon Arthur Rhodes Vivid and contrasting orchestral pictures
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH144 Afro Vibrations Timothy Z D Karp,Dominic C P Martin,Timothy Z D Doyle Punchy grooves and fat horns
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH143 Under African Skies A G Magwaza The sounds and spirit of Africa
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH142 Country Music Usa Jan Cyrka,Andy Saphir,James Roger Graydon,Robert John Foster,Jan Cyrka,Christopher T Eaton,Stephen J Amadeo An American journey
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH141 Person To Person Robert John Foster,Mark Peter Revell The Caring Touch
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH140 Keep Life Simple Graham Donald Harry Preskett,Paul Reeves Gb 2 It's the little things that make you happy
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH139 This Is Our Story Richard Allen Harvey A thematically related suite depicting life, love and loss
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH138 Town And Country Francis Richard Shaw Descriptive portraits from a rural and urban past
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH137 Light And Bright Richard Myhill Life on the light side
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH136 Further Into Trip-Hop Vol.1 Alexander Gray,Richard J Bignell,Robert White,Alexander Stephen Gray,Richard J Bignell Dusted moods and beats
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH135 California Screamin James Robert Nisbet,Jeremy C Meehan,Christopher Sharrock,Peter Luke Adams,James Robert Nisbet,Peter Luke Adams,James Robert Nisbet,Solomon L Snyder Live and loud USA
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH134 Dark Journeys Ian Paul Livingstone,Matthew J Moore,Ian Paul Livingstone,Matthew J Moore Disturbing, atmospheric flights of imagination
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH133 Choral Soundscapes Bill Connor,Richard Allen Harvey Vivid, emotional sound pictures scored for choir and orchestra and a cappella choirs
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH132 Piano Pictures Richard Allen Harvey Eloquent, expressive piano interpretations
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH131 Thoughts Have Wings Paul Cartledge,Philip J Jewson Emotional, expressive sound pictures scored for female voice, piano, string orchestra and string quartet
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH130 On The Road - Clem Clempson Clem Clempson,Curtis Frederick Schwartz Driving the American Dream
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH129 The Mirror Of Life Paul Reeves Gb 2 Intimate personal reflections and emotions
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