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V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V172 V.Strings And Beats Louise Dowd, Jeremy Abbott This rousing collection of string-led melodies is fueled by driving pop rock tropes, from arena drums and soaring electric guitars to sweeping pop themes - all conveying a powerful sense of what is feels like to be on top of the world.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V171 V.Elite Pop Evie Perry, Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo,Adam Connor, Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo,Luke Melville, Callum Melville, Smyth Kellian, Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo Upbeat electro pop songs featuring female and male vocals. Upfront sounds and catchy hooks. 110 cues in total with numerous alternative versions.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V170 V.Mellow Lofi Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo Chilled out lo-fi grooves with a funky and jazzy influence. Ambient vocals textures are laced with a steady rhythm section which creates a nostalgic feel.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V169 V.Undead Garry Hughes, Felix Rocke, Max Bronco A Halloween special. Horror spoof and cartoonic. From the gnarly to the ghoulish, this freakishly fabulous album will awake the dead.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V168 V.Evergreen 2 Jeremy Abbott, Louise Dowd Positive followup to V.Evergreen. Without rules retro pop attitude featuring catchy vocals with upfront brass hooks.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V167 V.Big Kids Michael Farmer, Nicholas Tribe,Michael Farmer,Billy Elson Farmer, Michael Farmer Kid friendly, high-energy electro pop. Hyperactive and bold; featuring colourful vocal micro hooks, brass and funky drum grooves.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V166 V.Super Sized Roger Dexter, Jeff Knowler Larger than life characterful pop. Featuring tracks which have a bold and brassy sound, full of energetic drive.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V165 V.Nxt Gen Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo Truly inspiring and uplifting electro pop tracks to transport you to far-flung adventures. A Combination of slick beats mixed with big synth chords and wonderfully chopped up vocal elements.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V164 V.Coming Of Age Jez Pike Energetic and rousing post punk revival. Fuelled by drums which zing, lively bass riffs and crunchy guitar hooks.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V163 V.Old Skool Beats Max Bronco, Andrea Terrano, Victor Lazlo,Max Bronco, Victor Lazlo Take a fun retro trip with some upfront old skool beats, catchy brass hooks and youthful vocal elements.
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V162 V.Chilled Jeremy Abbott, Louise Dowd An eclectic combo of chilled pop styles. Luxuriously smooth with various stress-free underscores and other mix variations to lower your heart rate!
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V161 V.Swagger Roger Dexter,James Warburton Full-throttle rock, featuring an explosive combination of knock-out riffs with penetrating drums Perfect for that ultimate moment of delivery!
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V160 V.Timeless Louise Dowd,Jeremy Abbott,Jason Tarver,Louise Dowd Fusing electro pop and indie rock and retro fitted with glorious 80's style synths; but delivered with an upfront, chart ready sound
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V159 V.Indie Generation Jimmy Kaleth,Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike UK influenced; stadium-ready indie rock anthems which deliver a post 2000 sound Galvanic guitars and drums bring the attitude
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V158 V.Sunshine Roger Dexter,Paul Rushforth Positive rock and pop with a light indie twist Feel good guitars and uplifting drums feature throughout
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V157 V.Inthe Hood Thomas Livingston,Michael Farmer,Michael Farmer,Nicholas Tribe,Michael Farmer Energetic hip-hop, grime and trap hybrid mixing cinematic orchestration with upfront urban sounds
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V156 V.Breakout Jimmy Kaleth,Bob Mitchell,Jez Pike Energised anthemic rock Upfront guitar riffs with spirited backing band that delivers a switched on performance
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V155 V.Addictive Roger Dexter Rip-roaring, high energy pop Youthful mix up of upfront beats and classy retro styles topped off with some catchy melody hooks
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V154 V.Close To The Action Louise Dowd,Jeremy Abbott Electro rock powerhouse feat big guitar hook-lines, emphatic drums and all-conquering synths
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V153 V.Exotic Blend Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Paul Cartledge,Philip Jewson,Joseph Porter Tasty collection of World pop; innovative fusing and mashing up of global genres
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V152 V.Amped Up Michael Farmer,Nicholas Tribe,Michael Farmer,Thomas Livingston,Michael Farmer Upfront indie rock featuring raw guitars riffs, dynamic drums and glossy synths
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V151 V.Evergreen Louise Dowd,Jeremy Abbott
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V150 V.Fresh Cuts Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V149 V.Otherworldly Louise Dowd,Jeremy Abbott,Louise Dowd,Louise Dowd,Benjamin Michael Hauptmann Supernatural pop that delivers an out of the body experience
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V148 V.Big Fun Andrew Kingslow,Oliver Mason,Sacha Collisson,Eddie Pearce,Peter Jones,Oliver Mason,Alf Hanley,Christopher Lewis Ready for the summer retro pop with fun cheeky twists
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V147 V.Smokin Horns Roger Dexter Heavyweight brass section with a thumping blend of pop genres
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V146 V.Bluesy Lamb Ralph,Ross Andrew,Moody Micky,Moody Micah,Lamb Ralph,Ross Andrew,Moody Micky Energetic and feelgood blues with a cheeky twist
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V145 V.Kooky Louise Dowd,James Harland-Wright,Jason Tarver,Louise Dowd,Louise Dowd,Benjamin Michael Hauptmann,Louise Dowd Fun innocent quirkiness - tasty light pop
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V144 V.Groovy Roger Dexter Experience the Cinemagical with this truly epic, breathtaking collection of Adventure Fantasy creations Whether it's adrenaline-filled danger or magically enchanted emotion this dynamic, action-packed assortment is sure to stun!
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V143 V.Hot And Spicy Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech,Russell Square Upfront Latin Pop with sassy beats with alternative cuts and edits
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V142 V.Hyperactive Mike Farmer,Mike Farmer,Thomas Livingstone,Mike Farmer,Nicholas Tribe Energetic Youthful Indie Pop
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V141 V.Catchy Louise Dowd,Jeremy Abbott,Louise Dowd,Jason Tarver,Louise Dowd,Huw Williams Energetic youthful indie pop
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V140 V.Extreme Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech Rebellious Indie Punk
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V139 V.Good Looking Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech,Russell Square Slick, stylish and sassy pop dance workouts
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V138 V.Hard Men Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech Tough, testosterone fuelled aggression
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V137 V.Juicy Beats Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech Fresh, zesty pop packed with vitality
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V136 V.Anthems Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech Positive, upbeat rock for winners and achievers
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V135 V.Sport 3 Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech More sports music to put a jump in your step
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V134 V.News 3 R Square,S Beech,R Dexter
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V133 V.Pop Beats 1 R,Sqyare,R Dexter,S Beech,R,Square,R Dexter,S Beech,R Square,R Dexter,S Beech
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V132 V.Places In The Sun 2 S Spencer,R Dexter,S Beech
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V131 V.Cheese 3 Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech More cheesey music for any occasion
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V130 V.Rock 2 Roger Dexter,Sandy Beech Rock and electronic for many uses
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V129 V.Xmas 3 Steve Wickford,Dominic Nangle,Dave Bethell,Farrell Lennon,Susanna Spencer,Rob Baker,Paul Rushforth,Owen Gurry More groovey holiday tunes
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V128 V.Moods 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Mood music for sunset, dark, and dawn
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V127 V.Adrenaline 1 Daniel Burrows,Tom Hill,Daniel Mallender Electronic music to get your blood pumping
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V126 V.Quiz Bits 1 Paul Farrer,Paul Rodridguez Tracks for anything you would hear on a quiz show!
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V125 V.Cheese 2 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Cheesy music for every occasion
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V124 V.News 2 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Music for all your News
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V123 V.Sport 2 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Great collection of action sports music
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V122 V.Places In The Sun 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Music for summer vacation and steamy nights
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V121 V.Xmas 2 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle All kinds of fun holiday music
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V120 V.Retro 2 Fun Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Retro music for sixties, seventies, and more
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V119 V.Dance 3 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Fresh electronic dance music
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V118 V.Communication 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Corporate communication music for many uses
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V117 V.Places Asia 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle A diverse collection of eastern music
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V116 V.Jazz 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Blues, Evocative jazz groove, building to powerful breakout featuring processed trumpet solo, Piano, Trumpet, Brass, Documentary, Drama, Emotive, Medium Tempo, Night time, Seductive, 85 BPM Production Elements
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V115 V.Shorts 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Various short tracks of all styles
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V114 V.Full On 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Full on Rockin' electronica; hardcore and upbeat
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V113 V.Retro 1 Fun Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Retro, fun and energetic music
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V112 V.Ultra Cool 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Chilled atmospheric electronica of all many kinds
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V111 V.Acoustic Beats 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle A wide variety of electonrica and acoustic
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V110 V.Electro Beats 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Electronic dance beats of all flavors
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V109 V.Dirty Beats 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Funky electronica for any occasion
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V108 V.Rock 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Rock and pop for gritty action and adventure
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V107 V.Dance 2 Funky Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Funky dance music and groovey electronica
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V106 V.Dance 1 Trance Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Dance music to make the soundtrack of every nightclub in the city
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V105 V.Chills 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Great electronica music both chill and upbeat
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V104 V.Cheese 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Cheesy music for any occasion
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V103 V.Sport 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Music to get you pumped up for any sport your about to play
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V102 V.News 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Music that goes hand in hand with your top Breaking News stories
V-THE PRODUCTION LIBRARY V101 V.Xmas 1 Roger Dexter,Dominic Nangle Music for the Holidays with a Break Beat twist