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VALO ARTISTS VALO_340 Past Life Leo Eli, Patrick O'Malley Contemporary R&B beats vibe along with deep sub-bass, warm, lo-fi synths and atmospheric electric guitar in this slow, seductive collection of dreamy ballads featuring sultry, molten soul female vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_339 House on Fire Brianna Lily Ferraro, Mary C Ferraro, Michael Jackson Eppley The sister duo M&B combine a distinct alt country flair with a nuanced pop bent in this earnest collection of dreamy, intimate songs with an undertow of ache - featuring layered vocals, expressive piano, strings and light percussion.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_338 The Age of Living in Cold Fear Yannick Clermont, Jason Brian Nott Shimmering in the glow of smart pop production and artful dynamics, these powerful, anthemic pop jewels speak to modern times with yearning, charismatic male vocals espousing hope and life-affirming joy in the face of confusion and doubt. Give in. Play lo
VALO ARTISTS VALO_337 Show and Tell Jaclyn Kenyon, Michael Alan Raphael In this contemporary, evocative pop album, confident female vocals by Jaclyn Kenyon lend just enough edge to familiar millennial topics - summer crushes, dashed hopes, unrequited love. Catchy choruses and warm retro keys combine with smooth beats and voca
VALO ARTISTS VALO_336 The Promiseland Andrea Beth Colburn, Kyle Benjamin Moseley Andrea and Mud embrace classic old school Country Western tropes with authentic male/female vocals loaded with story-tellin' charisma. This playful song collection features pedal steel guitar, steel string guitar, electric guitar, piano, brass, upright ba
VALO ARTISTS VALO_335 It's Just Great Ehren Ebbage, Rylan Fischer Rylan Fischer's intimate, indie EP brings raw vulnerability into sharp relief with five poignant, introspective acoustic songs that speak to today's uniquely achy brand of teen angst - just when innocence starts to curdle. Cello, Wurlitzer and piano add w
VALO ARTISTS VALO_334 Oakland Bounce Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Andre Frederick Fortier,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Robert Richard Hisquierdo A distinctive Oaktown funky swagger permeates these bass-driven mid-tempo hip-hop tracks featuring both male and female leads. Authentic lyrics speak to overcoming the grind of the street while rhythms maintain a light bounce that grooves and acoustic tou
VALO ARTISTS VALO_333 Call It A Night Liz Gavillet, Zachariah Hammerslough Palmer, Rachael Rose Wilmot These five effervescent electro pop songs bubble with a youthful, polished angst compliments of slides' velvety-smooth male falsetto that glides effortlessly atop trend-savvy, animated electronics. Ardent, intimate yet imminently danceable, this sleek, ho
VALO ARTISTS VALO_332 Breath and Wing Rachael Rose Wilmot Pulsing and hypnotic, this ethereal electro pop collection soars high above the day-to-day with gently expanding themes, nuanced world vocal effects, swirling synths, subtle grooves and polished modern production that keeps these tracks focused on the now
VALO ARTISTS VALO_331 International House of Hip Hop Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo,Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo, Kazunori Shimazu,Leo Eli, Justin Daniel Kamerer,Leo Eli,Leo Eli, David John Walker,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon, Kazunori Shimazu Traveling across Asia - including Russia, India, Korea and Japan - these authentic hip-hop tracks offer international flavors, bold, modern production with deep bass grooves and trap nuances. Expressed in their native languages, these cuts feature pop and
VALO ARTISTS VALO_330 That's Just Business - Lady MPK Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Miranda Lee Siegersma,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Whitney Lauren Neely,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy The women represent on this confident, empowering hip hop collection of catchy refrains, quick bass-heavy rhythms, trap sheen and savvy, relatable raps about life at the top - getting there and staying there - delivered with no-nonsense feminine swagger b
VALO ARTISTS VALO_329 Make Juice Charles Stephens III, Sierra Lynnette Flowers This confident but friendly pop hip hop collection focuses on inspiring female raps, catchy melodic refrains with group vocals, breezy beats and playful pop synth effects to create a feel-good, celebratory rally for all things female.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_328 Raymon Reed Gabriel Candiani, Raymon La'Keith Reed Aggro and fierce, these hip-hop tracks bristle with sports imagery, taunting attitude and gritty, street savvy from Raymon Reed. Featuring heavy drums, brass themes and intriguing background chants.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_327 Tyler Fortier Tyler Flood Fortier Rays of sunshine stream through these breezy acoustic folk tracks with bright, folksy piano, acoustic guitars, luscious lap steel, mandolin and the effortless, everyman vocals of the charismatic Tyler Fortier.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_326 Yakyn - Never Backing Down Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Joshua Joseph Willcutts Yakyn's anthemic brand of bold, indie rock combines the best of rowdy stomp-and-clap rhythms with fired-up, chanted male choruses to invigorating, defiant effect. Dynamic change-ups highlight Yakyn's charismatic falsetto and indie rap style -- a celebrati
VALO ARTISTS VALO_325 Take You In It Matthew S Orr, Ryan C Herma Pop-rocker-meets-singer-songwriter in these earnest, shimmering odes to love featuring steady indie rock rhythms, angsty, charismatic male vocals, crystalline synth textures and memorable power hooks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_324 Straight To Your Heart Matthew S Orr,Chase Baker Inventive and catchy, these magnetic electro-rock pop anthems feature dynamic arrangements, yearning, charismatic male vocals and 80s synth swells and pulses that wrap this collection in a nostalgic shimmer.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_323 Sea Caves - Featuring Morris Borris Yoni C Gileadi Seductive and experimentally haunting, this other-worldly collection from Morris Borris revels in dirty electronics, sultry downtempo grooves, clouds of slow-rolling ambient textures -- all transported by the ultra-elegant, wistful chic of Morris's ingenu
VALO ARTISTS VALO_322 Ice Hotel 3 - Solid As a Ghost Michael Jay McClellan Ice Hotel returns with its classic youthful angst wrapped in a nostalgic 80s and 90s shimmer. Featuring charismatic male vocals and optimistic sentiments about love and life, Solid as a Ghost's brand of alt rock leaves a wistful yearning for simpler times
VALO ARTISTS VALO_321 Sun And Sea - California Pop Rock Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally, Alexis Marie Salazar,Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally, Alexis Marie Salazar, Jacob Miles,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Hollie Buhagiar Vibrating with the golden rays of unstoppable optimsim and youth, these six shimmering pop songs exude an irrepressible joy and vulnerablity with intimate vocals that catch at just the right moment and beats that speak to simpler times.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_320 The Sallyforths Tyler Flood Fortier, Erin Flood Fortier Wistfulness and joy intertwine in these artful, warm, folk-infused songs featuring a flawless blend of male and female vocals from The Sallyforths. Earnest and knowing with a homespun charm, these celebratory songs aim straight for the American heartland.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_319 Signals Vol. 3 Michael Jay McClellan, Debra Fotheringham,Michael Jay McClellan With a mix of sultry female vocals, nostalgic pop nuances and indie-electronic sounds, Signals brings its signature, breezy, pulsing energy to this charismatically wistful collection.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_318 NO12U Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani Big and bold, these cinematic power ballads feature dramatic, anthemic choruses and battle-ready arrangements, all lifted to epic, mythical heights with a dramatic, emotionally fierce female lead that cuts through the fog like the masthead of an undaunted
VALO ARTISTS VALO_317 Isobel - California Matthew S Orr Isobel's breezy, sultry, take-it-or-leave-it vocals seduce in this club-inspired, anthemic pop collection featuring swirling synths, dynamic drops and hooky anthemic choruses.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_316 Henny Lago Gabriel Candiani, Angel Bonilla, Jeremy Jermaine Booker Henny Lago lays on the man swagger in this infectious, fast-rappin' anthem for ballers who got game. Staccato synths and inventive synth effects buoy Lago's confident, charismatic delivery.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_315 Ady - Follow Me Around Matthew S Orr, Adelaide Marie Daines Showcasing the vulnerable, angsty vocal delivery from the ever-unique Ady, this collection includes a 'Nashville' alternate mix to the shimmering Pop Rock main mix for each song -- both highlight the emotional catch in Ady's voice that sends shivers which
VALO ARTISTS VALO_314 Daydreaming - Chill R&B Vibes MICHEL, Norbert Bueno,MICHEL, Norbert Bueno, Talon Brooks Cardon Summer time shines in these soulful, laidback, contemporary R&B love songs though lyrics hint at showers to come with angsty, yearning male and female vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_313 Modern Hip Hop Cuts Chief Duck Foot, Blue Means, Dimitri L Syde, Vanessa Chamaine Barela,Chief Duck Foot, Blue Means, Dimitri L Syde, Ronald Allen Williams,Chief Duck Foot, Blue Means, Dimitri L Syde,Chief Duck Foot, Blue Means, Dimitri L Syde, Whitney Lauren Neely Inventive, streamlined beats and intriguing vocal production power this chill, downtempo hip hop collection with charismatic male raps, including Spanish language interludes, about staying focused in the midst of money hassles and the daily grind.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_312 Blast Off - Electro Pop Explosion Leo Eli, Ste'phane Lo Jacono, James Delaney McHugh,Leo Eli, Natalie Anne Salomon,Leo Eli, Ste'phane Lo Jacono, Timothy Charles Riehm,Leo Eli, Carson Maki, Shayaan Cyrus Oshidar,Leo Eli, Timothy Charles Riehm,Leo Eli, James Delaney McHugh,Leo Eli, David Jo High on life, these instantly engaging pop tracks range from sultry and downtempo to full-on party throwdown. Laced with pulsing club beats, modern R&B magic and confident, soulful vocals, these songs point the way forward with style and zeal.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_311 Grafton - Brit Pop Matthew S Orr These catchy, earnest pop songs draw their nostalgic charm from the British New Romance era of the 80s with shimmering synths, passionate young male vocals, jangly, pulsing dance grooves and, always, the air of innocence soon to be lost.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_310 GRLS Rule - Upbeat Female Pop Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Steve Newman Sass and swagger infuse these fresh, flirty pop gems with youthful, no-nonsense GRL vocals, 'happy to be me' lyrics and irresistable contemporary pop grooves to move by.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_309 Social Distance Chris B Harris, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz Chris Harris talks about quarantine in this VALO Artists single about social distance.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_308 Mic Dangerously Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Michael Raul De La Torre Busting with macho swagger, this bluesy roadhouse grit fresh from Mic Dangerously brings down the house with whiskey-soaked vocals, rattling blues harp, stabbing brass accents and grooves from the bad ass badlands.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_307 Ticket To The Moon - Songs For A Dreamer Marc Daniel Nelson, Philip Frechette This diverse collection of heartfelt pop ballads borrows from pulsing 80s alt rock to punk to modern rock to create emotional, hook-laden anthems -- from the driving to the plaintive -- all fueled by intimate, yearning male vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_306 Shane - Out For Blood Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Shane collapses a myriad of rock genres in these powerful, anthemic rock ballads that pull from Southern 70s to alternative blues to grunge. An ode to bad ass women everywhere.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_305 Kris Bradley - Firebrand Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Madison Marie Armor Kris Bradley radiates a fierce, unyielding confidence with her infectious, soul-soaked anthemic rock style. Intimate, come-hither verses are followed by dramatic choruses that slam into action with big, bold, in-your-face hooks that linger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_304 Emma - Down To Earth Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Emma Lynn White Flirty and wide-eyed, these summertime pop love songs sparkle with all things innocent, optimistic and heartfelt. Warm, layered female vocals, anthemic hooks and a heavy dose of the feel-good fuzzies will keep you humming.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_303 Danger Silent - Greetings From The Future Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn Danger Silent and their sultry alternative rock style merge moody guitars, earnest, passionate layered male vocals and chunky anthemic choruses - unveiling strength through misfortune in this anthemic collection of epic rock tracks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_302 Ray Blunt - Penny Rose EP Ray Blunt Weaving dreamy alternative layers with classic heartland grooves, Ray Blunt returns to Valo with his trademark timeless hooks, charismatic vocals and hopeful, heart-on-your-sleeve themes.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_301 The Painted Horses Denys Kurt Kozakis The Painted Horses debut on VALO with their timeless, beautiful mix of Folk-styled Americana and Rock songs.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_300 Folk Hogan - Band Of Mighty Souls Jesse Allen, Nicholas Passey, John Stahl, Canyon Elliot, Kameron Anton, Jared Hayes Folk Hogan's unique and furiously-fun blend of punked-up, feel-good Rock, Folk and Bluegrass scores a big, smile-inducing splash with this VALO Artist release.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_299 Bryant Hotel Robin Lincoln Feher,Robin Lincoln Feher, Andrew Bryce Taillole Firmly rooted in a warm 1960's-era glow, Bryant Hotel shares their cleverly-crafted, feel-good tunes bouncing with a catchy, charming blend of Pop, Rock, Soul and R&B.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_298 Ransom Joseph Gileadi, Ransom Leif Wydner With elements of Indie, Electronic and Dance Ransom debuts on Valo with his big, bright and infectiously fun POP sound.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_297 Jonny B Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally IV, Jonathan Brown This dynamic pop-rock EP burns bright with youthful passion, contagious hooks, sparkling electronic arrangements and Jonny B's unique, rhythmical pop delivery.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_296 Signals Vol 2 - Red Light Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Aaron David Anderson, Debra Fotheringham Signals' epically passionate electronic pop showcases soaring female vocals, swirling synths, pulsing electro-rhythms and atmospheric breakdowns to convey hopefulness in the midst of a bittersweet cloud.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_295 The Curtain Calls Scott Tyler Shepard, Catherine Nicole Williams Papworth The Curtain Calls debut on VALO with their heartfelt, timeless and sentimental indie-folk/americana sound!
VALO ARTISTS VALO_294 Ice Hotel Vol 2 Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Michael Jay McClellan Passionate verses give way to epic choruses in this spacious, moody, indie-pop rock release from Ice Hotel featuring dynamic melodies, powerful indie-rock grooves and a youthful passion in the soaring male vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_293 Velvet Echo - Escapist Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Jessica Rebecca Frech,Michael Jay McClellan,Jacob Scott Rakozy This Velvet Echo release shimmers with Top-40 electro-pop gems featuring lush, expansive choruses, heavy drops, sparkling synths and serenely powerful female leads sharing bittersweet sentiments that land.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_292 Velvet Echo - Dive Into This Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman, Aaron David Anderson,Aaron David Anderson,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman Velvet Echo returns with this charm-laden neo-soul gem featuring infectious, syncopated grooves, lively brass, charismatic vocals and general mood-altering joyfulness.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_291 Matt And Belle - Something Real Matthew S Orr This intriguing power ballad collection from Matt and Belle features a signature blend of pop, electronica and hip hop with reverberating guitars, 808 drums and spacious, ethereal choruses. Belle's celestial vocals make for a cozy counterpoint to Matt's a
VALO ARTISTS VALO_290 Cobra Cat - Young Man's Game Stuart Barry Maxfield Cobra Cat debuts with a big pop sound in this dynamic, feel good collection featuring swirling choruses, driving pop grooves, catchy lyrics and best-of-the-80s production nuances for an infectious good time.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_289 Shellsongs - Shelley Rosenberg Shelley Rosenberg SHELLSONGS is a euphoric and exhilarating collection of youthful Pop/Rock vocal anthems from multitalented, singer/songwriter Shelley Rosenberg, who's refreshing, playful style is both motivating and inspiring. Commercials, In Program, Ads Reality TV, Awa
VALO ARTISTS VALO_288 Matt Murphy - Burning Embers Matthew S Orr This driving, radio-friendly EDM-flavored pop album pulses with dub synths, trap beats, heavy drops and Murphy's ever-angsty, yearning vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_287 Jay William Henderson - Overgrown Jay William Henderson This debut album showcases Americana roots with pedal steel guitar, piano, drums and gentle strings that provide the perfect palette for Henderson's evocative storyteller's voice, at once intimate and homespun.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_286 Skam R'Tist Gabriel Candiani, Raymon La'Keith Reed Slick street beats full of swagger, confidence and gangsta grooves pave the way for Skam R'Tist's hard-hitting hip hop rhythm; powerful urban drums and deep bass support energetic synths and macho rap confidence.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_285 David And The Funky Band Gabriel Candiani, David Leon Bedell, Christopher Vaughn The Funky Band's ode to retro funk, replete with 70s keyboards, dynamic bass licks and high-energy group refrains, delivers the animated, syncopated Feel Goods as only funk can.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_284 Classy Williams Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Williams celebrates the everyday in this sunny-bright, upbeat EP of lighthearted Indie Pop featuring catchy acoustic guitars, ukuleles, driving grooves and warm, inspirational vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_283 Jake Jones - Perspective Gabriel Candiani, Jake Jones Feel a new day dawn with this celebratory, carefree Pop Rock collection from Jake Jones featuring lyrical vocals, inspirational lyrics, hand claps, playful drums, retro synths and a unmistakable dose of boundless optimism.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_282 Ruble Noah Ruble Ruble's collection of hypnotic and dreamy indie rock leisurely drifts over gently pulsing grooves, breezy guitars and playful organ for a soothing, carefree lazy afternoon ride.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_281 Adalaide Adelaide Marie Daines, Harley Anderson Adalaide's folk-tinged but powerful, wide-ranging vocals shine in this poignant collection of modern ballads featuring soaring choruses, intimate verses and sound palettes that surprise.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_280 Velvet Echo - Unplugged Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Amy Whitcomb,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Niklaus Christian Day,Matthew S Orr,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman, Amy Whitcomb Velvet Echo erases all the noise with these intimate, heartfelt acoustic ballads highlighting vulnerability and longing, complete with elegant strings, reflective piano and male and female plaintive leads.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_279 Classy Williams Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun An Eco-Friendly Inspiring Surfer Pop/Rock Collection that shines with it's Catchy Ukulele's, Lighthearted Rhythmic Acoustic Guitars, Sweet Bass Lines, and Classy William's Signature Charismatic Vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_278 Jake Harrell Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Jacob Harrell,Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally IV, Ryan Christopher Paliwoda, Jacob Harrell With an infectious falsetto that sets a high pop bar, Harrell ignites these insatiably energetic, groovin' dance tracks intended to make you move. From funk bass to disco-pulsing anthems, this EP sizzles with the seductiveness of youthful zeal unbound.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_277 IMI Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Energetic funk pop flourishes with lively and upbeat excitement; IMI's smooth vocals slide over animated electric guitar and punchy drums in stylish, confident and feel-good fashion.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_276 Velvet Echo - Unplugged Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Amy Whitcomb,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Niklaus Christian Day,Matthew S Orr,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman, Amy Whitcomb Experience songcraft at its finest in this intimate and compelling collection of stripped-down/unplugged songs! Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Indie, Acoustic, Rock, Chamber and Adult Alternative styles all featuring stunning vocal performances make this a truly
VALO ARTISTS VALO_275 Chad Chad Lane Crawford, Gabriel Candiani Adventurous, grungy pop-rock hits hard, pumping ambitious adrenaline as Chad creates anthemic, memorable guitar leads, head-banging drums and passionate, electrifying vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_274 Adassa - Cumbiaton Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani These hip-shaking Latin-infused dance tracks from Adassa are guaranteed to get you up and groovin' with breezy Columbian rhythms fueled by sassy Latin vocals showcasing an undeniable sultry swagger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_273 Sunnie Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Sunnie Williams sings true to her name with hopeful, sunny, streamlined pop songs that make no bones about optimism and keeping a stiff upper lip.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_272 GKAE Gabriel Candiani, Gabriel Kitzman This high-energy pop collection from GKAE pumps uplifting, seize-the-day enthusiasm into every feel-good track, featuring his charismatic, Top 40s-style vocals underlined by bright synths and driving rock drums.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_271 Nik Day - Make It Right Chase Baker Nik Day shines with untroubled, feel-good positivity in this youthful collection of indie pop-rock, complete with passionate vocals with Nik's trademark catchy, cheerful guitars and smiling optimism.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_270 Jake Jones Gabriel Candiani, Jake Jones Indie popster Jake Jones brings a sultry angst to these catchy, dynamic pop songs with a playful nod to the 90s. Featuring lively, upbeat guitars, intriguing arrangements and a soulful authenticity.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_269 NYK Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani NYK combines fresh electronic funk, hip-hop and pop with a soulful R&B vocal delivery to create this playful retro-tinged collection featuring 80s synths, call-and-response vocals and dynamic arrangements.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_268 Matt Murphy - Long Way Home Matthew S Orr Matt Murphy delivers timeless alternative anthems fit for a stadium with indie-rock arrangements and heartfelt melodies.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_267 Ray Blunt - Traveler Marcus Bently,Ray Blunt Roots-rock artist Ray Blunt expresses the freedom of the open road with his americana and outdoorsy style. Untroubled guitars support heartfelt, carefree vocals with feel-good folk ambitions.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_266 Kenny Olson Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candi Detroit guitarist Kenny Olson brings his rugged and energetic rock chops to the world of rap, merging heavy, distorted rock riffs with lively hip hop beats, classic rock drums and an aggressive, frenetic flow.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_265 Aexo - Satellite Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole,Joseph Gileadi, Ransom Leif Wydner,Joseph Gileadi, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi Swinging neo-soul and electronic, feel-good fun positively shine in Aexo's Satellite with textural synths, funky bass grooves, retro guitar riffs and smooth, carefree vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_264 Accent Chanceller F Clift, James Curran, Jay Warren Trap beats and atmospheric synths underscore Accent's downtempo rap style, ranging from dark and hypnotic to celebratory and feel-good.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_263 Matt Murphy - Folktronica Remix Matthew S Orr This remix of Matt Murphy's Folktronica album transforms indie folk-rock tracks into fresh, danceable Electro-pop with bright, celebratory synths and driving club rhythms that feature the same feel-good, charismatic melodies.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_262 Matt Murphy - Folktronica Matthew S Orr Folktronica features an upbeat mix of indie folk-rock with hints of pop and electronica elements. Matt Murphy creatively blends carefree acoustic guitars and lighthearted drums with infectious hooks and angsty but uplifting vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_261 Tandem Wave - POP! Mason Porter, Nathaniel Kenneth Pyfer This Tandem Wave collection features infectious electro-pop melodies--from the danceable to the dreamy--with swirling synths and sultry, warm vocals to create the ultimate feel-good mood.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_260 Chance Lewis Chanceller F Clift Irresistible 90s shimmering synths and trap beats underscore Chance Lewis's spirited, effervescent pop vocals to create a playful nostalgic return to simpler times.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_258 Ziv Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Ziv Yaron Gottieb Passionate and heartfelt, Ziv's emotional collection of classic pop tracks pays homage to 90s college rock with dreamy synth layers, shimmering guitars and steady electronic drums.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_257 Matt Murphy - Heroes On The Street Matthew S Orr Matt Murphy captures and inspires with an upbeat and lively mix of Indie, Pop, and Electronic tracks to lift you up.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_255 Chase Baker - The Ultimate Feeling Chase Baker Dazzling retro 80s synths, falsetto, feel-good vocals and bright, euphoric melodies inspire this throwback collection of shimmering pop sparklers.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_253 Frank Zoo - Jungle Matthew S Orr Showing a reverence for legacy hip hop, Frank Zoo combines friendly, old school pop raps with modern trap rhythms and unexpected organic layers with an easy, no sweat swagger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_251 DJ Don Candiani - Rumbeando Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Moises Ortiz Santa, Francisco Alberto Perez,Gabriel Candiani, Ennio Emmanuel Zaragoza,Moises Ortiz Santa, Francisco Alberto Perez, Gabriel Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Ranging from the aggressive to the romantic, this Latin electronic dance collection features insistent, pulsing loops, playful, nostalgic synths and a groove, fast or slow, that beckons the hips.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_249 Home - There Is A Place Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll,Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll, Erik Kertes This heartfelt collection of laidback acoustic folk grooves gently along with a warm, roadtrip, wide-open-space vibe -- featuring classic guy-girl folk harmonies, bittersweet lyrics and rock drums.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_248 Aexo - Soulmatic Joseph Gileadi, Chris Kelly Crabb,Joseph Gileadi, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, John Brent Chris Ahfua,Joseph Gileadi, Robert Thomas Wannamaker,Joslyn Poole, Joseph Gileadi,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole Soulmatic showcases Aexo's sexy falsetto atop a playful fusion of R&B and Electro Funk, spinning sophisticated retro touches with timeless pop melodies for an eclectic, glam feel.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_247 Aly Egan - Love Elastic Aaron David Anderson Aly Egan playfully winks at 80s dance divas with her British-tinged rap, dreamy falsetto hooks and pulsing electronic pop grooves.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_246 Signals Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Aaron David Anderson, Debra Fotheringham,Aaron David Anderson, Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Debra Fotheringham,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Aaron David Anderson,Aaron David Signals bring the romance with warm, sultry female vocals, hypnotic grooves and dreamy synth pads, slyly incorporating disparate touches of funk bass and church organ.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_245 Candiani Gabriel Candiani, David Leon Bedell, Christopher Vaughn,Gabriel Candiani, David Leon Bedell, Christopher Julian Vaughn,Gabriel Candiani, Hiram Patrick Hernandez Jr.,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Julian Vaughn, Jesus David Mosqueda Ozuna,Gabriel Candiani, Candiani takes a melting pot approach with tracks that range from alternative rock to orchestral hip hop to passionate cinematic pieces, all sizzling with angst and passion compliments of haunting male and female lead vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_244 Whitney VanWagenen Matthew S Orr Whitney VanWagenen's sultry sweet alto vocals and coquettish falsetto gently powers these lyrical indie pop jewels.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_243 Velvet Echo Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Chase Baker,Chase Ryan Taylor,Scott Brenden Wiley, Stuart Barry Maxfield, Aaron David Anderson An eclectic mix across multiple genres from Velvet Echo includes rebellious indie rock, tranquil and romantic synth pop and lighthearted poptronica.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_242 Tandem Wave Mason Porter Lush, dreamy grooves, chillout synths and spacey background vocals elevate pop and EDM ear candy from Tandem Wave featuring the siren vocals of Julianne Brough.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_241 Chizzy Charles Chizzy Stephens, Robert Edward Stribling, Davionte Devon Ganter,Charles Chizzy Stephens, Robert Edward Stribling,Charles Chizzy Stephens, Robert Edward Stribling, Kyle Deonte Caldwell Intriguing piano riffs mix with trap grooves and deep hip hop bass on this easy grooving midtempo hip hop ode to mad games everywhere from Producer Chizzy.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_240 Murphy Matthew S Orr With a catchy mix of retro synths and indie rock, female vocals soar among melodic guitar lines, confident bass grooves and powerful drums.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_239 Anaik Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Matthias Piaux, Anaik Antonio Blanc Playful acoustic grooves underscore this buoyant singer-songwriter collection featuring Anaik's angelic, layered vocals, endearing French and English lyrics and carefree vibes.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_238 Aeonic Jamen Brooks,Jamen Brooks, Joslyn Poole A mix of sophisticated chill trance and EDM, this collection from producer Aeonic brings a sexy, metropolitan shimmer to pulsing electronica featuring sultry male and female vocals and rich, uplifting hooks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_237 Noah Ruble Noah Ruble Noah Ruble's youthful vocals float breezily above these gently pulsing indie pop-rock tracks, belying the angst within.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_236 Selecta Daniel Joshua Holyoak, Sonia Yvette Lopez,Daniel Joshua Holyoak Euphoric, anthemic themes combine with hard hitting electronic drums in this EDM collection of pop-infused club tracks, featuring both male and female lead vocals.
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