VOLTA MUSICを最新から表示 (75アルバム)
UNIVERSAL UKのレーベル。映画、トレイラーに適したレーベル。 Loaded and Supercharged. Volta Music is an explosive label specialising in music for trailers, promos and video game advertising. Full of action, earth-shattering orchestral adventures and emotive drama. https://www.universalproductionmusic.com/en-hk/discover/labels/211/Volta-Music
VOLTA MUSIC VM075 Guilty Louise Bernadette Dowd, Stephen William Cornish,Antoinette Halliday, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Louise Bernadette Dowd,Jason Tarver, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Elizabeth Mary Riordan, Louise Bernadette Dowd Darkly beautiful songs for trailers and promos.
VOLTA MUSIC VM074 Haunting Soundtracks Christian Tschuggnall, Michael Edwards Dark sound design and orchestral soundscapes. Thrillers, documentaries and dramas.
VOLTA MUSIC VM073 Classical Inspirations Kevin Harding, Paul Reeves,Paul Reeves,Kevin Harding Timeless piano and string soundtracks for brooding period dramas, haunting thrillers and documentaries.
VOLTA MUSIC VM072 Power and Drama Magnum Opus Dramatic and decadent string cues for majestic trailers, historical documentaries and political drama.
VOLTA MUSIC VM071 Viper Brent Woods, Enrico Cacace High voltage rock and metal hybrids for full-tilt promos, sports and games trailers. Raw guitars, razor sharp synths and blistering percussion. Big, brash and adrenaline-fueled.
VOLTA MUSIC VM070 Elysium Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber Dark electronic soundtracks for thrillers, trailers, crime dramas and chilling documentaries.
VOLTA MUSIC VM069 Epic Wonders Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Inspiring and epic orchestral hybrid trailers. Hopeful and awe-inspiring cues for epic sports, heroic adventures and panoramic nature programming.
VOLTA MUSIC VM068 Futurism Count Zero,Count Zero, Damon William Baxter Dark techno, industrial electro, cyberpunk and synth trap for games, trailers and promos.
VOLTA MUSIC VM067 Odyssey Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber,Gresby Race Nash,Jason Soudah Futuristic slow burn trailerscapes. Sci-fi, action and adventure.
VOLTA MUSIC VM066 Illusions Christian Tschuggnall, Michael Edwards,Magnum Opus,Louise Bernadette Dowd Modern soundtracks for dramas, investigations and documentaries. Slow burning scores with subtle emotion and intensity.
VOLTA MUSIC VM065 Epic Inspirations Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin,Count Zero, Rohan Stevenson,Jochen Flach Epic, orchestral cues for adventurous trailers, inspiring documentaries and heroic sports.
VOLTA MUSIC VM064 Quiet Drama Magnum Opus Timeless, spacious and emotive drama soundtracks with stunning live piano and strings.
VOLTA MUSIC VM063 Asylum Count Zero,Paul Russell,Enrico Cacace Dark and twisted sound design cues for horror and thriller trailers, the darkest documentaries and toe-curling drama.
VOLTA MUSIC VM062 Uncovered: News Minimalism Paul Reeves,Florian Moenks, Matthew Anderson,Jay Price,Paul Russell Modern minimalism for news, documentaries and drama tension.
VOLTA MUSIC VM061 Legends Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Classical Trailers and Historical Drama
VOLTA MUSIC VM060 Absolution Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber Euphoric hybrid cues for epic games, action trailers and promos.
VOLTA MUSIC VM059 Nordic Score Christian Tschuggnall, Michael Edwards Intimate and fragile cinematic soundscapes for drama, documentary and film scores.
VOLTA MUSIC VM058 Tension Strings Magnum Opus Restless staccato, pizz and percussion cues for news, documentary and reality tension.
VOLTA MUSIC VM057 Quirky Curiosities Jay Price, Paul Reeves A cheeky box of tricks filled with playful pizzicato, percussion and curious tales.
VOLTA MUSIC VM056 Trailer Drums Enrico Cacace, John H. Nixon 20 colossal drum tracks for epic battles, fierce action promos and overwhelming trailer tension. Each cue comes with 60, 30, 15, 10 and 5 second cutdowns.
VOLTA MUSIC VM055 Hellbound Audio Android,Audio Android, Joshua Crispin,Audio Android, Rohan Stevenson Dark sound design for horror, action and thriller trailers.
VOLTA MUSIC VM054 Dark Cinematic Strings Magnum Opus Tense orchestral backdrops for contemporary period dramas, trailers and historical documentaries.
VOLTA MUSIC VM053 Venom Gresby Race Nash,Enrico Cacace, John H. Nixon,Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber,Enrico Cacace Hybrid metal trailers.
VOLTA MUSIC VM052 End of Days Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Earth-shattering orchestral trailers for devastating action and epic adventures.
VOLTA MUSIC VM051 Eclipsed Florian Moenks, Matthew Anderson,Gresby Race Nash,Matthew Anderson,Lisa van Hal Darkly beautiful trailer songs and orchestral epics for breathtaking adventures and captivating drama.
VOLTA MUSIC VM050 Assault 2 Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber The second installment of our Ultra Aggressive Setups series for mind-blowing promos and action trailers. Each cue features 60, 30, 15 and 10 second cutdowns, stings and stems.
VOLTA MUSIC VM049 Aerial Oliver Worth Emotive minimalism for cinematic drama and widescreen documentaries.
VOLTA MUSIC VM048 Sound Design: Volume 2 Enrico Cacace,Enrico Cacace, Manuel Bandettini,Enrico Cacace, Mario Mazzoli An explosive trailer toolkit for action, sci-fi, horror and thriller. 100 HITS, RISES, HEARTBEATS, DOWNERS, SUCKBACKS, PULSES AND TICKING CLOCKS.
VOLTA MUSIC VM047 Dark Documentary Paul Reeves,Magnum Opus,Sam Hamilton Compelling piano and string cues for documentary, tension and drama
VOLTA MUSIC VM046 Fearless Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Lisa van Hal,Paul Reeves,Magnum Opus,Matthew Anderson,Jay Price Brave adventures and daring to dream the impossible
VOLTA MUSIC VM045 Edge Of Chaos Christian Tschuggnall,Michael Edwards,Steve Ruff Epic dark trailer soundscapes
VOLTA MUSIC VM044 Scandal Enrico Cacace Political thrillers, suspense and espionage
VOLTA MUSIC VM043 Electro Power Anthems Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Heavyweight EDM anthems for euphoric builds, epic swagger and pumping, full-tilt tension
VOLTA MUSIC VM042 Deep Drama Score Florian Moenks,Matthew Anderson,Magnum Opus,Lorenzo Castellarin,Jay Price,Matthew Anderson Captivating orchestral scores for modern dramas, thrillers and documentaries
VOLTA MUSIC VM041 Dark Embers Gresby Race Nash,Lorenzo Castellarin,Andrew James Prahlow,Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich,Enrico Cacace,John H Nixon Slow burn trailers with a darkened edge for brooding action adventure and sci-fi
VOLTA MUSIC VM040 Witness Florian Moenks,Matthew Anderson,Paul Reeves,Jay Price,Magnum Opus Piano drama for crime, documentary, news and investigation
VOLTA MUSIC VM039 Exodus Lisa van Hal,Enrico Cacace,Or Chausha,Or Kribos,Yaniv Barmeli Epic trailer hybrids for action, adventure and sci-fi
VOLTA MUSIC VM038 Skyhigh Indie Elliot Nash,Jackson Buckley A kaleidoscopic collection of upbeat indie and inspiring songs
VOLTA MUSIC VM037 Cataclysm Christian Tschuggnall,Michael Edwards Extreme hybrids for aggressive action trailers and fierce promos
VOLTA MUSIC VM036 Insurgence Or Chausha,Or Kribos,Alexander Okunev Epic percussive hybrids for heroic orchestral action and full-tilt promos
VOLTA MUSIC VM035 Resistance Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Modern hero soundtracks and slow burning adventures
VOLTA MUSIC VM034 Dystopia Enrico Cacace,John H Nixon,Paul Russell,Enrico Cacace,Manuel Bandettini,Enrico Cacace Paranoid worlds of surveillance, hidden threats and cyber warfare Sci-fi, horror and thriller soundscapes
VOLTA MUSIC VM033 Indie Wonders Elliot Nash,Jackson Buckley Inspiring songs and acoustic soundtracks
VOLTA MUSIC VM032 Decadent Drama Magnum Opus Timeless elegance and radiant luxury Recorded with live piano and string orchestra
VOLTA MUSIC VM031 Trailer Kit: Urban Action Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Hit with short reverb
VOLTA MUSIC VM030 Small Wonders Jay Price,Enrico Cacace,Manuel Bandettini,Enrico Cacace Immersive soundtracks for understated beauty, emotion and wonderment
VOLTA MUSIC VM029 Retribution Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Epic and hard-hitting rock trailer for high-octane action, dangerous thrillers and explosive promos
VOLTA MUSIC VM028 Embers Florian Moenks,Matthew Anderson,Matthew Anderson,Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Christian Tschuggnall,Michael Edwards Slow burning, emotive trailers Drama, tension and suspense
VOLTA MUSIC VM027 Lawless Steve Ruff,Elliot Nash,Enrico Cacace,Brent Woods Riotous hard rock anthems loaded with monster riffs and sleazy swagger
VOLTA MUSIC VM026 Insurrection Enrico Cacace,Paul Russell Menacing, malevolent and mechanical sound design trailers
VOLTA MUSIC VM025 Assault Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Ultra-aggressive action and sci-fi trailer setups Each cue is armed with a killer toolkit of cutdowns, builds and stings
VOLTA MUSIC VM024 Reflections Leah Kardos Emotive piano drama soundtracks Evocative backdrops with strings and a choice of grand, upright and ambient piano tones
VOLTA MUSIC VM023 Horizons Jochen Reinhold Flach,Stephen D Rucker Epic drama soundtracks for voyages of discovery and panoramic wonder
VOLTA MUSIC VM022 Sabotage Enrico Cacace,John H Nixon,Paul Russell Industrial and brutal battlegrounds for vicious action trailers and video games Aggressive assaults, reckless abandon and dystopian wastelands
VOLTA MUSIC VM021 Detonate Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich,Steve Ruff,Stephen D Rucker,Enrico Cacace,John H Nixon Explosive and percussive action trailer Riotous drum builds, ferocious hits and high-energy tension
VOLTA MUSIC VM020 Voyager Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Inspirational and motivational trailer epics Powerful adventure hybrids for heroic journeys and sporting champions
VOLTA MUSIC VM019 Adrenaline Jay Price Fast and furious rock hybrid action
VOLTA MUSIC VM018 Gravity Andrew Prahlow Slow-burning trailer soundscapes
VOLTA MUSIC VM017 Orion Daniel Jay Nielsen Earth-shattering adventures into vast, breathtaking worlds, epic landscapes and colossal forces of nature Recorded with stunning live strings, soaring brass and choir
VOLTA MUSIC VM016 Avenger Lorenzo Castellarin,Eirik Jacobsen,Jochen Flach,Lincoln Jaeger Vast and heroic action adventure Mighty landscapes, epic worlds and majestic glory
VOLTA MUSIC VM015 Challenger Daniel Heath,Nathaniel Smith,Enrico Cacace,John H Nixon,Paul Russell,Enrico Cacace Non-stop hybrid action trailer Instant impact, ultra-explosive builds and nail-biting tension
VOLTA MUSIC VM014 Momentum Sam Hamilton,Hugo Valentine,Magnum Opus Perpetual patterns of piano and strings for moving drama and documentaries
VOLTA MUSIC VM013 Oblivion Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich Explosive electro-trailer injected with euphoric EDM for all-out action and non-stop tension
VOLTA MUSIC VM012 Young Hearts Kenzo Bond,Joe Roberts,Leah Kardos,Elliot Nash,Jessica Rose Weiss,Shruti Kumar Inspiring, lush and cinematic indie, electro and pop
VOLTA MUSIC VM011 DarkSide Enrico Cacace,Paul Russell The darkest sound design toolkit for depraved horror, action and thriller
VOLTA MUSIC VM010 Overdrive Steve Ruff,Elliot Nash,Paul Russell,Jay Price Full-tilt slabs of blistering rock, metal and industrial riffs. Includes 60, 30 & 15 second cutdowns.
VOLTA MUSIC VM009 Enchanted Adventure Stephen D Rucker,Paul Reeves,Lorenzo Castellarin,Magnum Opus,Alec Michael Harrison,Dirk Leupolz,Jeff Tymoschuk A storybook collection of raucous orchestral adventures, magnificent tales and heroic quests.
VOLTA MUSIC VM008 Ignition Raffael Gruber,Matthias Ullrich,Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Raffael Gruber,Andrew Prahlow,Jason Soudah,Jermaine Stegall Supercharged, full throttle action trailer Loaded with explosive percussion, slabs of rock and relentless orchestra
VOLTA MUSIC VM007 Riot Or Chausha Industrial slabs of militant sound design and percussion for all-out action trailers and promos
VOLTA MUSIC VM006 Deep Drama Magnum Opus,Andrew Prahlow,Sam Hulick,Dirk Leupolz Emotive cues for drama, human stories and documentaries
VOLTA MUSIC VM005 Slow Burn Andrew Prahlow,Lincoln Jaeger,Dirk Leupolz Slowly evolving euphoric trailer cues
VOLTA MUSIC VM004 Uprising Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Christian Ugenti,Paul Russell,Steve Ruff Brutal, unnerving and violent sci-fi setups
VOLTA MUSIC VM003 Hinterland Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Christian Ugenti,Paul Russell,Enrico Cacace Darkness, melancholy and wonder
VOLTA MUSIC VM002 Sound Design: Volume 1 Enrico Cacace,Steve Ruff A futuristic sound design package for action, sci-fi and thriller trailers
VOLTA MUSIC VM001 Hybrid Epics: Volume 1 Lorenzo Castellarin,Enrico Cacace,Danny Rose,Elliot Nash,Sam Hamilton Adrenaline-charged orchestral hybrids for action, sci-fi and adventure trailers