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WEST ONE MUSIC WOM591 Christmas Dramedy Thomas Greenberg,Bill Connor,Mike Reed, Tom Howe,Bill Connor, Philip Hochstrate,Richard P. Craker, Richard P. Rayner,Paul Reeves,Christopher Baron,Matt Norman Curious and quirky dramedy cues with a festive twist, featuring sparkling Christmas holiday percussion
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM590 Italian Songs: La Bella Vita Ruben Sonnoli, Dario Ferrante Bright and positive Italian songs recorded in the heart of Tuscany, bringing a modern twist to retro Italian pop. Featuring acoustic guitar, strings and male and female vocals.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM589 Italian Songs: Amore e Passione Jamileh Arafah, Gustavo J. Alcántara Ramírez Romantic Italian songs filled with intensity and passion. Featuring piano, strings and soulful male and female vocals.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM588 Couleurs Tropicales Oliver T. Williams, Tresor M. Kiambu Sun-soaked, Zouk-inspired songs with themes of celebration and positivity, with inspiration rooted in Africa, the Antilles and West Indies
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM587 Science & Investigation Sandy E. R. Lavallart Minimal underscores for documentaries and current affairs, featuring tense and positive pulses, atmospheric beds and dark drones
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM586 Emotive Classical Piano Marika Takeuchi,Richard John, Lee Pomeroy Evocative and lyrical solo piano pieces to underscore emotional, reflective human stories
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM585 Triumphant Pop Richard P. Craker, Christopher C. Porter,Jacob Diab, Martin Bak,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove Powerfully inspiring pop with strong male and female vocals, uplifting strings and euphoric choruses
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM584 Action Drama Tension Matteo F. Pagamici, Michael F. Kuenstle Exhilarating dramatic tension cues that build with action, thrill and suspense.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM583 Visions: Reflective Human Stories Martin Tillman, Matteo F. Pagamici Evolving human drama, featuring reflective piano, electric cello and atmospheric synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM582 Americana Crime Drama James A. Carrington, Mateo A. Laboriel, Ian A. Honeyman Eerie, foreboding Crime Drama cues that set the stage for mystery and suspense
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM578 Upright Bass Affairs Wayne Roberts, Hamish G. Balfour-Paul Characterful and quirky cues for upright bass, with light jazz drums, percussion and keys.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM577 Rap: à la Française Jacques Sahloul, Amaury G. Messelier, Jérôme P. J. Donzel, Florent Gulyas, Julien Guernec,Adam J. Malinofsky, Lance Okereke,Jacques Sahloul, Amaury G. Messelier, Charlotte J. N. Duran, Jérôme P. J. Donzel, Florent Gulyas, Julien Guernec,Jacques Sahloul, A Made in France. Swaggering Rap packed with attitude, featuring French vocals and percussive beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM576 The Luxury of Time Sam Fontanas,Sam Fontanas, Andrew Noble, Jon Moon,Sam Fontanas, Richard De Rosa,Sam Fontanas, Carl Hudson,Santiago Morales Montejo, Sam Fontanas,Magnus Box, Sam Fontanas,Aroop Roy, Sam Fontanas, Carl Hudson Funky soul pop collective The Fontanas, bring you The Luxury of Time, a fusion of feelgood festival tracks with Latin, Brazilian and tropical influences.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM574 All The Little Things Alexander H. Hill A collection of light, whimsical orchestral cues bubbling with positivity, curiosity and mischief.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM573 Thriller Tension Score Lasse P. Enersen Mysterious and foreboding tension cues featuring eerie drones, dark atmospheres and menacing strings.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM572 Thriller Action Score Lasse P. Enersen Epic and exhilarating orchestral action cues with trailer drums, charging strings and explosive percussion.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM571 Shades of Minimalism Laurent Dury Evolving, cyclical, pulsing. Small ensemble minimalism featuring tuned percussion, piano and strings.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM570 Jazz Drum Promos Christopher Hardwick Vibrant Jazz drum promo cues performed by virtuoso drummer Chris Hardwick. Featuring energetic drum kit and percussion accompanied by double bass and piano riffs
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM569 Stories Through Time Evan F. Rogers, Mikel Dale Orchestral human drama scene-setters ranging from rich, intimate, textures to emotional, sweeping melodies, performed by a live 20-piece chamber orchestra
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM568 Bombastic TV Themes Maitreya Jani, Ray Gunn Fun-filled TV themes packed with quirkiness and energy. Featuring busy breakbeats, cool sound effects and playful vocal samples
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM567 Raw Tension Jonathan B. Buchanan Dark, ominous tension featuring pulsing synths and tribal drums
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM566 Paris Swings Thomas J. Feterman From Parisian composer Toma Feterman comes a swinging collection of Jazz Manouche songs recorded in the heart of Paris. Featuring upbeat acoustic guitars, virtuosic violin and Marianne Feder’s sultry vocals.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM565 Attitude Pop Moa L. M. Munoz, Ryan T. Short, Troy Welstad,Moa L. M. Munoz, Ryan T. Short Punchy, female-led pop songs packed with empowerment and attitude
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM563 Flickers: Piano & Electronics Epsen Fahlen,Epsen Fahlen, Thomas Beck Stirring solo piano themes evolve against atmospheric electronic soundscapes
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM562 Fearless: Empowering Pop Songs Stevie Gold, Izzy Warner,Stevie Gold Life-affirming pop songs with a positive message featuring vocals from Izzy Warner
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM561 POSE Amy C. McKnight Bold, confident and empowered. POSE is an EP of catchy, contemporary pop from award-winning producer and songwriter Amy McKnight.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM560 Turning Tides: Evolving Piano Underscores Matteo F. Pagamici Evocative and evolving piano underscores with themes of emotion and inspiration
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM559 Analogue Reflections Wayne Roberts A collection of evocative analogue synth cues featuring piano, to soundtrack human drama and lifestyle documentaries
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM558 Christmas Pop Moa L. M. Munoz, Ryan T. Short,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove Contemporary, feelgood, Christmas pop songs for holiday celebrations. Features female vocals and sparkling, festive arrangements
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM557 Fireside Christmas Songs Gavin I. Conder, Stuart T. Stevenson,James R. Ewers,Adam M. G. Double,Jonathan S. Lloyd,Jessica L. R. Greenfield, Robert E. J. Greenfield,Elizabeth Reynolds, Michael Caley,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove Heart-warming singer-songwriter led songs for the festive holiday season
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM556 Lo-fi Dance Party: Funky Electro Indie Gem M. Jones, James P. Wilson,James P. Wilson, Joseph M. Murphy,James P. Wilson Cool, energetic, Lo-Fi cues with a raw, quirky, attitude. Featuring male and female vocals, DIY drums and punchy synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM555 8-Bit Chiptune Adventures Claudio Ottaviano, Renato Podestà,Claudio Ottaviano Quirky retro video game themes. Featuring 80s inspired synths and jaunty 8-bit rhythms
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM554 Indie Rock Rebels Roger Alan Nichols,Alistair B. H. Friend, Ted B. Barnes,Jonathan S. Lloyd, Nathan R. Coen Positive, driving Indie Rock with a nostalgic vibe and sense of freedom. Electric guitars roar throughout, propelled by unstoppable drums and cool bass
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM553 Nostalgia and Hope: Heartwarming Irish Landscapes Stephen Lynch Emotive pastoral scenesetters from the heart of Ireland. Heartwarming fiddles, deep bodhrán and rousing guitar themes evoke fond memories and inspire new journeys
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM552 Go! Indie Pop Promos Danny J. Grace,Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell, Christina Bregazzi,Dario Comuzzi, Christina Bregazzi,Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell,Dario Comuzzi Bright and positive Indie Pop. Featuring male and female vocals, these uplifting songs are characterised by passionate electric guitars, pounding drums and high energy beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM551 Chapters Yazmyn Hendrix, Adam Bowers Yazmyn Hendrix presents her debut EP of soulful RnB fusion tracks with dreamy vocals and experimental influences. 'Chapters' explores themes of empowerment, love and change over shimmering synths and infectious beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM550 Funked Up Pop Robert W. Lamond, Amy J. Swift,Robert W. Lamond Soulful pop songs with a serious groove. Featuring confident female vocals and epic live brass.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM549 Tension Toolkit: Light & Minimal Dylan Parsons,Beth Perry, Chris Doney,Christopher Baron,Alexander H. Hill Minimal tension cues with light and sparse textures. Evocative and eerie atmospheres with suspenseful string themes, low percussion and glistening synths.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM548 Tension Toolkit: Neutral & Evolving Beth Perry, Chris Doney,Alexander H. Hill,Robbie J. Hancock,Dylan Parsons, Dan Cassady,Adam Steele,Christopher Baron,Dylan Parsons, Toby L. Jagger,Dylan Parsons A collection of neutral tension cues that evolve with mystery and suspense. Featuring pulsing synths, eerie strings and low, propulsive percussion.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM547 Tension Toolkit: Mysterious & Atmospheric Alkalein,Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell,Adam Relf,Rod Abernethy,James E. Collins, Anthony E. Phillips,Samuel R. C. Sutton,Rod Abernethy, Anthony E. Phillips Atmospheric tension cues designed to build mystery and suspense. Low, foreboding, synths are accompanied by weird, unnerving, sound effects to create a sparse ambience
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM546 Tension Toolkit: Dramatic and Dark Adam Relf,Alkalein,Dimitris Mann,Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell,Dylan Parsons, Toby L. Jagger,Adam Steele,Rod Abernethy,Samuel R. C. Sutton, James Miles,Samuel R. C. Sutton,Adam Steele, Daniel R. Tarbuck Dark tension cues with heightened suspense and drama. Explosive, eerie synths are driven by deep basslines and frantic sound effects
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM545 Cinematic Synth Nostalgia David M. Disher Mysterious, eerie cinematic scene-setting cues. Otherworldly atmospheres evoke a nostalgic 80s soundscape with warped synths and fuzzy analogue sound effects
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM544 Love and Unity Kid Moxie, Blake A. Robin Infectious, funk-infused future disco from LA based artists Kid Moxie and LUXXURY. Dreamy female vocals effortlessly blend with propulsive disco beats, bongo slaps, funk bass and dusty synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM543 Inspiration & Beyond Dylan Parsons, James H. Hewins Uplifting orchestral indie inspired by the majestic landscapes of our planet and beyond
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM542 Dramedy in Suburbia Thomas Greenberg Playful, positive and quirky dramedy cues to soundtrack the weird and wonderful world of suburbia
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM541 Limitless Epic Hip Hop Ty N. Frankel, David J. Walker, Chris B. Harris,Ty N. Frankel, David J. Walker, Dexter D. M. Turner Epic hip hop with powerful male vocals and orchestra
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM540 Shadows: Atmospheric Docudrama Dylan Parsons, Dan Cassady,Dylan Parsons, Dan Cassady, Kevin G. Davy A close up look at the world today, finding light in darkness and darkness in light. Tense, atmospheric and emotive cues for documentaries and drama
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM539 Design. Build. Inspire Christopher Deighton, Jonathan B. Buchanan Positive, inspiring motion, with themes of progress and innovation in today's technology driven world
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM538 The Grand Reveal Matt Norman,Dylan Parsons,Kenneth E. Belcher,Marina E. A. Guy,Sam J. Delves, Justin Black,Paul F. Mounsey Optimistic and bright orchestral cues ideal for soundtracking reveal moments in lifestyle and reality TV programming
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM537 Homewards Kenneth E. Belcher, Jesse Macht Searching, aspirational, folk rock featuring passionate male vocals and inspiring, empowering choruses
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM536 Roadhouse Blues Akberet Beyene,Akberet Beyene, Andreas R. Schuld Eclectic West-Coast blues, featuring stomping barn dances, heartfelt songs and reflective scene-setters
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM535 Alpine Noir Louis Edlinger, Tony Delmonte, Beda Thornton, Robert J. Kloet,Louis Edlinger, Tony Delmonte, Beda Thornton A mysterious, foreboding, journey through the mountain reaches. Featuring typical Bavarian instruments performed in experimental ways, including bowed dulcimer, percussive accordion, hang drums and dark, growling synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM534 Classic Hip Hop Kelly Nova, Jason M. Petrin, Niamson,Kelly Nova, Jason M. Petrin, Shelby A. Sanders,Kelly Nova, Suat Akin Orbay, Katiah I. Lunn,Kelly Nova, Suat Akin Orbay, Zaid Tabani,Kelly Nova, Suat Akin Orbay, Adam Rothstein Old-school hip hop exploding with excitement and energy. Featuring upbeat breaks, bright synths and catchy, positive lyrics
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM533 Folksy Blues Jonathan S. Lloyd, Nathan R. Coen Warm, scene-setting blues, ranging from lively barn dances to soft, nostalgic, reflections
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM532 Up Against Time Matt Norman Tension-building cues for moments of anticipation, breaking news and investigative reporting
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM531 Terrifying Horror Builds Ceiri G. Torjussen,Ceiri G. Torjussen, Robert T. Rose,Ceiri G. Torjussen, Devin M. S. Roth A collection of insidious horror cues. Featuring blood-curdling orchestral hits, eerie, screeching, sounds and intense, terrifying, builds
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM530 Sinister Horror Atmospheres Ceiri G. Torjussen,Ceiri G. Torjussen, Devin M. S. Roth Fearful, foreboding horror atmospheres
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM529 Uncertain Times Wayne Roberts Unsettling, atmospheric underscores for a world in turmoil
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM528 Nightlife Trap & Hip Hop Ian R. McGirr, Eric J. Brünjes, Ramzi Faris,Jeremahl Jones, Eric J. Brünjes, Ramzi Faris,Demartize Bryant, Eric J. Brünjes, Ramzi Faris Modern late-night hip hop songs fusing elements of trap, cloud rap and RnB
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM527 Positive Futures Christopher Deighton, Jonathan B. Buchanan From darkness into light: a collection of tracks that transition from sad and emotional openings to upbeat and positive endings. Featuring piano, strings, guitars and synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM526 Percussion Action Promos Jonathan B. Buchanan Epic action percussion tracks designed for promos. Featuring heavy trailer drums, driving strings, powerful synths and brass
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM525 Electro Promos Robert W. Lamond,Jonathan B. Buchanan Energy-fuelled electro tracks designed for promos, featuring driving synths and powerful beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM524 Rock Action Promos Danny J. Grace Adrenaline-fuelled rock action designed for promos, featuring gritty guitars and powerful drums
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM523 Stadium Sports Rock Danny J. Grace An explosion of high-octane, adrenaline-fuelled rock
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM522 Celebrate Africa Alexander A. Lamy Cinematic, uplifting African music filled with excitement and celebration
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM521 Celebrity Hip Hop Samuel S. Garay,Adam Steele Energetic, glitzy hip-hop underscores for a celebrity lifestyle
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM520 Dreamstate Oscar Hill, Justin Black Ethereal, cinematic cues paint vivid pictures of a world beyond our own
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM519 World of Discovery Chris C. Nicolaides, Michael P. DohertyIMRO,Chris C. Nicolaides,Chris C. Nicolaides, Anže Rozman Sweeping orchestral scores illustrate vivid images of adventure and discovery
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM518 Piano Moments Wayne Roberts, Hamish G. Balfour-Paul A varied selection of short, versatile piano pieces for documentaries and drama. Ranging from peculiar and playful to emotive and nostalgic
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM517 Atmospheric Americana David Buckley Vivid tales of American folklore. Featuring atmospheric slide guitar, mandolin, flute and mysterious string atmospheres.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM516 Superpowered EDM Daniel Macphee-Phillipson, Nicolas A. Fernandez, James K. Elliott,Alexander D. Bachell, Samuel R. C. Sutton,Evan J. Walsh, Luke Enderle, Ty N. Frankel,Ulas C. Koca,Samuel John, Samuel R. C. Sutton,Adam Steele Explosive futuristic EDM featuring cutting-edge, experimental sounds and powerful beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM515 Future Tech Alkalein,Ravmon,Alex Benson,Adam Steele Contemporary electronica for a modern, interconnected world
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM514 Meditate Andrew J. Meyer, Robert A. Schnitzer,Andrew J. Meyer, Jeff B. Victor,Andrew J. Meyer, Michael W. Jones Soft, blissful ambiences featuring soothing synth pads, relaxing piano melodies and atmospheric chimes.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM513 Eerie Tension Martin Tillman, Joerg Huettner Fearful, atmospheric tension, featuring creepy sound design and ominous drones with haunting electric cello
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM512 Live It Up Dario Comuzzi, Michelle L. Ojeda Reckless pop anthems full of attitude and sass, featuring energetic female vocals and cutting-edge electro beats
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM511 Lift Off Danny J. Grace Inspirational indie rock bursting with explosive energy and motivation
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM510 Foreboding Tension & Atmospheres David Buckley Strange, unusual tension. Featuring dark, foreboding synths, weird atmospheres and unnerving dissonance
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM509 Empowered Lavelle A. J. Daley, Benjamin J. J. Cartwright Empowering, female-led pop anthems with cutting-edge, urban beats.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM508 For My People Jordan Louis, Mayowa Arogundade, Omeed Navabi,Jordan Louis, Mayowa Arogundade,Jordan Louis, Levi A. Richardson III, Dakota W. Eckhardt, Omeed Navabi, Mayowa Arogundade Motivational, contemporary hip-hop from talented West Coast artists: Mayowa, OTWO, Jordan Louis, Levi Anthony and Dakota Daze
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM507 Sunshine Reggae Bazza Ranks, Jason J. Bradshaw A throwback to classic reggae. Positive, laid-back summer songs featuring soulful male vocals
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM506 Dark Tension Wayne Roberts Foreboding orchestral hybrid underscores for documentary and drama. Featuring rich, ominous strings, heartfelt cello solos and low pulsating synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM505 80s Rock Revival Jez Miller Anthemic 80s rock hits. Featuring powerful male & female vocals
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM499 Songs for Winter Elizabeth Reynolds, Jason M. Pedder, Douglas F. Brown A beautiful, heartwarming, Christmas album written by singer-songwriter Elizabeth Reynolds. Featuring soft female vocals, emotive cello and electric guitar
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM498 Songo Rachel Pantin, Mauricio Venegas-Astorga Positive, educative and easy-listening songs for children, with influences from Latin American and World Music. Informed by specialist speech and language professionals for children with specific learning needs.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM497 Emotive Atmospheric Drama Chris Doney, Beth Perry Beautiful, heartfelt, classical atmospheres. Featuring warm, emotive cello melodies accompanied by dreamy, intimate synths, strings and guitar
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM496 Neutral Minimal Underscores Cyrus Shahrad,Jonathan Buchanan, Christopher Deighton,Jose Manuel Prieto, Mauricio Yazigi Hirmas,Michael Price, Laurence Greed,Robert White,Brian Bennett,Robert Foster,Paul Reeves (Gb 2),Paolo Maddaloni,Matt Norman,Philip Jewson, Paul Cartledge,Matthew Co Neutral and sparse underscores for minimal emotional impact
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM495 Playtime Pop David Feldstein,David Feldstein, Christopher Horvath,David Feldstein, Merritt Morrison,Eric Berdon, David Feldstein Fun kids' pop songs for toddlers to young tweens. Featuring exciting male and female vocals
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM494 EDM Anthems Patrick Hagenaar,Patrick Hagenaar, Christina Bregazzi,Patrick Hagenaar, Victoria Harrison Mainstage-filling EDM anthems with cutting-edge production and powerful female vocals
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM493 Dark Atmospheric Tension Ceiri Torjussen,Peter Karr, Ceiri Torjussen,Xueran Chen, Ceiri Torjussen Foreboding underscores for moments of suspense and unease. Ranging from exhilarating drama, to mysterious atmospheres
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM492 Drifting Tides Martin Tillman Award-winning composer and virtuosic cellist Martin Tillman embarks on an emotive and timeless classical journey inspired by a return to his hometown
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM491 Indie Blues Alternative Ted Barnes, Alistair Friend Energetic indie jams with vibey guitars riffs and raw, bluesy vocals
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM490 Percussion Promos James P. Wilson A full-on percussion frenzy, featuring high-energy percussion-led tracks for promos and action sequences
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM489 Urban Power Oscar Hill, Justin Black,Adam Steele Cutting-edge, empowering, electronic music featuring an eclectic mix of contemporary genres
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM488 Irish Trad: Old & New Elsa M. R. Kelly, Joshua R. C. Kelly, Ted Kelly, Jean-Christophe Morel,Darren O. Roche Irish folk recorded in the heart of Dublin, illustrating the vivid history of the country's traditional music, from centuries-old jigs to modern, original compositions. Featuring Irish harp, fiddle, bodhrán, tenor guitar, accordion and piano.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM487 Ceol: Stories In Song Niamh Farrell,Elsa M R Kelly,Joshua R C Kelly,Ted Kelly,Jean-Christophe Morel Niamh Farrell performs beautiful, traditional Celtic folk songs handed down through the generations and recorded in the heart of Dublin Featuring piano, guitars, Celtic harp, fiddle and bodhrテ。n that accompany vocals in English and Irish
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM486 Inspiring Drama Christopher Deighton,Jonathan B Buchanan Stunning orchestral cues for modern drama
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM485 Minimal Marimba Richard P Craker,Richard P Rayner Curious, contemporary, marimba-focused cues perfect for reality TV Ranging from light tension to quirky comedy
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM484 Roadhouse Rock Mitchell R Marlow,Jason C Miller,Mitchell R Marlow Gritty, driving American Rock for the road Perfect for highway road trips, stadium showdowns and reality TV
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM483 Minimal Stories Matt Norman Intriguing, contemporary underscores performed by small, intimate ensembles Featuring serious, propulsive, emotive and heartfelt cues for documentaries, drama and reality TV
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM482 Emotive Drama Matt Norman,Dylan Parsons,Jim Hewins,David Buckley,Piotr Cieslik,Wojciech S Famielec A stunning collection of lush, heartfelt orchestral cues ideal for film trailers and drama promos
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