FIRSTCOMを最新から表示 (110アルバム)
FIRSTCOM(EVO旧のレーベル)はアルファベットでカテゴリー別けしている。FC-AはACTION, ACTIVE An Original, the Legacy Collection Award-winning composers and musicians create a diverse mega-library from acoustic underscores to a rage rock and everything in between.
FIRSTCOM FC-A10 Primary Colors R Fish,B Parr,D Stein
FIRSTCOM FC-A9 Classic Rock D Stein,S Vaus
FIRSTCOM FC-A8 Photo Finish Chianese,Levin,Many,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A7 Street S Vaus,B Parr,R Ayala,Levin,Many,Chianese,Levin,Many
FIRSTCOM FC-A6 Hardline Levin,Many,S O'Connor,S Saltzman,B Parr,R Ayala,B Havens,S Vaus,DeSimone,Hajian,Samalin,DeSimone,Hajian
FIRSTCOM FC-A5 Motivation S O'Connor,B Kelley,DeSimone,Hajian,Samalin,B Havens,Levin,Many,Matthews,Griffith,S Vaus,Levin,Many,Seeberg,L Clutterham
FIRSTCOM FC-A4 Out Front S Vaus,B Guin,J Hooper
FIRSTCOM FC-A3 City Lights B Parr,Muhoberac,Bahler,Matthews,Griffith,B Meyers,R Ayala,Matthews,Griffith,Bahler
FIRSTCOM FC-A2 Intense M Matthews,J Griffith,M Matthews,J Griffith,J Bahler,J Bahler,Muhoberac,M Matthews,J Griffith
FIRSTCOM FC-A1 Sports S O'Connor,B Kelley,W Meyers,Long,Nelson,Levin,Many,B Havens
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