IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM018 Morpheus Moments Tony Rutherford,Rik Kenton,Richard Johnson,Tom Watt Dreamy, lush & rich. This slice of aural morphine is perfect for all mellow and mysterious moments. From spiritual contemplation to waking up late to nasty things down a dark street. We have the moment covered. Leisure & lifestlye, Travel, world sounds.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM017 Rock And A Hard Place Al Summers,Matt Prior,Alex Toff,Matt Prior Rock Music. Granite weight rock in all its styles. Epic, aggressive, buddy, emo, metal, electronic. Sport, action & adventure, Action bed.Racing, Running, driving. Big heavy promos! Gnarly.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM016 Deeper Drama Nick Fisher,Jon Leonard,Kenny Dickenson,Chris Gibbons,Jon Leonard,Adam Salkeld,Andy Nice,Rik Kenton Evolved drama tracks. Twisted tension to subtle unease, let us take you to those darker places... Forget one fingered drones & dated stabs. This is real sound, real music. Dark documentary, crime drama. Uncertian & intriguing. Dispatches investigates'
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM015 The Art Of Brass Ben Stone,Mike Hughes,Ron Stent,Joe Auckland,Chris Gibbons,John Trudeau,Ben Stone,John Trudeau Brass music. Big bold & beautiful. A compendium of all things brassy by the In-spired colliery band. Village fetes to arty jazz, comedy to drama. This album is the elephant's arse! Uplifting, positive to dark & dreamy. Inspiring, uplifting growers & spars
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM014 Life Stories Ben Vella,Barney Freeman Quirky Factual. A warm & quirky collection about all things human. We look at the oddballs, the joy of simple things & our trials & tribulations. For all factual & emotive situations. A sonic hug. Uplifting, positive & feel good. Life stories, Leisure & l
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM013 Rhythm Me This Richard Johnson,Tony Rutherford,Ben Stone,John Trudeau,Tom Watt,Mat Andasun,Rik Kenton Whacky, groovy, funky, cheesy. The in-spired boys are having fun... From fruity sax romps & rare groove funk to club crooning & laidback grooving. It's a regular percussive pattern feast! Uplifting, cool & slick. Smooth & smoeky. Dcoumentary/favtual. Leis
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM012 Character Pieces Ben Vella,Barney Freeman,Mike Hughes,Ron Stent,Mat Andasun,Rik Kenton,John Trudeau,Jonn Savannah An inspired confection of handmade acoustic stimulation. From light & ephemeral to dark emo. It's fresh, warming, quirky, deep & ORIGINAL. Enjoy it on it's own, or with suitable visual content. Thouhgtful, emotive, fun & quieky. Nature & wildlife, life st
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM011 Unprepared Piano Nick Fisher,Tony Rutherford,Jon Savannah,John Trudeau,Richard Johnson,Pip Allen Piano centric sounds: Ethereal/docu-drama. Real pianos with other things. Subtle ethereal soundscapes, fantasy lushness & deep drama. It's Nyman meeting Nick Drake's piano playing cousin at Liberace's place. Close piano pieces, thoughtful & emotional. Upl
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM010 Thump & Crunch Richard Johnson,David Roberts,Al Summers,Tony Rutherford,Mat Andasun,Nick Fisher,Matt Prior,Robert Harris,Matt Prior In-spired rock fun! It's Fun, it's lively...the In-spired house band presents some rough & ready garage band rock, a new take on the blues & some chin stroking tunes. Sometimes you just have to let rip! Fun & driving, racing & running, sports & motivation
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM009 Digital Soul Tom Watt,David Roberts,Ben Vella,Barny Freeman,Chris Gibbons,Rik Kenton,Luhana Lehtiniemi Digital grooves & moods. A collection of post-dance/loop reality grooves and moods that are truly fresh. Analogue samples with computer trickery, we're ahead of ourselves again! Thoughtful, edgy & ambient. Ethnic, arty & cool.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM008 Natural Acousticks Ben Vella,Barny Freeman,Nick Fisher,Mike Hughes,Ron Stent,Chris Gibbons,Matt Prior,Rik Kenton Organic soundscapes & free range fun! In-spired by the nature around us and the emotions it evokes. Rain on hot pavements, standing up 'top a shire hill, sea air and chips on the pier' Thoughtful, Emotive, uplifting & positive. Heartwarming & feel good. N
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM007 String Theory Ben Stone,John Trudeau,Xavier Bon Taxis,Mike Hughes,Ron Stent,Ben Vella,Barney Freeman,Chris Gibbons,David Roberts,Chris Gibbons,Julian Winn Contemporary strings with other things. We took a string quartet, added new sounds and got inspired on it! Inspiring, dramatic, contemporary, pastoral, spiritual, this refreshing album will challenge your string perception.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM006 Night Musik Ben Stone,John Trudeau,Tony Rutherford,Al Summers,Jon Leonard,Mat Andasun,Rik Kenton,Nick Fisher,Richard Johnson Drama, dreams, nightlife & spooks! From cool, dark, minimal beats to bleeding edge ambient sound design, to camp 80's retro synths with a vampylicious flavour! This one will thrill, chill & take you to the dark & dreamy' Late night drama, docudrama. Inves
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM005 Uplifting Rhythms Colin Baldry,Richard Johnson,Tom Kane,Colin Baldry,Tony Rutherford,Nick Fisher,Al Summers,Chris Wells,Andy Britton,David Goldsmith Positively Charged Grooves. It's uplifting & uhh.. rhythmic. We got handclaps, computers, cellos, big bass drums, guitars, vintage's kinda like a dancey/worldly/folky/rocky vibe, but everyone's happy?! Trust us, you'll love it. Fun, uplifting
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM004 Independent Film & Documentary Nick Fisher,Tony Rutherford,Jon Leonard,Al Summers,Tom Kane,Colin Baldry,Richard Johnson,Lee Groves,Peter Marett,Jon Leonard,Kenny Dickenson,Matt Prior Docudrama - Drama themes & Scenes. Emotional docudrama-drama, reaching from indie emo themes to simple, elegant solo instruments. As always, written with the inspired heart. Real players, real feeling. Mellow, warm factual, documentary. Uplifting, Mysteri
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM003 Kooky Acoustic Chris Gibbons,Richard Johnson,Tony Rutherford,Colin Baldry,Tom Watt,Tom Kane,Tome Kane,Colin Baldry,Rik Kenton,Mat Andasun,Andy Britton,David Goldsmith,Pip Allen,Tome Kane Oddball, leftfield, eccentric, screwed up... That's the starting point for this collection of musical curios. Orchestral ensembles to jazz-folk mash-up! This will add instant character to any production. Kooky & fun, Kids, Leisure & lifestyle, observation
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM002 Organic Beats Colin Baldry,Tony Rutherford,Al Summers,Richard Johnson,Mat Andasun,Colin Baldry,Tom Kane Innovative real rhythms, beat to beat. From rich cinematic jazz to gritty lo-fi grooves. The common thread is real drums & original electronic beats, all composed with the In-spired twist... Hold the loops, heavy on the feel. Ambient, Left Field, Arty & M
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM001 Analogue Collage Tom Kane,Colin Baldry,Max Wilson,Chris Gibbons,James Rutledge,Andy Nice,Richard Johnson,Andy Britton,Dave Goldsmith,Chris Gibbons,Tom Leary Acoustic ambience and emotion. Innovative post-ambient/acoustic music. Real instruments & performances produced to a challenging & emotive level. Refreshing, artistic & functional. The antidote to synthspeak. Odd & independent, science & technology.
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