ジャンル「ブルース」アルバム検索結果1,139件 (1/12ページ) ALBUMTRACK
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL206 Acoustic Guitar - Joy & Reflection Gordon Giltrap,Gordon Giltrap, Hilary Ashe-Roy Contrasts of joy and reflection - Gordon Giltrap plays acoustic guitar accompanied by flute.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA137 Sunset Bliss Abel Almonte, Gabriel Candiani This varied collection of grooving instrumentals touches on all things breezy and sunny and swings from latin-infused jazz to blues-tinged electro-rock.
MATCH MUSIC MAT301 Rock 'n' Roll Jukebox Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Sven Tore Erik Berglund Rock n Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie and a whole lot more jumping, jiving and all out rockin' and rollin'. Step back in time, kick back in the Cadillac and enjoy the ride. Retro, vintage, rock n roll, 1950s.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR331 Eazy Cheezy Daniel May, Marc Ferrari From hip to schmaltz, musical oddities covered in cheese. Quirky, offbeat, irreverent, comical
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1026 Jazz In Da House John Mazzei, Matt Hirt, Owen Chaim Swanky meets dope. Fun, sophisticated jazz remixes with big punchy hip hop beats.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP030 The Big Bad Big Band Conall Mulvena, Walter Magnum Peterson Big band themes that encapsulate the glamour, sophistication and sheer cool of Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP032 Amplified Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alexander Rudd,Andrew David Robinson,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Alexander Stephan Golding,Peter Wrig This is rock with an electric edge. Confident, edgy, bluesy, indie, moody and energetic. For full effect, turn it up to 11!
GUM TAPES GTP237 Sixties Soul Jazz Big Band Jérôme Etcheberry, Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Groovy baby! A classy and playful album of dynamic brass, amplified guitar and swinging acoustic drums. Rare groove, hard bop, jazz blues, jazz-funk.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE007 West African Odysseys & Atmospheres Nic Paton Meander down the Niger River, traverse the slopes of Mount Bintumani, feel the sand beneath your toes on Bojo Beach or float in the pink water of Lake Retba. An atmospheric and evocative musical journey through West Africa!
ALPHASONIC ALPHA056 Guitar Atmospheres 2 Mike Eaves Acoustic country, folk & blues influenced atmospheric electric guitar tracks featuring assorted textures and sounds on the guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
VALO ARTISTS VALO_215 Amy Whitcomb Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman A dynamic, passionate blues-rock power-ballad with a stunning vocal performance by Amy Whitcomb. Steady mid/slow-tempo drums, rockin' guitars and solid, pulsing bass.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_233 Daniel Young - Found What I Need Daniel Y Buehner Daniel Young's ardent, nostalgic vocals hark back to the iconic Western folk heroes of the 40s and 50s. Melded here with fuzzy, distorted guitar and Southern blues rhythms, the result is timelessly American.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_306 Shane - Out For Blood Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Shane collapses a myriad of rock genres in these powerful, anthemic rock ballads that pull from Southern 70s to alternative blues to grunge. An ode to bad ass women everywhere.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_308 Mic Dangerously Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Michael Raul De La Torre Busting with macho swagger, this bluesy roadhouse grit fresh from Mic Dangerously brings down the house with whiskey-soaked vocals, rattling blues harp, stabbing brass accents and grooves from the bad ass badlands.
KILLER ARTIST SERIES KAS015 One Thousand Motels - Get In Where You Fit In Chris Constantinou, Hal Lindes, Nicholas De Carlo, Sean Wheeler,Chris Constantinou, Hal Lindes, Jonathan Moore, Nicholas De Carlo, Sean Wheeler,Chris Constantinou, David Ahern, Jonathan Moore, Preston Heyman, Sean Wheeler Memphis meets London in the California Desert as Rat Scabies (the Damned) and Chris Constantinou (Adam and the Ants, Sinead O'Connor) team up with Desert Legend Sean Wheeler and his unique vocals for a genre bending rock disc mixing blues, gospel and psyc
ONE MUSIC OM257 Dusty Outdoor Scores 2 Brian Flores, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott, Marlon Gibbons Organic film score style complete with tumbleweeds, slide guitar, harmonica and suspenseful suspended chord. An organic hybrid mix of Southern Gothic, Blues and Country capturing the gritty sound of the American frontier and the modern west. Updated for
BRUTON BR728 Big Heavy Horn Riffs 3 Dominic Glover, Gary James Crockett, Jason Glover Classic funk cuts, champion fanfares and tough blues, all featuring a blazing horn section!
ENERGY MUSIC EN027 REDEMPTION - Cinematic Americana Robert James Aitken, Samuel West,Robert James Aitken An authentic, dramatic and emotional collection of gritty cinematic Americana. Perfect narratives for film, drama, travel and adventure gaming.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS190 Cockney Blues James Kaleth, Max Broncho, Michael Bishop,John Denon, Stephen John O'Neill,Michael Wynne, James Kaleth, Michael Bishop,James Kaleth, Chris Mace, Michael Wynne,James Kaleth, Max Broncho, Philip Saatchi,James Kaleth, Max Broncho, Gary Hughes Rockney and cockney and British pub songs
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS191 AMERICANA ROCK Joe Archer, Dan Hayward, Adam Peter Cross Americana blues with an exciting industrial feel
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS071 Sex, Sports & Rock 'n' Roll Marco Belloni An album full of Fuzzy & Gritty Garage Rock tracks. Ideal for Action, Adventure, Sports, Youth and Rebellion. Lots of variation in the alternative versions and like all TMS releases, stems are available.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA055 Guitar Atmospheres Mike Eaves Acoustic folk & blues influenced atmospheric guitar tracks featuring slide guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3185 Americana Blues & Roots Tony Naylor Incorporating elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0188 THE JAM: Rock Meets Funk Simon Lea, Scott McKeon,Simon Lea, Sam Burgess, Scott McKeon Laid back rock for easy living along with some tight funk grooves, latin vibe and even some blues. Dance like no one's watching!
NOISE REFINERY NRF037 Blues Instrumentals John Schroeder, Ross Taggart Garren Cinematic Blues Instrumentals
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF123 Country Breakbeat Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland Country licks mixed with fun energy and timeless breakbeats by the inimitable Skeewiff, great for sports, travel and lifestyle.
SARAO MUSIC SA102 Nu Power Rock Arnau Giordani Calsina,Roger Rodes Sendros,Roger Rodes Sendros, Miki Grau Bright, edgy and driving, in the style of Blues Rock and Retro Rock, featuring male vocals and electric guitar that create confident, rebellious moods.
ABBEY ROAD MASTERS ARX018 The Drum Sessions Christopher John Hutchings,John Blease,Sophie Alloway,Christopher Evans,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Toby Berger,Andrew Piran Bell,Matthew David Mole, Sarah Anne Daly,Tarek Modi,Richard Birkin,Dominic William Storrs-Fox,Karl Zine, Richard Andrew Canavan, Something different that sounds as cool as it sounds. Top session drummers on jazz, breakbeats, rock, pop and trip-hop rhythms. Some bass, keys and guitars in the supporting cast. Drive, momentum and energy, with a twist. Perfect for intros and promos.
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM116 Resurrected Blues Bryan New Big blues rock riffs with attitude and swagger. Edgy guitars and big drums create a rush of adrenalin. Perfect for Sports, Promos and pure Macho-ness!
GUM TAPES GTP212 Devil's Highway Laurent Guillet, Victor Paillet Step on the gas with this burning heavy rock album! Wild electric guitar solos and riffs on angry drums. Only for the bold ones!
GUM TAPES GTP221 Forever Young Laurent Cicala,Benjamin Farley, Manuel Armstrong,Cedryck Santens,Benjamin Kaniewski,Julien Agazar, Manuel Armstrong,Manuel Armstrong,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Paul Tyan,Jean-Michel Zanetti, Nicolas Place, Yannick Berger,Benjamin Kaniewski, Fred A super catchy and dynamic collection of positive rock tracks!
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM126 Shades Of Blues Preservation Hall, Otis Mable Feel the Blues from modern retro sounding, Soul / R&B to genuine Blue-Eyed SoulÉ Join us through Shades Of Blue..
HOOKED HKD004 Rebel Gem Maria Jones, Will May Female lead, roughed up, dirty blues rock with a stomp and swagger. Lyric themes: rebellion, hell raising, darkness
HOOKED HKD006 Saints & Sinners Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Simon James Oldhams, Thomas Richard Hill,Ben Goldstein, Harel Tsemah, Itay Steinberg,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Dominic Christopher Patrick Martin, Thomas Richard Hill Deep south, gospel & blues influenced soulful edgy pop. Lyric themes: hard times, hope, triumph
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT215 Rhythm & Brass Tarek Modi,Michael Lesirge Ultra melodic live brass, funk guitar and drum & bass bursting with groove.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN041 Epic Stomp & Clap Samuel Griffiths Epic rock hybrid tracks with bags of swagger and attitude for sports promos.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA016 1960s Cool Jazz John Scott,Vincent Joseph Holland,Anthony King,Nino Nardini,Raymond Jones,Jack Jordan A Stunning selection of jazz recordings from the 1960's featuring cool sax leads, swinging big bands and the distinctive sound and style of this golden era.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM124 Blue Dystopia James Kaleth, Max Bronco, Philip Saatchi,Benson Voodoo, Lewis Deville 1990Õs Post-Apocalyptic Blues-Rock Revisited
GUM TAPES GTP195 Great Plains Julien Baril, Mathieu Coupat Have a beautiful journey through the great plains and the desert with this album of warm, organic and positive Americana and bluesy guitar tracks.
GUM TAPES GTP203 Crosstown Barber Blues Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Boost your testosterone levels with this bold and yet elegant blues rock album carried by rough electric guitars and organic acoustic drums.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA075 Slinkadelic Circus Jacob N Fader A 60s, fuzzy psychedelic haze permeates this funky-schizoid album that dips into acid jazz, blues rock and Italian sexadelic lounge. Think after-hour party in a redlight district on a far-away planet and your halfway there. Unabashed synth love, mallets,
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL178 Rockin' Oldies Jerome Pichon, Christophe Deschamps,Matthew Clark Rock'n'roll album full of personality, retro, pure, wild, very efficient and catchy, with solos and blues melodies.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM121 Velvet Rock Benson Voodoo, Lewis Deville Silky Smooth Blues Rock Ballads...
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB321 Retro Jukebox 3 Matthew Simon Clark,Ashley Clark,Ric Levy,Benedic Lamdin, Riaan Vosloo,Jessica Greenfield, Gavin Conder, Holley Gray,Conor Simpkins, Alessandro Gigante, Roberto Gigante, Michael Robert Irving,Stuart Anning, Lee Burnett,Gavin Conder, Holley Gray 1950s and 60s soul, Motown, 12 bar blues and rock & roll from the heyday of rhythm & blues
CUES4U.COM C4U256 Vocal Collection 1 Robert Alan Clifford, Michele Birrane,Robert Alan Clifford, Gideon Daniel Wagner,Robert Alan Clifford, Eva Abrahams,Robert Alan Clifford An exciting and extremely diverse collection of vocal cues in a wide variety of styles and moods by renowned composer Bob Clifford. Ranging from blues to Latin, from folk to California, the one thing they all share is the power of the human voice with so
CUES4U.COM C4U270 Stompbox Blues Alex Charles Veale, Jack Patrick Taylor A stylistically varied collection of Bues and Rock cues unified by the use of stompboxes, effects pedals and boutique amplifiers that enhance and manipulate the guitarist's tone to create original and compelling sounds.
SUPERSTORE SUPER014 Feeling Blue Alex Wingham, Kate Hargreaves 12 raw blues tales of love & despair featuring the acoustic guitars of Alex Wingham & the smoky vocals of Kate Hargreaves
RODEO MUSIC RDO0001 American Journey Stephan North, Graham Wright,Peter Willmann, Mike Kneller Ambient Americana Rock & Blues
RODEO MUSIC RDO0002 Rockin' Roadhouse Preservation Hall, Jenson Navarro,Peter Willmann, Mike Kneller Rockin' & Rollin' Tracks For Road Movies
RODEO MUSIC RDO0003 Blues Yonder Precious McKenzie, Lewis Deville Backyard Blues With Attitude
RODEO MUSIC RDO0008 Bangin' Blues Benson Voodoo, Baby Driver Cosmopolitan Blues For The Big City
RODEO MUSIC RDO0023 Rattlesnake Rock Preservation Hall, Jenson Navarro,Benson Voodoo, Lewis Deville Welcome to a rock n' roll, retro rave-upÉ
RODEO MUSIC RDO0025 Beats N' Blues Benson Voodoo, Baby Driver,Tom Thumb Dirty Blues Riffs N' Groovy Drum Loop Hits !
RODEO MUSIC RDO0028 Trailer Park Blues Precious McKenzie, Ian Shaw, Robert Earnest,Baby Driver, Precious McKenzie A bluesy look at the mobile side of all American, deep Southern living
ELBROAR ER1220 Come Back Harder - Ziggy Sullivin x Amadeus Indetzki Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin,Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Garrett,Amadeus Indetzki, Ziggy Sullivin, Andrew Ian Murray, Emily Taylor Consider yourself warned. You're about to enter a bold, hybrid world where powerful, orchestral might meets raspy, blues-riddled rock vocals in these inventive trailer jaggernauts. Featuring deep, insistent rhythmic momentum juxtaposed with heartfelt, som
LIFTMUSIC LIFT188 Snakeskin Boots Mathew Keith Walklate, Ari Rannus,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William Haynes, Sam Proctor,Mathew Keith Walklate,Mathew Keith Walklate, Ari Rannus, Thomas Attah,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William Haynes,Mathew Keith Walklate, Alexander William H Mat Walklate & friends take us on a journey through harmonica driven blues. From swinging Chicago blues songs, swampy delta blues, fireside americana blues to dirty blues rock stomps, jolly bluegrass & a whole lotta howlin' harps!
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE179 CINEMATIC SLIDE GUITAR Cameron Mcbride, Paul Cuddeford Dramatic, dusty underscores - all featuring slide, acoustic or electric guitars in a variety of textures and styles. Wistful and dirty tremolo sounds, sparse slide soundscapes and classic blues rock.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA050 Indigo Sessions 3 Michael Richards Blues, Gospel & RnB instrumental underscores, mixing traditional and contemporary elements
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM118 Horror Blues Tom Thumb Edgy, Strut, Dangerous, Playful, Sinister, Sly, Seductive, Eccentric
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM120 Groove Pop Otis Mable, Bentley Heath Groovy, Cool, Feel Good, Funky, Retro, Catchy, Hook, Poppy, Vocal Duet
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK625 ROUTE 66 Jean Francois Bourassin, Christophe Allemand,Ludovic Loy Collection of Retro Blues Rock, Classic and Southern Rock. A Taste of USA
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD227 SUAVE COOL & BREAKING THE RULES Sully Burton,Sully Burton, Craig Johnson,Craig Johnson, Sully Burton From funk to post-punk with swag-bags of bravado.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL245 Americana Highway #1 - Roots, Blues, Jazz, Country, Afro Rhythms & Experimental Chris Masterson, Fabian Jolivet,Tetsuya Nakamura, Frank Tutwiler, Fabian Jolivet,Hiram Camp, Fabian Jolivet,Greg Coates, Tetsuya Nakamura, Alex Ullrich, Fabian Jolivet,Michael Tempo, Frank Tutwiler, Fabian Jolivet,Paul Nicoll, Fabian Jolivet,Fabian Jolive Seductive, atmospheric and edgy. A special brew of Americana and its roots - a trail of sounds, styles, fusions and rhythms that lead back from the Americas to Africa.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL246 Americana Highway #2 - Roots, Blues, Jazz, Country, Afro Rhythms & Experimental Maya Thaman, Fabian Jolivet,Anthony David Martin, Fabian Jolivet,Captain Crab, Mario Barmosca, Fabian Jolivet,Fabian Jolivet,Paul Nicoll, Anthony David Martin, Fabian Jolivet,Paul Nicoll, Alex Ullrich, Fabian Jolivet,Tetsuya Nakamura, Geoff Grange, Anthon The passion, soul and spirit of Americana. Blues, Country, Gospel, Rhythm & Blues, Rock and Soul. Songs, ballads, boogies, stomps and celebrations.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX078 Happy Pop Soul Matthew Clark,Gabriel Marini, Lucas Napoleone,Ryan Egan Dancing and luminous soul blues including drums and brass instruments. Color and groove.
FUTURE POP FUP049 Blues Rock Pop Wayne Dineley Fiery, exciting and confident blues rock songs with passion-filled riffs and vibrant beats.
MIDCOAST MUSIC ARTISTS SONGS MCMA030 Play With Fire R&B Neo-Soul Pop Rock Christopher Francis Hanson, Cynthia Ann Starich Thoroughly modern diva pop with an eclectic mix of R&B, Neo-Soul, Rock and Blues.
ELBROAR ER1206 Small Jazz Combo - Vintage Styles From Smokey Basement Clubs Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli An authentic-sounding vintage Jazz album that recalls cool 60's New York elegance, Bossanova, bluesy ballads, smokey speakeasy - always cooking with a strong emphasis on rhythm. Featuring piano, trumpet, walking bass, brushed drums.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH197 America Acoustic Clem Clempson, Curtis F. Schwartz Catchy acoustic, bluesy, rocky, country themes featuring the acclaimed guitarist Clem Clempson
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS165 Western Stories Ivans Moroko, Max Broncho, Victro Lazlo Southern, Shuffle, Skank, Nashville, Hillbilly, 12 Bar Blues, Jazzy, Happy, Jaunty, Cheerful, Les Paul
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS378 Motherlode Scott Fritz,Mark D Moore Ballsy and bad ass, this testosterone-induced, heavy-hitting hard rock collection churns and burns with metal drum flourishes, powerful, blues-driven rhythm guitars and the macho patina of sweat and redemption. Some things are timeless; shredding is one o
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0171 Southern City Limits Wesley Garren,Sean LeeWiggins,Bart KHendrickson,Sean LeeWiggins,Joshua AlexanderBerman,Sean LeeWiggins Modern yet timeless country blues rock with strong, gutsy female vocals. Authentic, raw, and a bit sexy. Kickass music for hitting the road or grabbing a beer.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC16 Miles of Freedom Morten Johanson, Mats Matson cool, passionate and emotional instrumental music with the feeling of freedom, enjoyment, sensuality, nature and calm adventure; country and blues guitars, live drums and bass as the main instruments; especially suitable for contributions and documentarie
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC46 Road Trip Fabian Graetz,Fabian Graetz, Queens Road Passionate retro rock with the exuberant flair of the 60s and 70s and influences of Blues, R'n'B, Soul, Country and Surf Rock up to psychedelic components. Perfect for the musical accompaniment of topics such as freedom, zest for life, spontaneity, coolne
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX072 City Rock Matthew Clark,Gabriel Marini,Matteo Locasciulli, Victor Galey, Andrea Moscianese,Bastien Deshayes, Nicolas Clergue Rock trip with distortion guitar, drums and bass, very wild, going from garage to bluesy and groovy rock
BURN BURN052 Fired Up Indie Rock Tristan Ivemy,Tony Calligaris,Andrew Michael Britton Fully charged indie rock with a grit and determination that will add some swagger to your productions.
POKE MUSIC POKE090 Rock Radio Jim Oxborrow, Jimi Ashmore,John Etkin-Bell,Tim Fleet,Lee Baker,Marc Adamo, Thomas Hill,Ben Haynes,David John, Paul Sandrone, Thomas Gandey,Mark Revell, Jimi Ashmore,Samuel Beer-Pearce,Mark Revell,Tom Cook From brooding blues vocals to anthemic guitar-led indie, Rock Radio is a high octane, sport friendly compilation of contemporary and classic, all-action rock songs and instrumentals
NYB NYB145 Retro Funk Pop 2 Jonathan Gordon, Marlon Saunders, Nicki Richards,Jonathan Gordon, Nicki Richards,Jeffrey Washburn, Jonathan Gordon,Jonathan Gordon,Jeffrey Washburn, Jonathan Gordon, Marlon Saunders Throwback pop with a good dose of funk, a strong injection of soul.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1139 Rock The House David Wittman,Andy Zuckerman, Christopher Bentley Kemp,Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Henri Sebastian Wilkinson,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Jacob Daniel From the garage band through to the SXSW crowd, Indie Spirit is freedom in rock. No over produced plastic music here. What you will find is real musicians and honest guitars along with a fresh approach to rock and indie pop arrangements. Perfect for authe
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE166 POSTCARDS FROM MUSCLE SHOALS Matthew Cang The groove, the whole groove, and nothing but the groove. A collection of tunes and riffs, inspired by and recorded at the legendary FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Southern rock and authentic rhythm and blues.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA044 Modern Retro Chris Wells Jazz and blues based melodic tracks combining the essence of traditional and contemporary styles, blending acoustic sonorities with a touch of electronics.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1171 The Heart Of It All Eric Michael Janson, Thornton III Jenkins,Lester Frances, Sarah Trevino,David Ashok Ramani, Thornton III Jenkins,Fritz Doddy,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,Lester Frances, Mike Fraumeni,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Greg Rappaport,Benson Taylor, Thor Heartfelt, soulful and sometimes gritty underscores evoking an emotional response for that particularly poignant moment.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1190 Rough Tough & Rock Luther Russell,Mike Fraumeni,Michael Sherwood, Ryan Paul Gilbert,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,Kenny Segal, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Gregory D Griffith, Ryan Paul Gilbert,David W Crank it to 11 and hit the highway with the windows down with these gritty blues-rock and lo-fi garage rock grooves.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1253 Built To Rock Jaco Caraco, Jono Brown,Luther Russell,Ken Korade,Jeff Kollman, Jono Brown,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Jono Brown,Andy Zuckerman, Christopher David Campanaro,Gregory D Griffith,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Disco Stew,Christopher Bentley Kemp,Matthew A. Fle Rocking Riffs, Soulful Jams, Bluesy Grooves and Pop Hooks that take you everywhere From The Beaches of SoCal To The Deep South
ELIAS MUSIC EM1259 Grit And Swagger Nard Berings,Jaco Caraco, Jono Brown,Alexander Holmes Kemp, Brian Liesegang, Joseph Patrick Cassidy,Jono Brown, Thomas Lilly,Luther Russell Bluesy, Swampy , Edgy Rock & Electronica Collide To Create A Gritty Hybrid Collection Packed With Attitude & Swagger.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1291 Swampy Ryan Rehm,Luther Russell,Bruce Bouton, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Jaco Caraco, Jono Brown,Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Jono Brown, Thomas Lilly,Jeff Kollman, Jono Brown,Kenneth Brian Lewis, Pat Bergeson, Scott Dente Bayou infused, swampy blues tracks filled to the brim with Southern attitude & bravado.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1363 Swampy Vol. 2 David Luther Cleveland, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Paul Christopher Otten,David Ashok Ramani,Blair Masters, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,David Le Moyne Grow Our second installment of bayou infused, swampy blues tracks filled to the brim with Southern attitude & bravado.
L'ILLUSTRATION MUSICALE IMLP15 Music for Loving / Music for Laughing Eddie Warner,Eric Swan This is the 15th album of the IM (L'illustration Musicale) vintage catalogue. 'Music for Loving / Music for Laughing' was composed by Eddie Warner and Eric Swan. Original vinyl sound, initially released in 1975.
KOKA FOR TV KTV0072 PROMOS & TRAILERS - Riders Attitude Franck Fossey,Jean Baptiste Ayoub, Sebastien Janjou Riders & bikers soundtrack, the perfect playlist for action, sports and ride.
ONE MUSIC OM252 Stomp Clap Blues Brian Flores, James Laboz, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott Booming beats with dirty blues & blues/rock riffs. Nothing but true grit.
ELBROAR ER1180 Canyons Juan Zagalaz Cachinero, Ross Andrew McLean,Ross Andrew McLean Buffalo boots driven blues rock and dusty Americana fuelled by attitude, emotion and gasoline... telling stories of love, loss and perseverance.
YOUR TUNE MUSIC YT027 Children's Tunes 2 Quirky, Positive, Happy, Electronic Drums, Keyboards, Synthesiser, Adventure Movies, Animation Film, Children, Epic Movies, Fantasy Movies, Relevant to Children, Storytime and Fantasy, Action Adventure, Fantasy Adventure, Adventurous, Childlike, Exciting,
CUES4U.COM C4U120 Vintage Ska And Reggae Nasser Bouzida A cool collection of authentic mod, retro, ska, reggae and rocksteady cues featuring live Hammond organ, with live rhythm section and guitars evoking an authentic iconic Two-Tone-esque ska and reggae style.
CUES4U.COM C4U127 Designer Soundscapes - Colours Mark Simon James Findon,Ashley John Long A collection of textures and soundscapes from the meditative to the unnerving inspired by colours. Created using a mix of synthesisers, acoustic trumpet with a bluesy harmon mute sound and a bowed Renaissance violone treated electronically to create other
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT192 Emotive Pop Joseph Robert Taylor, Rob Cass,David Gerard Lawrence, Nosa Obasohan, Sarah Elizabeth Berresford,David Gerard Lawrence, Juliet Hudson, Nosa Obasohan,Alyusha Mamiko Chagrin, David Gerard Lawrence, Oliver Holmes Powerful, emotive vocal pop ballads.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR080 Hipster Blues Revival Sebastian Barnaby Robertson
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX065 Americana Jonny Jones, Buddy Thompson,Jasper Wilkinson, John Myers,Ben Please, Bethany Rosanna Porter,Jonny Jones Bluegrass, Delta Blues and Country Folk and Rock.
FRESHWORX FRX034 Wild at Heart Patrick Talbot Richard West, Vasco Widescreen Americana - Evocative soundtracks with authentic country, blues and folk flavours. For documentary, nature, and travel tales from the wild.
SOUND BREAKERS SB059 Bad-Ass Swamp Rock Vol. 1 John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Timothy Ross Mosher Heavy, Bluesy, Down and Dirty Swamp Rock with a Southern Feel.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM536 Roadhouse Blues Akberet Beyene,Akberet Beyene, Andreas R. Schuld Eclectic West-Coast blues, featuring stomping barn dances, heartfelt songs and reflective scene-setters
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