ムード「アグレッシブ」アルバム検索結果791件 (1/8ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP097 Rhythmic Percussive Beats Alan Myson,Oliver Price,Robert George Howes, Trina Smith,Eamonn Patrick Downes,Joseph Connor, Oliver Timothy Slack, Samuel William Heath, Theo Serge Krish,Joseph Marinetti,Gadi Sassoon,Shervin Hejazi Fusing everything from Dancehall and Soca to Trap and Grime, these hard-hitting electronic bangers are guarenteed to bring an abundance of energy, originality and carnival flavour.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP060 Maxim presents Trapped Beats John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Audra Nishita, John Bryan, Keith Palmer Do not stop here for your one-shot skinny latte with lite foam, these streets are mean and the beats are too. Courtesy of Maxim, genre-pushing producer and one-third of rave legends The Prodigy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP062 Kid Koala presents Beats and Bytes Eric San When the pressure is on, the tension is rising and all is to play for these beats, drones, rock and hip hop influenced loops will prove to be real game-changers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP076 Storytelling Sunny Matthew Nicholson Pure, simple and with underlying hope and positivity, Storytelling Sunny has the ability to rise above the ordinary.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP080 Classical Classics 1 Edvard Grieg, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Nicolai Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov,Alan William Baker, Claude Debussy,Camille Saint-Saens, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Richard Wagner,Antonio Vivaldi, George Beck,George Beck, Gioachino Rossini,Edvard Grieg, George B A collection of famous orchestral pieces you will recognise straight away, featuring lush and opulent instrumentation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP086 Trailers - Journey To Triumph Paul Lennox,Gadi Sassoon,Petrina April Smith, Robert George Howes,Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Alex Banks From the call to arms, to the battle cry and onto victory, this album will soundtrack your Journey To Triumph
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST014 Fear Robert Dudzic This uber dark, inventive, mini-soundscape toolkit ranges from bone-chilling sub-bass drones to disturbing visceral sounds of the unspeakable. Please enjoy!
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST016 Industrial Robert Dudzic Dark and edgy, industrial sound effects and hits reverberate fear and create jump scares in these intense trailer production elements.
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST017 Mechanical Trailer FX Robert Dudzic Metallic grinding, screeching and banging highlight these mechanical trailer effects.
ELBROAR ER1250 Organ Inferno Mathias Rehfeldt These infernally-charged trailer cues feature pipe organ in all its grandiose glory as it oscillates between militaristic percussion, dramatic orchestral themes and brutish drum strikes to create an epic thrill ride of adventure and fantasy.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA079 Quest - Epic Motivational Stef Tahlia Buzzy guitars, anthemic chants and stomp-clap rhythms fuse with massive low-end power beats to amp up these inspirational, slow-grinding rock instrumentals that aim to conquer.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC100 Attention Peter Jordan, Moritz Heidrich,Mario Schumacher,Morten Johanson, David Ebermann,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Peter Jordan, Fabian Schickedanz,Nigel Watson,Citokid,Roman Andor Krotil,Timo Jewel,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Alan Jay Reed,Queens Road Self-confident, expressive, aggressive and cheeky music in different styles from rock to funk to electronica - attention is energy.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM069 Pure Percussion James Yan,Wesley Hicks,Christopher Elmslie Upbeat, energetic rhythmic percussion underscores for advertising, reality TV, sports & game shows, featuring powerful drums, cool body percussion & quirky found sounds.
TONAL CHAOS TCT031 MIRACLE (Cinematic Holiday) Amadeus Indetzki Celebrate with holiday cheer as you step out of the ordinary, and immerse yourself into our winter wonderland. Enjoy the festivities through this cinematic holiday collection of 12 tracks and ALT mixes featuring some of your seasonal favorites with a uniq
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA139 The Badlands Corban Shane Calhoun, Gabriel Candiani Mystery and drama emanate from gritty electric guitars, cinematic synths and edgy drums in these tense, aggressively arranged scoring cues.
AUDIO ATTACK TRAILER SEIRES AATS007 Stompede Adam Garrett Weyenberg,Justin Robert Robbins,Dan Thiessen,Christer Lennart Wibert,Andreas Jan Gajewski,Akaash Mukherjee,Count Zero,Beto FortisSACM,nordic Dunn,Alexander Cherevkov,Christoffer Isef`lt,Andre Jesus Oliveira,Giscard Rasquin,Steven Andrew McDon Colossal, exhilarating and devastating trailer cues featuring mind-blowing trailer percussion and deadly signature synths.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS078 Savage Beats For Sports, Energy & Power Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson, Andrea Terrano,Callum Robert Melville, Luke James Melville, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson An album full of Tough and Aggressive tracks aimed at Sports and all things Action. Emotions and Usages inc. Determination, Confidence, Speed, Energy, Celebration, Tough, Effort, Urban, Youth, Teenagers, Feel-good, Moody, Passion and Power. 60/30 sec for
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS080 Mean & Moody (Techno, House, Dub, Trip Hop) Andrew Giles Beaton An album full of Tough Electronic Beats based tracks. Ideal for Aggressive and Modern programming right though to Urban, Underground and Advertising. Lots of Variation in the Alternative Versions, and as always with TMS releases, stems are available.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP006 Amon Tobin Productions presents Two Fingers Amon Tobin Amon Tobin Productions brings his signature Two Fingers sound - bassy, edgy, intense and inimitable - to the Ninja Tune production music library
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP018 It's A Trap 1 Andrew David Robinson,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Gadi Sassoon,Thomas Belton It's an outbreak of beats, grime, trap and rap.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP019 World Not As You Know It Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Valasis,Alex Banks,Finn McNicholas,Alan Myson,Keir John Fraser A journey around the modern world savouring the atmosphere and sounds of different cultures
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP032 Amplified Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alexander Rudd,Andrew David Robinson,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Alexander Stephan Golding,Peter Wrig This is rock with an electric edge. Confident, edgy, bluesy, indie, moody and energetic. For full effect, turn it up to 11!
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB008 Drive - Tension Drama Underscore Damon William Baxter, Flaviu Ciocan, Marton Horvath,Damon William Baxter, Mike Westergaard All out, high-octane sports tension and drama with pulsing bass lines, punctuated hits, timed risers and ticking percussion, keeping you on the edge of your seat!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP002 Forward Syncing Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton,Finn McNicholas,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Calling all advertisers. New car to sell? Next gen energy drink? The latest tech? These Driving, futuristic tracks will help you upsell, every time.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_041 Luminary - Futuristic Sci-Fi Action Roman Kovalik Futuristic, sci-fi hybrid action drama cues featuring synths, strings, brass, percussion and sound design
VALO ARTISTS VALO_230 Airic Gabriel Candiani, Erik Alfonso Diaz,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani VALO Artist Airic burns up the mic in this super-smooth, club-ready, Hip Hop release, featuring his trademark rhyme styles and deep, hypnotic grooves that take aim straight for the heart. No prisoners!
VALO ARTISTS VALO_243 Velvet Echo Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Chase Baker,Chase Ryan Taylor,Scott Brenden Wiley, Stuart Barry Maxfield, Aaron David Anderson An eclectic mix across multiple genres from Velvet Echo includes rebellious indie rock, tranquil and romantic synth pop and lighthearted poptronica.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_251 DJ Don Candiani - Rumbeando Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Moises Ortiz Santa, Francisco Alberto Perez,Gabriel Candiani, Ennio Emmanuel Zaragoza,Moises Ortiz Santa, Francisco Alberto Perez, Gabriel Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Ranging from the aggressive to the romantic, this Latin electronic dance collection features insistent, pulsing loops, playful, nostalgic synths and a groove, fast or slow, that beckons the hips.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_266 Kenny Olson Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candi Detroit guitarist Kenny Olson brings his rugged and energetic rock chops to the world of rap, merging heavy, distorted rock riffs with lively hip hop beats, classic rock drums and an aggressive, frenetic flow.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_275 Chad Chad Lane Crawford, Gabriel Candiani Adventurous, grungy pop-rock hits hard, pumping ambitious adrenaline as Chad creates anthemic, memorable guitar leads, head-banging drums and passionate, electrifying vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_303 Danger Silent - Greetings From The Future Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn Danger Silent and their sultry alternative rock style merge moody guitars, earnest, passionate layered male vocals and chunky anthemic choruses - unveiling strength through misfortune in this anthemic collection of epic rock tracks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_330 That's Just Business - Lady MPK Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Miranda Lee Siegersma,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Whitney Lauren Neely,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy The women represent on this confident, empowering hip hop collection of catchy refrains, quick bass-heavy rhythms, trap sheen and savvy, relatable raps about life at the top - getting there and staying there - delivered with no-nonsense feminine swagger b
VALO ARTISTS VALO_331 International House of Hip Hop Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo,Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo, Kazunori Shimazu,Leo Eli, Justin Daniel Kamerer,Leo Eli,Leo Eli, David John Walker,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon, Kazunori Shimazu Traveling across Asia - including Russia, India, Korea and Japan - these authentic hip-hop tracks offer international flavors, bold, modern production with deep bass grooves and trap nuances. Expressed in their native languages, these cuts feature pop and
VALO ARTISTS VALO_208 Black Prez Gabriel Candiani, Joshua Madry LA/Berlin-Based Rapper Black Prez is a fast-paced and heady rapper pushing a strong, edgy sound doused in his signature personality.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_334 Oakland Bounce Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Andre Frederick Fortier,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Robert Richard Hisquierdo A distinctive Oaktown funky swagger permeates these bass-driven mid-tempo hip-hop tracks featuring both male and female leads. Authentic lyrics speak to overcoming the grind of the street while rhythms maintain a light bounce that grooves and acoustic tou
VALO ARTISTS VALO_220 Ray Blunt Marcus Bently An edgy, contemporary rock, high-energy CD, full of subterranean rock hits with strong drums, guitars, keys and bass. Featuring powerful performances by VALO Artists Ray Blunt.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_222 Xavier Tre Lampkin Gabriel Candiani, Xavier Tre Lampkin, Jeremy Ley VALO Artist Xavier Tre Lampkin comes in swinging with this hard-hitting, dangerous collection of trunk-rattlin' bangers.
NOISE REFINERY NRF039 Amped Up Christian Telford, Kenneth Edward Belcher, Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi,Kenneth Edward Belcher, Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi Electronic Rock Instrumentals
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR225 Rev It Up Rock Keith LuBrant, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson High powered, motivational, victorious rock jams. Guitar shredding abound!
3 MONKEYS 3M018 Trap Treasures Andreas Andreas Bolldén,Marcel Tiggemann,Fredrik Lewen,Jonas Pomo Trap beats with loads of breaks and heavy stabs, perfect for those blood, sweat and tears moments. A more moody selection is also hidden in the treasure chest. Let those dogs out and let the game begin!
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1029 Adrenalin Rush Darren Ellis Smith,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth,Alan Jay Reed, Queens Road,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Callum Robert Melville, Luke James Melville,Queens Road Ultramodern EDM and electro-rock hybrids for ads and promos. Bristling with energy.
SEVENTH SENCE SVN049 No Surrender 2 Or Chausha,Boris Nonte,Harel Tsemah, Itay Steinberg Thriller tension trailer cues with sophisticated sonics and a sense of urgency. Perfect for Action, Sci Fi and Gaming.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM153 Brass Trap Drops Andrey Tatarinov,PAVLO NIKOLAIENKO, YEVHEN TERESHCHUK,Will Saulsky High energy epic Trap/EDM tracks with heavy emphasis on drops featuring brass horns. Perfect for promos and sports.
VALO ARTISTS VALO330 That's Just Business - Lady MPK Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Miranda Lee Siegersma,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Whitney Lauren Neely,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy The women represent on this confident, empowering hip hop collection of catchy refrains, quick bass-heavy rhythms, trap sheen and savvy, relatable raps about life at the top - getting there and staying there - delivered with no-nonsense feminine swagger b
A-LIST RECORDS AR019 The Bissonette Brothers - Across The Pond Gregg Bissonette, Matt Bissonette Fun, retro and rockin' classic British rock and pop styles inspired by the sounds of the '60s and '70s, featuring keys, jangly guitars, mellotron, drums, bass, and male vocals
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM119 Big Drum Promos Ralph Salmins Powerful drums make powerful promos! Aggressive, intense percussion for achieving impact.
BURN BURN057 Girls Rock Kellogg Alison Kathryn, Mitchell Marlow,Holly Rae Parker, Joshua Trey Collins, Mitchell Marlow,Mitchell Marlow,Ashley David Homar,Holly Rae Parker, Mitchell Marlow Edgy Rock songs featuring powerful female vocals.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS184 The Birth Of Metal Gary Bishop, Max Bronco, Grant Ransom Heavy metal and aggressive rock styles
VALO ARTISTS VALO331 International House of Hip Hop Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo,Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo, Kazunori Shimazu,Leo Eli, Justin Daniel Kamerer,Leo Eli,Leo Eli, David John Walker,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon, Kazunori Shimazu Traveling across Asia - including Russia, India, Korea and Japan - these authentic hip-hop tracks offer international flavors, bold, modern production with deep bass grooves and trap nuances. Expressed in their native languages, these cuts feature pop and
VALO ARTISTS VALO334 Oakland Bounce Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Andre Frederick Fortier,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Karina Marie Flonnoy,Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Dimitri L Syde, Robert Richard Hisquierdo A distinctive Oaktown funky swagger permeates these bass-driven mid-tempo hip-hop tracks featuring both male and female leads. Authentic lyrics speak to overcoming the grind of the street while rhythms maintain a light bounce that grooves and acoustic tou
SOUND BREAKERS SB085 Grunge Rock Vol. 1 John K. Sands, Rick DiFonzo,John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Our first volume of Seattle-style Grunge Rock. Gritty with attitude.
SOUND BREAKERS SB088 Sports Hybrid Vol. 5 Alejandro Gutierrez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Dennis Ramone Gonzalez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Christian James Walker, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Bruce Adam Gilley, John K. Sands, Marc Volume 5 of our Edgy Promo Music for Sports.
SEVENTH SENCE SVN047 Sound Design Trailers 2 Zelig Sound,Michael Werner Maas More sonically stunning trailer cues with terrifying soundscapes, pulsing synths and pounding drums. Perfect for Sci- Fi, Games, Action and Thriller Trailers.
HOOKED HKD010 Black Prez: The Takeover Black Prez, James Oliver Hutchinson, Vance Westlake,Black Prez, Christopher James Dececio, Vance Westlake,Black Prez, Christopher Lewis, Vance Westlake,Black Prez, Jonathan Philip Dix, Thierry Laurent Kronental, Vance Westlake Full throttle, high intensity hip hop, featuring US rapper Black Prez. The fight is on. Lyric themes - victory, power, defiance.
ATTITUDE ATUD031 Hell To Pay Matthew S Orr These gritty sports rock grooves dig in deep with grinding, distorted guitars, arena-style, stomp-clap drums and fat, grungy bass lines that elicit a no-nonsense, brash confidence. Low, textured male vocal lines - sans lyrics - add an extra game-day jolt.
CPM CAR551 Cyber Tekno Count Zero,Count Zero, Damon Baxter,Count Zero, Sooski,Count Zero, Stephen Baysted This collection of hard, pulsating electronica relies on industrial sounds, toughened beats, rasping synth layers and growling bass lines to convey a dystopian and gritty landscape.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM334 Epic Events Ben Townsend Powerful orchestral elements combine with explosive beats to create an inspiring array of larger-than-life arrangements to punctuate the most epic of occasions.
TONAL CHAOS TCT014 Forces Of Impact - Hybrid Drums Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Harrison King,Andrii Yefymov,Jonathan Altenmuller,Patrick Rundblad,Matthew Kratz,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Tito Huapaya Force of Impact is more than just drums, it's 18 captivating tracks featuring a blend of hybrid drums and percussion, modern hard hitting synths, and sound design with a dynamic range that will take you from the active city streets to a distant dystopian
TONAL CHAOS TCT026 Burn - Slow Building Themes Giscard Rasquin,Armi Päivinen,Emad Yaghoubi,Manuel Federici,Murat Nagoev,Jonathan Altenmuller,Henning Hansen,Harrison King,Dominik Alexander Hecker,Andrii Yefymov "Burn" is a collection of slow building cinematic themes that delicately begins with lush atmospheres and unique signature sounds, while slowly building until you reach an epic climactic conclusion. A blend of modern synths, organic orchestration, and uni
ENERGY MUSIC EN023 POWER – Massive Promo Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast Energetic, proud and heroic rock aimed squarely at big sport, ad and promo. Huge, soaring, anthemic vocal hooks with triumphant, determined lyrics riding high over live, aggressive and raucous rock bands. A true winners' toolkit.
AUDIO ATTACK TRAILER SEIRES AATS005 Attack Of The Dark - Dark Slow Burn Christer Lennart Wibert,Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz,Steffen Thum,Steven Andrew McDonald,Massimiliano Foti,Christoffer Emil Isefaelt,Jorge Hervas Martinez, Hector Soler Montaner,Mervin Mathew Pillai,Heiko Matthias Claudio Sengbusch Brutally dramatic and suspenseful trailer cues brimming with darkness, menace and epic intensity.
AUDIO ATTACK TRAILER SEIRES AATS006 Projekt Shakti 2120 - Trailerized EDM & Hip Hop Akaash Mukherjee Powerful, dystopian and intensely dark trailer cues with EDM and Hip Hop undertones. Filled with aggressive action, urgency and thrilling mystery.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM006 Heavy Rock Iliya Zaki Bin Aziz Edgy, aggression-filled guitars and massive metal beats create propulsive, swaggering cues filled with bravado and energy.
AUDIO ATTACK TRAILER SEIRES AATS004 Blitz Attack Akaash Mukherjee,Julian Lee,Andreas Jan Gajewski,Mervin Mathew Pillai,Adam Garrett Weyenberg,Steven Andrew McDonald,Jorge Hervas Martinez, Hector Soler Montaner,Giscard Rasquin,Ollie Waltz,Andrew Michael Skipper,Count Zero Destructive and devastating action cues filled with brutal intensity and a sense of imminent conflict.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD236 RAGE ROCK James Grant,Anders Eliasson Roos Combative, tough-guy rock that takes no prisoners.
CINETIKS PRODUCTION MUSIC ESL-CKPM025 Electronic End Times Phil Von, Hugues Villette Electronic music with with steely drive, fast-paced action, and a sense of approaching conflict
TONAL CHAOS TCT006 Dark Matter - Tension Harrison King,Tito Huapaya,Donald Wayne Hoefle,Christopher Stephen James,Trevor Wayne Howard,Eric S Breiner Dark Matter houses 10 dark, tense and powerful cues. Dare to experience the sensation of accelerating swiftly towards the climax or partaking in a journey that will change the fate of the world, Dark Matter has it all. Topped with a sound design that keep
TONAL CHAOS TCT016 Trailer Tools - Horror Patrick Rundblad,Dario Ferrante,Harrison King,Tito Huapaya,Andrii Yefymov,Amadeo Lopez,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Adrian Nicholas Valdez Hits, Stingers, Risers, Braams, Pings and Atmospheres perfect for scary, haunting & horror projects.
TONAL CHAOS TCT019 Rebirth - Intense • Classical • Hybrid Naren Rauch,Robin Hall,Patrick Rundblad,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Jonathan Altenmuller,Amadeo Lopez Recorded with live strings, feel the power and experience the intimacy of these modern classical and sophisticated hybrid masterpieces. Explosive and filled with passion, hold on tight as the orchestra is overcharged with vigorous rhythms, aggressive ost
TONAL CHAOS TCT023 Dystopia Giscard Rasquin,Andrew Whyte,Brandon Gleason,Hans Magnus,Tihomir Hristozov,Patrick Rundblad,Murat Nagoev,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Jonathan Altenmuller,Manuel Federici,Henning Hansen,Harrison King,Craig Meier,Andii Yefymov This album paints complex and magnificent worlds with its blood curling textures, aggressive synths, pulsing beats, and wailing distorted guitars. The tension between new-found power and unintended consequences is palpable throughout the collection, leav
ENERGY MUSIC EN018 TRAPPED – Cutting Edge Sports Promo Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Paul Umbrella Grandiose, pumping trap bangers. Drenched in swagger, bluster and attitude. Full of promo, sports, youth drama and ad-friendly builds and drops. Overflowing with gutsy sub-bass, explosive brass, wonky synth lines, edgy beats and catchy vocal hooks. This b
FRONT RUNNERS FRONT114 Rich Rap Beats Leo Eli, Myariah Summers, Stephane Lo Jacomo,Andrey Tatarinov, Leo Eli,Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon,Leo Eli, Stephane Lo Jacomo,Leo Eli,Erika Jordan, Leo Eli, Rayvaughn Vernon Rap beats featuring heavy-hitting bass with aggressive synths and tight hi-hats. Featuring vocals from Jane Handcock and Lucci Vee.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN041 Epic Stomp & Clap Samuel Griffiths Epic rock hybrid tracks with bags of swagger and attitude for sports promos.
TRUE STORIES TRU151 Fierce Sport Daniel James Denning, Jon Christian, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Marc Frampton, Thom Powell Hard rocking impact for sports action, the will to win and the thick of the fight
VOLTA MUSIC VM048 Sound Design: Volume 2 Enrico Cacace,Enrico Cacace, Manuel Bandettini,Enrico Cacace, Mario Mazzoli An explosive trailer toolkit for action, sci-fi, horror and thriller. 100 HITS, RISES, HEARTBEATS, DOWNERS, SUCKBACKS, PULSES AND TICKING CLOCKS.
WALL OF NOISE WON025 Hybridized Hip Hop Jack Gibbons, Matthew Watt,Christopher Harris, David Thomas Connolly, Max Rowat,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,David Westlake,John Francis Campbell Ross,Dominic Marsh, James Oliver Hutchinson,Dominic Marsh, James T Cra A mash up of heavy hip hop riffs and cinematic trailer risers
A-LIST MUSIC AL_038 RELOADED - Epic Metal Chase Culp, Michael Wilton Hard-driving epic and ambient metal rock performed by guitarist Michael Wilton of Queensryche
A-LIST RECORDS AR016 Bissonette Brothers - Bitcoin Nation Gregg Bissonette, Matt Bissonette Driving hard rock with syncopated drum grooves, fat bass riffs, blazing guitars, rocking lead synths and full male vocals
ELIAS MUSIC EM2964 Hip Hop Haze Vol. 2 Steven David Fay Get lost in the Haze. A tripped out collection of hip hop beats with vocals ... some built to inspire, while others take you down and dirty.
IN REALITY IRL043 Intense 2 Edgard Jaude Intense and epic orchestral hybrid tracks great for promos and reality programming.
UNIVERSAL TRAILER SERIES UTS052 Purge Gresby Race Nash,Colin Andrew McGinness,Michael Werner Maas,Lincoln Jaeger Apocalyptic trailers; amplifying trauma with alarming momentum.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC63 Full-Blown Issues Sebastian Katzer Dark, agitated, partly dark and partly aggressive music with drama and intense pulsations to express violent crisis situations within documentaries or severe tension on reality TV.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK014 Tech: Defects Jon Hansson,Thomas Strasser,Skydiva,Peter Jeremias,Viktor Petrov,Hamilton Hawksworth,Florian Thaller,Didier Viseux,Daniel Elias Brenner,Alan Jay Reed,Richard Armstrong, Martin Nicholas Gratton,Raffael Gruber, Matthias Ullrich,John Bullaro, Dennis Buikema, Pulsating electronica with subtle disruptions and dirty synths for passive-aggressive tech stories.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS036 For The Inspired (Adrenaline Charged Guitar) Martin Neil Jackson An album full of Big, Aggressive and Uplifting Guitar tracks. Covering Punk, Rock, Metal and Post-Rock. Euphoric Builds and Soaring Highs. Emotions and Usages inc. Trailers, Promos, Sports, Extreme Sports, Action, Adventure, Adrenaline, Anger, Aggression,
ZERO TO SIXTY ZTS042 Pandemonia Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Maria Sandia,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Lucas Villemur,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Matthew Cohen,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green Dirty, creepy, dark, distorted promo/trailer cues that capture the fear and the chaos of pure pandemonia.
POKE MUSIC POKE098 Rock Monster Martin Jackson,Ben Haynes,Quist,John Etkin-Bell,Nick Pynn, Kate Daisy Grant,Wayne Banks, Jason Banks, Jimi Ashmore,Tom Ashton,David John, Paul Sandrone,Mark Chapman, David John,Oliver Kilpatrick,Samuel Robinson,Samuel Beer-Pearce A beastly behemoth of aggressive guitars and pounding drums, Rock Monster is an eclectic array of heavy rock tracks for sport, promos and more. Unleash the beast and give your productions some added attitude!
GOTHAM MUSIC GM237 Something's Happening Emanuel Kallins, Stephen Teller When a world is in serious crisis, we have to be concerned, who's got it right? who's got it wrong? when will it end? News drama at it's best depicting a pandemic and a recovery
POPCORN MUSIC LTD POPC007 Rage Robin Hall,Paul Whitehead,Dean McGinnes, Mariano Roberto Iannone,Randall Jermaine Jean Pierre,Tihomir Goshev Hristozov,Conor Blake Manning, Jeremy John Stack,David Bertrand Holland Leaving a trail of destruction in its wake with these powerful, gritty and aggressive hybrid sound design tracks. Feel the Rage!
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS008 123 Bounce (Trap / Beats) Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Luke Melville, Callum Melville, Molly Jackson Huge Trap & Beats album. Packed full of Energy, Hooks and Vocal Clips. Perfect for all Sports, Celebration & Promo Action. The Biggest & Coolest Beats you'll hear all year.
GRAPHIC SOUND DESIGN GSD010 Whoosh William Arnett This aggressive sound design collection creatively combines whooshes, drones, metallic chimes, breaths and all manner of hyper-real pyro technics to elicit menace and shock. Or just jolt you out of a calm stupor.
IN REALITY IRL038 Intense Jacques Brautbar,Edgard Jaude,Max Concors Intense and building orchestral hybrid tracks great for promos and tense reality programming.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN038 Where No One Can Hear You Scream Maksim Tyutmanov A dark, cinematic take on space exploration and research. Deep, menacing drones and pulses express the danger and vastness of space.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN040 Supercharged: Trailers Vol.5 Jordan Rees, Samuel Griffiths,Peter Nickalls Epic, orchestral-hybrid trailers for heroes and anti-heroes of the past and future.
SEE SEE039 Viral Elram Yerachmiel Bokser, Or Kribos, Tiran Ezra, Udi Harpaz Dark, percussive orchestra and atmospheric rock guitars create an uneasy, aggressive mood perfect for dystopia, contagion, pandemic, unrest, war, and sci-fi
VOLTA MUSIC VM063 Asylum Count Zero,Paul Russell,Enrico Cacace Dark and twisted sound design cues for horror and thriller trailers, the darkest documentaries and toe-curling drama.
FOCUS FCD436 Winning Beats Sam Caulin Schummer,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Bartlomiej Gastol,Félix Boudreau,Liam Luke Iliffe,Luke Horton-Crundall, Merrick Lee Craven,Anthony Brown,Nick Symoens,Stanley Jeong,David John Walker Trap, Hip Hop and Future Bass beats with a dynamic drive and energy that makes them perfect for Sports TV and fitness.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC12 Extreme Percussion Tools Alan Jay Reed aggressive, powerful, mighty and striking percussion music to support prominent scenes with lots of action and dynamics; especially suitable for reality shows, contest shows, casting shows, sports shows, documentaries and trailers
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC27 World Conflicts - Middle East Francisco Becker Germain Serious, dramatic, underlining, intense, sometimes subtly tense, sometimes aggressively agitated and sometimes thoughtful instrumental music with a variety of oriental instruments for topics around the Arab world, the Middle East, intercultural mediation
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC28 Extreme Sports Hanjo Gäbler, Martin Olding,Alan Jay Reed, Queens Road,Citokid,Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Kaspar Kuoppamäki,George Henson,Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener,Lars Hempel, Michael Firmont,Morten Johanson Dynamic, powerful, hard-hitting, aggressive, edgy and atmospheric instrumental music for topics such as sports, extreme sports, competition, training, combat, rebellion, persecution and action. Cool modern hard rock guitar as a defining style element. Per
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