ムード「アトモスフェリック」アルバム検索結果1,692件 (1/17ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP095 Reeps One presents Harry Yeff Renowned London beatboxer Reeps One presents an assortment of atmospheric tracks, showcasing his versatility and mind-bending skill.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP061 Hang Drum Journey pt. 1 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson The hang drum is the basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP100 Reflective and Inspiring Strings Alan Myson Soul-stirring and evocative, these soundscapes combine organic strings and piano with electronic washes for a timeless and poignant sound.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP063 Ambient Grandeur Matthew Nicholson, Sabrina Plamenova,Matthew Nicholson,Thomas Belton,Alan Myson Broad, airy, panoramic and minimalist sculptures that convey warmth, depth, meditation and relaxation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP064 Funki Porcini presents Ambient Beats James Patrick Darcy Braddell Turn off the lights and immerse yourself in this downbeat, ambient extravaganza from film composer and trip hop pioneer James Braddell aka Funki Porcini.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP067 Inner City Orchestra Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,John Valasis,Patrick Edward Carpenter Relentlessly tense, edgy, dramatic and determined themes that will launch the newest SUV, create tension or celebrate achievement whilst making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP069 Travelling Light: Inbound Keir John Fraser,Alan Myson,Eric San,Tom Evans,Harun Lyicil,Thomas Belton,Alexander Stephan Golding,Donal Scott, Renny Jackson,Donal Scott, Renny Jackson, Salvador Daza A collection of gentle atmospheric tracks from different parts of the world
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS082 Modern Drama (Pulses, Throbs, Knocks, & Ticks) Ronnie W Verboom An album full of Electronic and Atmospheric Underscores for Modern Drama. Ideal for underscoring Tension, Suspense, Futuristic, Crime and Thriller scenes and sceanrios. Lots of variation in the alternative versions, and as always with TMS releases, stems
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP070 Coldcut presents Atmospheres Jonathan Richard More, Matt Black Ninja Tune founding fathers and electronic music mavericks Coldcut present their first ever production music album - a cosmic, intriguing, floaty collection of tracks
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP076 Storytelling Sunny Matthew Nicholson Pure, simple and with underlying hope and positivity, Storytelling Sunny has the ability to rise above the ordinary.
NORDIC ID NORD107 Cinematic Landscapes Torsti Juhani Spoof With the Nordic nature as inspiration the 10 full orchestral tracks from Cinematic Landscape are perfect to capture heroic and epic moments.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP079 Hang Drum Journey pt. 3 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson,Anthony Woods, Matthew Nicholson The basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC101 Urban Mysteries Claus Quidde, Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Tom Lang,Claus Quidde,Rene Muenzer,Claus Quidde, Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang, Claus Quidde,Tom Daring, atmospheric, urban and smart underscores that reflect urban life with a focus on its criminal, wicked and underground facets.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP057 Petrified Gadi Sassoon,Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall Did that doll just wink at me? Welcome to hell on earth, whatever you do, don't turn out the lights and for Pete's sake, lock the door behind you!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP080 Classical Classics 1 Edvard Grieg, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Nicolai Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov,Alan William Baker, Claude Debussy,Camille Saint-Saens, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Richard Wagner,Antonio Vivaldi, George Beck,George Beck, Gioachino Rossini,Edvard Grieg, George B A collection of famous orchestral pieces you will recognise straight away, featuring lush and opulent instrumentation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP058 Raffertie presents Synth Odyssey Benjamin Paul Stefanski Deep, dramatic and emotive synthesiser tracks that exercise, stretch and challenge every sense. Courtesy of composer, producer and recording artist Raffertie.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP089 Made In Japan Yu Namikoshi A comprehensive mix of styles and moods using authentic Japanese instruments and harmony
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP059 Eighty Eight Keys 1 Rupert Pope,Alan Myson,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,Alex Banks,Patrick Edward Carpenter The piano manages to conjure up human emotions like no other instrument, from the depths of sadness, loneliness and despair, through innocence, adversity, pride and all the way to broad, panoramic and rhapsodic feelings of warmth and hope.
PARIGO PGO0042 Light Ambient Jean-Baptiste Hanak, Cédric Hanak,Jean-Baptiste Hanak,Jean-Baptiste Hanak, Zoé FAGET A collection of shoegazing electronic ambience and analog synth atmospheres for lovers, dreamers and lonely space pilots. Nine tracks directly from the soundtrack of the movie Une Dernière Fois directed by Olympe de G with the iconic French actress Brigit
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM013 Positive Drones Thomas Louis James White, Jordan Kareem Rees These glistening, wondrous ambient drones beam warm positivity and quiet assurance through delicate, atmospheric synth pads and subdued textures.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND067 Atmospheric Harp by Ellie Ford Eleanor May Ford These reflective and mysterious experimental acoustic pop tracks feature ethereal female vocals and beautiful minimal harp patterns to create a shimmering, atmospheric vibe. Composed and performed by UK alt folk harpist and singer Ellie Ford.
LIFTMUSIC LIFT201 Hip Hoppin' Lewis Lloyd,Alexander William Haynes,William Hatton,Robert Thomas,Jimi Ashmore, Max Iken,Rowland O'Connor,Alan Killian 18 eclectic Hip Hop cuts. From lo-fi jazz-hop & Indian infused turntablism to feel good funky old school, atmospheric trap-scapes & dreamy chill hop
GERHARD DAUM MUSIC EDITION TW3921 Textures & Atmospheres Gerhard Daum Subtle atmospheric hybrid pads create a light and transparent sound for various film/TV moods and genres
LIFTMUSIC LIFT203 Atmospheric Beats 2 Damon Baxter, Sergei Petrovski,Greg Malocca, David Morgan,Ian Taylor, Will Brown,Jake Smith, Victoria Tremain,Neil Durrant,Danial Sarraf From blissfully chilled trip hop & lush dreamy atmospheres to tropical indie trap pop & wondrously chilled electronica
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM359 Tranquil Electronica James Elsey A collection of Chillout and Downtempo forms of Electronica provide a uniquely relaxed vitality, as dreamy electronic timbres float through passages of organic grooves and beats.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM360 Abstract Classical Robert de Fresnes Orchestrations encompassing intrigue, nobility and drama are conveyed through elegant string quartet performances, supplemented with deftly diverse instrumentation.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1075 Chillwave Jerome Silsby Dreamy, atmospheric, swirling, dreamscapes, landscapes, meditation, mindfulness, imagination, blissful, floating, sci-fi, science, computers, AI, space, stars, planets, discovery, nature, water, electronic and live instruments. Futuristic visions and chil
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB21 Deathly Chills Frazer Snell Dark atmospheric and horror - terror, fear, subtle menace.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE201 SPACESCAPES Michael Tourle A collection of awe-inspiring atmospheric pieces exploring the beauty of outer space. With piano, electric guitar, organic textures and subtle beats, SPACESCAPES is positive and optimistic in tone.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC99 Science Society Nathalie Raedler,Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich,Tom Lang,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Eckes Malz,Anselm Kreuzer,Johannes Huppertz,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Sascha Blank,Peter Jordan, Moritz Heidrich,Mirko Rizzello,Citokid,Daniel Jobar,Stephan Schele Analytical and at the same time atmospheric music for topics related to science and technology.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM357 Minimal Drones Vol. I Nick Harvey Anxiety, fear and tension come to the fore through realms of dark enveloping atmospheres constructed through cold timbres and cavernous textures.
ENERGY MUSIC EN032 ELEVATE - Cinematic Pop Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey A beautiful collection of cinematic gold. Expertly crafted filmic pop from ENERGY Music’s talented family of composers. Overflowing with raw human emotions. Perfect for human drama, the big screen and promo.
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM276 Cautionary Tales Merlin Danger,Lindsay Debra Wright,Ron Baines, Emma Mary Heathcote,Ron Baines Serious and understated atmospheric soundscapes. Mature and meticulous - neither too dark nor too light.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM587 Science & Investigation Sandy E. R. Lavallart Minimal underscores for documentaries and current affairs, featuring tense and positive pulses, atmospheric beds and dark drones
FUTURE POP FUP065 Cinematic Post-Rock (Spotlight) Michael Ian Denny, Charlotte Hatherley Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Cinematic Post-Rock by Charlotte Hatherley and Michael Denny features atmospheric, poignant and evocative post rock underscore tracks filled with instant powerf
HAPPY RECORDS HR2348 Acoustic Spheres Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock Acoustic Spheres is an album full of atmospheric tracks and soundscapes for technology, vast landscapes, space and sometimes drama.
IMPRESSIVE MINDS IPMD011 Voices from Dystopia Stefan Berlak, Andreas Schmidt-Hoensdorf Bleak and beautifully haunting, this minimalist, atmospheric collection threads a fine line between longing and despair with airy female vocal textures that drift amidst moody guitars, plaintive violin and distantly ominous synth pulses and efx to create
MINDS AND MUSIC MAM067 Folky Fun Matt Prior, Matt Round,Tony Olla, Mike Wisth, William Kyle White,Matt Prior,Matt Prior, Alex Toff Album Theme: Organic Folk Music. Listen to Another Day Away, Finger Pickin' Good, Summer High and Willow Wind. This free range, organic and simply delicious FOLKY FUN will sweeten up any kind of day and give you a boost of happy energy along the way. With
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM351 News & Information Elements IV Marc Vickers An assorted series of deeply textured contemporary news beds, as pulsating underscores emit ethereal timbres amongst powerful orchestral tones.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM352 Information Toolkit Ben Townsend,Oliver Melville-Smith A contemporary collection of the latest radio and news beds, utilising atmospheric textures with grand orchestral tones to create cutting edge sounds.
REAL TO REEL RTR006 Building Pressure Jonathan B. Buchanan,Kenneth E. Belcher,Dimitris Mann Tense and propulsive hybrid action tracks that build to climactic conclusions. Featuring electric guitars, pulsing and atmospheric synths, and heavy trailer drums
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE198 ELECTRONIC SOUNDTRACKS Geoffrey Wilkinson Dramatic and ambient electronic underscores. Hypnotic, tense and atmospheric. Retro, yet timeless.
SAUCE MUSIC SM_062 Lo-Fi Sounds Liam David Quinn,Gerard John Dewar, Harry John Evans, Kennedy Sian Power,Jamie Michael Bradley Reddington,Robert Dylan Thomas,Christopher James Griffin,Gerard John Dewar, Harry John Evans,Gerard John Dewar,Courtney Seven,Konstantinos Panagiotidis Lo-Fi pop and electronic tracks to soundtrack your best life. Cool, Dreamy, Hazy, Shimmering and Atmospheric.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP044 Kid Koala presents Console Loops Eric San An 8 bit journey through your memories, soundtracked by Canadian recording artist Kid Koala. A throwback to an innocent time when games couldn't be saved and the amusement arcade was awash with these sounds.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP045 Trailers: Rise of The Ninjas Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Christopher James Teasdale,Andrew David Robinson,Finn McNicholas,Alex Banks,John Valasis Dark, inhuman powers beyond our world of imagination. The Rise of the Ninjas will not make you sleep easy in your bed at night!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP047 Celestial Sphere Matthew Nicholson Atmospheric, ethereal and suspended themes that cover a range of situations from climate on earth to the mysteries of the outer reaches of our solar system.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP048 Kid Koala presents Sounds of Space Eric San The ultimate gamer music. If you need to defeat the aliens, take out the baddies or stealthily stalk your prey, Kid Koala's got your back with these 8 bit sci-fi tunes.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP014 The Beauty Within Cyrus Shahrad,Gadi Sassoon,Tom Evans Hopeful, heartfelt and emotive, The Beauty Within provides warm, empowering, atmospheric tracks that enhance all situations in this world and beyond.
GUM TAPES GTP233 The Rise of the Middle East Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau Welcome to a mysterious and spiritual land. Feel the spirit of pharaohs and jinns thanks to these tracks with traditional oud, powerful vocals and wide vaporous synthesizers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP016 Daedelus presents Zero Gravity Alfred Darlington Prolific musician and recording artist Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus offers up a collection of cosmic soundbeds
NORDIC ID NORD108 Electro Cinema 1 Eirik Jacobsen, Sindre Hotvedt,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl The first album of the Electro Cinema series features 10 suspense and driving tracks with a touch of the 80’s retro sounds.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM346 Investigative Beds II Mirco Altenbach Analytical intricacies designed through atmospheric soundscapes, rhythmic leads and ethereal textures, demonstrating tense moments perfect for mysterious modern dramas.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP027 Tranquil Themes Matthew Nicholson Tranquility is all around us but we need to stop and take it in. These tracks epitomise the delicate, atmospheric and captivating mood of peace, quiet and harmony.
NORDIC ID NORD109 Electro Cinema 2 Eva Lind, Matilda Gratte,Cornelia Wiebols, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Cornelia Wiebols The second album of the Electro Cinema series features epic, emotional and cinematic tracks from talented up and coming Swedish composers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP001 Forensic Search 1 Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Garry Judd,Chris Hall,Christopher James Teasdale These tense, dark, gritty and ominous atmospheres perfectly complement the sinister and brooding world we live in - in these unnerving times where crime can be commited from the comfort of a laptop we all have to be on our guard...
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP035 Trailers: Blockbusting Riffs Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson These tracks have immense power, aggression and attitude, they could start a fight in an empty room. Come and have a go, if you think you are up to it!
NOVA NOVA140 Epic Promos 3 Gresby Race Nash Cinematic, powerful and dramatic tracks for trailers, promos, and documentary. Building from atmospheric, underscore style intros into full-blown epic themes. The third in the Epic Promos series.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP008 Fantastical Tales Finn McNicholas,Gadi Sassoon,Alexander Stephan Golding,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Thomas Belton,Chris Hall When fantasy and imagination run riot! From dramedy to ceremonial marches, themes that conjure up images of castles, pirates, emperors, galaxies and wizards.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP039 Trailers: Drums of Thunder Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,John Valasis No, you aren't paranoid, yes, they are out to get you. Epic, dramatic and terrifyingly ominous, these percussive tracks will have you running for cover!
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA038 TV Tools: Mallet Patterns Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Minimal, cyclic mallet pulses with light percussion, strings and atmospheric textures. Perfect for factual TV and online content.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP010 Legato Movements Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,Cyrus Shahrad,Finn McNicholas,Matthew Nicholson,Sophie Galpin,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,Patrick Edward Carpenter This delectable combination of piano and strings opens you up to all manner of wondrous situations.. from a slow running stream to a full blown panorama, these tracks will enhance, enrich and enliven your pictures.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP040 In The Background: Drama Gregory Harwood,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Chris Hall,Keir John Fraser,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Cyrus Shahrad Dramatic background atmospheres with an air of mystery, discovery and imagination.
CUES4U.COM C4U301 Aura Mark Simon James Findon, Emma Louis Stockton,Mark Simon James Findon,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Arr. Mark Simon James Findon,Antonio Vivaldi, Arr. Mark Simon James Findon,Franz Schubert, Arr. Mark Simon James Findon,Gabriel Faure, Arr. Mark Simon James Find A collection of thought-provoking and atmospheric cues perfect for unexplained mysteries, dark dramas, science and technology, magic and the occult composed by renowned British composer Mark Simon James Findon.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP041 Beatscapes Robin Philip Brunson,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser,Christopher James Teasdale,Chris Hall,Michele Balduzzi,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Let the beats do the work! Positive, spacious, expansive and hopeful beat driven soundscapes.
CUES4U.COM C4U312 Hip Hop Lewis Lloyd A vibrant and exciting collection of modern atmospheric Hip Hop cues by well-known Welsh composer Lewis Lloyd.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS488 Pulse 3 Espen Fahlen,Oliver Holmes,Mark Russell,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Andrew Michael Britton, Matthew Robertson A selection of underscores for documentary and Factual TV, all with an underlying pulse to create a sense of movement and anticipation.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA035 Designed for Life: Electronica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Deep, warm, slick and sophisticated atmospheric electronic beats with synthetic and organic textures, plenty of forward momentum, and space for tension to build and action to unfold.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS489 Human Emotions Ben Niblett, Jon Cotton,Matthew Nicholson,Sophy Olivia Purnell,Paul Richard O'Brien A selection of emotive and free-flowing underscores for documentaries and dramas. Music is highly evocative and atmospheric, igniting the senses.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA036 Guitarscapes Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli An atmospheric and spacious post-rock guitar soundtrack featuring inspiring, emotional and tense beats and beds. Perfect for adventurous pursuits, stylish drama and advertising.
BTV / PITCH BTV279 Shimmering Guitars Matthew James Parker, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth Carefully crafted, guitar focussed atmosphere drones for documentaries, nature and future thinking tech.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE007 West African Odysseys & Atmospheres Nic Paton Meander down the Niger River, traverse the slopes of Mount Bintumani, feel the sand beneath your toes on Bojo Beach or float in the pink water of Lake Retba. An atmospheric and evocative musical journey through West Africa!
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM344 Emotive Orchestral Mirco Altenbach Vast cinematic landscapes bounding with orchestral junctures, displaying a poignant variety of emotional moments led through stunning strings amidst synthetic atmospheres.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE014 African Playground - Afro Acoustic Pop Andreas Potgieter, Simon Orrey A wondrous mix of African flavoured acoustic guitars, xylophones and percussion all with a dreamy, light-hearted, positive and playful mood. A perfect match for advertising, lifestyle productions, children's shows, doccies, corporate programming and much
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX001 Trailer Tools - Action - Reverses Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX003 Trailer Tools - Action - Downers Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX004 Trailer Tools - Action - Booms & Hits Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX005 Trailer Tools - Action - Risers Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA005 Beats: Pure Sunshine Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Sun-soaked riffs, sizzling synths and soaring atmospheric textures are propelled by solid, dance floor driven beats. This is the beating pulse of the best summer ever.
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX006 Trailer Tools - Action - Alarms Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA006 Atmospheric Indie Synths Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Shoegazey & dreamy atmospheric Indie. Analogue synths plugged into esoteric pedal boards with spacious, warm drums, hooky guitars and fuzzy bass. Ethereal background vocals and textures drift in and out. Escape from the mainstream and lose yourself in alt
LIFTMUSIC LIFT196 Ancient Roads Martyn Barker, Justin Adams,Jon Goddard An inspirational collaboration of atmospheric, spiritual and cinematic world music. A travelogue of foreign landscapes and cultures
ALPHASONIC ALPHA056 Guitar Atmospheres 2 Mike Eaves Acoustic country, folk & blues influenced atmospheric electric guitar tracks featuring assorted textures and sounds on the guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
VALO ARTISTS VALO_264 Accent Chanceller F Clift, James Curran, Jay Warren Trap beats and atmospheric synths underscore Accent's downtempo rap style, ranging from dark and hypnotic to celebratory and feel-good.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_296 Signals Vol 2 - Red Light Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Aaron David Anderson, Debra Fotheringham Signals' epically passionate electronic pop showcases soaring female vocals, swirling synths, pulsing electro-rhythms and atmospheric breakdowns to convey hopefulness in the midst of a bittersweet cloud.
ONE MUSIC OM257 Dusty Outdoor Scores 2 Brian Flores, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott, Marlon Gibbons Organic film score style complete with tumbleweeds, slide guitar, harmonica and suspenseful suspended chord. An organic hybrid mix of Southern Gothic, Blues and Country capturing the gritty sound of the American frontier and the modern west. Updated for
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB007 Deep Space Discovery Alessandro Rizzo, Alexis Toutziarakis, Elliot Greenway Ireland, John Pickup,Alessandro Rizzo, Alexis Toutziarakis, Elliot Greenway Ireland,Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland,Ian James Britt,Timothy Paul Handels Quietly optimistic, thematic underscores which unfold with a strong focus on tough individual choices: our home Earth is behind us, but we keep moving forward into the unknown. Layered hybrid cinematic cues help these dramatic human stories play out on th
HANDMADE SOUNDS HMS042 Ethereal Heartache Erick DeVore, Timo Chen,Erick DeVore, Danny Stimac,Susie Winkworth An atmospheric sequel to LOVE HURTS (HMS040) with piano and strings cues painting more pictures of heartache
BTV / PITCH BTV274 Crime Underscores 2 Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor,Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Nick McEnally, Sam Taylor A dark, gritty selection of atmospheric soundscapes with orchestral textures and pulsing synths. Ideal for crime, thrillers and documentaries.
CHAPPELL CHAP528 Simply Drones Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl Minimal drones. A simple approach with maximum effect.
EVO EVO340E One Green Earth David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias A dynamic collection of beautiful, chill themes to exotic action. A musically mindful approach to nature and the environment. Gently drifting vocal chants, hypnotic soundscapes and delicate melodies supported by piano, bells, strings and percussion.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX136 The Big Riff Paul Werner A collection of heavy, riff-based guitar tracks. From bone-crushing power anthems to moody and atmospheric soundscapes. Perfect for sport, advertising, high achievers, strong women and men, urban heroes and flaming passion - with strong builds and great e
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM341 TV & Radio Drones II Steph Jansen A further collection of curiously cryptic drones, readymade for all manners of tension building across TV and Radio programming.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM583 Visions: Reflective Human Stories Martin Tillman, Matteo F. Pagamici Evolving human drama, featuring reflective piano, electric cello and atmospheric synths
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS188 Acoustic Spaces Joe Archer Light airy and spacious themes for a modern environment
CUES4U.COM C4U293 Marimba Moments Anthony James Hinnigan, Anthony Edward Maloney A collections of though-provoking and highly atmospheric solo marimba cues composed and performed by the well-known musical duo Tony Hinnigan and Tony Maloney.
POPCORN MUSIC LTD POPC023 Shadow Operative Daniel Paul Adcock,Darren Guy Mudge,Alexander Okunev,Robert James Aitken,Mariano Roberto Iannone,Neil Robert Dube,Michael Ellegren, Jean Cardigan,Richard James Neale,Rory Carlile,Jure Jerebic, Timothy Williams Brooding, ominous, atmospheric and dramatic hybrid tracks for action and thriller promos and trailers. There’s no escape from …. The Shadow Operative.
NORDIC ID NORD103 Nordic Atmosphere Henrik Meierkord Emotional and atmospheric soundscapes with elements of cello and violin. Beautiful pieces to reflect the Nordic melancholy.
NORDIC ID NORD105 Nordic Piano Nicholas Sillitoe, Sebastian Gruchot Delicate and beautiful piano pieces with feelings of hope, reflection and Nordic melancholy.
COLOR TV CTV1130 Guitarspheres Daniel Emile Andre Finot, Jacques Philipp Kathrein, Sanchez Chino With an eye on bridging the gap between atmospheric sound and cinematic score, this album masterfully sources lush electric guitar tones enriched with chorus, delay, echo and reverb effects. The expansive, floating feel that results is on display in ten b
SHOCKWAVE EFX ESW2758 Pulses Vol. 1 Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Dustin Camilleri,Evan Wood Space and atmospheric electronic pulses provide a layer of foreboding.
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