ムード「チルアウト」アルバム検索結果456件 (1/5ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM359 Tranquil Electronica James Elsey A collection of Chillout and Downtempo forms of Electronica provide a uniquely relaxed vitality, as dreamy electronic timbres float through passages of organic grooves and beats.
ENERGY MUSIC EN031 CHILLED - Downtempo Moods Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Paris Thuy Hang Iliffe, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Sophia Caitli A cool, relaxed and laidback collection of organic tunes and songs. Perfect for emotional drama, human drama, promo and luxury ads.
GUM TAPES GTP236 TIme Goes By Jean-Baptiste Ayoub,Oscar Pouts Lajus,Achille Richard,Clément Bordenave,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Laurent Cuenca,Matthews Samar,Thomas Gaudibert,Charles Caste-Ballereau The precision of electronics combined to the warmth of acoustic music in this album of positive and confident chill tracks with pitched vocals and analog synthesizers.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM155 Lo-Fi Sunset Wes Pendleton,Will Saulsky,Frederick Kron,Jason William Strong,Malcolm Kirby Jr Lo-Fi sunset chill beats that have a relaxed and positive vibe.
NOVA NOVA139 Medical World Paul Richard O'Brien Organic synth patterns, ambient guitars, piano and sub bass combine to make minimal beds for science, technology, news and factual documentary programs. Stripped-back underscores available in drop-down menu.
SOUND BREAKERS SB094 Soft House Vol. 3 John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Volume 3 of our Soft Electronica chilled to the core. Relaxing and reflective.
SOUND BREAKERS SB097 Pop Reflections Vol. 3 Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari,John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari, Phil Higgins Volume 3 of our Pop Reflections series with emotional, hopeful moments.
VELOCITY VL203 Lo Chill Transmissions Chris Penny, Skinny Williams,Chris Penny, Rory James Harvey, Skinny Williams A cosmic journey through the meditative tones, tremors and transmissions of deconstructed Lo-Fi chilly hip-hop
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK648 Sea Breeze Jean Francois Oricelli Sensual and elegant Loungy Chill Out pieces.
GUM TAPES GTP222 Far Away Lucca Serra,Hugo De Luca,Alexandre Larcanche, Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Laurent Cicala,Neptune Orizon,Laurent Cuenca,Laurent Sauvagnac,Jean Fournier,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Simone Bresciani A luxurious first class trip served by smooth and organic soft electronic tracks.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM127 Jetset Chill Reese Szabo,James Kaleth, Max Bronco Super Chilled Vibes And Sunset Anthems HighsÉ
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK645 Air Pure Erik Yellow Electronic Chill Out pieces, aerial, organic and liquid zen atmospheres
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD238 NEW TECH Timo Hohnholz,Richard Armstrong, James Grover,Jason Bush,Ivan Bertolla,Luciano Menolascina,Richard Armstrong,Richard Armstrong, Andrew Potterton,James Grover, Richard Armstrong,Andrew Potterton, Richard Armstrong New technology, gadgets, inventions, inspiring science.
IN REALITY IRL047 Investigation Edgard Jaude,Nicolas Neidhardt,Jason Steele,Max Cameron Concors Investigative underscores great for reality programming.
IN REALITY IRL048 Positive Beats & Underscores 2 Andrew Joseph Carpenter, Mark Richmond Phillips,Max Cameron Concors,Jamal Steven Pilgrim,Nate Dodge Positive and uplifting pop and urban pop inspired underscores.
LO EDITIONS LOCD97 Liquid Shadows 3 Huw Teilo Jones, Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Edward George White,Oliver Blane Harrison,Gemma Louise Barkerwood, Sophie Amanda Barkerwood,Daniel Patrick James Carney,Mark Glass, Terry Southern,Christoforos Sarvanidis, Kostas Hiras,Arthur Bliss, Thomas Russell A fluid collection of ambient soundscapes, modern classical mood pieces and chilled grooves. Some warm and inviting, others immersive and mysterious, perfect for drama and documentary use.
NOVA NOVA137 Acoustech 2 Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt Sequel to NOVA113 - Emotional piano meets deep minimal beats.
NOISE REFINERY NRF033 Still Victoria Dewavrin Cinematic Atmospheres
SCORE ADDICTION SDN047 Lo-fi Dusk Ben Beiny,Luke Gordon Carefree Lo-fi Chill-Hop with a tinge of feel-good nostalgia.
EVO EVO337E Dream Cycle David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Creative themes and underscores for documentary, innovation, and positivity. A creative mix of chilled beats, ambient rhythms, ethnic atmospheres.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX134 Dreamscape Matthew Bishop, Tom Bishop,Luke Machin Ambient guitar tracks for Philosophy, Art, Science and Nature. Deep thoughts, big ideas, strong emotions, strange concepts and multiple realities. To download and import the FLEXiTRACK version of a track, select it and click on the STEMS button.
HAPPY RECORDS HR2346 Lounge Remix AC Venture Take a break and enjoy the relaxing sounds of AC Venture in this Lounge Remix edition.
NOVA NOVA136 Unnatural Reality Chris McCormack Tripped-out breaks, melodic synths and retro production touches for a leftfield take on promos and documentaries. Drawing on influences from IDM, Electronica, Lo Fi and Trip Hop. No-drum versions and underscores available in drop-down menu.
SOUND BREAKERS SB080 Soft House Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Volume 2 of our Soft Electronica chilled to the core. Relaxing and reflective.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR217 The Shape Of Things - Indie Soundscapes Nicholas Edward Anderson Rose, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Epitaph Records recording artist, Nicholas Rose, has created a thoughtful, reflective album of indie rock, space rock inspired soundscapes. Synths and guitar beds well suited for the underscore for youth film, docs and promos.
ART SOUND ART042 LO FI HIP HOP Morgan MONTI, Sonia KONATE Ultra cosy Hip Hop beats, ideal for comfortable and creative evenings.
GUM TAPES GTP193 City Lights Luigi Marletta A nocturnal, sensual and mellow album full of dreamy melodies and vaporous synthesizers.
LO EDITIONS LOCD95 Beauty Moves Antonios Chaniotakis, Kostas Hiras,Nicholas Mackrory,Arthur Bliss,Llion Robertson,Edward George White,Mark Glass, Terry Southern,Kostas Hiras, Panos Doukoumopoulos,Joseph Kindred,Sebastian Michael Goldfinch,Nathan Taylor, Nicholas Mackrory,Martin Paul Tho Music for movement, dance and fashion. A vibrant collection of upbeat tracks full of energy and invention.
RADAR RDR036 Reflections Timothy E Linetsky, Ty Atticus Mayer Atmospheric underscores mixing acoustic and electronic elements by US West Coast based production duo Brotherhood of Superstars, AKA Underbelly & Ty Mayer.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK633 DREAMING VIEW Jean Baptiste Ayoub Contemplative and Inspirational Ambient, Chillout music with Ethnic Flavors. Hang Drum is main instrument.
BTV / PITCH BTV256 Chilled Beats Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Nick McEnally, Sam Taylor A cool collection of laid back, youth-inspired, lo-fi hip-hop. Classy, dreamy grooves for teen lifestyle, vlogging and reality TV.
GUM TAPES GTP188 Last Port to Wherever pt. 3 Raphaël Verdoliva Leaving for a new life. These cloudy, nocturnal and emotional electronic tracks will accompany your journey into the unknown.
GUM TAPES GTP192 Frozen Time Thomas Didier,David Ohana,Matias Suescun,Jonathan Raynal,Duke Bojadziev,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Maximilien Mathevon,Tiffany Chenet,Clelia Felix A nocturnal selection of tense and shadowy electronic tracks with idiophones, analog synths and drum machine.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM321 Soul Hop George Bloomfield Hip-Hop beats with dusty Jazz inflections focus on showcasing a feel good sense of laid back simplicity.
BRUTON BR715 Transient Ascent Rainman, Rohan Jones,Jeff Benn, Rainman, Rohan Jones An electro-acoustic marriage, bringing live organic and world instrumentation into electronic ambient production and beats.
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0050 Lo-Fi Hip Hop: Laid Back Robin Southby,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Ea Akilat,Liam Iliffe,Stuart Dale Thomas,Robert Martland,Jeremy Andrew Sliwerski, Daniel Rodrigues Solimene,Electric Farmer Laid back hip hop beats infused with synths and ambient pop production. 'Chill out' for Zoomers
YOUR TUNE MUSIC YT032 Chillhop Tunes Stephen Haworth, Samual Bergliter
MEDIAZIK/MUSIQUE & MUSIC MZIK008 COLOR BEDS Jean Macheret Versatile, Minimal Electronica Beds. Can be used for many Applications, News, Weather Forecast, Quiz, Corporate, Technology, Science etc…
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM296 Gentle Acoustic Lee Pomeroy, Richard John Stripped back, tender affirmations of absorbing ambience, established beautifully by boundless landscapes of delicate acoustic instrumentation.
MEDIAZIK/MUSIQUE & MUSIC MZIK007 WEATHER NEWS Raphael Beaulieu,Sebastien Billy Specializing Electronica Weather Forecast Beds and Jingles for TV, Radio, can also work for Documentary, Technology, Science, Medecine etc…
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM283 Pastoral Soundscapes David Lowe, Sovra Wilson-Dickson,David Lowe,David Lowe, Jake Walker Endlessly elegant landscapes of natural beauty are established by serene strings and peaceful guitars, capturing the tranquillity of nature and the countryside.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK610 AMAZING LANDSCAPES Fabrice Chaboissier, Benjamin Blanjot Ambient and New Age Soundscapes for Documentaries
GARELIE GAL220 Galerie For TV - Summer Magazine Josselin Bordat,Olivier Renoir,David Ohana,Pierre Terrasse,Xavier Rubin The perfect kit of this summer! Powerful and chill tracks for magazine and TV shows.
LO EDITIONS LOCD92 Neon Sunsets 4 Antonios Chaniotakis, Kostas Hiras,Alexander James Hall, Paul Thorne,Martin Paul Thompson, Michael John Cranny,Ben Wiseman,Mark Glass, Terry Southern,Christoforos Sarvanidis, Kostas Hiras,Kristian Craig Robinson,Edward George White,Guido Zen, Juan Trippe, Another voyage to the land of Neon Sunsets where hazy electronica and downtempo beats collide with city pop, computer game vibes and a hint of vaporwave.
SOUND BREAKERS SB068 Pop Reflections Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Volume 2 of our Pop Reflections series with emotional, hopeful moments.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD218 CELEBRITY LIFESTYLE Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Henrik Wikstrom, Niklas Edberger Luxury escapes, exclusive clubs, glamorous events, opulent habits - how the other half live.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2520 TV Essentials - Atmospheric Drones Sam Joseph Delves,Andreas Andreas Bolldén,Franck Fossey,David Ohana,Eddy Pradelles,Noé Bailleux,Manuel Bleton,Philippe Jakko,Aurelien Riviere,JC Lemay An essential selection of dreamy, thoughtful and warm drones.
LO EDITIONS LOCD093 Introducing: Artificial Heads Jack Martin, Luke Mills-Pettigrew, Sean Keating, Spencer Martin, Stewart Hughes Afro future jazz, celestial space jams and cosmic goodness from Artificial Heads. Recorded and mixed at the legendary Total Refreshment Centre studio in the East End of London, home to The Comet Is Coming, Bo Ningen and Snapped Ankles. Artificial Heads i
NOVA NOVA131 Lumina Jay Woods Positive, uplifting electronica.. a soundtrack for chilled and happy times. Drawing on influences from lo-fi pop, folktronica and deep house.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT207 Atmosphere Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Richard Andrew Canavan,Idriss-El-Mehdi Bennani, Olivier Louis Perrot, Philippe Andre Vandenhende,James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Samuel Sim Neutral scene-setters to create atmosphere for a range of scenarios, whether a subtle Western theme, the desert, space exploration, underwater or the jungle with tribal textures and chanting. Slight variations in mood from calm and reflective, discovery a
ENERGY MUSIC EN016 AWAKENING - New Beginnings Ben Malley,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Brian Colin Burrows,Ben Malley, Brian Colin Burrows A hopeful, stirring and heartfelt collection of compositions which set the scene for springtime renewal, birth and new beginnings. Tender melodic pianos, warm strings, positive synthesis and measured rhythms create the ideal narrative for a wealth of Moth
FLEXITRACKS FLEX129 Art Design & Innovation Paul Werner,Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra Exploring the space where Art and Innovation meet. Thought provoking and mesmerising music for Design, Culture, Architecture, Philosophy, Science, Technology and Human Issues. To access the components of any FLEXiTRACK, select its name and click on t
KOKA FOR TV KTV0076 DISCOVERY - Science & Technology Bruno Ralle, Elio Di Tanna, Guillaume Siron,Frederic Auger,Aurelien Riviere A collection of electronica and ambient tracks for science, research, technology and innovation. From TV shows to documentary.
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1298 Easy Summer Tape Janik Riegert, Josh Tapen,Janik Riegert, Josh Tapen, Marc Buhr,Marc Buhr,Dunja Koglin, Marc Buhr,Jakob Riegert, Janik Riegert, Josh Tapen 12 relaxing tunes with electronic flair, breezy guitars and vocal chops. Get you right into summer and dance mood and add warmth and light-hearted beat to your productions - Instrumental Versions and Underscores included.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1061 Next Kenny Segal, Lionel Cohen,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ken James Gibson,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Marc Aaron Jacobs,Benson Taylor, Christopher Bentley Kemp,Fritz Doddy,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Thomas Morse,Ken James Gibson, Nate Morgan,Christopher Bentley K Necessity is the mother of invention in this collection of wondrous snd inquisitive electronic hybrid themes.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1087 Zenned David Wittman,Aashish Pathak, Kenny Segal,Kenny Segal, Luciano Storti,Kenny Segal,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Lester Frances, Mike Joseph Fraumeni,Fritz Doddy,Alistair Christopher Fernandes, David Wittman,Davi A collection of atmospheric and dreamy contemporary hybrid themes bring you back to center and make your problems drift away.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1376 High Society Kavin Hoo,Joseph Edward Devenney,Barry Gilbey,Ian Keith Miller Chilled-out electronic themes lead you to your private table in the world's most sophisticated upscale lounges and clubs.
3 MONKEYS 3M012 80エs Things Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Per-Anders Nilsson,Klas Johan Wahl,Henrik Mårtensson Almegård Synthesized eighties vibes with inspiration from the Netflix success ""STRANGER THINGS"". Loaded with arpeggios, mystic themes and retro synth sounds. Direct from our cassette player to your tv and radio productions!
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1295 DAWN Christian Meyer, Ulrike Haage An atmospheric album that provides feelings of tension and hopeful arising. Mysterious, poignant piano with eery electronic arrangements and effects for mystery, crime and emotional drama - Underscores, Alternative Version and STEMS included.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2516 Mellow Pop Laurent Vernerey, Nicolas de Ferran A cool selection of emotive, intimate & reflective pop instrumentals. From laid-back to easy-going, perfect to depict romance, late night and contemplative moments.
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2877 Chilled Grooves Kavin Hoo,David Wittman, Lionel Cohen,Joseph Edward Devenney,Aashish Pathak, Christopher Bentley Kemp,Ian Keith Miller,Derek Whitacre,Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert Upscale and luxurious laid-back grooves soothe the soul and calm the mind
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT072 Lazy Sundays Benjamin James Parsons,Mark Sayer-Wade,Wayne Roberts,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Samuel William Hooper,Jody Karl Jenkins Gentle, relaxed cues for lie-ins & those slow afternoons
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR045 G.O.A.T. Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Groovy, Quirky, Drake, Sexy, Funky, Trap, Drama, Tension, Underscore, Cruise, Positive
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1296 Electric Midnight Julian Müller, Stefan Merz,Benjamin Luke Gregory, Stefan Merz,Stefan Merz,Bernhard Range, Sebastian Horn,Bernhard Range, Simon Wind,Amy Horn, Tom Sue,Maxi Schulze,Anja Gretschmann, Sebastian Moritz Dierksen,Alex Komlew, Petra Stambolija,Tom Sue,Zac Singer 18 atmospheric electronica songs with driving synthesizers and smooth vocals - including instrumentals, underscores and stems
FRESHWORX FRX031 Global Chillbeats John Brooklyn,Gordon Johnsson,Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn Worldwide Wonder Grooves - Evocative flavours from around the globe fused with mellow grooves and deep bass bliss.
GUM TAPES GTP168 Digital Dreams Achille Richard,Camille Ballon,Thibaut Barbillon,Thomas Didier,Joël Abelard,Sebastien Girard,Duke Bojadziev,Roberto Briot,Antoine Heid,Thibaut Recule These gentle, elegant, sometimes mysterious, electronic and organic musical pieces are your best companions for the night.
GUM TAPES GTP171 South Beach Camille Ballon Sea, sun and parties! Live your best life with this shiny and dynamic tropical electronic music album perfect for Spring Break and sunny trips.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS465 100% HER - Electronica Mona Khoshoi,Kate Elizabeth Lloyd,Villette,Sarah May Playford,Emily Marie Richou,Marilyn Mae Deang,Bryn Boyce Bliska,Elizabeth Charlotte Massey,Charley M van Veldhoven,Jennifer Miller We embarked on a joint venture with shesaid.so, an international and diverse network of women who work within the music industry, to find female-identifying Composers and Artists to feature on this very album. Composed, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Fe
EVO EVO321 In Theory Katherine F Martin, Steve Fawcett Engaging, accessible ambient Chillwave and upbeat but subtle underscores. Minimal rhythmic grooves support expositional dialogue, time lapse, upscale brands and tech-friendly visuals
KOKA FOR TV KTV0067 EMOTION - Dreamy Underscores Sam Joseph Delves,David Ohana,Thomas Gallicani,Noé Bailleux,Loic Ghanem A selection of chilled and atmospheric tunes to add emotion to your images.
A-LIST RECORDS AR008 VAYY - Black Crow Mawk Phoenix, VAYY,Judith Martin, Mawk Phoenix, VAYY VAYY delivers atmospheric synth pop tracks that build to the sky with emotion and verve, featuring booming drums, elegant keys and celestial vocals
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS460 Luminous Skies Aidan Patrick Augustine Lavelle From understated, thought-provoking undertones to expansive, awe-struck panoramas, this beautifully crafted album creates both reflection and euphoria.
FOCUS FCD432 Late Night Electronica Sebastian David Vyvyan Vivian,Dom Kane,Will Berridge Hypnotising and repetitive ambient electronica tracks, with deep house and tech-house influences.
GUM TAPES GTP159 Eco Cities Pt.2 Sebastien Girard A selection of smooth and organic nocturnal chill electronic soundtracks characterizing city life at night.
NOVA NOVA127 Piano Evolutions 2 Paul Richard O'Brien Sequel to NOVA116 - Minimal, cinematic piano for documentary and promos.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD207 CHILLED POP Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa, Sebastian Olivares de Simone,Timo Hohnholz,Robert Dahlstrom Ambient pop and EDM from sophisticated luxury to summery leisure.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD202 LOUNGE: FROM BEACH TO BAR Steve Martin,Michael Ellgren, Jens Johansson,Jens Johansson, Andreas Majoran From chilling on the beach to cocktails in the bar.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2508 9-Piece Orchestra - Fragile Nature Remix Julie Gruss, Laurent Dury,JC Lemay, Laurent Dury Smart hybrid remixes of great neo classical album KOK2462 9-Piece Orchestra - Fragile Nature. Energized reverie for ads, sports, fiction and documentary. STEMS AVAILABLE
10 MILLES 10MILES096 Chillout - SouthAsian The MiddleEast 2 Gregory Lamont Thompson,Todd Matthew Mellor,Julian Blackmore,Armin Kandel,Jason P. Garner, Timothy Robert Brown,Fiorentino Peter Greco,Andrew Friedberg,Chadwick Timothy Wadds,Susan Hillman Relaxed sophistication unveiled in Exotic Ambient and Chillout, from the Middle East and South Asia, featuring East and West instrumentation
A REMARKABLE IDEA ARI114 Floundering Advocates - Robot Koch Benson Taylor, Robert Koch Back from touring the US, Berlin based electronic artist Robot Koch takes us on a spatial journey with analogue synths and sick beats.
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM094 Vloggers Delight - Chill Hop Jonas Kovacs, Max Bronco,Ray Flowers,Paul Emmanuel,Tim Laws,John Savannah, Tim Laws,Max Elliot Skibinski, Tim Laws Chill Hop and Lo-Fi Hiphop Beats with extended versions. Varied selection for Vloggers and Programme Makers.
GUM TAPES GTP151 Eco Cities Sebastien Girard Quiet and peaceful electronic underscores mixing modernity and organic for a better world. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
NOVA NOVA125 Progressions David Stephen Goldsmith Intimate electronica with piano and sound design for documentary, contemporary culture and human stories.
SOUND BREAKERS SB036 Soft House Vol.1 John Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Soft Electronica chilled to the core. Relaxing and reflective.
BLOCK BLK026 Lo-Fi Chill Hop Justin Black, Oscar Hill,Rainman,Nathaniel Reeves A sublime selection of chilled, lo-fi Hip Hop. Tracks feature ambient textures, jazzy hooks and a blissed-out contented vibe. Perfect for concentration, studying and focus.
BTV / PITCH BTV232 Beautiful Textures Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth Delicately evolving atmospheric beds evoking a sense of beauty, tranquility, spirituality and the natural world.
GUM TAPES GTP140 Loneliness Julien Rimailho,Pierre-Yves Collard,Raph Parpex,Matthieu Cantoni, Nicolas Mantoux,Nicolas Kopec,Matthias Pothier,Adrien Dennefeld,Raphaël Verdoliva,Roberto Rodriguez De La Fuente,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Victor Maitre,Jonathan Saguez,Clément Pill A collection of ambient and electronica underscores for reality TV drama.
GUM TAPES GTP141 Everyday Matters Pt. 3 Jonathan Figoli,Julien Baril,Thomas Didier,Jeremie Frémont,Vincent Girault,Joël Abelard,Dystosound,Juan De Guillebon,Romain Benitez,Guillaume Chartin,Julien Barthe Music for stages of life. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
LO EDITIONS LOCD87 Art of Song 6 - Songs From The Forest Brandy O'Donovan, Jake Simon Calladine, Sam Lowe,Huw Costin, Huw Teilo Jones, Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Arthur Bliss, Jake Simon Calladine,Sam Alexandera Mcloughlin,Laura Michelle Copsey, Michael John Cranny,Daniel Patrick James Carney, Thomas Russell Wick An eclectic mix of songs that range from folktronica and ambient, to leftfield indie and esoteric dance music. Where acoustic textures rub shoulders with electronica and contemporary classical. Beguiling and unique. Perfect for autumn and winter moods but
SARAO MUSIC SA086 Trip Rock Noir Bernat Hernandez Sanchez, Ruben Garcia Zarranz, Inma Gomes Smooth and slick, in the style of Chill Out, Lounge, featuring seductive female lead vocals that create a soulful mood.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD195 SPACE AND SCI-FI John Brant, Keith Bessey A journey to a galaxy far far away. Planetariums, space exploration, film and tv sci-fi.
GARELIE GAL198 So Galerie! Smooth Hip Hop Beats Mark Evans,Alexander E Knight,Marin Murawiec,Stanislav Markevich,Nicolas Jamin Smooth hip hop/trap grooves for daytime TV, design/technology, high-end luxury ads and sports. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GUM TAPES GTP128 Lazy Pt. 2 Tigerz Smooth hip-hop beats, beatmaking. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
GUM TAPES GTP132 Digital Emotions Le Fat Club,Antoine Heid,Movement Needs Music,Laurent Meunier,Raphael Beuf,Marc Reghay Music for stages of life. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
KOKA FOR TV KTV0058 ENTERTAINMENT - Design & Innovation Frederic Auger,Le Fat Club,Aurelien Riviere,Noé Bailleux Create and innovate with this smart selection! For high-end luxury, corporate films, promos and daytime TV. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
BRUTON BR684 After Dark: Sebastian Vivian Sebastian David Vyvyan Vivian From sublime beats to ambient bliss, let Australian electronic producer Sebastian Vivian take you on a sonic journey.
NOVA NOVA122 Future Ambient Jay Woods Deep ambient beats, sub bass, vocal fx and lo-fi keyboards inspired by the Future Bass and UK Garage scenes. No-drum versions available in drop-down menu. For contemporary documentary and dramatic underscores.
NOVA NOVA121 Pure Summer Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt Chilled, positive dance underscores from the beach to the club. Perfect for daytime, travel and reality tv.
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