ムード「ドラマティック」アルバム検索結果3,576件 (1/36ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP076 Storytelling Sunny Matthew Nicholson Pure, simple and with underlying hope and positivity, Storytelling Sunny has the ability to rise above the ordinary.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP079 Hang Drum Journey pt. 3 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson,Anthony Woods, Matthew Nicholson The basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP080 Classical Classics 1 Edvard Grieg, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Nicolai Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov,Alan William Baker, Claude Debussy,Camille Saint-Saens, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Richard Wagner,Antonio Vivaldi, George Beck,George Beck, Gioachino Rossini,Edvard Grieg, George B A collection of famous orchestral pieces you will recognise straight away, featuring lush and opulent instrumentation.
NORDIC ID NORD107 Cinematic Landscapes Torsti Juhani Spoof With the Nordic nature as inspiration the 10 full orchestral tracks from Cinematic Landscape are perfect to capture heroic and epic moments.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP086 Trailers - Journey To Triumph Paul Lennox,Gadi Sassoon,Petrina April Smith, Robert George Howes,Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Alex Banks From the call to arms, to the battle cry and onto victory, this album will soundtrack your Journey To Triumph
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP057 Petrified Gadi Sassoon,Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall Did that doll just wink at me? Welcome to hell on earth, whatever you do, don't turn out the lights and for Pete's sake, lock the door behind you!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP087 Reggaeton Sunsplash Eamonn Patrick Downes,Dom Capuano, Krystle Simmons,Paul Lennox A warm sun drenched dose of Reggaeton tracks, grown out of a fusion between dancehall rhythms and Puerto Rican influences that have taken over the mainstream world.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP058 Raffertie presents Synth Odyssey Benjamin Paul Stefanski Deep, dramatic and emotive synthesiser tracks that exercise, stretch and challenge every sense. Courtesy of composer, producer and recording artist Raffertie.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP089 Made In Japan Yu Namikoshi A comprehensive mix of styles and moods using authentic Japanese instruments and harmony
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP060 Maxim presents Trapped Beats John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Audra Nishita, John Bryan, Keith Palmer Do not stop here for your one-shot skinny latte with lite foam, these streets are mean and the beats are too. Courtesy of Maxim, genre-pushing producer and one-third of rave legends The Prodigy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP093 Strange Synths Peter James Crossman,Eamonn Patrick Downes Whether retro or futuristic, these synth odysseys paint evocative soundscapes of other-worldly, warped weirdness...
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP061 Hang Drum Journey pt. 1 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson The hang drum is the basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP095 Reeps One presents Harry Yeff Renowned London beatboxer Reeps One presents an assortment of atmospheric tracks, showcasing his versatility and mind-bending skill.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP062 Kid Koala presents Beats and Bytes Eric San When the pressure is on, the tension is rising and all is to play for these beats, drones, rock and hip hop influenced loops will prove to be real game-changers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP096 Female Swagger John Austin Crinan Robertson,Andrew David Robinson, Stefanie Bull,Alexander David Rudd, Laura Connolly,Catch Harrington, Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Petrina April Smith, Yasmin Jane Lacey Eresh,Christopher Nicholas Bangs, Jessica Jane Rebecca Sharman, Olivia Ni For a high dose of attitude, energy and all-round fire look no further - this is an album of the finest female swagger.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP067 Inner City Orchestra Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,John Valasis,Patrick Edward Carpenter Relentlessly tense, edgy, dramatic and determined themes that will launch the newest SUV, create tension or celebrate achievement whilst making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP097 Rhythmic Percussive Beats Alan Myson,Oliver Price,Robert George Howes, Trina Smith,Eamonn Patrick Downes,Joseph Connor, Oliver Timothy Slack, Samuel William Heath, Theo Serge Krish,Joseph Marinetti,Gadi Sassoon,Shervin Hejazi Fusing everything from Dancehall and Soca to Trap and Grime, these hard-hitting electronic bangers are guarenteed to bring an abundance of energy, originality and carnival flavour.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP075 Storytelling Stormy Matthew Nicholson Dreams, hopes, aspirations and the universe, all encapsulated in these engrossing themes for piano and strings.
NAKED MUSIC NAKD024 Night Sky - Tender Solo Piano Sarah Power These intimate scoring cues feature wistful, expressive piano joined by subtle strings and textures casting a contemplative spell of yearning and nuanced melancholy.
ELBROAR ER1246 Haunted House - Tense & Mysterious Strings Amadeo Lopez The frenetic drama escalates in these urgent orchestral cues with arco violins battling relentless cellos creating a malicious tension and excitement riddled with dark secrets and stirring psychological angst. Oh my.
ELBROAR ER1250 Organ Inferno Mathias Rehfeldt These infernally-charged trailer cues feature pipe organ in all its grandiose glory as it oscillates between militaristic percussion, dramatic orchestral themes and brutish drum strikes to create an epic thrill ride of adventure and fantasy.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC100 Attention Peter Jordan, Moritz Heidrich,Mario Schumacher,Morten Johanson, David Ebermann,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Peter Jordan, Fabian Schickedanz,Nigel Watson,Citokid,Roman Andor Krotil,Timo Jewel,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Alan Jay Reed,Queens Road Self-confident, expressive, aggressive and cheeky music in different styles from rock to funk to electronica - attention is energy.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC104 Deglobalization Sascha Blank,Anselm Kreuzer,Tom Lang,Robert Sternbach,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Markus Segschneider,Stephan Willing,Fabian Graetz,Queens Road,Electrical Mayhem, Fire Rabbit,Ingo Hassenstein,Daniel Jobar,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Mirko Rizzello,Ulf Subtly dramatic and partly analytical atmospheres for the thoughtful illumination of globalization issues and human conflicts.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM069 Pure Percussion James Yan,Wesley Hicks,Christopher Elmslie Upbeat, energetic rhythmic percussion underscores for advertising, reality TV, sports & game shows, featuring powerful drums, cool body percussion & quirky found sounds.
CINETIKS PRODUCTION MUSIC ESL-CKPM028 Future Dreams 2 - Synthwave Alexis Cortes,Cyril Laurent,Yannis Kamarinos High-energy, dramatic and emotional synthwave
TONAL CHAOS TCT031 MIRACLE (Cinematic Holiday) Amadeus Indetzki Celebrate with holiday cheer as you step out of the ordinary, and immerse yourself into our winter wonderland. Enjoy the festivities through this cinematic holiday collection of 12 tracks and ALT mixes featuring some of your seasonal favorites with a uniq
ENERGY MUSIC EN032 ELEVATE - Cinematic Pop Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey A beautiful collection of cinematic gold. Expertly crafted filmic pop from ENERGY Music’s talented family of composers. Overflowing with raw human emotions. Perfect for human drama, the big screen and promo.
EVO EVO344 Epic Tribal Beats 2 Adele Roberts, Sacha James Collisson,Adele Roberts, Thomas Jack Foley,Adele Roberts, Oliver Price, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Adele Roberts, Max Howlett,Adele Roberts, Christopher James Dececio,Adele Roberts, James Oliver Hutchinson,Adele Roberts, Christoph The wildly successful Epic Tribal Beats is back with Volume 2!! This second iteration doubles down on the attitude, swagger & energy. Massive tribal & percussive elements mixed with Trap, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and World music create an epic soundtrack for Sp
VELOCITY VL204 Boundless Beats and Rhythms James Driscoll, Skinny Williams,Danette M Dufilho, Skinny Williams An array of energetic drum-driven rhythms designed to lace your promos and spots with an exciting yet minimalistic feel
IMPRESSIVE MINDS IPMD011 Voices from Dystopia Stefan Berlak, Andreas Schmidt-Hoensdorf Bleak and beautifully haunting, this minimalist, atmospheric collection threads a fine line between longing and despair with airy female vocal textures that drift amidst moody guitars, plaintive violin and distantly ominous synth pulses and efx to create
PARIGO PGO0041 Lazer Funk Stéphane DELPLANQUE Plug in the wah pedal, it's Lazer Funkin' time. 14 retro-edged and cinematic tracks that take in all genres from straight-up funk, breakbeat and electronica to cooled-out trip- and hip-hop. Composed by Stephane Delplanque - Aeon Seven producer and DJ, for
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE198 ELECTRONIC SOUNDTRACKS Geoffrey Wilkinson Dramatic and ambient electronic underscores. Hypnotic, tense and atmospheric. Retro, yet timeless.
COLOR TV CTV1135 24-Hours News Tihomir Hristozov This album covers all news broadcast music needs with tracks made for breaking scandals, economic forecasting, the weather report and more. Every song begins with a strong melodic motif which is then augmented for emphasis at the end. The middle sections
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP001 Forensic Search 1 Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Garry Judd,Chris Hall,Christopher James Teasdale These tense, dark, gritty and ominous atmospheres perfectly complement the sinister and brooding world we live in - in these unnerving times where crime can be commited from the comfort of a laptop we all have to be on our guard...
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP020 Travelling Light: Outbound Keir John Fraser,Alex Banks,Alexander Stephan Golding,John Valasis,Eric San,Harun Lyicil,Thomas Belton,Tom Evans,Matt Preston Grab your passport for a trip to different lands, immerse yourself in new cultures and local traditions.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2549 TV Essentials - Adventure & Magic Bertrand Allagnat,Jean-Philippe Ichard,Ronan Maillard,Alexander Okunev, Amir Gurvitz An essential selection of orchestral tracks for TV. From family adventure to magic and fantasy. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP002 Forward Syncing Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton,Finn McNicholas,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Calling all advertisers. New car to sell? Next gen energy drink? The latest tech? These Driving, futuristic tracks will help you upsell, every time.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP024 Kickin' It Old Skool 1 Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,Chris Hall,Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Harun Lyicil,Alex Banks These really are beats from the streets. As cool as cucumber, cold as ice and with just a dash of swagger.
NORDIC ID NORD109 Electro Cinema 2 Eva Lind, Matilda Gratte,Cornelia Wiebols, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Cornelia Wiebols The second album of the Electro Cinema series features epic, emotional and cinematic tracks from talented up and coming Swedish composers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP004 Our World In Widescreen 1 Christopher James Teasdale,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Gadi Sassoon,Matthew Nicholson,Finn McNicholas,Alan Myson,Chris Hall The natural world is marvelous and deserves an equally marvelous soundtrack. These breath-taking and awe inspiring orchestral pieces are emotive, prestigious, panoramic, cinematic, grand, poignant, heroic and uplifting and leave you with goosebumps and ha
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP032 Amplified Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alexander Rudd,Andrew David Robinson,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Alexander Stephan Golding,Peter Wrig This is rock with an electric edge. Confident, edgy, bluesy, indie, moody and energetic. For full effect, turn it up to 11!
NOVA NOVA140 Epic Promos 3 Gresby Race Nash Cinematic, powerful and dramatic tracks for trailers, promos, and documentary. Building from atmospheric, underscore style intros into full-blown epic themes. The third in the Epic Promos series.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP005 Strike A Pose James Hopcutt, Michele Balduzzi,Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Chris Hall,Thomas Belton,Andrew David Robinson,Gadi Sassoon,Alan Myson,John Valasis From the catwalks of Milan to the boutiques in Paris and the runways in New York, fashionistas will adore these divine creations to showcase their latest haute couture. This is the music of this season, darling!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP035 Trailers: Blockbusting Riffs Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson These tracks have immense power, aggression and attitude, they could start a fight in an empty room. Come and have a go, if you think you are up to it!
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB008 Drive - Tension Drama Underscore Damon William Baxter, Flaviu Ciocan, Marton Horvath,Damon William Baxter, Mike Westergaard All out, high-octane sports tension and drama with pulsing bass lines, punctuated hits, timed risers and ticking percussion, keeping you on the edge of your seat!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP006 Amon Tobin Productions presents Two Fingers Amon Tobin Amon Tobin Productions brings his signature Two Fingers sound - bassy, edgy, intense and inimitable - to the Ninja Tune production music library
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP039 Trailers: Drums of Thunder Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,John Valasis No, you aren't paranoid, yes, they are out to get you. Epic, dramatic and terrifyingly ominous, these percussive tracks will have you running for cover!
SOUND BREAKERS SB101 Sports Rock Vol. 3 Ali Seval, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,George Adam Hamilton, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari,John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen, Vikas Pawa,Alejandro Gutierrez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Erik Vargas, J Volume 3 of our exciting high-energy rockers geared for Sports programming
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP012 To The Extreme Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Benjamin Ridge,John Bryan, Keith Palmer Butch, brash and bold. Heavy rock with malice...
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP040 In The Background: Drama Gregory Harwood,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Chris Hall,Keir John Fraser,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Cyrus Shahrad Dramatic background atmospheres with an air of mystery, discovery and imagination.
SOUND BREAKERS SB103 Grime Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Justin Desjardins West, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,Bruno Sant Anna Camara, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Paul Andrew Pa Volume 2 of our Grime tracks: edgy, electronic Urban beats
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP013 Amon Tobin Productions presents Short Scores Amon Tobin Amon Tobin Productions draw you into fantastical worlds that are strange and wonderful. These curious and grand cinematic scores full of excitement and magical character will bring pictures to life.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP045 Trailers: Rise of The Ninjas Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Christopher James Teasdale,Andrew David Robinson,Finn McNicholas,Alex Banks,John Valasis Dark, inhuman powers beyond our world of imagination. The Rise of the Ninjas will not make you sleep easy in your bed at night!
SOUND BREAKERS SB104 Rock Orchestral Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Rick DiFonzo Volume 2 of our blood-pumping Rock meets Orchestral anthems.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP015 Trailers: Battle Of The Bows Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Gadi Sassoon,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,John Valasis,Matthew Nicholson Dramatic, cinematic, epic and emotive. These tracks transport you from everyday to the very edges of your imagination and beyond.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP049 Innovation Thomas Belton,Alan Myson,Robin Philip Brunson,Finn McNicholas,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,John Valasis,Peter Wright We know how confusing and scary new technology can be so we thought we'd introduce a more human and elegant alternative to prove that it isn't all bad and that we can embrace the future with hope, inspiration and confidence.
VOLTA MUSIC VM069 Epic Wonders Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Inspiring and epic orchestral hybrid trailers. Hopeful and awe-inspiring cues for epic sports, heroic adventures and panoramic nature programming.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP017 Anthemic Drum & Bass Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Dominic Leo James Howard,Michele Balduzzi Anthemic Drum and Bass feels like a much needed energy supplement for the mind, body and soul. These tracks will leave you feeling energised, motivated and ready for anything!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP050 Phaeleh presents Cinematic Downbeat Matt Preston A collection of moody and reflective trip-hop-influenced grooves from Bristol-based DJ and producer Phaeleh.
CUES4U.COM C4U298 Cinematic Trailers Yu Namikoshi Renowned Japanese composer Yu Namikoshi presents a collection of bold and beautiful contemporary orchestral works that are perfect for movie trailers, promos, dramatic sequences and emotional scenes across a variety of production genres.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP018 It's A Trap 1 Andrew David Robinson,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Gadi Sassoon,Thomas Belton It's an outbreak of beats, grime, trap and rap.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2994 City Soundscapes Vol. 2 Steven David Fay Back again with this collection of gritty and expressive hip hop themes featuring big beats and sporadic vocal textures
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP019 World Not As You Know It Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Valasis,Alex Banks,Finn McNicholas,Alan Myson,Keir John Fraser A journey around the modern world savouring the atmosphere and sounds of different cultures
ELIAS MUSIC EM2997 Classical Remix Rotem Hecht,Jasper Schwartz, Taisuke Kimura,Colin Yarck,Steven David Fay A rousing collection of Classical music's most favorite themes remixed in modern and dramatic fashion, guaranteed to make the blue-hairs flip their wigs.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA032 Trailers: Global Threats Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Dramatic and action-packed hybrid-orchestral tracks for intense and epic on-screen action. Featuring synths, orchestra, booming and swooping SFX and heavy percussion. Including drama & documentary ready panic build underscores.
ABBEY ROAD MASTERS ARX020 Contemporary Cinematic Builds Stuart Thomas,Paul Saunderson,Richard Andrew Canavan Soaring music for blockbuster documentaries and drama. Uplifting, profound and very cool. London Contemporary Orchestra and choir bring the magic.
CPM CAR553 Breaking Away Christopher Mears,James Walsh, Greg Hatwell Indie electronica, alternative rock and modern folk collide in this heartfelt and emotive release concerning poignant life changes. Twelve songs fronted by dynamic male vocals and supporting bands.
BPM CLASSICAL SERIES / EXPLORER SERIES BPM2027 Traditional Songs And Dances From Africa Adzido, Unidentified,Adzido, Trad, Unidentified,Adzido, Trad,Adzido, Adzigo, Unidentified Siye Goli (Zulu for: We are going to Johannesburg)... Siye Goli is a large scale spectacle that combines the very best in traditional dance with a dramatic history of Southern Africa, from approximately 1800 to the present day.
COLOR TV CTV1133 Emotional Stories Richard Mark Salmon, Theodore John Travis, Matthew Ben Thackerey Covering a variety of moods from heartbreak to heartwarming, these tracks compliment emotional storytelling with subtle, delicate arrangements of piano, flute, marimba, strings and more.
BRUTON BR731 Hip Hop Deluxe 3 Jermain Brown, Jonathan James Johnson, Knight Ryder The finest quality Hip Hop and Trap direct from the USA. Features female and male MCs and vocals.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM344 Emotive Orchestral Mirco Altenbach Vast cinematic landscapes bounding with orchestral junctures, displaying a poignant variety of emotional moments led through stunning strings amidst synthetic atmospheres.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE003 North Africa - Arabic Inflections Chris Tokalon, Nic Paton,Nic Paton A timeless cinematic album of great variety and emotional depth encompassing Arabic Africa, North Africa and the Middle East – the old and new world order. It speaks of conflict, love, urgency and peace. It evokes the desert, the oasis, the busy market,
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX001 Trailer Tools - Action - Reverses Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE005 Slamming African Drums - For Sports & Action Trailers A.G Magwaza A collection of powerful African percussive tracks designed for battle on the sports field, action trailers or tense dramatic scenes. Including Zulu war drums, Nigerian talking drums through to Latin flavoured stadium slammers this album hits plenty of h
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX003 Trailer Tools - Action - Downers Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE007 West African Odysseys & Atmospheres Nic Paton Meander down the Niger River, traverse the slopes of Mount Bintumani, feel the sand beneath your toes on Bojo Beach or float in the pink water of Lake Retba. An atmospheric and evocative musical journey through West Africa!
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX004 Trailer Tools - Action - Booms & Hits Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE009 Africa Rising - Upbeat & Dramatic Ryan Grogan A cinematic safari across the African continent with a sprinkling of Asian, Indian and South American influences here and there. The album varies between upbeat and fun tracks to tense and dramatic ones.
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX005 Trailer Tools - Action - Risers Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE016 Big Screen Africa - Spirit of the Land Nic Paton,Dizu Plaatjies, Gideon Murray, Nic Paton,Nic Paton, Ronan Skillen A heart-stirring, rousing and richly cinematic collection of African infused orchestral tracks expertly created for the big screen. It's epic, majestic, grand and emotive and perfect for films, doccies, wildlife, advertising, corporate productions, NGO's
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX006 Trailer Tools - Action - Alarms Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
A-LIST MUSIC AL_039 Taiko Glorious Joey Peters A sonic assault of taiko drums, percussion and sound design featuring massive impacts, gongs, tribal drums, fx, cymbals, scrapes, drones and synth pulses.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA015 Hip Hop & Grime: Inner City Pressure Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Dramatic, gritty and grimy hip hop beats with scattergun percussion and booming sub-bass tones. Urgent loops and dramatic sound effects add tension for a story full of inner city pressure.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_041 Luminary - Futuristic Sci-Fi Action Roman Kovalik Futuristic, sci-fi hybrid action drama cues featuring synths, strings, brass, percussion and sound design
VALO ARTISTS VALO_221 Corban Calhoun Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn, Hadassa Candiani,Corban Shane Calhoun, Gabriel Candiani Mystery and fantasy collide to create an epic production of cinematic proportions. This masterpiece of dramatic alternative rock with creeping guitars, sound effects, mystical sound design, and unforgettable melodies will have the power to transport you t
VALO ARTISTS VALO_230 Airic Gabriel Candiani, Erik Alfonso Diaz,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani VALO Artist Airic burns up the mic in this super-smooth, club-ready, Hip Hop release, featuring his trademark rhyme styles and deep, hypnotic grooves that take aim straight for the heart. No prisoners!
VALO ARTISTS VALO_231 Lexi Salazar Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani Powerful and edgy pop punk artist Lexi Salaazar passionately rings out among energetic, driving drums, soaring distorted guitars and lively synths.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_268 Matt Murphy - Long Way Home Matthew S Orr Matt Murphy delivers timeless alternative anthems fit for a stadium with indie-rock arrangements and heartfelt melodies.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_270 Jake Jones Gabriel Candiani, Jake Jones Indie popster Jake Jones brings a sultry angst to these catchy, dynamic pop songs with a playful nod to the 90s. Featuring lively, upbeat guitars, intriguing arrangements and a soulful authenticity.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_275 Chad Chad Lane Crawford, Gabriel Candiani Adventurous, grungy pop-rock hits hard, pumping ambitious adrenaline as Chad creates anthemic, memorable guitar leads, head-banging drums and passionate, electrifying vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_305 Kris Bradley - Firebrand Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley,Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Madison Marie Armor Kris Bradley radiates a fierce, unyielding confidence with her infectious, soul-soaked anthemic rock style. Intimate, come-hither verses are followed by dramatic choruses that slam into action with big, bold, in-your-face hooks that linger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_318 NO12U Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani Big and bold, these cinematic power ballads feature dramatic, anthemic choruses and battle-ready arrangements, all lifted to epic, mythical heights with a dramatic, emotionally fierce female lead that cuts through the fog like the masthead of an undaunted
VALO ARTISTS VALO_203 Matt Orr Matthew S Orr The gifted pop artist Matt Orr suffuses this well-rounded indie pop collection with plaintive ballads, 80s-inspired anthems and Southern-tinged rockers, all welded together with Orr's infectious angsty vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_321 Sun And Sea - California Pop Rock Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally, Alexis Marie Salazar,Gabriel Candiani, John Dillon Conneally, Alexis Marie Salazar, Jacob Miles,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Hollie Buhagiar Vibrating with the golden rays of unstoppable optimsim and youth, these six shimmering pop songs exude an irrepressible joy and vulnerablity with intimate vocals that catch at just the right moment and beats that speak to simpler times.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_211 Breathe Again Michael McGregor, Marc Ferrari,David Isaac Feldstein, Merrit Lance Morrison, Marc Ferrari Hooky and dynamic collection of contemporary themes. Driving power-pop, emotional alternative-ballads, and uplifting indie-anthems.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_328 Raymon Reed Gabriel Candiani, Raymon La'Keith Reed Aggro and fierce, these hip-hop tracks bristle with sports imagery, taunting attitude and gritty, street savvy from Raymon Reed. Featuring heavy drums, brass themes and intriguing background chants.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_215 Amy Whitcomb Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman A dynamic, passionate blues-rock power-ballad with a stunning vocal performance by Amy Whitcomb. Steady mid/slow-tempo drums, rockin' guitars and solid, pulsing bass.
NOISE REFINERY NRF039 Amped Up Christian Telford, Kenneth Edward Belcher, Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi,Kenneth Edward Belcher, Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi Electronic Rock Instrumentals
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1029 Adrenalin Rush Darren Ellis Smith,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth,Alan Jay Reed, Queens Road,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Callum Robert Melville, Luke James Melville,Queens Road Ultramodern EDM and electro-rock hybrids for ads and promos. Bristling with energy.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB007 Deep Space Discovery Alessandro Rizzo, Alexis Toutziarakis, Elliot Greenway Ireland, John Pickup,Alessandro Rizzo, Alexis Toutziarakis, Elliot Greenway Ireland,Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland,Ian James Britt,Timothy Paul Handels Quietly optimistic, thematic underscores which unfold with a strong focus on tough individual choices: our home Earth is behind us, but we keep moving forward into the unknown. Layered hybrid cinematic cues help these dramatic human stories play out on th
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