ジャンル「フォーク」アルバム検索結果1,392件 (1/14ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP051 Daytime Delights Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Stephen William Hodd,Chris Hall,Patrick Edward Carpenter A varied selection of positive acoustic styles to see you right throughout the day.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP052 Feminine Touch Andrew David Robinson, ECHO,Lisa Marie Hart, Michel Lepop, Richard Mark Salmon,Ciara Haidar, Mike Moore,Gary James, Lisa Marie Hart,Ciara Haidar,John Valasis These girls are sassy, confident and ruling the roost. From folky to outright pop, soft rock to indie pop these girls have nailed it.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP082 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary Dom Capuano,Martin Gratton,Petrina April Smith, Robert George Howes,Alexander Stephan Golding,Lee Ahmad Baker,James Donald Wilder, Petrina April Smith,Andrea Consoli, Petrina April Smith,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Oliver Dipre, Petrina April Smith Two sides of Russia are presented here with traditional Russian folk music up against various contemporary styles, with Dance, Hip Hop, Trap and Drum & Bass, all with a Russian influence.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND067 Atmospheric Harp by Ellie Ford Eleanor May Ford These reflective and mysterious experimental acoustic pop tracks feature ethereal female vocals and beautiful minimal harp patterns to create a shimmering, atmospheric vibe. Composed and performed by UK alt folk harpist and singer Ellie Ford.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH226 An American History Ross Hughes, Nicholas Pynn The changing face of American life and times, expressed through music inspired by the period
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL206 Acoustic Guitar - Joy & Reflection Gordon Giltrap,Gordon Giltrap, Hilary Ashe-Roy Contrasts of joy and reflection - Gordon Giltrap plays acoustic guitar accompanied by flute.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC105 Rural Village Life Gerhard Bickl, Tony Delmonte,Heribert Riesenhuber, Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer,Alan Jay Reed, Tony Delmonte,Sebastian Watzinger, Tony Delmonte,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer Consistently bright and positive acoustic music with rural Bavarian flair in a variety of instrumentations - village life, nature, jauntiness, spring, summer and carefree life.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1074 Daytime Acoustic Moods Marvin Mcmahon, Sebastian Sprenger,Simon Moore Back to nature for a better future - easy relaxed acoustic leisure and lifestyle music for daytime TV and magazine shows. Children, gardening, outdoor pursuits, country walks, farming, animals, health and wellness and the joys of relaxing and enjoying a c
LIFTMUSIC LIFT199 Banjo Beats Paul Sandrone 12 banjo centric folk-tronic daydreams. From quirky folk-hop & Americana electro-dub-scapes, to feel-good fingerpicking & hoedown mash ups
5 SENSES MUSIC 5SM054 Simply Sweet Voices DJ Magik Cool J Bright latin pop, swing, jazz waltz, bossanova, hawaiian, caribbean, folk tracks. With female vocal and male chorus.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND066 Love Songs Kevin Denly Jefferies, Robert Hugh Wilson, Murray John Robert Gould, James Michael Shead These tasty, folk-inspired love songs from Cornish singer-songwriter James Shead and his band capture the timeless high of falling head over heels. Produced by the highly-acclaimed John Cornfield (Muse, Robert Plant, Supergrass), these heartfelt songs hig
MINDS AND MUSIC MAM067 Folky Fun Matt Prior, Matt Round,Tony Olla, Mike Wisth, William Kyle White,Matt Prior,Matt Prior, Alex Toff Album Theme: Organic Folk Music. Listen to Another Day Away, Finger Pickin' Good, Summer High and Willow Wind. This free range, organic and simply delicious FOLKY FUN will sweeten up any kind of day and give you a boost of happy energy along the way. With
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS047 Carefree Acoustic Guitars (Happy & Mellow) Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Davide Giovannini, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Rafael Angulo Marchante, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson, An album full of Happy and Carefree Acoustic Guitar tracks, featuring Drums, Strings and other instrumentation. Ideal for Friendships, Goodtimes, Road Trips, Summertime and Nature.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS077 Blue Collar American (Acoustic Guitar / Male Vocals) Graeme Richard Michael Stanton Four Songs from a Working-Class / Blue Collar Male point of view. About Love, Life & Dreams. Simple Acoustic Guitar and Vocal Songs. As with all TMS releases, stems are available.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK649 Pleasant Trip Erik Yellow Feelgood, bucolic Folk ballads
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA138 Silver Oakes Steffi Jeraldo, Brian Oakes, Gabriel Candiani Warm, indie folk fuses with shimmering pop in these feel-good songs featuring wistful, female vocals, delicate guitars and intimate verses followed by anthemic choruses that gently inspire.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP033 Road Movie Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Tom Jordan,Matt Fisher, Tom Jordan,Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Matthew White,Benjamin Daniel, Chris Boot, Timothy Jason Bidwell,Matt Fisher, Matthew White, Tom Jordan,Adrian Meehan, Lawrence Rudd Gentle, warm and caring male (and a couple of female) vocal ballads with indie, poppy and folky influences.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP038 In The Background: Daytime 1 Paul Tyan,Alan Myson,Alexander Stephan Golding,Keir John Fraser,Alex Banks,Tom Evans,Timothy Jason Bidwell,Peter Wright Gently, warming themes and atmospheres that leave you feeling as though you are floating on clouds of life affirming oxygen.
ELIAS MINIMALIST EMIN2979 For The Kids Fritz Doddy,David Ashok Ramani A collection of bouncy, whimsical and childlike themes for the kid in all of us
FLEXITRACKS FLEX138 Evocative Songs Julianne Bastock, Paul John Rogers A collection of beautiful, reflective and intimate acoustic songs - evoking strong images, thoughts, memories and feelings. Perfect for Human, Emotional & Psychological Dramas, Documentaries, Trailers & Promos. To access and import the FLEXiTRACK version
LO EDITIONS LOCD99 Stay Golden Huw Teilo Jones, Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Dan Hillman, Nathan Taylor,Dominic Blake,Eleftherios Moumdjis, Kostas Hiras,Jack Frederick Smale, Jake Simon Calladine,Daniel Patrick James Carney, Oscar John Ball,Arthur Bliss, Dorothy Marigold Tye,Edward George Glowing alt pop, shimmering new folk, luminescent electronica, indie beach bossa and a touch of afro beat. A perfect post lockdown collection of summer sounds to get everyone up, out and in the mood.
SARAO MUSIC SA106 Sweet Latino Songs Andres Bertoglio Tender and gentle in the style of Acoustic Latin, featuring smooth Spanish male lead vocals and acoustic guitars creating soothing, calm moods. Singer/Songwriter.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP007 Bright Mornings Liam Joseph Hennessy,Peter Wright,Thomas Belton Positive, sunny and acoustic folk bringing the start of a bright new day, where anything is possible.
CUES4U.COM C4U303 Multicoloured Marimba Anthony James Hinnigan, Anthony Edward Maloney A superb collection of multicoloured cues featuring the Marimba composed by well-known British musicians Tony Hinnigan and Tony Maloney, perfect for documentary, drama, travel shows, natural history and factual TV productions.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP026 Hope and Glory Matthew Nicholson,Charles Sicouri, James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit, Moritz Wanger The spirit of endeavour and pride in ourselves and others is reflected and represented in these cinematic indie songs.
CUES4U.COM C4U305 Folk Tunes Of The British Isles Traditional, Arr. Anthony James Hinnigan, Anthony Edward Maloney, Michael James Taylor Renowned British musicians Tony Hinnigan, Tony Maloney and Michael Taylor present a colourful and evocative collection of folk tunes from the British Isles beautifully performed on a variety of folk instruments - perfect for documentary, natural history,
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP031 Strum n' Sing Stephen William Hodd,Chris James,Ben Brown, Donal Scott, Renny Jackson,Anders Sodergren, Richard Mark Salmon,Ben Brown, Ben Rodney, Donal Scott, James Moriarty, Renny Jackson, Samuel Roberts,Ben Brown, Donal Scott, Paul Nocher, Renny Jackson,Ben Brown, B It's a folky festival of frollicking fun for acoustic instruments and warm, inviting male vocals. The perfect accompaniment to summer.
CUES4U.COM C4U313 Lifestyle Aspirations Eugene Montenero, Andy Findon A collaboration between Swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero and British flautist Andy Findon presenting a superb collection of aspirational cues perfect for lifestyle programmes, drama, documentary, film, antiques, cookery, travel, countryside pursuits and f
BTV / PITCH BTV281 General Minimal Folk Matthew James Parker, Sam Taylor A bright collection of light, positive acoustic-folk tracks with acoustic guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiel and soft drums.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE002 Beautiful African Folk - Warm & Friendly Matthew Gair,Daniela Frances Smith, Matthew Gair Extraordinarily beautiful acoustic melodies played on Guitar, Ukulele, Mbira and Marimba covering moods from light-hearted and quirky to peaceful and heart-warming. Also good for kiddies vibes. A ‘Must-Listen’ album!
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE011 Authentic Zulu Folk - Maskandi Dibansile Tutsu, Joel Assaizky Rich, rootsy Zulu folk songs featuring acoustic guitar and vocals. Great for adding a touch of original Kwazulu vibes to any production.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE014 African Playground - Afro Acoustic Pop Andreas Potgieter, Simon Orrey A wondrous mix of African flavoured acoustic guitars, xylophones and percussion all with a dreamy, light-hearted, positive and playful mood. A perfect match for advertising, lifestyle productions, children's shows, doccies, corporate programming and much
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA011 Beats: Intricate Organica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Intricate melodies drawn from a global a sound palette weave in and out of jazz tinged drum beats, and warm enveloping bass lines. An intricate electronic sound track for an organic world.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA031 Live Again: Indie Folk & Alt Rock Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Modern and vibrant guitar band tracks ranging from alt-rock and brit-pop, through to indie-folk and americana. Including drum rolls sculpted for edits, and subtle strings for added emotional depth.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA034 TV Tools: Gentle Guitar Beds Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of fresh and breezy acoustic guitar driven tracks, from bright and optimistic, through to wistful and reflective. Gently layered with light percussion, soft keys and string textures. Perfect for travel, nature and digital content.
CPM CAR553 Breaking Away Christopher Mears,James Walsh, Greg Hatwell Indie electronica, alternative rock and modern folk collide in this heartfelt and emotive release concerning poignant life changes. Twelve songs fronted by dynamic male vocals and supporting bands.
TELE MUSIC TMCD1362 Happy Pop Folk Franck Fossey,Matthieu Devos Happy pop folk themes with warm guitars, light drums, bright piano and chorus. Positive and hopeful, perfect for all daytime TV programs.
LIFTMUSIC FACTUAL FACT002J Places & Travel 10 Karim Younis,John Etkin-Bell, Martyn Barker,Chipperfield Jones,Anthony Barnard,Joley Cragg,John Etkin-Bell, Dominique Levack,Rosalind Firth,Jon Goddard,Yasmine Mary Latkowski, John Macnaughton,John Etkin-Bell, Simon Yapp,James Knight, James Pusey,Bruce Kn A lovely mixed bag of World music from around the globe - From French & British folk via Africa & the Arabian deserts to the cities of India
ALPHASONIC ALPHA056 Guitar Atmospheres 2 Mike Eaves Acoustic country, folk & blues influenced atmospheric electric guitar tracks featuring assorted textures and sounds on the guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
VALO ARTISTS VALO_263 Matt Murphy - Folktronica Remix Matthew S Orr This remix of Matt Murphy's Folktronica album transforms indie folk-rock tracks into fresh, danceable Electro-pop with bright, celebratory synths and driving club rhythms that feature the same feel-good, charismatic melodies.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_267 Ray Blunt - Traveler Marcus Bently,Ray Blunt Roots-rock artist Ray Blunt expresses the freedom of the open road with his americana and outdoorsy style. Untroubled guitars support heartfelt, carefree vocals with feel-good folk ambitions.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_281 Adalaide Adelaide Marie Daines, Harley Anderson Adalaide's folk-tinged but powerful, wide-ranging vocals shine in this poignant collection of modern ballads featuring soaring choruses, intimate verses and sound palettes that surprise.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_295 The Curtain Calls Scott Tyler Shepard, Catherine Nicole Williams Papworth The Curtain Calls debut on VALO with their heartfelt, timeless and sentimental indie-folk/americana sound!
VALO ARTISTS VALO_300 Folk Hogan - Band Of Mighty Souls Jesse Allen, Nicholas Passey, John Stahl, Canyon Elliot, Kameron Anton, Jared Hayes Folk Hogan's unique and furiously-fun blend of punked-up, feel-good Rock, Folk and Bluegrass scores a big, smile-inducing splash with this VALO Artist release.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_210 Coming Home - Featuring Handsome Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll,Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll, Oliver Douglas Hild A VALO collection of home/family-inspired songs. Uplifting and nostalgic Folk, Americana, Pop, Country, Indie and Acoustic genres featuring beautiful, heartfelt vocal performances.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_301 The Painted Horses Denys Kurt Kozakis The Painted Horses debut on VALO with their timeless, beautiful mix of Folk-styled Americana and Rock songs.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_216 Kim Knighton Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Amy Whitcomb A beautiful, emotional, and dynamic indie/pop/folk-ballad with cascading piano, picked acoustic guitar and warm bass sung by Kimberly Knighton.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_320 The Sallyforths Tyler Flood Fortier, Erin Flood Fortier Wistfulness and joy intertwine in these artful, warm, folk-infused songs featuring a flawless blend of male and female vocals from The Sallyforths. Earnest and knowing with a homespun charm, these celebratory songs aim straight for the American heartland.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_233 Daniel Young - Found What I Need Daniel Y Buehner Daniel Young's ardent, nostalgic vocals hark back to the iconic Western folk heroes of the 40s and 50s. Melded here with fuzzy, distorted guitar and Southern blues rhythms, the result is timelessly American.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_327 Tyler Fortier Tyler Flood Fortier Rays of sunshine stream through these breezy acoustic folk tracks with bright, folksy piano, acoustic guitars, luscious lap steel, mandolin and the effortless, everyman vocals of the charismatic Tyler Fortier.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_234 Callie Hopper Gabriel Candiani, Callie Morgan Hopper Singer-songwriter Callie Hopper intertwines folk and a nuanced country twang with her tender, lighthearted indie style on this heartfelt and frolicking acoustic sparkler.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_249 Home - There Is A Place Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll,Peter Luke Adams, James William Driscoll, Erik Kertes This heartfelt collection of laidback acoustic folk grooves gently along with a warm, roadtrip, wide-open-space vibe -- featuring classic guy-girl folk harmonies, bittersweet lyrics and rock drums.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_262 Matt Murphy - Folktronica Matthew S Orr Folktronica features an upbeat mix of indie folk-rock with hints of pop and electronica elements. Matt Murphy creatively blends carefree acoustic guitars and lighthearted drums with infectious hooks and angsty but uplifting vocals.
CHAPPELL CHAP529 Acoustic Loveliness Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Kealan Greenwood, Thomas Richard Hill Acoustic underscores built for home, lifestyle, cooking and factual entertainment content with a carefree country life attitude and a sunny disposition. Busy working, time is passing and not a care in the world.
SPOT ON SPOTON0037 Brighter Side Aaron Albert Srdoc,Lee Gordon, Nathaniel Cooper,Leonard C Miller,Dain Luscombe,Ken James Gibson,Zach Lemmon,Seth Littlefield,Julie Carpenter,Benjamin Krause Positive indie tracks in the styles of minimalist, rock, folk, and light orchestral. Categories include Happy, Quirky, and Uplifting.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM067 Positive Indie Folk Richie Aikman, Carter William Positive indie folk underscores for reality TV, documentaries & advertising, featuring warm, homely acoustic guitar, calm piano, upbeat light percussion & uplifting vocal textures.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS076 Hearts & Home (Uplifting Acoustic / Folk) (Male Vocal) Christopher Samuel Campbell Four Beautiful Acoustic Guitar led Love Songs about Home, Togetherness and BIG Hearts. Tender and Gentle Male Vocal. Lots of alternative versions and, as always, Stems are available.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2988 Contemporary Ukulele David Ashok Ramani,Fritz Doddy An eclectic and whimsical collection of acoustic themes, all centered around the happiest, most playful and charming instrument of all time
GUM TAPES GTP225 Quiet Lands Guillaume Barraud,Laurent Guillet,Frédéric Parcabe,Dimitri Leroy A journey through the American landscape with this album of panoramic and soothing acoustic pieces carried by warm and organic guitars.
IMPRESSIVE MINDS IPMD009 Hobo Life, Volume 1 Markus Strasser This European Gypsy folk collection features warm, retro, jazzy guitars, upright bass, brass, clarinet and accordion - all floating gently atop breezy, midtempo rhythms that bring a smile.
CUES4U.COM C4U295 Countryside Pursuits William Derrick Harris Well-known British guitarist Derrick Harris presents a beautiful collection of solo guitar cues inspired by the splendour of the countryside, perfect for factual tv, country matters, gardening, walking, travel and farming programmes
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS154N Postcards From Greece 2 Oliver Wright, Andrew Findon Everything you need to get your Greek holiday started
NORDIC ID NORD101 Mountain Folk Olli Juhani Varis Follow along on a journey through the Nordic ancient woods and the mystic mountains with this album of beautiful and organic folk songs.
NORDIC ID NORD102 Nordic Traditions Emil Ernebro Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro. Sweden based Emil Ernebro is a well known-guitarist. With +100k followers on Social Media channels his guitar covers and original songs have amazed people all over the world. “Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro”
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST020 Retro Glam Pop Rock Laurie Yule Never say die! The glam 70's return with these art-punk retro throwbacks . Think men in make-up with attitude, sinuous guitars and sexy, fun hooks echoing psychedelic folk beginnings. Ah, we miss the simpler times.
NORDIC ID NORD103 Nordic Atmosphere Henrik Meierkord Emotional and atmospheric soundscapes with elements of cello and violin. Beautiful pieces to reflect the Nordic melancholy.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA127 Wormwood Indie Folk Rock Matthew S Orr Soft guitars and vocal textures float atop breezy grooves in these warm, friendly indie folk instrumentals.
NORDIC ID NORD104 Nordic Soundtracks 01 Pessi Levanto,Olli Juhani Varis, Tero Hyväluoma,Anders Paul Niska,Mikko Heininen,Jarmo Mikael Julkunen, Olli Juhani Varis,Zoran Sabijan Nordic Soundtrack 01 is the first album of the series Nordic Soundtrack. The album is influenced by the Nordic traditional songs and the tracks are created by some of Scandinavia’s top film and tv composers.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA132 Golden Acoustic Matthew S Orr Lively acoustic arrangements combine with emotive male vocal textures, warm piano and expressive electric guitar in these reflective indie folk instrumentals.
GOTHIC STORM MUSIC TOOL WORKS GTW108 Ghostly Solo Choir Boy (Assembly Line Compatible) - In All Keys Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues Designed for layering into eerie horror trailers, a world-class boy soprano sings macabre old English folk songs in all 12 keys with natural to heavily processed variations. As a bonus they share the 92 bpm tempo and structure of our Assembly Line albums
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND063 Roots Folk 2 by Ian Roland & The Subtown Set Ian Roland Cheeseman, Simon William Yapp, Brione Farrah Jackson,Ian Roland Cheeseman, Simon William Yapp This 2nd volume of rootsy, indie alt folk tunes from UK's Ian Roland & The Subtown Set showcases their uniquely artful brand of Brit folk pop and features bright acoustic guitar, lush strings and piano.
ALPHASONIC ALPHA055 Guitar Atmospheres Mike Eaves Acoustic folk & blues influenced atmospheric guitar tracks featuring slide guitar. Evoking panoramic vistas & rural tranquility
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3185 Americana Blues & Roots Tony Naylor Incorporating elements of various American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues, resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0187 Acoustic Juice Andrew JamesSimmons,Nyles T.Lannon,Shaun Chasin, Nathan HarrisonRightnour,Zak AlanMcNeil Positive vibes and super-happy-bouncy-fun times going on here! Bright, exciting guitars, sweet, joyful tunes and colorful new-folk instrumentals just dripping in sunshine. Pass the juice!
LIFTMUSIC LIFT194 El Camino Daniele Giuili,Anthony Barnard, Andrew Davis,Anthony Barnard,Quist 19 Iberian infused soundtracks. Dreamy folktronica, heart-warming acoustic themes, dramatic solo acoustic & evocative guitar-scapes
ROADSIDE COUCH RECORDS RCR030 Coming Back to Life Andrea Perry,Andrea Perry, Sarah Sharp Austin producer Andrea Perry's gorgeously crafted collection of Indie Pop, Baroque Pop and trippy retro depicting our collective lost year and optimistic hope for the future. Sunshine moods, positive vibes, confusion, despair - all resolved herein.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS035 Happy Acoustic Guitars (Springtime and Summer) Joshua Thaddeus Geffin,Martin Neil Jackson An album full of Happy and Feelgood Acoustic Guitar tracks. Also features Mandolin and Slide Guitar on some tracks. Emotions and Usages inc. Summer, Springtime, Feelgood, Nature, Landscapes, Travel and Joy.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN046 Acoustic Road Trip Songs Alexander De Menthon Uplifting, happy, acoustic indie-folk tunes featuring lead vocals from Alex De Menthon. Perfect for scenes of movement with a carefree and nostalgic feel.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS484 Laidback & Carefree Philip Guyler, Thomas Patrick,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,John Albert Griggs, Philip Guyler Easy going, understated and carefree positivity.
TRUE STORIES TRU153 Homemade Happy 2 Randall McGravey,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Tim Harvest, Zach Rowan More upbeat, happy acoustic folk. Organic and fun for crafts, cookery and stay-at-home life, with stripped-back underscore versions.
BTV / PITCH BTV272 Ukulele Whistling Matthew James Parker, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor Sweet, sun-kissed ukuleles with cheerful, lighthearted whistling. The ideal playlist for summer, advertising, DIY, cookery and travel.
ELIAS MINIMALIST EMIN2977 Documentary Nature David Luther Cleveland, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Fritz Doddy,Jonathan Elias, Sarah Trevino,Clinton Morrison,Megan McDuffee,David Ashok Ramani,Alexander Joseph Schloss Delicate mellow underscore themes for scenes of nature and mother earth.
EVO EVO338 Natural Inspiration Daniel Weniger, Mia Bellissima,Mia Bellissima Modern to traditional laid back folk and acoustic underscores. Moods, from inspiring to intimate, for friends and family and positive hopeful vibes.
GUM TAPES GTP216 Back Home Robin Strauss Take a deep breath of fresh air with this solar album of joyful and buccolic acoustic tracks!
KOKA MEDIA KOK2542 60s Sunshine Pop Barton Hartshorn, Lexie Kendrick, Philippe Uminski,Lexie Kendrick, Philippe Uminski,Philippe Uminski Panorama of the 60s cultural revolution: sunshine pop, psyche folk rock, acoustic English ballads, British Invasion. Male and female vocals, instrumental melodies alt versions. Tape recording and mastering. Vintage sound! Stems available in 'Refine this a
NOISE REFINERY NRF034 Offbeat & Whimsical John Schroeder Quirky & Playful Instrumentals
NOISE REFINERY NRF035 Cinematic Folk Siobhan Wilson Modern Indie Folk
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF123 Country Breakbeat Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland Country licks mixed with fun energy and timeless breakbeats by the inimitable Skeewiff, great for sports, travel and lifestyle.
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST012 Widescreen Folktronica Jason Tarver, Tom Greenwood, Lucy Underhill,Jason Tarver, Tom Greenwood Delicate and glorious indie folk featuring ethereal piano and tender high male vocals, gentle breathy female vocals and a slow building magical atmosphere
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY046 The Choir Boy and The Ghost - Creepy Horror Folk Songs Guy Chalinder Bowen Jones,Amadeo Lopez,Emmanuel Rousseau,Andrii Yefymov,Brooke Bahakel Mitchell,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Oscar Carl Fogelstrom A London choir boy soprano sings disturbing British folk songs over creepy horror trailer music.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA080 Closer Than Lovers - Dimiter Dimiter Yordanov Intimate and raw, these elegantly simple indie folk ballads from Dimiter lay bare fragile emotions that cling to hope and better days. Minimal arrangements of piano, guitar, synths and female backing vocals keep these tracks delicate and bittersweet.
CUES4U.COM C4U287 English Folk With A Twist Robert Alan Clifford, Eva Maria Abraham Renowned British composers and performers Robert Alan Clifford and Eva Maria Abraham present a superb collection of brand new English Folk Songs inspired by the words and music of traditional English Folksong. Further versions, stems and mixes are availab
CUES4U.COM C4U288 Cultural Journeys The Middle East Andrew Mitchell Findon, Richard James Weeden, Julian Richard Poole A superb collection of authentic, imaginative and thought-provoking cues evoking the atmosphere and cultural heritage of the Middle East composed and performed by well-known British musicians Andrew Mitchell Findon, Richard Weeden and Julian Poole.
ELBROAR ER1234 Russia Lars-Luis Linek, Arr. Johannes Matthias Hoffmann Russia, the largest country in the world, extending across northern Asia and into eastern Europe with its music deeply rooted in the traditions of the proud Russian people. This album highlights 12 cues varying from ballads and Russian romances to up-temp
MUSICA BRITANNICA ESLMB18 Little Dark Secrets Monika Eckert Hauntingly beautiful female led acoustic compositions. Tender, yet mysterious.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL171 Uplifting, Organic and Acoustic Gaby Concato, Norman Langolff,Loïc Louvel Positive, luminous, feelgood set of acoustic folk tracks featuring uplifting vocals.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM332 Medieval Tales Gareth Thomas A fine tapestry of fantastical storytelling depicted through a wondrous array of Medieval-themed arrangements.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX094 Guitar Journeys Jan Pham Huu Tri,Pierre Jaconelli This album of pure songs guitars, folk, roots or acoustic wich to illustrate reactions that one can have in amazement about the world.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX100 Timeless Guitar Tales Philippe Hervouet,Pierre Jaconelli Strings of folk guitars are stroked, exulted, arpeggiated to give incredible images of recklessness, freedom, emotions and inspiration.
CINETIKS PRODUCTION MUSIC ESL-CKPM023 Signal From The Void Eric Pajot,Franck Goupil Cinematic, haunting electronica
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