ムード「ハッピー」アルバム検索結果5,376件 (1/54ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM361 Brass Pop II Glyn M. Owen Cheerfully bright brass patterns play out over an assortment of slick Pop, Funk and Soul productions, raising the roof with supremely infectious levels of energy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP073 Very Ninja Christmas Michele Balduzzi,Sophie Galpin,Matthew Nicholson,Andrew David Robinson,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Chris Hall,Benjamin Paul Stefanski,Gadi Sassoon,Rupert Fintan Caws Garvey It is Christmas time but with a twist. Old family favourites given a healthy dose of Ninja spirit.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP088 Electro Swinging Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman The perfect blend of vintage and contemporary, these tracks mix a modern dance feel with the infectious energy and excitement of the swing sound!
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM363 Disco Pop Sam Goddard Dazzling Disco-flavoured contemporary House anthems, bursting with a strutting energy perfect for summertime celebrations through sizzling synths and funky chops.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP075 Storytelling Stormy Matthew Nicholson Dreams, hopes, aspirations and the universe, all encapsulated in these engrossing themes for piano and strings.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP089 Made In Japan Yu Namikoshi A comprehensive mix of styles and moods using authentic Japanese instruments and harmony
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP076 Storytelling Sunny Matthew Nicholson Pure, simple and with underlying hope and positivity, Storytelling Sunny has the ability to rise above the ordinary.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP091 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul Dallas Ramirez, Maurice Williams Ssaturns take us on a tour of their irresistibly catchy feel good funk and soul tinged tracks impossible not to move to!
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS083 Fun & Curious (Dramedy) Gareth Thomas,Henry Jeremy Kenneth Muir Bird,Michael Anthony Cryne An album full of Fun and Curious tracks with lots of Mischief. Light Orchestral instrumentation - Pizzicato Strings, Woodwinds & Percussion. Ideal for Animation, Light Drama, Reality TV, Perculiar Documentaries through to feature films. Lots of Variation
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP077 Liquid presents Back To Rave Eamonn Patrick Downes Time to don those oversized cargo pants and reflective vests again as we take a step back to the 90's with authentic rave tunes by one of the best known producers of the time, Liquid, who was responsible for the massive rave anthem 'Sweet Harmony'
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP098 Orchestral Christmas George Beck,Andrew Joseph Barraclough, Andrew Potterton,Andrew Potterton, Thomas Daniel Bellingham Heart-warming and magical, nothing is more evocative than an orchestral christmas track. Laden with strings and glokenspiels these cheerful pieces will get you in the mood for the festive season.
NORDIC ID NORD106 Sunny Quirky Grooves Per-Anders Nilsson Sunny Quirky Grooves features 10 uplifting and carefree songs that perfectly reflects the Nordic bright and endless summers. Features harmonica, funky piano and trumpet.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP078 The Grand Ballroom Matthew Nicholson,Matthew Nicholson, Shin Suzuma Graceful and elegant arrangements of piano, alongside delightful orchestration
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP099 Downtown Funk Oscar Lo Brutto,Joss Peach 100% pure funk dynamite, these infectiously rhythmic, feel-good tracks have an authentic soulful sound.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP051 Daytime Delights Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Stephen William Hodd,Chris Hall,Patrick Edward Carpenter A varied selection of positive acoustic styles to see you right throughout the day.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP082 Russia - Traditional Vs Contemporary Dom Capuano,Martin Gratton,Petrina April Smith, Robert George Howes,Alexander Stephan Golding,Lee Ahmad Baker,James Donald Wilder, Petrina April Smith,Andrea Consoli, Petrina April Smith,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Oliver Dipre, Petrina April Smith Two sides of Russia are presented here with traditional Russian folk music up against various contemporary styles, with Dance, Hip Hop, Trap and Drum & Bass, all with a Russian influence.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP100 Reflective and Inspiring Strings Alan Myson Soul-stirring and evocative, these soundscapes combine organic strings and piano with electronic washes for a timeless and poignant sound.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP052 Feminine Touch Andrew David Robinson, ECHO,Lisa Marie Hart, Michel Lepop, Richard Mark Salmon,Ciara Haidar, Mike Moore,Gary James, Lisa Marie Hart,Ciara Haidar,John Valasis These girls are sassy, confident and ruling the roost. From folky to outright pop, soft rock to indie pop these girls have nailed it.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP083 Spanish and Flamenco Guitar Renny Jackson Beautiful Spanish and Flameco guitar album in a range of authentic styles evocative of sultry Andalucian nights
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP053 Tres Electro Michele Balduzzi,Gadi Sassoon,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Minh Le, Thomas Belton,Chris Hall,Benjamin Joseph Mallott, Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton Do it like the French - these tracks are guaranteed dance floor fillers. Now where did I leave my disco pants..
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP084 Latin Excursions Joss Peach, Lee Ahmad Baker,Douglas Horner, Timothy Belcher, Tristan Banks,Martin Gratton, Robert Sneddon,Garry Judd,Mickey Bruce, Richard Mark Salmon,Lee Ahmad Baker,Alexander Stephan Golding An uplifting journey through Latin America with an authentic taste of Salsa, Rhumba, Boogaloo, Bossa Nova, Samba and Batucada.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC101 Urban Mysteries Claus Quidde, Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Tom Lang,Claus Quidde,Rene Muenzer,Claus Quidde, Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang, Claus Quidde,Tom Daring, atmospheric, urban and smart underscores that reflect urban life with a focus on its criminal, wicked and underground facets.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP063 Ambient Grandeur Matthew Nicholson, Sabrina Plamenova,Matthew Nicholson,Thomas Belton,Alan Myson Broad, airy, panoramic and minimalist sculptures that convey warmth, depth, meditation and relaxation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP085 Future Sound of Bass 1 Chris Hall,Joseph Connor, Oliver Timothy Slack, Samuel William Heath, Theo Serge Krish,Harun Lyicil Epic, building mainstream electronica with warm shimmering synths and drops deeper than the Grand Canyon.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP066 Machinedrum presents Source Material Travis Stewart Electronic music artist and world-class producer Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum offers up a collection of intoxicating, energetic and cool rhythms, grooves and beats
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP086 Trailers - Journey To Triumph Paul Lennox,Gadi Sassoon,Petrina April Smith, Robert George Howes,Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Alex Banks From the call to arms, to the battle cry and onto victory, this album will soundtrack your Journey To Triumph
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP072 Very Merry Christmas George Beck,Lois May Paton, Martin Gratton,Lois May Paton,Matthew Nicholson,Martin Gratton It's that time of year.. sherry, mince pies, bad jumpers and of course repeats on TV.... Merry Christmas with these all time favourites.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP087 Reggaeton Sunsplash Eamonn Patrick Downes,Dom Capuano, Krystle Simmons,Paul Lennox A warm sun drenched dose of Reggaeton tracks, grown out of a fusion between dancehall rhythms and Puerto Rican influences that have taken over the mainstream world.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM009 American Cowboy Michel Yves Kochmann Wholesome charm abounds in these rootsy, country instrumentals shaped by guitar, banjo and mandolin.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM010 Cuisine International Hanjo Gaebler From romantic accordion melodies inspired by French bistros to the laid-back southern rock of an Alabama bbq, these pleasing instrumentals were inspired by beloved dining experiences from around the world and the musical heritage that accompanies them.? D
ELBROAR ER1249 Family Adventure Felix Magnus Grossmann A sizzling trailer collection of Hollywood-style orchestral wizardry, fantastic space adventure, and spaghetti western drama reminiscing the golden era of '70s and '80s family entertainment full of majestic excitement.
ELBROAR ER1252 Wonders Of Life Dominique Ehrenbaum Magically mischievous and sprinkled with fairy dust, these light orchestral pieces celebrate the happy-ever-after with light orchestra, lilting piano, tiptoeing pizzicatos, twinkling xylophone and playful, low-key brass.
MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER MSP2 70s Moods Morten Johanson, Matthias Meusel Stylish and charming songs and instrumentals from funk to film music that conjure up the glamor of the 70s.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM069 Pure Percussion James Yan,Wesley Hicks,Christopher Elmslie Upbeat, energetic rhythmic percussion underscores for advertising, reality TV, sports & game shows, featuring powerful drums, cool body percussion & quirky found sounds.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1074 Daytime Acoustic Moods Marvin Mcmahon, Sebastian Sprenger,Simon Moore Back to nature for a better future - easy relaxed acoustic leisure and lifestyle music for daytime TV and magazine shows. Children, gardening, outdoor pursuits, country walks, farming, animals, health and wellness and the joys of relaxing and enjoying a c
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3187 Electro Swing Glenn Reither,Frank Tayla Zany & Quirky Electro flavoured Swing tracks for Film, Media & Reality TV. Photo of Manouche Guitar courtesy of Zenith Music Australia
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0191 THE SAUCE: Funky Soul Grooves Chris BHarris, Daniel KennethSolovitz,Oriol DalipSirinathsingh,Raymond JonLoverock, Jonathan DavidMorbin,David CharlesTroke, Justin Swadling Funky, soulful and totally groovy modern beats. Feel-good instrumentals with happy energy & warm vibes - complete with punchy kits & laid back, velvet vibes.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC104 Deglobalization Sascha Blank,Anselm Kreuzer,Tom Lang,Robert Sternbach,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Markus Segschneider,Stephan Willing,Fabian Graetz,Queens Road,Electrical Mayhem, Fire Rabbit,Ingo Hassenstein,Daniel Jobar,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Mirko Rizzello,Ulf Subtly dramatic and partly analytical atmospheres for the thoughtful illumination of globalization issues and human conflicts.
ENERGY MUSIC EN032 ELEVATE - Cinematic Pop Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey A beautiful collection of cinematic gold. Expertly crafted filmic pop from ENERGY Music’s talented family of composers. Overflowing with raw human emotions. Perfect for human drama, the big screen and promo.
EVO EVO342 Bon Bébé Jazz! Milo Deering, Ruben Ayala The Master Series Re-Mastered presents a brilliant, timeless collection of small ensemble retro Continental jazz, Western Swing and Cafe' Jazz styles. Features jazz violin, acoustic and steel guitar with snappy rhythms. Fun, cheerful, and happy, this car
EVO EVO343 Inspired & Uplifted 2 Katherine F Martin, Steve Fawcett Fresh, positive and uplifting motivational underscores and anthems bubbling with energy, confidence and hope.
VELOCITY VL204 Boundless Beats and Rhythms James Driscoll, Skinny Williams,Danette M Dufilho, Skinny Williams An array of energetic drum-driven rhythms designed to lace your promos and spots with an exciting yet minimalistic feel
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1072 Imagination Veaceslav Draganov Descriptive piano music encapsulating animated children's music, classical idiom and modern classical, sensitive love themes, magical moments, science, nature, landscapes, drama and fairy tales, stories and discovery.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1073 Sun Sea and Ska Sotiris Kastanis Bright happy reggae, ska and funky fun for an uplifting holiday travel summer sunshine experience. Warm seas, oceans, sand and palm trees welcome you to a relaxing beach party getaway packed with steel drums, conga rhythms and a rum punch happiness lifest
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO249 Summer Of Sound Bill Shanley Classy guitars and retro guitars take you to experience the exciting thrill of the surf, groovy fun party and vacation times, high school proms and dreamy encounters, rock and roll rebels, space age pop, 50s 60s vibes and happy quirky comedy, games and TV
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO250 Advertising Callum Melville, Luke Melville,Joshua Ellis Stylish shiny contemporary adverts, promos and lifestyle tracks, bright summer flavours, tribal beats, glamour and fashion TV, happy, positive, motivational, dance, fun excitement and rushing drama, high end promotion for beauty, sports, travel, vacations
MINIM MNM116 Happy Piano Thomas Hewitt Jones,Vess Ray,Martin Nicholas Gratton,Chris Costas Nicolaides,John Robert Chambers,Joe Goldbridge,William L Hemphill Cheerful piano grooves for light happy moments.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM355 Glimmering Nature Michael Hewitt-Brown Uplifting rural reflections displaying an emphasis on stunning, natural scenery through beautiful orchestral arrangements and soft acoustic melodies.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM356 Feel Good Pop II Steve Cage Vibrant summertime anthems, utilising tropical tones and endlessly exotic inflections, taking you on a journey through the perfectly sun kissed sensations of feel good Pop.
COLOR TV CTV1136 Emotional Guitarscapes Joseph Francis Ryan This warm, inviting album evokes romance, carefree good times and nostalgic reverie with tasteful electric and acoustic guitars, flowing synth textures and breezy, non-lyric vocals that provide an elegant alt rock shimmer.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND066 Love Songs Kevin Denly Jefferies, Robert Hugh Wilson, Murray John Robert Gould, James Michael Shead These tasty, folk-inspired love songs from Cornish singer-songwriter James Shead and his band capture the timeless high of falling head over heels. Produced by the highly-acclaimed John Cornfield (Muse, Robert Plant, Supergrass), these heartfelt songs hig
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM117 History & Heritage Paul Honey A collection of refined, architectural & classical influenced pieces for historical factual & documentaries.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS047 Carefree Acoustic Guitars (Happy & Mellow) Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Davide Giovannini, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Rafael Angulo Marchante, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson, An album full of Happy and Carefree Acoustic Guitar tracks, featuring Drums, Strings and other instrumentation. Ideal for Friendships, Goodtimes, Road Trips, Summertime and Nature.
MINDS AND MUSIC MAM067 Folky Fun Matt Prior, Matt Round,Tony Olla, Mike Wisth, William Kyle White,Matt Prior,Matt Prior, Alex Toff Album Theme: Organic Folk Music. Listen to Another Day Away, Finger Pickin' Good, Summer High and Willow Wind. This free range, organic and simply delicious FOLKY FUN will sweeten up any kind of day and give you a boost of happy energy along the way. With
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE219 Cute Buddies Ben Beiny Joyful, fresh, bright and bouncy with quirky sounds and the happiest vibes, catchy, friendly, light, playful, cheeky, positive, children, uplifting, kids, smile, activity, learning, hooky, summery.
MINDS AND MUSIC MAM068 Happy Housepets Tony Delmonte, Gerhard Bickl,Tony Delmonte, Heribert Riesenhuber Album Theme: Happy Housepets. Listen to Cats Are Snobs, Dog Sleepover, Suburban Sheep and Harry The Hamster. Did you know that more than half of the world has at least one pet living with them under their roof? Pets give their owners affection, are great
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM404 Indie Pop Vol. 2 Zac Porter, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Nick Rice, Stephen Green, Jim Regs,Liam Love, Cathal McKeon, Stephen Green, Jim Regs Breezy, excited and carefree Indie Pop and Rock for a summer festival sound
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM068 Christmas Mix Volume 4: Neoclassical Orchestra Paul Reeves,Daryl Griffith,Gabriel Trott Calm, peaceful Neoclassical tracks filled with festive hope & cheer. Homely piano, warm, emotional strings & lyrical woodwinds with bright, sparkling Christmas bells, celeste & chimes.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM349 Radio Pop II Ben Townsend Immaculate beds covering a diverse spectrum of contemporary Pop styles, presented with pristine, polished production chops to compliment all manner of Adult Contemporary programming.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA138 Silver Oakes Steffi Jeraldo, Brian Oakes, Gabriel Candiani Warm, indie folk fuses with shimmering pop in these feel-good songs featuring wistful, female vocals, delicate guitars and intimate verses followed by anthemic choruses that gently inspire.
CUES4U.COM C4U303 Multicoloured Marimba Anthony James Hinnigan, Anthony Edward Maloney A superb collection of multicoloured cues featuring the Marimba composed by well-known British musicians Tony Hinnigan and Tony Maloney, perfect for documentary, drama, travel shows, natural history and factual TV productions.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP042 Sequencer Fun Gadi Sassoon,Adrian Mark Josey,Michele Balduzzi,John Valasis,Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott,Benjamin Joseph Mallott, Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Vesa Haapenen, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,Thomas Belton WARNING, do not leave your samplers on their own - these are the sounds your studio would create if left unnattended. Crazy, wacky, quirky and odd!
GARELIE GAL237 Galerie for TV - Fun and Feelgood David Ohana,David Dauthieux, Le Fat Club,Le Fat Club,Krisunik A great selection of funny, happy and positive tracks in various styles. Four chapters: feelgood, kids, funny pizz, cartoon. Perfect for entertainment, comedy and kids programmes. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP026 Hope and Glory Matthew Nicholson,Charles Sicouri, James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit, Moritz Wanger The spirit of endeavour and pride in ourselves and others is reflected and represented in these cinematic indie songs.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1028 City Nights Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth,Michael Tedstone, Paul Thorne,Michael Tedstone,Richard Smithson Youthful, lush synth pop evoking nights out and summer festivals. For ads and sync.
CUES4U.COM C4U307 Cinematic Orchestral Emotions 1 Mark Thomas A useful collection of cinematic orchestral cues that convey a wide range of human emotions performed by a live orchestra.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP044 Kid Koala presents Console Loops Eric San An 8 bit journey through your memories, soundtracked by Canadian recording artist Kid Koala. A throwback to an innocent time when games couldn't be saved and the amusement arcade was awash with these sounds.
GUM TAPES GTP235 Mind Games Vol. 2 Julien Rimailho,Manuel Bleton,Sandy Lavallart,Paul Tyan,Josué Abelard,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Adrien Dennefeld,Thomas Didier,Charlotte Boisselier,Steven Viennot,Bastien Ehouzan, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pate Solve puzzles but don't waste too much time because the stakes are high! A selection of inquiring, interrogative and tense tracks to train your mind!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP027 Tranquil Themes Matthew Nicholson Tranquility is all around us but we need to stop and take it in. These tracks epitomise the delicate, atmospheric and captivating mood of peace, quiet and harmony.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF127 Big Brass TV Themes Stefan Redtenbacher A definitive collection of 60's and 70's big band brass; fusing funk, soul and jazz and recapturing the spirit of classic TV themes.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP046 Songs That Pop Thomas Belton,Finn McNicholas,Andrew David Robinson,Gadi Sassoon,Andrew David Robinson, Toby Scott,Alexander Stephan Golding,John Valasis When pop goes POP! Cool themes and grooves bursting at the seams with Carefree, dynamic confidence.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP005 Strike A Pose James Hopcutt, Michele Balduzzi,Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Chris Hall,Thomas Belton,Andrew David Robinson,Gadi Sassoon,Alan Myson,John Valasis From the catwalks of Milan to the boutiques in Paris and the runways in New York, fashionistas will adore these divine creations to showcase their latest haute couture. This is the music of this season, darling!
GUM TAPES GTP236 TIme Goes By Jean-Baptiste Ayoub,Oscar Pouts Lajus,Achille Richard,Clément Bordenave,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Laurent Cuenca,Matthews Samar,Thomas Gaudibert,Charles Caste-Ballereau The precision of electronics combined to the warmth of acoustic music in this album of positive and confident chill tracks with pitched vocals and analog synthesizers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP029 Playtime Alex Banks,Luke Smyth, Stuart James,Gadi Sassoon,Donal Scott, Renny Jackson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,John Valasis,Stephen William Hodd,Peter Wright,Thomas Belton Even the most cynical, glass half empty type people will clap their hands and stomp their feet to these happy, chirpy and effervescent little ditties. Happiness, innocence and quirkiness personified.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT221 Vintage Jazz Cillian Barry, Finbar Barry Swing, Dixieland, Big Band & Hot Club - this is vintage Jazz. Recorded with world class players, covering the original sounds of Jazz.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP049 Innovation Thomas Belton,Alan Myson,Robin Philip Brunson,Finn McNicholas,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,John Valasis,Peter Wright We know how confusing and scary new technology can be so we thought we'd introduce a more human and elegant alternative to prove that it isn't all bad and that we can embrace the future with hope, inspiration and confidence.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP007 Bright Mornings Liam Joseph Hennessy,Peter Wright,Thomas Belton Positive, sunny and acoustic folk bringing the start of a bright new day, where anything is possible.
GUM TAPES GTP237 Sixties Soul Jazz Big Band Jérôme Etcheberry, Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Groovy baby! A classy and playful album of dynamic brass, amplified guitar and swinging acoustic drums. Rare groove, hard bop, jazz blues, jazz-funk.
SARAO MUSIC SA106 Sweet Latino Songs Andres Bertoglio Tender and gentle in the style of Acoustic Latin, featuring smooth Spanish male lead vocals and acoustic guitars creating soothing, calm moods. Singer/Songwriter.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP031 Strum n' Sing Stephen William Hodd,Chris James,Ben Brown, Donal Scott, Renny Jackson,Anders Sodergren, Richard Mark Salmon,Ben Brown, Ben Rodney, Donal Scott, James Moriarty, Renny Jackson, Samuel Roberts,Ben Brown, Donal Scott, Paul Nocher, Renny Jackson,Ben Brown, B It's a folky festival of frollicking fun for acoustic instruments and warm, inviting male vocals. The perfect accompaniment to summer.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2993 Funktown Pop Vol. 2 Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick,Anthony Gerbino,Val Louis Rolling back into the club with this collection of fun, upbeat funk pop joints featuring driving grooves and big brass samples
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP008 Fantastical Tales Finn McNicholas,Gadi Sassoon,Alexander Stephan Golding,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Thomas Belton,Chris Hall When fantasy and imagination run riot! From dramedy to ceremonial marches, themes that conjure up images of castles, pirates, emperors, galaxies and wizards.
IN REALITY IRL057 Upbeat & Quirky Garage Rock 3 Jacques Brautbar Upbeat and fun indie rock tracks great for reality programming and underscores.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR229 Urban Millennium Christopher Cardena, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A wide array of early 2000's Hip Hop and Urban pop gems. All feel good, uplift vibes.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP033 Road Movie Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Tom Jordan,Matt Fisher, Tom Jordan,Lawrence Rudd, Matt Fisher, Matthew White,Benjamin Daniel, Chris Boot, Timothy Jason Bidwell,Matt Fisher, Matthew White, Tom Jordan,Adrian Meehan, Lawrence Rudd Gentle, warm and caring male (and a couple of female) vocal ballads with indie, poppy and folky influences.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2995 Anytown, USA David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Piano and strings take center stage in this collection of childlike whimsical themes, perfect for scenes that display the hustle and bustle of small town life.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP010 Legato Movements Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,Cyrus Shahrad,Finn McNicholas,Matthew Nicholson,Sophie Galpin,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,Patrick Edward Carpenter This delectable combination of piano and strings opens you up to all manner of wondrous situations.. from a slow running stream to a full blown panorama, these tracks will enhance, enrich and enliven your pictures.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2549 TV Essentials - Adventure & Magic Bertrand Allagnat,Jean-Philippe Ichard,Ronan Maillard,Alexander Okunev, Amir Gurvitz An essential selection of orchestral tracks for TV. From family adventure to magic and fantasy. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
TRUE STORIES TRU158 Mallets in Motion Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Anthony Holt,Ella Ryan, Tord Jungsten Marimba, xylophone and other mallet instruments in bright, minimal patterns of motion and movement
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP034 A Thousand Violins Gadi Sassoon,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Matt Preston,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale Lush strings delivered in a variety of styles, from classical and minimalist to pizzicato and epic.
ELIAS MINIMALIST EMIN2979 For The Kids Fritz Doddy,David Ashok Ramani A collection of bouncy, whimsical and childlike themes for the kid in all of us
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP014 The Beauty Within Cyrus Shahrad,Gadi Sassoon,Tom Evans Hopeful, heartfelt and emotive, The Beauty Within provides warm, empowering, atmospheric tracks that enhance all situations in this world and beyond.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM155 Lo-Fi Sunset Wes Pendleton,Will Saulsky,Frederick Kron,Jason William Strong,Malcolm Kirby Jr Lo-Fi sunset chill beats that have a relaxed and positive vibe.
AUDIO WAX WAX021 Beat It Up Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry,Will Saulsky,Jintae Ko,Gilde Flores,Brett Engel Beat driven and percussive tracks that blend Hip Hop, Rock, and Future Bass to create driving and exciting energy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP035 Trailers: Blockbusting Riffs Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson These tracks have immense power, aggression and attitude, they could start a fight in an empty room. Come and have a go, if you think you are up to it!
ELIAS MINIMALIST EMIN2980 Rhythm Foundations - Electro Pop Vincent Thomas Alfieri,David John Cerullo,Wesley Craun,Steven David Fay,Derek Whitacre,Nard Berings,Zachary Aaron Golden,Michael Genato Driving electro pop beats and bass lines for the casual club goer
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP015 Trailers: Battle Of The Bows Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Gadi Sassoon,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,John Valasis,Matthew Nicholson Dramatic, cinematic, epic and emotive. These tracks transport you from everyday to the very edges of your imagination and beyond.
LO EDITIONS LOCD99 Stay Golden Huw Teilo Jones, Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Dan Hillman, Nathan Taylor,Dominic Blake,Eleftherios Moumdjis, Kostas Hiras,Jack Frederick Smale, Jake Simon Calladine,Daniel Patrick James Carney, Oscar John Ball,Arthur Bliss, Dorothy Marigold Tye,Edward George Glowing alt pop, shimmering new folk, luminescent electronica, indie beach bossa and a touch of afro beat. A perfect post lockdown collection of summer sounds to get everyone up, out and in the mood.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP036 The Dance Tent Andrew David Robinson,Chris Hall,Thomas Belton,Michele Balduzzi,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton Get ready for an all-nighter. These ten pumping EDM rascals will keep you dancing until sunrise.
ENERGY MUSIC EN031 CHILLED - Downtempo Moods Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Paris Thuy Hang Iliffe, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Sophia Caitli A cool, relaxed and laidback collection of organic tunes and songs. Perfect for emotional drama, human drama, promo and luxury ads.
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