ジャンル「ヘビーメタル」アルバム検索結果86件 (1/1ページ) ALBUMTRACK
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS184 The Birth Of Metal Gary Bishop, Max Bronco, Grant Ransom Heavy metal and aggressive rock styles
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA118 Let's Rock Gabriel Candiani Heavy metal is a major influence on these aggro, hard rock grooves highlighting flaming guitar licks, shredding drums and a symphony of melodic chaos.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD236 RAGE ROCK James Grant,Anders Eliasson Roos Combative, tough-guy rock that takes no prisoners.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC71 Machines & Engines Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich Dynamic and modern tracks from highly energetic to atmospheric for topics related to industry, mechanical engineering, engines, means of transportation and tough competition.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS036 For The Inspired (Adrenaline Charged Guitar) Martin Neil Jackson An album full of Big, Aggressive and Uplifting Guitar tracks. Covering Punk, Rock, Metal and Post-Rock. Euphoric Builds and Soaring Highs. Emotions and Usages inc. Trailers, Promos, Sports, Extreme Sports, Action, Adventure, Adrenaline, Anger, Aggression,
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS044 1970s Rock Andreas Leif Thomas Backelund An album full of 1970s Rock tracks. Three piece band featuring Guitar, Bass and Drums. Ideal for Rock Inspired Scenes with lots of Energy and Down and Dirty Rock Riffs.
CUES4U.COM C4U223 Heavy Metal Foundry Tim Rose A great collection of powerful, exciting and authentic heavy metal cues composed by well-known British composer and guitarist Tim Rose.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC28 Extreme Sports Hanjo Gäbler, Martin Olding,Alan Jay Reed, Queens Road,Citokid,Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Kaspar Kuoppamäki,George Henson,Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener,Lars Hempel, Michael Firmont,Morten Johanson Dynamic, powerful, hard-hitting, aggressive, edgy and atmospheric instrumental music for topics such as sports, extreme sports, competition, training, combat, rebellion, persecution and action. Cool modern hard rock guitar as a defining style element. Per
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS95 SPORTS GUITARS 9 Michael Koch,Bill Shanley, Andrew Holdsworth,David Lightfoot, Patrick West,Steve Shone,Matt Bosworth,Jay Stapley Sports Guitars 9 - Number 9 in Music For Sport’s popular series of Sports Guitar albums. This is an album in a variety of Guitar styles including Heavy Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal, Funk Rock, Hip-Hop Rock, Nu Metal, Speed Metal, Pop Rock, Power Pop, Grunge Ro
HOT TAG MEDIA HTM1015 Dirty Metal Matthew Attard Slamming heavy metal.
HOT TAG MEDIA HTM1010 Digital Metal Matthew Attard Hard hitting and impactful electronic heavy metal.
CUES4U.COM C4U024 Modern Rock And Metal Alex Veale A stunning collection of original modern rock and metal tracks that pack punch, pace and power. Reminiscent of bands like Biffy Clyro, Queens Of The Stoneage, Royal Blood, and Rage Against The Machine this album serves up riffs galore with huge choruses a
LEGACY LEG036 Black Hearts Michael Alan Raphael A collection of high impact heavy metal themes with distorted guitars.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO218 Extreme Sports Breakout Colin Towns,Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,Stuart Elliott Extreme rock for extreme sports. Intense, heavy, cool, crazy, racing, cool, wild, heart-racing, determined, bright celebration revving up for a showdown for the ages
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS75 Sports Guitars 8 Steve Shone,Peter Jagger,Rick Driscoll,Stuart Elliott,Jay Stapley,Stephen Stapley,Matt Bosworth,Michael Koch SPORTS GUITARS 8 Number 8 in Music For Sport's popular series of Sports Guitar albums This is an album in a variety of Guitar styles including Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rocktronica, Punk, Nu-Rock, Folk and Blues
VALO ARTISTS VALO229 Dillon Conneally Gabriel Candiani,David Leon Bedell,Christopher Julian Vaughn,Gabriel Candiani,David Leon Bedell,Gabriel Candiani,John Dillon Conneally IV,Gabriel Candiani,John Dillon Conneally IV,Christopher Julian Vaughn Versatile, energetic and expressive describe Valo artist Dillon Conneally Armed with a sharp instrument, Dillon's voice can turn on a dime, from smooth and moody, to raw and emotional, as he deftly proves here with these Rock, Down-Tempo, Emo and R&B trac
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO206 Classic Rock George Stephen Twydell Legendary rock styles, power-driven solid Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, super massive raunchy riffs, Old School classics, high calibre stadium ready sports anthems and screaming melodic guitars
A-LIST MUSIC AL_006 Ruination-Cinematic Hybrid Metal Mitchell Marlow,Edward Wohl,Derek Allen Jones With over 6 million heavy metal and hard rock albums sold, the members of Sonoros know how to make killer metal albums For their A-List debut, they forged Heavy Metal and Hard Rock foundations together with live orchestral instruments and sound design ele
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM165 Heavy Metal Owen Gurry Experience the intense world of heavy metal with colossal, ground-shaking riffs, frantic, pounding drums and immense walls of sound
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS293 Electric Fury - High Voltage Rock Scott Fritz Crank up this explosive, raw collection of electrifying, hard-rockin' anthems! Relentlessly bulldozing with fuzzed-out basses, ferocious guitars and pummeling, monstrous drums Don't say you haven't been warned Prepare for your electrocution with ELECTRIC
VELOCITY VL180 Metal Eats Beats Skinny Williams,Aaron Kelley,Chris Penny,Skinny Williams A ferocious blend of funky hard breakbeats and monstrous heavy metal riffs geared towards motivating the troops and rallying the squad for battle on the ice, gridiron and fields
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS65 Adrenaline Sports Randy Neely,Stuart Elliott,Matt Bosworth Adrenaline Sports is an intense album of driving guitars that is bursting to the seams with speed, power and energy There's Heavy Metal, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Pop Rock, and Rocktronica, all in multiple versions for the editor's pleasure
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD143 Heavy Metal Matthew Bosworth,Robert Lundgren From death and thrash to Scandinavian metal
IMAGE LIBRARY IMPR015 Heavy Metal & Grunge Brian Baker,Mike Caen,Gavin Charles,Janette Stuart,Justin Humphries,Gary McKay,James Ryan,Tony Naylor,Russell McKenna,Stuart Box,Bruce Maginnis Heavy guitars and drums, Ideal for sport and action
BURN BURN029 Rock Solid Darren Barrie Loveday,Stephen James Loveday,Ray Benson,Jet Black The ultimate selection of rock tracks, covering hard rock, heavy metal, skate punk and classic blues rock
COLOR TV CTV1032 Metal Guitar Rage Curt Cress,Benedikt Dorn,George Chrichton,Sven Hoff,Joe Dachtler,Sebastian Carr,Florian Leissle,Ernest Ribka,Ernest Ribka,Mofro,Ernest Ribka,Paul Benshoff,Sebastian Carr,Ernest Ribka,Conrad Bekk,George Chrichton,Josef Kranz,Curt Cress,Conrad Bekk,Ernest R Muscular, aggressive hybrid metal pieces & pumping hi-octane rock for action, sports and the extreme
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS258 Retro Rock - Power Surge! David Kos Rolfe Crank up this raw 'n' rowdy collection of bad-ass, rock anthems! With an endless supply of monster riffs, thundering basses and pummeling drums on tap, RETRO ROCK will have you hooked with a Power-Surge of upbeat, classic, RETRO ROCK!
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD127 Eighties Rock Anders Kampe,Robert Lundgren,Anders Kampe,Robert Lundgren,Niklas Edberger An awesome collection of iconic 80s rock styles with hook vocals
LIFTMUSIC LIFT126 Trailer Park 2 Lincoln Jaeger,Ron Verboom,Lee Baker,Victoria Beits,Michael Tauben,Michael Farmer,Pilar Martinez Sanchez,Mark Sinclair,Elizabeth Levine,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach,Michael Simmonds,Samuel Toernqvist 38 killer trailer tracks Haunting operatic life stories, explosive futuristic tech, hard hitting heavy metal action, epic orchestral journeys, menacing dystopian thrillers & dramatic gothic fantasies
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS242 Rewound - Post Modern Music Machine Anthony Dickinson REWOUND! The quintessential musical trip through space and time! Rock, Electronic, Trip-Hop, Funk, Pop and Psychedelic-Retro styles collide in a post-modern, musical mash-up that will permanently alter your space-time continuum!
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS237 Martial Law - Epic Hard Rock Queens Road,Steven Solveig MARTIAL LAW has been declared! The ultimate invasion soundtrack is armed with epic, hard-hitting, Industrial-Electro Rockers, face-melting guitar-riffs and modern, hybrid-trailer sounds that morph together to form an arsenal of kick-ass tracks Ideal for U
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS236 Fanatic - Sports Rock Gabriel Candiani,Corban Shane Calhoun This indie-rock track projects confidence with high-energy, delayed guitar riffs, driving drums and a steady, hard-hitting bass Perfect for promos, ads and program Euphoric, inspiring, propelling
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS52 Sports Guitars 7 - Defcon 1 Rick Driscoll Supercharged heavy Rock Number 7 in our series of guitar based albums, this one, by guitar ace Rick Driscoll, is super intense, fast and heavy, featuring blazing guitars Nu metal, Power Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock Full length, 60
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS225 Subterranean Rock 2 - White Hot Scott Brenden Wiley,Aaron David Anderson,Stuart Barry McClellan,Chase Baker,Michael Jay McClellan,Stephen Michael Newman Welcome back! The ROCK don't stop in this amped-up, face-punch of restless, radio-ready rockers Indie, Garage, Punk, Blues, Alternative and Classic sounds fuse together in dizzying display of Rock 'n' Roll energy in Subterranean Rock 2!
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0059 Heavy Metal Phil Williams,Simon Pinto,Konstantinos Karamitroudis,Adam Wakeman Face-melting metal from band members of Ozzy, Black Sabbath and other major artists! Authentic audio carnage and filthy distortion for the hard core edge you need
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC EZLY008 70's Rock Power Harald Winkler-Rauter,Ambros Seelos,Harald Winkler-Rauter 70's Rock Power
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS209 Bloodsport - Metal Domination Anthony Dickinson Let the battle begin! Give them a sonic-pummeling with this brutal, no-holds-barred collection of aggressive and dominating metal hardcore tracks Sinister guitars, biting basses and colossal drums powerfully come together in the dangerous, riff-fueled fur
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS210 Mortal Warefare - Extreme Sports Gabriel Candiani,Christopher Julian Vaughn,Gabriel Candiani,Hiram Patrick Hernandez Jr,Gabriel Candiani Feel the dark fury and raw, explosive power in this rage-filled arsenal of metal rock weapons Sinister guitars, oppressive basses and relentless drums reign down a sonic-hellfire of full-fisted MORTAL WARFARE!
GRAVITY GV1072 The Heavy Epic Rock Mark Moore Live fast, die young An epic collection of driving rock riffage that spans the bridge between extreme sports and post apocalypse
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM085 Metalcore Zack Tempest, Randy Rust
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC SEXY085 Metalcore Zack Tempest,Randy Rust Metalcore
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS181 The Alternative - Calling You Out Gabriel Candiani,Hiram Patrick Hernandez Jr,Gabriel Candiani,Christopher Vaughn,David Leon Bedell,Gabriel Candiani,Hiram Patrick Hernandez Jr,Alexis Marie Salazar,Gabriel Candiani,Christopher Vaughn,Jesus David Mosqueda Ozuna,Gabriel Candiani,Chad Lane Cr Release the beast within you with these combustible, crushing tracks! From Hard Rock, Alternative and Grunge to Punk and Heavy Metal, these nuggets are packed with incinerating guitar solos, gritty vocals and high-speed adrenaline boosters that will leave
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF068 Riff City Ian Britt Roaring guitar riffs getting you ready to rock
BIG SHORTS BIGS027 Raise The Roof Dominic Glynn,Martin Smith,Jimmy Kaleth,Ross Andrew McLean,Paul Rawson,Wayne Murray,David Goldsmith,Andrew Britton,Stephen Loveday,Darren B Loveday,Craig Joiner,Jeff Knowler,Steve Everitt,Ronnie Stone,Wayne Murray,Tim Fleet,Max Ringham,Benjamin Ringham The big stage, the big amps and big rock If you want extreme power then look no further
ONE MUSIC OM193 Heavy Progression 2 Jonathan Slott,Jonathan Still,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores Another installment of the popular Heavy Progression disc Dark, aggressive, and very heavy
KOKA MEDIA KOK2322 Monster Metal Frederic Vitani,Frederic Vitani,Aminata Konta A furious and heavy metal album Nothing else to add !
ATTITUDE ATUD008 Wired - Electro Mayhem Brady Ellis Feel the power, danger and electrifying energy of this explosive collection of sonic dynamite Sinister guitars, bombastic drums, stunning synths and evil electronics come together in an action-packed, cinematic rock electronic mutation sure to stun!
TELE MUSIC TMCD1207 Metal Symphonic Jacques Kathrein,Chino Sanchez,Chino Sanchez,Pierre Commandeur,Francois Babin,Francois Babin,Pierre Commandeur A cinematic combination of epic orchestral strings and driving heavy metal
MASTERSOURCE MSTR250 Rock-Metal 8 Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Chad Gendason,Marc Ferrari Rock 'til you drop! More chest-pounding, head-banging arena anthems and crowd pleasers guaranteed to raise your heart rate to maximum overdrive
MASTERSOURCE MSTR180 Rock/Metal 4 Andrew Robert Hayes,Chad Gendason,Greg Carmichael,Josh Kessler,Marc Ferrari,Paul Anthony Menke,Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Andrew Robert Hayes,Chad Gendason,Josh Kessler,Marc Ferrari,Paul Anthony Menke,Andrew Robert Hayes,Chad Gendason,Josh Kessler,Marc Ferr This compilation is primarily dark, gothic, speedy Nu-Metal, with a dash of Heavy Metal from the 1980s
MASTERSOURCE MSTR209 Rock/Metal 5 Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Chad Gendason,Josh Kessler,David Henzerling Loud, crunchy, fist-pumping guitars and menacing, mosh-pit inducing vocals From Scream-o Metal to classic Arena Rock, these songs kick musical butt
MASTERSOURCE MSTR44 Grunge/Metal Lino Alessio,Stu Saddoris,Brian Tichy,Dan Grinstead,Lino Alessio,Stu Saddoris We released our first Grunge Metal CD in 2000 to commemorate the passing of the decade that started Grunge and reformed Metal Angry Hard Rock, angst-driven Heavy Metal, and, of course, Seattle-style Grunge
MASTERSOURCE MSTR233 Rock / Metal 8 Paul Taylor,Ryan Spencer Cook,Chad Gendason,Brian Tichy,Alison Devorah Kaplan,Paul Taylor,Ty Tabor Rockers delight! More chest-pounding, head-banging arena anthems and crowd pleasers to raise your heart rate to maximum overdrive
MASTERSOURCE MSTR84 Hard Rock Jamie Dunlap,Scott Nickoley,Brian Tichy,Alex Mostepan,Josh Kessler,Jamie Dunlap,Molly Pasutti,Scott Nickoley,David Feldstein,Jamie Dunlap,Scott Nickoley A little 90s-style Rock'n'Rap, a little Seattle Grunge, some Commercial Rockers from the late, great 80s, and a bit of Heavy Metal to round it out
MASTERSOURCE MSTR93 Techno 1H Adam Hamilton,Adam Hamilton,Phil Lewis The first of 2 Techno compilations on this volume features hardcore Industrial and hypnotic Electronic tracks
MASTERSOURCE MSTR97 Rock/Metal/Grunge 1 Scott Alexander Schirle,David Hiker,Jeffrey Freundlich,John Costello III,Seth Bernstein,Brian Tichy,Alex Mostepan,Josh Kessler Uptempo Grunge, Metal, and Hard Rock tracks from the 90s and beyond Perfect for suspense thrillers and chase scenes
MASTERSOURCE MSTR112 Rock/Metal/Grunge 2 David Feldstein,Jamie Dunlap,Marc Ferrari,Scott Nickoley,Jamie Dunlap,Marc Ferrari,Molly Pasutti,Scott Nickoley,Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Marc Ferrari,Mark Slaughter,Paul Taylor,Jamie Dunlap,Marc Ferrari,Scott Nickoley,Jamie Dunlap,Marc Ferrari,Robert Anto Heavy Metal-style electric guitar riffs and Seattle-style Grunge Rock dominate this hard-driving CD Hard rock from the 90s to today
MASTERSOURCE MSTR115 Extreme Guitar 2 Marc Ferrari,Mike Gallagher,Jeremy Sweet,Marc Ferrari,Mike Gallagher,Jeremy Sweet,Marc Ferrari,Danny Gill,Marc Ferrari Fast, loud, and out of control: A frenzy of screaming Guitar riffs and Speed Metal jams
MASTERSOURCE MSTR136 Extreme Guitar 3 Marc Ferrari,Mike Gallagher,Bart Walsh,Marc Ferrari,Scott Thomas Patterson,Adam Hamilton,Marc Ferrari,,Mike Gallagher Break out the big guns The electric guitar dominates this collection of full throttle Hard Rock from the 80s
MASTERSOURCE MSTR147 Rock/Metal 2 Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Chad Gendason,Josh Kessler,Marc Ferrari,Ariel Rechtshaid,Ariel Rectshaid,Josh Kessler,Justin Raisen,Lewis Pesacov,Marc Ferrari,David Feldstein,Jamie Dunlap,Molly Pasutti,Ryan Curry Franks,Scott Nickoley,Ariel Rectshaid,Josh Kessle Bang your head to these Hard Rock and Heavy Metal classics Sure to bring the house down
MASTERSOURCE MSTR165 Rock/Metal 3 Brian Tichy,Marc Ferrari,Ryan Curry Franks,Scott Nickoley,Chad Gendason,Josh Kessler,Marc Ferrari,Kellie Clanton,Kellie Kristine Clanton,Ryan Curry Franks,Scott Nickoley,David Feldstein,Jamie Dunlap,Robert Reynolds,Ryan Curry Franks,Scott Nickoley,Ariel R Our seventh Rock-Metal CD keeps it current with gothic, angry Nu Metal, sprinkled with a couple of classic Stadium Screamers
ANARCHY MUSIC ANM003 High Octane Metal Michael J Dowdle,D Todd Sorensen,Michael J Dowdle,John B Hancock,Robert B Honey,D Todd Sorensen Heavy metal punctuated by drum accents
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BERD7 Aggressive Speed Florian Muller,Frank Fellermeier Heavy metal thunder for the world of motorsports
GOTHAM MUSIC GM150 Extreme Metal Sports Chieli Minucci,Emanuel Kallins Mind blowing heavy metal, trail blazing action packed blowout cues
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM047 Heavy Metal Zack Tempest, Randy Rust
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC SEXY047 Heavy Metal Zack Tempest,Randy Rust
VELOCITY VL113 Army Of Thrash James Driscoll,Skinny Williams,Aaron Kelley,Skinny Williams,Scott Cooksey,Jimi Bowman,Skinny Williams,Jamey Perrenot,Skinny Williams Metal up your ash
KOKA MEDIA KOK2127 Power Trax G Bodossian,G Bodossian,Ph Guillotel Grunge Trash Punk Heavy Metal
GRAVITY GV1034 Epidemic - Burning Rock Aggression 2 Eliot Pulse,Chris Weerts,Eliot Pulse,R J Thompson,Chris Weerts Aggressive Heavy Metal
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF016 Guitar Heroes Alessandro Rizzo,Elliot Ireland,Alessandro Rizzo,Elliot Ireland,Lennart Krarup,Paperboy Chops and Ragged Licks
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM015 Rockin' Drum And Bass Bil Bryant
SONIC OZAULT SOZ015 Platinum Songs & Underscores C Wright Male & female Pop Rock songs from college punk to heavy metal with instrumental & underscore versions Pick a Hit!
SONIC OZAULT SOZ016 Platinum Songs & Underscores C Wright Male & female Pop Rock songs from college punk to heavy metal with instrumental & underscore versions Pick a Hit!
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM004 Rock Energy K Leary,D P Murrant,S T Cowell Contemporary Rock Guitar Styles
HOLLYWOOD MUSIC HM056Q Deutsch Rock And Metal Angst Robert J Walsh,Dennis Winslow,Ronn Chick,John Goodwin,Robert J Walsh,Rick Dasher,David Teague,Galen Walker,Robert J Walsh Aggressive, over-the-edge head banging German metal bands with vocals in German and English
TELE MUSIC TMCD1130 Metallic Madness Pierre Pinto,Alex Vedere
TELE MUSIC TMCD1120 Rock Fever Debbie Demarco,Andrew P Mark
FIRSTCOM FC-X3Q Guitronica Jason David,Nigel Pulsford Heavy metal guitar meets aggressive electronics; features Bush guitarist Nigel Pulsford
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB101 Rock Invasion Grant Ransom,Jimmy Kaleth Ultimate heavy metal, thrash, brit-pop, electronica and classic rock for anywhere hi-energy and a youth sound is needed
CHAPPELL AV CHAPAV128 Heavy Metal Tony Hallinan Rock: Heavy Hard, Sports: Orchestral Dramatic, Sports: Extreme
TELE MUSIC TMCD1052 Rock Fusion Sauveur Mallia
BRUTON BRH54 Monsters Of Rock II Chris Tsangarides Rock, heavy metal, hardcore, thrash, AOR, 1970-1990
BRUTON BRH36_27 Monsters Of Rock Chris Tsangarides,Patrick Wilson,Julian Scott,Patrick Wilson Heavy Metal and Hard Rock themes
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE113 THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND Dan Morrissey 13 titles; all balls-out heavy metal and rock 'n' roll with some demons thrown in for good measure. You'll hear references from the late 70s through to the present day, you'll hear good times on the road, you'll hear the devil whisper in your ear.