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VALO ARTISTS VALO_336 The Promiseland Andrea Beth Colburn, Kyle Benjamin Moseley Andrea and Mud embrace classic old school Country Western tropes with authentic male/female vocals loaded with story-tellin' charisma. This playful song collection features pedal steel guitar, steel string guitar, electric guitar, piano, brass, upright ba
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD247 CHRISTMAS DRAMEDY Anders Kampe,Steve Martin, Henrik Wikstrom,Niklas Edberger,Keith Beauvais,Steve Martin The dramedy side of Christmas. Fun and quirky with a touch of yuletide drama.
MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER MSP1 VFX Rock VFX ROCK,VFX ROCK, Simon Rohde, Marta Mielcarek All the pathos of rock'n'roll history in one iconic soundtrack. Heroic guitars, moving vocals, unique sounds and a transcendent style fusion. A time capsule on its way to the 2070s, touching the here and now, with its captain showing a pure lust for life,
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC96 Swinging Slapstick Christof Larsson, Charlie Husk,Christof Larsson, Michael Edwards Humorous and funny instrumental music full of warmth and charisma with a touch of swing and retro feeling - perfect for comedic situations on reality TV.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE204 BRAND NEW CHRISTMAS Jorden Milnes, Steven Mcgill A modern blend of contemporary, chart friendly, and unique Christmas songs. From the traditional, warm and cosy, to the upbeat and humorous. Yuletide sensations aplenty.
CPM CAR554 Slices Of Pizz Stuart Roslyn, Christopher Elmslie,Stuart Roslyn, Matthew Foundling This playful, curious album offers widescreen portions of string pizzicato served with a colourful dash of dramedy and impish spirit compliments of live orchestra.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM350 Big Band Jonathan Spanyol It's time for lights, camera, action with these larger than life Big Band tunes, demonstrating an extravagant showtime attitude through a dazzling display of chipper swing performances.
COLOR TV CTV1129 European City Breaks Uwe Klapdor This musical journey through Europe's most iconic cities pairs old world traditions with modern electronic palettes and club beats. Experience the ancient lure of cities like Rome, Athens, Prague and Barcelona recast in today's contemporary electro-groove
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD242 DUBIOUS DUETS Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser Off-the-wall and oddball instrumental duets. Quirky, eccentric, comedy characters.
COLOR TV CTV1129 European City Breaks Uwe Klapdor This musical journey through Europe's most iconic cities pairs old world traditions with modern electronic palettes and club beats. Experience the ancient lure of cities like Rome, Athens, Prague and Barcelona recast in today's contemporary electro-groove
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD240 CRIMEDY Daniel Vallberg,Daniel Vallberg, Anthon Backstrom,Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser,Anthon Backstrom,Abbas Premjee,Anthon Backstrom, Daniel Vallberg,Andrew Prosser, Mark Allaway Villainous behaviour, bungling bandits and cack-handed crooks for reality tv, comedy sketches and 'crime gone wrong' programs.
ELBROAR ER1237 Percussive Dramedy 2 Max Breetzmann, Morten Ottow A variety of elegantly crafted off-kilter dramedy cues with a focus on contemporary mallets, sneaky pizzicatos and naughty percussion, ranging from light tension to quirky comedy.
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1022 Freak Show Aaron Waldberg, Hans Gruber, Leo Lang,Lars Bolten, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel,Leo Lang, Liz Webber, Sebastian Vogel,Alexius Tschallener, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Off-kilter curiosities mixing adventure, discovery, tension, light horror and humor. Traditional and unusual instrumentation.
SPOT ON SPOTON0033 LOL 2 Aaron Albert Srdoc,Dain Luscombe,Seth Littlefield,Leonard C Miller,Lee Gordon, Nathaniel Cooper,Benjamin Krause,Shaun Hettinger,Brian C Chapman,Julie Carpenter An eclectic collection of fun tracks for light moments, dramedy, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Categories include Quirky, Mischievous, and Comedy.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC61 Little Lies Nicklas Ohlsson,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Alan Jay Reed, Michael Bibo,Anselm Kreuzer,Bernhard Hering, Matthias Krueger,Kai Fenchel,Felix Hastrich, Thomas Stanger,George Henson,Citokid,Fabian Graetz,Queens Road,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer,Fabian Bergh Subtle, slightly ironic, subliminally humorous and sometimes sneaky music to express smaller and larger lies as well as revelations, in politics, current affairs and scripted reality.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC66 Farmers & Brides Markus Strasser Folksy, rural and alpine music full of humor and slyness, sometimes cheerful and then again cozy. Perfect for illustrating contributions around folk festivals, village life, rural weddings, simple minds and all kinds of amusing situations.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC68 Electro Swing Martin Straka, Benedikt Kuhn,Martin Straka, Benedikt Kuhn, Maria Raykhman, Roman Andor Krotil Humorous, sometimes whimsical, lively and energetic electro swing instrumentals. Glamor, decadence and exuberance of the 1920s and 1930s in an utterly modern sound - perfect as to underscore lifestyle contributions, comic situations, irony and the constan
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC73 Scripted Comedy Fabian Bitter Humorous and bizarre music in narrative style with pizzicato strings or other "dabbed" instruments and a light orchestra for situational comedy and twisted situations.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC78 Droll & Comical Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Morten Johanson, Matthias Meusel,Electrical Mayhem, Fire Rabbit,Markus Segschneider Bizarre, humorous and sometimes rural-cheerful music for funny and cute scenes with a lot of situational comedy - also ideal for reporting with a humorous undertone.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC90 Twisted Dramedy Christof Larsson, Charlie Husk,Christof Larsson, Michael Edwards Charming, smart and cheerful to dramatic orchestra arrangements with pizzicato strings and lots of other humorous instruments - the perfect accompaniment for funny situations in Reality TV and fictional programming.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM318 Dramedy II Tico Pierhagen, Martijn Heijmans Humorous Classical arrangements striking the perfect balance between subtle intrigue and quirky comedic moments.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD229 PIANO PECULIAR Henrik Wikstrom Fun, quirky and humorous featuring colourful piano, perky pizzicatos and plenty of dramedy.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE181 HAPPY ANTICS 2 George Stroud,Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A second collection of humorous pieces ranging from playful to peculiar, kooky to kinky and sly to silly. A sidekick album to SCORE081.
PERFECT PITCH PP_071 Nerdy Science & Kooky Love Tim David Rickard Themes for weird inventions, eccentric humor, DIY culture, oddball experiments and wacky fun.
VALO LATIONO VALAT009 Vallenato Supremo Gabriel Candiani Vallenato Supremo introduces this collection of playful, humorous and romantic Vallenatos Colombianos that are simply irresistible as their energetic rhythms join with traditional accordion creating a vibrant Latin party scene.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC21 Cranky & Capricious Eckes Malz,Roman Beilharz,Alan Jay Reed,Anselm Kreuzer, Markus Segschneider,Simon Rahm,Wiltrud Weber, Anselm Kreuzer,Nicklas Ohlsson,Kai Matzanke,Michael Bibo,Sebastian Katzer,Martin Hanisch Weird, quirky, mischievous, funny, turbulent and lively music expressing humor, adversity, sarcasm, strange coincidences, annoyance, hecticness, everyday madness, quarrels, circus, Halloween and other bizarre life situations. Particularly suitable for usa
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC26 Living with Pets Eckes Malz,George Henson,Anselm Kreuzer, Markus Segschneider,Citokid,Lars Jebsen,Sascha Blank,Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Fabian Bitter,Hanjo Gäbler,Alan Jay Reed,Heribert Riesenhuber, Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer,Nicklas Ohlsson,Tony Delmonte, Ans Funny, hilarious, humorous, positive, cute, playful and cheerful instrumental music to underscore topics around pets, family, children, play and leisure. Especially suitable for reality TV, contributions and coverage.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC32 Animal Stories Karl Latham, Anselm Kreuzer, Tony Delmonte,Anselm Kreuzer, Karl Latham, Tony Delmonte,Jens Hafemann,Lars Jebsen,Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer,Sascha Blank,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Bernhard Hering,Andreas Skandy,Fabian Bitter,Michael Edwards, Ch Humorous, partly dynamic-exciting, partly friendly-playful and sometimes slightly cranky music with various acoustic instruments to express the life of animals in the zoo or in the wilderness. Especially suitable for the use in animal documentaries, docum
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC39 Morning Moods Hanjo Gaebler Relaxed, easy, lively, enchanting, amusing, humorous and cheerful instrumental music in various styles for topics around morning awakening, breakfast, comfort, relaxation, love of life, lifestyle, weekend, children and family.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC43 Home Improvement Lars Jebsen Lively, dynamic, easy-going, entertaining and slightly retro-oriented music with funk and R'n'B influence for a humorous underscoring of everyday situations, home improvement programs, TV entertainment, decadent lifestyle as well as gambling and fraud.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC50 Comic and Cartoon Eckes Malz,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Sascha Blank,Tobias Becker,Andreas Skandy,Fabian Bitter,Anselm Kreuzer Funny, lively, humorous, humorous, quirky, funny and winking music in the style of animated cartoons, perfect as accompaniment for contributions and films about animals, strange everyday situations, hurly-burly, children and other turbulent topics.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC51 Big Little Moments Morten Johanson Passionate, authentic and touching acoustic music with various instruments to express joy in the little wonders of life. Particularly suitable for lively and humorous contributions about children, family, Christmas, festive days, country life, convivialit
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC52 Political Comedy Markus Strasser,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Eckes Malz,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Anselm Kreuzer,Peter Note,Citokid,George Henson,Sascha Blank,Alan Jay Reed, Michael Bibo Amusing, funny, quirky, humorous and tongue-in-cheek music which satirically targets not only politics but also diverse moments of human interaction. A colorful collection of charming instrumentations. Perfect for magazine shows and reality TV.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC13 Lightness of Life Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Michael Bibo,Sascha Blank,Wiltrud Weber, Anselm Kreuzer,Lars Jebsen,Alan Jay Reed,Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer,Andreas Kolinski,Citokid,Morten Johanson, Nicklas Ohlsson,Michael Maas,Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer, Heriber light, fun-loving, humorous and utterly positive instrumental music to express optimistic attitude towards life, smiling, sunshine and creative spirit; especially suitable for magazine shows, family shows, documentaries, corporate films and commercials
ELIAS MUSIC EM1057 Classic Cuts Aashish Pathak, Ryan Rehm,Ryan Rehm,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp,Christopher David Campanaro, jason aaron schimmel,Kyle Casey Hicks, Thornton III Jenkins,David Wittman, Jonathan Hausbaemint,Jonathan Hausbaemint, When you need that connection with the past, Retro will deliver. The music is at once nostalgic but fresh, evoking a feeling of history and tradition with a dash of humor. Retro features the bachelor pad spy sound, classic rock, easy elevator music and ev
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO241 Americana Acoustic Paul Cartledge, Harry Ferri USA patriotic songs as acoustic instrumentals, country and western, fun and humorous, happy, dance, folk, singalong, cowboys, farms to soft gentle nostalgia and civil war battle proud historical melodies.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR002 Hip Hop Humor Jaime Antonio Villalvazo Jr., Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Humorous sleuth with quirky, playful, hip hop score flavors.
PARIGO PGO0034 Jazz Musette Pierre MILLET,Manuel DECOCQ,Jean-Michel TROTOUX,Manuel DECOCQ, Pierre MILLET, Jean-Michel TROTOUX,Emin DZIJAN French jazz musette with traditional waltz tracks as well as others inspired by movie and cartoon scores - perfect for historical programs and human drama. Composed by the French trio "Ana Kap" the album has 18 main tracks (including one humorous French s
HAPPY RECORDS HR2341 Witty Reworks Martin Grassl Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with great attention to detail.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO234 Latin Obsession Dominic Ashworth, Derek Nash Party time! Fun, exciting, humorous, joyful rhythms, salsa tunes featuring saxophone, piano, guitar, drums taking you straight to South America. Dance, cookery, vacation, travel, food, culture, let's go Latin!
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1048 PN8 1048 Happy Sunshine Nigel Brown Happy Summer fun, joyful upbeat and positive ukulele and guitar tunes, warm, humorous, calm and optimistic, for family, children, friendship, relaxed, acoustic soothing gentle music.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM314 Vintage Newsreels Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser A selection of moods based on old British newsreels from the 1940's and 50's
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1043 Fantasy Kingdoms Gareth Foy,Jack Selby,Richard Ford Fantasy orchestral magic, mysterious, sci-fi, adventure, fairy tales, myths and legends, wondrous, cinematic melodies, sweet, dramatic strings, optimistic, humorous, gnomes, elves, princesses, epic and unusual
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD182 VINTAGE FUN & ENTERTAINMENT 2 Jason Glover, Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser,Mark Allaway, Andrew Prosser From variety shows to the circus. Fun and humorous acoustic ensembles with a 1910s-1930s flavour.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA059 Silly Putty Corban Shane Calhoun, Gabriel Candiani Get your hands into this fun collection of quirky TV tracks with upbeat ukulele, spirited tubular bells, humorous sound effects, and driving banjo. Gotta love that Silly Putty!
BTV / PITCH BTV214 Quirky Times Matthew Sanchez, Bob Bradley,Steve Dymond, Matthew Sanchez, Bob Bradley,Thomas Richard Balmforth, Bob Bradley Eccentric, humorous and unpredictable. Pizzicato string beds with playful, comedic melodies for quirky TV moments.
10 Milles 10MILES007 10 Miles of Shorts, Stings and Spots 1 Oded Fried-Gaon Humorous childlike shorts for Transitions, Bumpers and Stings, filled with silliness and lightheartedness, perfect for children and most silly adults
SPOT ON SPOTON0004 Lol Charles A Jr Pollard,Brian C Chapman,Jimi Englund,Benjamin Krause,Samuel Steir,Lee Gordon,Nathaniel Cooper,John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Imre Czomba,Chad J Kelly,Scott Marcussen,Michael Alan Levine,Bijan Anthony Olia,Jack DavidElliot,Dain Luscombe,Dimitris M An eclectic collection of fun, quirky grooves and hooks for light moments, humor, dramedy, irony and tongue-in-cheek comedy
ELBROAR ER1081 Cinematic Humor Francisco Becker Germain This album is a surprise bag full of comical and humorous orchestral tunes for comedies, rom coms, cartoons, funny scenes, and similar genres These tracks convey a very bright yet classy vibe to your pictures Be ready for a ton of fun and happiness!
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC SEXY103 Nerd Rock Kent Buchanon,Bentley Heath Lively, Quirky, Humorous, Fun, Silly, Bright, Neurotic, Uptempo, Nerd, Nerdy, Catchy
ONE MUSIC OM224 Hip Hop Comedy Jason Zaffary,Jonathan Slott,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores,Jonathan Slott,Jonathan Still,John Hunter Jr,Brian Flores Urban underscores that convey humor, whimsy and light comedic tension
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL64 Swing Beats David Chateauvert Mixing jazz and electro swing, the good humor of this album owes much to the marvellous marriage of gypsy guitar, violin and vocals, backed by bouncy rhythms
COLOR TV CTV1059 Cartoon And Kids Hubert Vogler,Tom Lang,Richard Schaeffer,Richard Schaeffer,Hubert Vogler,Alexander Zerning A collection of humorous tracks ranging from whimsical to slapstick, comic to playful, retro to modern and amusing to jockey Perfect for kids tv and cartoons
SONIC QUIVER SQ109 Technicolor Toy Box Edgard Jaude,Ernest R Albert A collection of music cues offering an eclectic variety of styles from comedy to children fun, amusement rides, circus, suspense, humor and light drama
MADE UP MUSIC MUM208 Strictly Latin Graham Preskett,Ray Russell Latin flavoured tracks with lots of brass Ever popular Latin dance styles including Salsa, Mambo, Merengue and Tango From high energy driving grooves to some more quirky, humorous styles
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS255 Bandidos Mexicanos - Banda Sinaloense Gabriel Candiani LOS BANDIDOS! A captivating assortment of catchy up-tempo Mexican banda instrumentals, reminiscent of military bands and polkas that radiate the essence of Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Durango and Michoacán. Resounding clarinets, massive brass and exuberant Latin
ELBROAR ER1008 Animals & Animation Felipe Mendez Optimistic, folksy ditties and humorous acoustic arrangements, clumsy, quirky, innocent, full of positivity and cheerfulness For cartoons, children, daytime tv, lifestyle and advertising
SONIC QUIVER SQ099 Humor With Heart James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,James Kaleth,Peter Ludlam,Charlotte Glaasson Orchestral TV drama with a sense of humor and nostalgic wonder This album is light yet poignant; perfect for cute commercials, dramas and documentaries with heart
ENTERPRISES SONOR ESO167 Kids Auf Abenteuerreise - Stefan Waggershausen Stefan Waggershausen,Stefan Waggershausen,Marlon Waggershausen,Stefan Waggershausen,Marlon Waggershausen,Joerg Weisselberg,Stefan Waggershausen,Joerg Weisselberg An adventure world of children's music - exploring kids dreams and imaginations with spooky horror stories, lyrics about vampires and exciting, adventurous songs that include humor, crime and fantasy
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM020 Legends Of Time David Buckley,Robert Bennett A premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers Huge memorable themes humorous drop-downs and knockout backends
POINT CULTURE PCPM069 Chinese Comedy (2) Ren-Cheng Cheng,Cheng-Hsun Tsai,Chih-Cheng Chen,Ming-Hsiang Hsien,Krisna Wu,William Huang,Chih-Hua Chou,Tsung-Kun Chou,Ren-Feng Ho Fun, humorous and comic themes
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM249 Comedy Series Amaury Louvet,Pierre Arrachart,Laurent Colombani,Laurent Dury,Guillaume Baron,Soulimane Taguigue,Amaury Louvet,Guillaume Flori,Ronan Han,Christophe Jacquelin,Benoit Boulas Cuts specially designed for dramedy and funny tv series
HAPPY RECORDS HR2331_1 Witty Discoveries Martin Grassl Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail
HAPPY RECORDS HR2331_2 Witty Discoveries Martin Grassl Film Score of an intelligent, humorous kind with many surprising effects and great attention to detail
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD062 Oddball And Comedy Rolf Eriksson,Hans Engstroem,Peter Bille,Daniel Vallberg,Judith Vallberg,Dominic Glover Eccentric, unusual, humoristic
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB039 Vintage Taxi Robert Simon Thoma,Citokid,Jon Hansson,Moritz Bintig,Grischka Zepf,Andreas Mangweth,Andreas Helmle,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Felix Thoma,Anselm C Kreuzer,Markus Segschneider,Steve Mushrush,Martin Haene,Gregor Huber,Elijah Borghardsen,Alan Jay Reed,Bruce Quick and dirty or quirky and humorous, no matter how. Funky mix in “king of the road” attitude for scenes of urban mobility like cab stories, hurry-up and off-we-go situations. Here we come - get out of the way!
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH070_1 Divided Worlds Nicolas John Harvey A premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers Huge, memorable themes, humorous drop-downs and knockout backends
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH070_2 Divided Worlds Nicolas John Harvey A premium collection of orchestral fantasy trailers Huge, memorable themes, humorous drop-downs and knockout backends
SONIC QUIVER SQ070 Fun, Fresh & Positive Geoff Levin,Bruce Chianese Versatile, evocative tracks featuring mainstream Ukulele in a variety of acoustic orchestrations Positive moods include light-spirited fun and activity, humor, beautiful landscapes, tropical getaways, relaxation and joy
INTERVOX IVOX80268 Rocking Kids Anselm C Kreuzer,Markus Segschneider,Mike Caen,Alan Jay Reed,Raffael Gruber,Blue Star,Steve Mushrush,Viktor Petrov,Jon Hansson,Joachim Tospann,Leon Lucas,Rebecca Lucas,Vanessa Lucas,Michael Bibo,Stefan Schramm,Moritz Bintig,David Benaroch,Thomas Kandziora School's out and What's better then doorbell pranks, sleep over plans, an ice cream picnic, founding a band with your music fellows, No entry for parents! Humorous Pop songs and scores for real kids!
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS016 Just Silly Mike Kneller,Peter Willmann,Stuart Jones,John Denon Reggae, Humorous, Youth, Caribbean
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS013 Animal Magic Peter Storr,Oliver Wright Children, Kids, Humorous, Fun, Slapstick, Comedy, Funny, Novelty, Car Horn, Horn, Hooter, Sound Effects, Sfx
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS015 Totts TV Peter Storr,Oliver Wright Chidren, Baby, Novelty, Jaunty, Fun, Humorous, Silly, Flute, Guitar
MADE UP MUSIC MUM165 Dramedy Simon Benson Themes and underscores for comedy drama Quirky and humorous small group scores for television and film
CPM CAR422 ULTIMATE HOLLYWOOD TRAILERS 1 TONY DI LORENZO Action, fantasy, adventure, humorous, patriotic and romantic movie trailers
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF031 Whimsical 2 Christopher Franke Humor and whimsy
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF032 Fun-Humor 3 Christopher Franke Comedy, fun, humor
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF033 Fun-Humor 4 Christopher Franke Comedy, fun, humor
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF015 Whimsical Christopher Franke Humor and whimsy
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF016 Fun-Humor Christopher Franke Comedy, Fun, Humor
REALITY BY C.FRANKE RCF027 Fun-Humor 2 Christopher Franke Comedy, fun, humor
MADE UP MUSIC MUM143 Having A Voice Jane Best A variety of tracks featuring female voices Humorous, quirky and upbeat to atmospheric, melancholic and dramatic
KOKA CLASSICAL KLA3034 Humoristic Rimsky-Korsakov N,Rossini G,Debussy C,Haydn J,Trad,Attaignant P,Mozart W A,Tarrega F,Telemann G P,Dvorak A,Doppler F,Weber C MVon,Bazzini A J,Tchaikovsky P I,Moussorgsky M P,Suk J,Grieg E H [CDCategory] Classical, Comedy, Nature Pastoral Wildlife [Description ] Rossini Rimsky-Korsakov Debussy Dvorak Mozart Weber Mussorgsky?
ONE MUSIC OM-NOV6 Toon Tunes Jan Stevens,Jan Stevens,Stan Ayeroff,Jan Stevens,Robert Miller Humorous, lighthearted 1930's style jazz themes
ACOUSTITRACKS AT002 Good Humor John B Hancock,Susan B Dixon,Brady Ellis,John B Hancock,Lisle Moore
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS-HUM001 Comedy/Humor 1 Thomas R Hopkins,Randall C Thornton,Arden Hofheins,Eve Dowdle,D Todd Sorensen,Judson Maher,Nathan Hofheins,Thomas R Hopkins,Anthony DiLorenzo,Shawn M Myers,Brett T Raymond,Holly Anderson,Arden Hofheins
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS-HUM002 Comedy/Humor 2 Holly Anderson,Judson Maher,Kem Kraft,D Todd Sorensen,Brett T Raymond,John B Hancock,Susan B Dixon,Nathan Basinger,Nathan Hofheins,Scott Reinwand,Anthony DiLorenzo
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS-HUM003 Comedy/Humor 3 Lisle Moore,D Todd Sorensen,Brady Ellis,Scott Reinwand,Aaron Ashton,Benjamin Carson,James Guymon,Judson Maher,Vincent Frates,Kevin McDaniels
GOTHAM MUSIC GM005B Swinging Live Regan Ryzuk,Regan Ryzuk,Emanuel Kallins Swing and be-bop arrangements with a bit of humor on some of the most popular standards' styles
VELOCITY VL063Q Country V1 Chris Donohue,Ken Lewis,Tiffany Long,Daniel Holter,Kyle White,Daniel Holter,Mike Standal We attack everything sacred about country music in this broad ranging release, with a li'l twang, some good natured humor, and tons of ass kickin' grooves
POINT CULTURE PCPM042 Chinese Comedy(1) Ming-Hsiang Hsieh,Chuang-Hsui Ching,Chih-Hua Chou,Sheng-Fei Lu,Yu-Tong Shang,Ming-Hsing Lin,Chein-Yi Chiany Fun, humorous and comic themes
SOUND STAGE AVF170 COMIC CAPERS Adam Saunders,Adele Frodsham,Paul Williams,Pierre Le Blanc A fun-packed cavalcade of slapstick, humorous, zany and comical music with a variety of instrumentation From a small combination to full orchestral style with an ample sprinkling of comedy samples, voices and FX Jam-packed with light-hearted material prov
DSM PRODUCERS DSM20100 A Sense Of Humor Vol.1 John Barber,Ron Mendelsohn,Yasuhiro Kato,Jim Seaman,Larry Bell,Mark Ross,Richard Applegate,Ed Weigel,Zephryn Conte,Jorge Zamorano,Thomas Karter,Charles Phelps Barnett,Frank Lakewood,James Dougherly
FIRSTCOM FC-D14 Escape From Danger D Stein Orchestrated dramatic promos for action, tension, suspense and humor
FIRSTCOM FC-D28 Twisted Fantasies Richard Friedman Macabre horror to quirky drama, themes for twisted animation, dark humor and suspense
FIRSTCOM FC-S4 Comedy-Novelty D Walker,Brown,Kelly,Matthews,Griffith,Dorscy,P Kelly,Muhoberac,Matthews,Bahler,Cansler,Muhoberac,Matthews,Bahler,Brown Humorous and unusual themes for a variety of situations and productions; includes broadcast and edited versions
FIRSTCOM FC-U37 Solos,Vol.1 Brad Kelley A variety of solo instruments featuring woodwinds, harp and brass instruments; moods from humorous to reflective
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