ジャンル「ジャズ」アルバム検索結果2,089件 (1/21ページ) ALBUMTRACK
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL240 Cool Cops And Crazy Criminals Luke Kelly Vintage Cop Show reboots for modern comedy crime drama. (stems included)
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP054 Proper Jazz Adrian Meehan, Richard Milner,Eamon Ellams, Karl Webb, Mark Kyriacou,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser,Keir John Fraser,Gerald Patrick Hawsworth, Jaci Williams, Mark Kyriacou, Ray Dickaty, Tom Sumnall,Gerald Patrick Hawsworth, Mark Kyriacou, Jazzy grooves that take you from smokey casinos, through sixties car chases, seventies stakeouts, cosmic travel and to the coolest venues on the Riviera. To be taken with ice and a slice!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP065 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 1 Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman Retro, funky breakbeats and faultless fusions. Is it old, new, newly old. Whatever way, this is Jazzy Breaks 1.
LIFTMUSIC LIFT201 Hip Hoppin' Lewis Lloyd,Alexander William Haynes,William Hatton,Robert Thomas,Jimi Ashmore, Max Iken,Rowland O'Connor,Alan Killian 18 eclectic Hip Hop cuts. From lo-fi jazz-hop & Indian infused turntablism to feel good funky old school, atmospheric trap-scapes & dreamy chill hop
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV498 Melting Pot: UK Jazz, Beats And Grooves Jack Baker,Elliott Bailey,Vij Prakash, Harpal Singh Mudhar,Jeff Stephens, Lilac Oxen,Jack Baker, Mike Lesirge A tour of multicultural London's jazz-influenced music scene, with heavy live grooves, bright brass and some flute for good measure
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC96 Swinging Slapstick Christof Larsson, Charlie Husk,Christof Larsson, Michael Edwards Humorous and funny instrumental music full of warmth and charisma with a touch of swing and retro feeling - perfect for comedic situations on reality TV.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH224 Shades of Blue Paul Reeves, Cliff Haywood, Ray M. Butcher Jazz After Dark
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM589 Italian Songs: Amore e Passione Jamileh Arafah, Gustavo J. Alcántara Ramírez Romantic Italian songs filled with intensity and passion. Featuring piano, strings and soulful male and female vocals.
EVO EVO342 Bon Bébé Jazz! Milo Deering, Ruben Ayala The Master Series Re-Mastered presents a brilliant, timeless collection of small ensemble retro Continental jazz, Western Swing and Cafe' Jazz styles. Features jazz violin, acoustic and steel guitar with snappy rhythms. Fun, cheerful, and happy, this car
5 SENSES MUSIC 5SM054 Simply Sweet Voices DJ Magik Cool J Bright latin pop, swing, jazz waltz, bossanova, hawaiian, caribbean, folk tracks. With female vocal and male chorus.
ZEST MUSIC ZEST121 Sixties Silver Screen Herbie Lansdown,Emily Lim, Keigo Morozum,Timothy William Oliver,Toby Jay,Herbie Lansdown, Benjamin Hugh Whipple Humphries,Cato Frederick Neustatter Hoeben,Emily Lim A hark back to the swingin' 60s with fine vintage numbers and pastiches ranging from spy satire to spaghetti westerns
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA137 Sunset Bliss Abel Almonte, Gabriel Candiani This varied collection of grooving instrumentals touches on all things breezy and sunny and swings from latin-infused jazz to blues-tinged electro-rock.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM350 Big Band Jonathan Spanyol It's time for lights, camera, action with these larger than life Big Band tunes, demonstrating an extravagant showtime attitude through a dazzling display of chipper swing performances.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR331 Eazy Cheezy Daniel May, Marc Ferrari From hip to schmaltz, musical oddities covered in cheese. Quirky, offbeat, irreverent, comical
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1026 Jazz In Da House John Mazzei, Matt Hirt, Owen Chaim Swanky meets dope. Fun, sophisticated jazz remixes with big punchy hip hop beats.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF127 Big Brass TV Themes Stefan Redtenbacher A definitive collection of 60's and 70's big band brass; fusing funk, soul and jazz and recapturing the spirit of classic TV themes.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT221 Vintage Jazz Cillian Barry, Finbar Barry Swing, Dixieland, Big Band & Hot Club - this is vintage Jazz. Recorded with world class players, covering the original sounds of Jazz.
TRUE STORIES TRU159 Retro Funk Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney, Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney Funky horns, hammond organ and wah-wah guitars: live grooves with a retro funk band
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP003 In The Foyer Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser,Matthew Dungey, Thomas Graham Marriott, Vesa Haapenen, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,Keir John Fraser,Benjamin Joseph Mallott, Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Wayne We all need our downtime. In the Foyer provides a mellow, confident and assured bunch of grooves in which to chill, sooth, relax, sip a cocktail, take a bubblebath, enjoy a massage and so on
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP009 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 3 Adrian Mark Josey,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall,Keir John Fraser,Benjamin Joseph Mallott, Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Vesa Haapenen, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,James Patrick Dar More cool jazzy grooves that instantly bring life to your pictures, soul to your productions and funk to your heart.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP025 Ninja Selects Jazzy Breaks Vol. 2 Chris Hall,Adrian Mark Josey,Michele Balduzzi,Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Vesa Haapenen, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thom If you like your jazz a little left of centre, consider beats an essential jazz ingredient or just want something to help that cocktail go down smoothly, try these crackers from Jazzy Breaks 2.
CUES4U.COM C4U299 Street Beats 1 Darren Wayne Wolff Co-producer and remix programmer for Dub Pistols and Hybrid, well-known Welsh beatmaker and producer Darren Wolff serves up a fine selection of Urban Street Beats ranging from mellow jazzy vibes to harder edge Boom Bap and Hip Hop beats.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP030 The Big Bad Big Band Conall Mulvena, Walter Magnum Peterson Big band themes that encapsulate the glamour, sophistication and sheer cool of Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2996 Cool Crime Jesse Baskin,Rusty Logsdon,Ryan Rehm,Fritz Doddy,Zachary Aaron Golden,Eric Ronick The hip detective is on this case in this collection of driving and energetic retro chase theme featuring bombastic brass hits, funky electric guitar and chase percussion
GUM TAPES GTP237 Sixties Soul Jazz Big Band Jérôme Etcheberry, Manuel Armstrong, Raphaël Chassin Groovy baby! A classy and playful album of dynamic brass, amplified guitar and swinging acoustic drums. Rare groove, hard bop, jazz blues, jazz-funk.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA011 Beats: Intricate Organica Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Intricate melodies drawn from a global a sound palette weave in and out of jazz tinged drum beats, and warm enveloping bass lines. An intricate electronic sound track for an organic world.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE001 Kwela - Penny Whistle Jive Ben Amato,Balungile Gumede, Ben Amato,Daniel Eppel,Ben Amato, Daniel Eppel,Aveline Twala, Ben Amato Kwela is the happy Marabi influenced jazzy street music from the 1950’s that made South African music world famous. Infectious skiffle-like beats, Vocals ala Miriam Makeba, Penny whistles, Classic Sax, Trumpets and Double Bass.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE012 Heartfelt African Jazz Piano Hilton Schilder,Ramon Hector Alexander A warm, nostalgic and sophisticated collection of proudly South African solo piano pieces by legendary Cape Jazz maestro Hilton Schilder and the critically acclaimed Ramon Alexander. This collection was beautifully recorded live on a vintage Bluthner pian
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB169 Lo-Fi Chillers Moritz Bintig, Matthias Meusel,Luca Brichese,Viktor Petrov,Jon Hansson,Thomas Strasser,Shetty List,Skydiva,Amir Baghiri,Alan Jay Reed,Laurent-Manuel Bleton,Arno Brugger,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer,Queens Road, Fabian Graetz Love to laze and lounge? This mellow mood mix, lo-fi chillout and jazzy downtempo will make your day.
SONIC QUIVER SQ144 Groovy, Jazzy, Funky Geoffrey Wilkinson A cool and swanky collection of hip hop jazz tracks perfect for lifestyle programs and advertising.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_227 William Lauderdale Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Julian Vaughn, William Edward Lauderdale III,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Julian Vaughn, William Edward Lauderdale III, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn, Comin' in heavy with a Hip-Hop/Funk mix. Rap artist William Lauderdale adds power, groove, and style to the VALO Catalog with his first release.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2543 Classic Jazz - Divas & Crooners Brice Davoli, Valerie Deniz,Brice Davoli, Michele Hendricks, Valerie Deniz,Brice Davoli A dazzling & sumptuous tribute to the Golden Age of crooners & jazz divas. Male and female vocals. Including useful vintage mix versions. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1305 Synesthesia Antonio Farris, Ephraim Giepen, Martin Welzer,Antonio Farris, Martin Welzer,Antonio Farris, Benno Richter, Martin Welzer,Antonio Farris, Benno Richter, Ephraim Giepen, Martin Welzer,Antonio Farris, Martin Welzer, Steffen Dix,Antonio Farris, Benno Richter, A collection of funky, soulful hip hop beats with groovy drums, mellow synthesizers, jazzy saxophone and flute melodies.
BRUTON BR729 Percussion Live James Christopher Bragg, Jon Buster Cottam, Preston Brian Gilhooly Prince, Samuel William John Walker Scorching solo percussion and dynamic drums in a variety of styles. From rolling jazz, to carnival latin rhythms, all recorded live.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2545 Jazz Around the World Claude Salmieri Colourful jazz based on mandolin, piano, drums and ethnic percs. An invitation to a journey through the 5 continents: America, Africa, Asia, Europe & transcontinental states. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
LO EDITIONS LOCD98 Outer Spaceways Alik Verdun Peters-Deacon, Jason Roger Butler,Huw Teilo Jones, Samuel Rex Ogilvie Brown,Dan Hillman, Nathan Taylor,Craig Whittle, Edward George White,Oliver Blane Harrison,Michel Xavier, Richard Ripple,Guido Zen, Juan Trippe,Arthur Bliss, Steve Arguelles, Outer Spaceways is an album of ‘beyond jazz’ ; cosmic, spiritual, far out and expansive but music that is also playful, charming and imbued with the warmth of the sun and the energy of life. It’s good to get out.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR330 Jazz Cocktails Daniel May, Marc Ferrari Hip, cool Jazzy selections spanning multiple eras and combinations: Brazilian Samba and Bossa Novas, Waltzes, Classic Be-Bops and Ballads.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF126 In Your Zone: Lo-Fi Chill Hop Timothy Paul Handels,Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland, Timothy Paul Handels A high-key collection of relaxed, lo-fi study beats with a focus on chilled downtempo grooves and tuneful melodies, borrowing from jazz, R&B, indie and 80's and 90's hip-hop.
LOVELY MUSIC LVM145 Old Speakeasy Jazz William L Hemphill Roaring Twenties-style live jazz fun with echoes of Parisienne flappers and prohibition mobsters.
3 MONKEYS 3M017 Dramedy Deluxe Anders Paul Niska,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska Classic dramedy tracks divided into three sections: Fun & Fast, Sneaking & Peeping and Exotic & Quirky. Bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones in the lead with big band and orchestras in the back. Comical to serious, slow to fast and vintage to modern. Perfe
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS486 100% HER - Contemporary Songs Rachael Irene Jones,Siobhan Lynch,Kimberly Anne Sutherland, Rhiannon Mair Gray,Olivia Kierdal,Brooke Jazz Lawrence, Sophie Olivia Ackroyd,Melissa Bellm, Rhiannon Mair Gray,Agatha Antonia Abimbola Carrena, Shakirat Adenike Belewu Carrena, Simone Deborah Vi This album features the return of our joint venture with shesaid.so - 100% HER, this time showcasing contemporary pop songs. Tracks were composed, produced, mixed and mastered exclusively by women, making it once again 100% HER! | Mixed by Olga Fitzroy |
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM120 Wind Works Martin Robertson A unique collection of Woodwind tracks composed and performed by Martin Robertson. Perfect for Human Documentaries and Contemporary Arts programming.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD243 JAZZ REMIX Stephane Lo Jacomo,Anders Eliasson Roos, Michael Ellgren,Noah Samuelsson-Poppy A modern take on retro jazz.
IMPRESSIVE MINDS IPMD009 Hobo Life, Volume 1 Markus Strasser This European Gypsy folk collection features warm, retro, jazzy guitars, upright bass, brass, clarinet and accordion - all floating gently atop breezy, midtempo rhythms that bring a smile.
AMP LIBRARY AMP104 Positive drive 28 Rob Maassen van den Brink Positive minded, suitable for life-style and trendy productions. The music is timeless as wel as modern, with styles like R&B, funk, jazz, rock, and slightly techno.
NORDIC ID NORD104 Nordic Soundtracks 01 Pessi Levanto,Olli Juhani Varis, Tero Hyväluoma,Anders Paul Niska,Mikko Heininen,Jarmo Mikael Julkunen, Olli Juhani Varis,Zoran Sabijan Nordic Soundtrack 01 is the first album of the series Nordic Soundtrack. The album is influenced by the Nordic traditional songs and the tracks are created by some of Scandinavia’s top film and tv composers.
NORDIC ID NORD105 Nordic Piano Nicholas Sillitoe, Sebastian Gruchot Delicate and beautiful piano pieces with feelings of hope, reflection and Nordic melancholy.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE192 JAZZ FUNK THEMES Martin Williams Killer brass licks over a super-funky rhythm section. With one foot in the '70s and a modern ear on the production process, these tunes are enduring, hooky and funkalicious.
ZONE MUSIC ZONE641 The Roaring Twenties Mark Allaway, Andy Prosser For the flappers, the bootleggers and the good time guys about town, this is the sound of the boom years. Sixteen 20s-inspired jazz numbers and silent movie scores that'd get Scott, Zelda and the great man himself on the floor!
SCORE ADDICTION SDN047 Lo-fi Dusk Ben Beiny,Luke Gordon Carefree Lo-fi Chill-Hop with a tinge of feel-good nostalgia.
3 MONKEYS 3M016 Funked Up Hip Hop Niklas Rolf Edberger,Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska Accelerated and frantic Hip Hop, spiced up with horns and scratches and loaded with smart, funny breaks - why holding it back!? Feelgood beats perfect for cool kids, childish grown ups and everyone in between! Please check alternative versions and undersc
VELOCITY VL202 The NeonSput Sessions: Boom Bap & Trap Chris Penny, Dywane Eric Thomas Jr, Robert Searight, Skinny Williams Volume 1 of our epic studio sessions with the legendary rhythmic duo of Sput Searight and MonoNeon takes incredible grooves laid down by these two brilliant musicians and flips them into modern boom bap and trap excursions post-produced by Chris Penny of
ABBEY ROAD MASTERS ARX018 The Drum Sessions Christopher John Hutchings,John Blease,Sophie Alloway,Christopher Evans,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Toby Berger,Andrew Piran Bell,Matthew David Mole, Sarah Anne Daly,Tarek Modi,Richard Birkin,Dominic William Storrs-Fox,Karl Zine, Richard Andrew Canavan, Something different that sounds as cool as it sounds. Top session drummers on jazz, breakbeats, rock, pop and trip-hop rhythms. Some bass, keys and guitars in the supporting cast. Drive, momentum and energy, with a twist. Perfect for intros and promos.
ELBROAR ER1236 Vintage Revisited Roman Andor Krotil,Roman Andor Krotil, Victoria Huster Nostalgia rules in this inspired collection of retro-sounding gems as vigorous electro-swing follows acid jazz follows swanky odes to the golden age of radio - featuring wacky orchestral arrangements, gramophone brass and vocals and swaggy remixes. Uh One
BTV / PITCH BTV268 Romance Andrew Griffiths, Sam Taylor,Adam Dennis, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond A crafted collection of jazz-inspired pianos and passionate orchestras. The ideal soundtrack for love, romantic comedies and Valentine's Day.
CHAPPELL CHAP523 Soho.Live Jazz: Nu Jazz U.K. Grooves Vol. 1 George William Hudson, Jamie Ashcroft Murray, Nathan Patrick Britton Soho.Live presents Nu Jazz U.K. Grooves Vol. 1 - Nu-jazz. Soul with UK and London underground live Jazz style.
CHAPPELL CHAP524 Soho.Live Jazz: Nostalgia George William Hudson, Ivo Michael Beale Neame, Lorenzo Bassignani, Nathan Patrick Britton Soho.Live presents Nostalgia - Film noir jazzy underscores with Mellow Piano, vintage keyboards, ambient Drums and electric Bass.
POPCORN MUSIC LTD POPC022 The Calamity Bros Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli,Richard James Neale,James Winston Green, James Knight,Darren Guy Mudge,James Winston Green Whacky fun filled jazz and swing tracks to soundtrack the madcap comedy capers of the Calamity Bros!
CHAPPELL CHAP525 Soho.Live Jazz: Simians Of Swing Vol. 1 Andrew John Davies, George William Hudson, Lorenzo Bassignani, Nathan Patrick Britton,Andrew John Davies, George William Hudson, Ivo Michael Beale Neame, Lorenzo Bassignani, Nathan Patrick Britton,Andrew John Davies, George William Hudson, Lorenzo Bassign Soho.Live presents Simians Of Swing Vol. 1 - Modern Jazz Fusion with progressive grooves led by Trumpet, Guitar & Vocals.
CHAPPELL CHAP526 Soho.Live Jazz: Simians Of Swing Vol. 2 Andrew John Davies, George William Hudson, Lorenzo Bassignani, Louise Elizabeth Dodds, Nathan Patrick Britton,Andrew John Davies, George William Hudson, Lorenzo Bassignani, Nathan Patrick Britton Soho.Live Jazz presents Simians Of Swing Vol. 2 - Modern Jazz Fusion with progressive grooves led by Trumpet, Guitar & Vocals.
GARELIE GAL230 A Small Orchestra Story 2 Laurent Dury Playful, whimsical, mischievous and mysterious small orchestra. Perfect for storytelling, animation, children's comedy. Featuring woodwinds, pizz strings and percs. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
NOISE REFINERY NRF036 Jazz Score Nick DePinna, Ross Taggart Garren Cinematic Jazz Instrumentals
NOISE REFINERY NRF037 Blues Instrumentals John Schroeder, Ross Taggart Garren Cinematic Blues Instrumentals
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK641 Purple Smoke Freddy Petit A collection of classy acoustic Swing Jazz and Big Band pieces
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST013 Nu Jazz Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Konstantinos Stouraitis Smooth jazz gets an update with chillout hip hop grooves - featuring electric piano, clean guitar and mellow trumpet to create a serene, vibey soundtrack.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH209 All That Jazz Peter D. Long,Anthony M. Kerr Fun, quirky, retro movers and shakers
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM578 Upright Bass Affairs Wayne Roberts, Hamish G. Balfour-Paul Characterful and quirky cues for upright bass, with light jazz drums, percussion and keys.
CUES4U.COM C4U285 Crime Scenes And Subterfuge David John Jones, Ashley John Long, Timothy Rose, Andrew George Hague An atmospheric and characterful collection of dark, moody and enigmatic jazz noir cues perfect for docudrama, crime shows and mystery composed by David John Jones, Ashley John Long, Timothy Rose, Andrew George Hague and Ben Waghorn.
MINIM MNM107 Soft Saxophone & Piano Martin Nicholas Gratton, Arthur Phillips Softly-played saxophone and piano evoke deep emotions of love, comfort, intimacy and nostalgia.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL197 Quirky Funky Things John Ross,Sean Anderson, Paul Turner,Tam Nightingale,John Winfield, Keith Osborne, Peter Dyson,Ian Button,Mark Sayer-Wade, Paul Cuddeford, Jonathan Paxman,Michael Dempsey, Martin Brett, Rory O'Farrell,Daniel Pemberton,Gordon Minette, Gareth Williams,Nick Quirky beats and grooves with a funky flavour. Elements of jazz and kitsch.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO248 Jazz Swing Jeff Lardner, Mark Allaway, Michael Eaves Sophisticated styles from the 20th century vintage years. Hot Club swing, Western swing, Alpine swing, Gypsy Jazz and some saucy Cabaret gems cover leisure and relaxation pursuits, sunny activities comedy and fun in a happy carefree era
GERHARD DAUM MUSIC EDITION TW3821 Future World Gerhard Daum Ambient electronic soundscapes and grooves are highlighted with Jazz influenced and live performed trumpet lines
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE216 Curious and Quirky Mark Allaway, Jeffrey Lardner Catchy cues and lighthearted underscores for kids, mischief and dramedy, jazzy, fun, bright, quirky, light, positive, catchy, advertising, comical, curious, odd.
BLOCK BLK028 Golden Age Hip Hop David John Walker Jazzy, Soulful and Chilled Old School Hip Hop, Boom Bap and East Coast Beats.
FRESHWORX FRX043 The Jazz Sessions Cliff Haywood, Paul Reeves Swinging Live Vibes - Beautifully recorded jazz, swing and vintage styles performed by some of the top UK musicians.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT215 Rhythm & Brass Tarek Modi,Michael Lesirge Ultra melodic live brass, funk guitar and drum & bass bursting with groove.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE189 ACOUSTIC ELEVATION Samuel Burgess, Ian Thomas, Thomas Cawley Disarming, rhythmic and experimental jazz album lead by Ian Thomas' intense drum track and augmented by upright bass and floating keys. Perfect for looming tension and unravelling minds.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA016 1960s Cool Jazz John Scott,Vincent Joseph Holland,Anthony King,Nino Nardini,Raymond Jones,Jack Jordan A Stunning selection of jazz recordings from the 1960's featuring cool sax leads, swinging big bands and the distinctive sound and style of this golden era.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA018 City Soul Anthony King,Roger Roger,Barry Forgie,Ian Langley,Patrick John O'Hara Scott,Peter Dennis,Anthony W. Mawer Sultry jazz and soul grooves from the original 1970's archives. Unedited live recordings and one off improvisations taking us back to the heart of the soul era.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA019 Jazz After Hours Al Newman Intimate jazz club ensemble featuring classic solos and improvisations handpicked from the archive.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA020 Late Night Love Chris Rae, Frank McDonald, Gerry Shury,Chris Gunning,Brian Wade,David Lindup,Trevor Bastow,Alan Hawkshaw,Jeremy Michael Lubbock,Stephen Gray,Harold Fisher Seductive bass grooves and sensual melodic riffs reflect an after dark soundtrack for the evocative visual accompaniment.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS179 Jazz Hop Lite Geoff Wilkinson Hip Hop with a light jazzy feel
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM113 City Stories John Trudeau, Paul Golding Timeless & contemporary jazz-influenced tracks, for urban & metropolitan scenes.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS084 Piano Cocktail Lounge James Ashworth, Stuart Jones Piano Cocktail Lounge
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS109 Quasi Modernism Ray Flowers, Marcelo Andrade, James Kaleth,Ray Flowers, James Kaleth A collection of understated modernist melodies
IMAGE LIBRARY IMCD3184 Late Night Jazz Milton James A collection of jazz tracks that cover a range of styles and eras. Performed by real musicians.
ELBROAR ER1229 Brass Deluxe Christoph Terbuyken, Hanjo Gaebler,Hanjo Gaebler, Christoph Terbuyken Luxurious big band scores, swinging beats, high-end fusion jazz, smokin' saxes .. a colorfully brass-tastic approach to retro-high-class entertainment with a modern twist.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA075 Slinkadelic Circus Jacob N Fader A 60s, fuzzy psychedelic haze permeates this funky-schizoid album that dips into acid jazz, blues rock and Italian sexadelic lounge. Think after-hour party in a redlight district on a far-away planet and your halfway there. Unabashed synth love, mallets,
POKE MUSIC POKE100 100% Poke! Michael Botzaropoulos,Adam Fielding,Andreas Backelund,Andrew Sands, Ignazio Salvemini,Chris Bangs,Dan Sarraf,Freddie Mars,Sean Lascelles,Ewan Lawson,Lee Baker, Matt Nicholson,Joss Peach,Robin Savage,Daniel James,Benedict Gordon,Elizabeth Levine,Hayley Woo 25 all-new classics taking in everything from cool modern electronica and pop to retro jazz, quirky comedy and more. 100% bold, 100% fun, 100% Poke!
ARTFUL RECORDED MUSIC LIBRARY ARTF114 bluMalmö jazzhop Garry Judd Authentic underground #lofi #jazzhop #study beats from one of the scene’s top producers
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX086 Vintage Moments: 1920s + 30s Sam Wedgwood,Josh Powell,Jack Phillips,Stefano Caiazzo Sophisticated and playful vintage jazz, ranging from Dixieland to Swing
ONETRACKADAY M100 Swing Epoque Alessandro Di Virgilio Acoustic combo jazz & manouche
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM322 Chill Hop Geoff Wilkinson Soft and soulful beats scattered through a selection of slow, laid back grooves as Jazzy instrumentation creates mellow backdrops.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE186 ELECTRO SWING CUTS Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A collection of fun, enthusiastic and lively Electro Swing tracks, including remix elements, vocals and instrumentals with a wealth of quirky charm.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX088 Chilled Strings and Beats Chris Dececio,James Peter Wilson,Sacha Collisson, Owen Parker,Sacha Collisson,Peter Peters,Stefan Jon Fletcher,Adam Scrimshire Positive, luxurious tracks with soaring strings and grooving beats.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC EZLY041 50's R&B Stephan Sechi The ultimate collection of authentic R&B jazz and pop styles. The songs reflect the excitement of the golden era of the 1950s.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM321 Soul Hop George Bloomfield Hip-Hop beats with dusty Jazz inflections focus on showcasing a feel good sense of laid back simplicity.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM570 Jazz Drum Promos Christopher Hardwick Vibrant Jazz drum promo cues performed by virtuoso drummer Chris Hardwick. Featuring energetic drum kit and percussion accompanied by double bass and piano riffs
CUES4U.COM C4U253 Retro Revival 2 Stuart Brooks A collection of authentic 1970's style cues composed by renowned composer and band leader Stuart Brooks and performed by a live London session bigband, perfect for period programmes and any productions requiring a cool, retro feel.
CUES4U.COM C4U260 Yacht Rock Timothy Rose A great collection of powerful, exciting and sophisticated Yacht Rock cues composed by well-known British composer and guitarist Timothy Rose.
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