ジャンル「キッチュ」アルバム検索結果936件 (1/10ページ) ALBUMTRACK
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS083 Fun & Curious (Dramedy) Gareth Thomas,Henry Jeremy Kenneth Muir Bird,Michael Anthony Cryne An album full of Fun and Curious tracks with lots of Mischief. Light Orchestral instrumentation - Pizzicato Strings, Woodwinds & Percussion. Ideal for Animation, Light Drama, Reality TV, Perculiar Documentaries through to feature films. Lots of Variation
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP094 Peculiar Peculiarities 1 Oliver Dipre, Petrina April Smith,James Andrew Hustwit,Liam Joseph Hennessy,Serge Sauvage Kitsch and quirky, these audable oddities bring a distinctively light-hearted and left-field spirit.
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV499 Indie Disco Matthew Simon Clark, Ian Dowling,Matthew Simon Clark, Ashley Clark,Matthew Simon Clark Bouncing from Twisted Disco to Electro Kitsch to Punk-Pop, Indie Disco is jammed full of trashy swagger. Dance floor kicks for cool kids
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM590 Italian Songs: La Bella Vita Ruben Sonnoli, Dario Ferrante Bright and positive Italian songs recorded in the heart of Tuscany, bringing a modern twist to retro Italian pop. Featuring acoustic guitar, strings and male and female vocals.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS081 Kitsch, Quirky & Vintage Love Songs (Male Vocal) Dominic Joseph Halpin Kitsch, Cool and Fun Love Songs from the 1950's era. All about Love and Romance. Modern with an Old Fashioned Innocence. Perfect for Advertising, Film Score or Drama. Lots of variation in the alternative versions, and as always with TMS releases, Stems ar
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH223 Voice Jam Timothy Z. D. Karp, Fiona J. Woodward,Timothy Z. D. Karp,Timothy Z. D. Karp, Dunia Botic Quirky, dreamy, cool, groovy flights of vocal imagination
GARELIE GAL237 Galerie for TV - Fun and Feelgood David Ohana,David Dauthieux, Le Fat Club,Le Fat Club,Krisunik A great selection of funny, happy and positive tracks in various styles. Four chapters: feelgood, kids, funny pizz, cartoon. Perfect for entertainment, comedy and kids programmes. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
MATCH MUSIC MAT301 Rock 'n' Roll Jukebox Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Sven Tore Erik Berglund Rock n Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Boogie Woogie and a whole lot more jumping, jiving and all out rockin' and rollin'. Step back in time, kick back in the Cadillac and enjoy the ride. Retro, vintage, rock n roll, 1950s.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR331 Eazy Cheezy Daniel May, Marc Ferrari From hip to schmaltz, musical oddities covered in cheese. Quirky, offbeat, irreverent, comical
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA029 Light & Magical Pizzicato Matthew LeighSibley, Giacomo AntonioTrivelli Energetic, magical, positive & cheeky pizzicato strings for film, TV and light entertainment. Alternative vintage mixes available.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN049 Classic Dramedy Christof Larsson, Michael Edwards Classic dramedy in happy, curious, neutral and romantic flavours.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX137 Uplifting Adverts Andy Blythe, Marten Joustra,Joe Hearson From Light, Airy and Heartwarming, through to Quirky, Comic and Whimsical. These compact tracks have been carefully constructed to help give a unique identity to great adverts, cool animations and lifestyle promos - and catch people's attention. To acces
GUM TAPES GTP232 Do It Yourself Vol. 7 Frédéric Parcabe,Jeremie Frémont,Manuel Armstrong,Achille Richard,Benjamin Kaniewski,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Thomas Didier,Paul Tyan,Ervin Trofimov,Laurent Cuenca Playful keyboards and cheesy guitar riffs: a fun and entertaining album that will put a smile back on your face!
BTV / PITCH BTV273 Dramedy Tension Mark Anderson, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor A timeless collection of eccentric, mischievous tracks with subtle suspense and tension. Perfect for cookery, light comedy and unpredictable moments!
GARELIE GAL232 Brassy Kitsch Pop Phil Lees A selection of bright and exotic 60s kitsch pop/easy listening with brass section. For spy comedy, party, spoof, slapstick and quirky ads. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GUM TAPES GTP227 Comedy Vol. 4 Frédéric Parcabe,Laurent Cuenca,Duke Bojadziev,Paul Tyan,Laurent Guillet,Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pateau, Yves Bittar Live crazy funny adventures with this selection of playful and merry cinematic tracks!
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM396 Quirkier Vol. 2 Crispin Merrell, Gordon Young,Alex Attwood,Dobs Vye,Crispin Cris Merrell, Gordon Young A mixture of playful, curious and daft underscores with charm and quirk
GARELIE GAL230 A Small Orchestra Story 2 Laurent Dury Playful, whimsical, mischievous and mysterious small orchestra. Perfect for storytelling, animation, children's comedy. Featuring woodwinds, pizz strings and percs. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
MATCH MUSIC MAT299 Kitsch In The Kitchen 2 Michael Ellgren,Anders Johan Greger Lewen A full and flavoursome buffet of world cuisine from kitsch and quirky to fun and funky, there's something to everyone's taste.
NOISE REFINERY NRF034 Offbeat & Whimsical John Schroeder Quirky & Playful Instrumentals
ONE MUSIC OM256 Happy Beats Brian Flores, Jeremy Joseph Rodriguez, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Lamont Thomas, Jonathan Slott,Brian Flores, Chris Norwood, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott,Brian Flores, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott Great rhythms and catchy fun melodies. They just make you feel good. Hip hop, pop and electronic beats for the happy times. Taking influence from different genres to create a range of good feels: fun, playful, child-like, kitschy and optimistic.
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST008 Quirky & Kitsch Christophe Fleischmann Quirky, kitsch tracks with a sense of humour and just a little cheese, featuring organ - fun and comical with a retro flavour.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH211 Snap Shots Christopher Baron, John R. Hobson, Phillip E. Mulford Fun, quirky, retro movers and shakers
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL197 Quirky Funky Things John Ross,Sean Anderson, Paul Turner,Tam Nightingale,John Winfield, Keith Osborne, Peter Dyson,Ian Button,Mark Sayer-Wade, Paul Cuddeford, Jonathan Paxman,Michael Dempsey, Martin Brett, Rory O'Farrell,Daniel Pemberton,Gordon Minette, Gareth Williams,Nick Quirky beats and grooves with a funky flavour. Elements of jazz and kitsch.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2968 Indie Cinema Vol. 3 Fritz Doddy Eclectic themes featuring quirky organic instruments handmade for independent cinema dramedies.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2972 Holiday Quirky Fritz Doddy Take an eccentric look at the holiday season with this collection of witty and playful ditties featuring piano, strings and unique percussive instruments
CAVENDISH ARCHIVE CAVA0038 70s Showbiz Kitsch (1972) Syd Dale,Ray Davies,Kenny Powell,Pat Dodd,Bill Hutchinson,Ernest Ponticelli,Malcolm Lockyer,Gus Stephens,Neil Richardson,Eddie Strevens A selection of fun big band TV themes performed by the Cavendish Ten
CAVENDISH ARCHIVE CAVA0039 70s Showbiz Themes (1972) Ray Davies,Vivian Ellis,Stanley David Foster,Gordon Reed,Syd Dale,Clarrie Sampson,Eric Winstone, Geoffrey Alderson A selection of kitsch big band themes performed by the Cavendish Nine
BTV / PITCH BTV264 Funky Retro Brass Matthew James Parker, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Andrew Griffiths, Matthew James Parker, Sam Taylor 60's inspired, Motown influenced funk grooves with chopping guitars and bright brass sections. Perfect for talk shows, light entertainment and daytime TV.
GUM TAPES GTP191 Do It Yourself Vol. 5 Fabien Langard, Philippe Villar We're updating the kitsch with these happy and cheerful vintage tracks perfect for funny and sunny scenes.
GUM TAPES GTP197 Do it Yourself Vol. 6 Paul Tyan,Charles Caste-Ballereau, François Caste-Ballereau,Thibaut Barbillon,Nicolas Nocchi,François Ky Phung Nguyen, Thomas Pierron,Etienne Colin,Damien Briquet, Flavien Benadassi Look on the bright side of life with this selection of positive and cheerful vintage tracks.
SPOT ON SPOTON0033 LOL 2 Aaron Albert Srdoc,Dain Luscombe,Seth Littlefield,Leonard C Miller,Lee Gordon, Nathaniel Cooper,Benjamin Krause,Shaun Hettinger,Brian C Chapman,Julie Carpenter An eclectic collection of fun tracks for light moments, dramedy, and tongue-in-cheek humor. Categories include Quirky, Mischievous, and Comedy.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM386 KITSCH IS KULT Stéphane MIRZAYAN,Stéphane MIRZAYAN, Laurent HONEL a flashback in good and fun happy days
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM107 Swingin' Into Christmas Steve Sidwell A Big Band Christmas selection of classic Carols with a retro twist! Sublime vocal and instrumental performances put together during a unique ""lockdown"" remote recording to bring joy to all!
ELBROAR ER1216 Beat Italiano 1960 Dario Ferrante, Ruben Sonnoli Bella Italia. 10 charming retro-pop vocal tracks referring to the golden era of 60's Italo pop, cheesy and wonderful, melting under the blazing Mediterranean sun.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE181 HAPPY ANTICS 2 George Stroud,Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A second collection of humorous pieces ranging from playful to peculiar, kooky to kinky and sly to silly. A sidekick album to SCORE081.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE184 PROHIBITION PARTY Jonathan Gillies A delightfully ragged and fun collection of 1920s-style jazzy tunes ranging in tempo and mood. Perfect for a classic 'whodunit' or a Charleston house party, and performed by a live band with vivid enthusiasm.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS156 PlayPen Andrea Terrano, Davide Giovannini, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Adam Connor, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Rafael Marchante Angulo, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Marc Forde, Jimmy Children, Kids, Toddler, Comedic, Fun, Happy, Cheerful, Whistling, Novelty, Jaunty
ELBROAR ER1201 Big Band Around The World Robert Joachim Rolf Doerfer, Felix Magnus Grossmann,Felix Magnus Grossmann A voyage through the world of Big Band ranging from contemporary high-energy brass, 70's fusion-jazz and glitzy swing orchestrations to Latin dances & refreshing retro-kitsch styles. Let the horns take over.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD222 WILD COOL SWINGING SIXTIES Steve Martin, Nathalie Ordan,Jason Glover, Gary Crockett, Dominic Glover,Steve Martin,Nathalie Ordan,Steve Martin,Gary Crockett,Dominic Glover,Jason Glover A no-holds-barred roundup of 60s pop culture. Cheesy, kitsch, cool, fun and sexy.
CHAPPELL CHAP515 Soho.Live Jazz: Cheeky Monkeys Andrew Davies, George Hudson, Nathan Patrick Britton Soho.Live Jazz presents Cheeky Monkeys  Playful, Kitsch Lounge Jazz featuring muted trumpet and pizzicato strings.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2533 TV Essentials - Fun & Comedy Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle,La PlageLa Plage,Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle, Jean Villa,Pierre Dubost,Ernest Saint-Laurent,Franck Fossey,Jean-Philippe Ichard An essential selection for kids TV, cartoon, slapstick and blooper.
MATCH MUSIC MAT294 Zesty 2 Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom, Niklas Rolf Edberger,Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Oscar Carl Soderberg Fun and frivolous from kitsch to funk. Lots of humour, musical surprises and a healthy zest for life.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT205 More Retro Rhythms Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Simon Leslie Brown,Lee Ahmad Baker,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Steve Isles,James Alexander Dorman,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins Get the party started in any era! More quirky, funky, retro party jams to follow up from the wildly popular first Retro Rhythms album. A real journey back in time, featuring a variety of vintage music for dance floors through the decades...
REFUEL MUSIC RFM036 Feelgood Funk & Soul Ray Davies,Alan Moorhouse,Tony Evans,Cyril J. Payne Authentic Refuel Music recordings from the 70s, reworked for the 21st Century with the addition of modern, soulful, vocal performances.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT202 Trad Songs & National Anthems Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Samuel John McAvoy, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Traditional,Giles Robert Lamb, Traditional,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Peter Darling, Traditional,Stephen Charles McKeon, Traditional,Evan Mathew Dawson, Nicodemo Giuseppe Maria Saba Instrumental renditions of a selection of well-known famous tunes for moments of celebration, ceremonies, sports and patriotic events, with multiple variations available
CUES4U.COM C4U150 Dramedy 1 Ray Russell Renowned award winning British guitar supremo, film and tv composer Ray Russell presents a quirky, kitsch and cryptic collection of storytelling themes with a twist. Perfect for dramedy, comedy noir and eccentric comedy dramas.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1050 Vacation Baby! Christopher Bentley Kemp,Nate Morgan, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Fritz Doddy,Aashish Pathak, David Wittman,Nard Berings, Nate Morgan,jason aaron schimmel, Nate Morgan,Christopher David Campanaro, David Ashok Ramani,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Ke Summer is here it's time to get away with this collection acoustic pop/rock selections guaranteed to put a spring in your step.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1142 Kitsch to Cool Christopher Bentley Kemp, Thomas Morse,Benson Taylor, David Wittman,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Jonathan Scott Manness,Adam Matthew Barber, David Wittman,James Haun, Lionel Cohen,Fritz Doddy,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,Kenny Segal,David Wittman, Jazzy is your source for upscale Jazz and Jazz influenced sounds. Jazzy delivers sophisticated, cool grooves with some of the best players on the West Coast. Need that fast walking bass that won't get in the way of your copy, or that hip but seasoned cock
ZONE MUSIC ZONE626 Check This Out Max Bronco, Biggie Join the party! Vintage funk and happy hip hop, with a splash of kitsch and electro swing, collide in this good times collection of retro fun
ELIAS MUSIC EM1305 Kitschy Matthew Mc K. Wilcox,David Le Moyne Grow,Fritz Doddy,Lester Frances, Mike Fraumeni,Lester Frances, Sarah Trevino A collection of quirky and cheesy tracks straight from the finest hotel lobbies and elevators.
L'ILLUSTRATION MUSICALE IMLP17 Strictly Rhythmical / Rhythmical Eddie Warner,Georges Achille Teperino This is the 17th album of the IM (L'illustration Musicale) vintage catalogue. 'Strictly Rhythmical / Rhythmical' was composed by Eddie Warner and Georges Teperino. Original vinyl sound, initially released in 1975.
L'ILLUSTRATION MUSICALE IMLP19 Animals - Children Nino Nardini,Antony Cadogan,Eddie Warner,Terrence Redcliff This is the 19th album of the IM (L'illustration Musicale) vintage catalogue. 'Animals - Children' was composed by Eddie Warner, Nino Nardini, Antony Cadogan and Terrence Redcliff. Original vinyl sound, initially released in 1976.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL211 Organ Kitsch Derek Austin,Adam Routh,Derek Austin, John Glover-Kind Kitsch retro-70s organ moods from Blackpool to Bavaria...and beyond!
L'ILLUSTRATION MUSICALE IMLP13 Advertising - Pub - Reklame: 30 Seconds Eddie Warner, Georges Achille Teperino,Archie Gun,Eddie Warner, Roger Roger This is the 13th album of the IM (L'illustration Musicale) vintage catalogue. 'Advertising - Pub - Reklame: 30 Seconds' was composed by Archie Gun. Original vinyl sound, initially released in 1973.
L'ILLUSTRATION MUSICALE IMLP15 Music for Loving / Music for Laughing Eddie Warner,Eric Swan This is the 15th album of the IM (L'illustration Musicale) vintage catalogue. 'Music for Loving / Music for Laughing' was composed by Eddie Warner and Eric Swan. Original vinyl sound, initially released in 1975.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM103 Bringing Up Baby Mat Andasun A quirky collection for the highs, lows & laughs of parenthood. From bump to baby!
GARELIE GAL214 60's Pop Party Nicolas Subrechicot, Pierre Terrasse Fun and groovy vintage psyche pop instrumentals with wordless vocals. Mini skirts, revolution and fun house parties are in the air!
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2943 Eclectic Charm Vol. 2 Matthew Mc K. Wilcox,David Le Moyne Grow,David Ashok Ramani,Fritz Doddy,Christopher Bentley Kemp, jason aaron schimmel,Linda Renee Taylor,David Wittman, Glen Hamilton Tarachow,Lester Frances, Sarah Trevino,David Wittman, Thomas Morse Back for more sweet, simple and unique tracks guaranteed to steer you off the beaten path
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR002 Hip Hop Humor Jaime Antonio Villalvazo Jr., Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Humorous sleuth with quirky, playful, hip hop score flavors.
FRESHWORX FRX028 Classy Vintage Bruce Haliday,Matthew Alexander Holland Authentic Archive Sounds - Effortless elegance and vibrant vintage cool. Full band recordings with classic swingtime character.
SOUND BREAKERS SB044 Comedy Vol. 1 John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Michael A Tremante,Andrew Joseph Carpenter, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Mark Richmond Phillips Light, quirky Comedy and Dramedy tracks.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO238 Warped Classics John Harris, Ben Hobbs,Vyv Hope-Scott Absolute classics with a twist - Kitsch, quirky synths, classical, dramatic, fun, cute, electronic music, moogs, retro and sweet for kids and comedy, bouncy, positive, intense to sweet, sleepy relaxation, crazy eclectic and eccentric music concrete
GUM TAPES GTP166 Electro Swing Nicolas Mollard Festive and entertaining vintage swing music mixed with electronic beats. Let's party the old-fashioned way!
FLEXITRACKS FLEX125 Life Is Good Paul Werner Smiling acoustic feelgood ear-worms - with insanely catchy vocal hooks. A celebration of life, love and good times. To access the components of any FLEXiTRACK, select its name and click on the STEMS button
SCORE ADDICTION SDN017 Maximum Quirk Breakmaster Cylinder The king of the podcast theme, Breakmaster Cylinder brings their loveable, quirky kitsch-ness to your production. The bright side of a world gone crazy!
3 MONKEYS 3M006 Pranked! Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska,Andreas Andreas Bolldén,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Sven Tore Erik Berglund The perfect album for pranks, good laughs, jokes, tricks & fix! Hilarious tracks suitable for all ages. Pizzicato, bassoons, banjos, ragtime piano and saxophones in a funny mix.
TRUE STORIES TRU141 Vintage Kitsch Chris Whiter, Vince Webb,Matt Norman,Emily Lim, Vince Webb,Vince Webb,Tarmo Heikkinen,Raoul Neuman, Vince Webb Kitsch orchestral fun with a vintage, 1950s light music, easy listening style
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM053 Naughty Pluckers Daryl Griffith Naughty pizzicato strings with delicate piano, mischievous woodwinds & quirky tuned percussion. For reality TV, advertising, comedy & children's TV
KOKA MEDIA KOK2510 Oui Madame Claude Pelouse,Aldo Giovanni, Claude Pelouse Madame is free, smart, spontaneous, funny, nutty, chic, bold, self-confident, feminine, busy, lazy, modern&
MATCH MUSIC MAT290 The Perfect Housewife 2 Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Gunnar Kampe,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom A fragrant potpourri of 50s/60s nostalgia from light orchestral via big band swing to pop, all with a glint in its perfectly made up eye.
PARIGO PGO0016 Pigalle Bizarre Minimatic From 20's Electro Swing to 70's French Cinematic including "Romance", "Film noir", "Sexy Mademoiselles", "Freak show" "Nu Jazz Club", "Gangsters", "Can Can EDM", "Neo Musette" and more , PIGALLE BIZARRE is an incredible quirky view of Paris with 18 Elect
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH180 Cool Play Brian L. Bennett, Warren Bennett,Warren Bennett Retro grooves, hooks and beats
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM337 Cheesy Lounge Vol. 2 Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall,Robert De Fresnes, Gabriella de Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes,Robert De Fresnes , Chris Bucknall, Juno Wilbury Kitsch and vintage cheesy tracks with charm
GREY AREA SOUND GAS024 Flexism Alexander Salter 179261936 Disco atmospherica, Comical tuba-Soul, dreamy folk, kitsch silly-delica, fun & furious rock and spine tingling tension.
CHAPPELL CHAP505 Pizzicato Motifs John Rowcroft,Benjamin Peter McAvoy Pizzicato motifs for Advertisement, Dramedy, Kitsch & Factual Entertainment.
VOLTA MUSIC VM057 Quirky Curiosities Jay Price, Paul Reeves A cheeky box of tricks filled with playful pizzicato, percussion and curious tales.
BRUTON VAULTS BV010 Blow Out Stephen Gray,Frank Ricotti,Paul Keogh,Ron Aspery Contemporary West Coast Jazz-Rock and Jazz Sambas - BRH10
GREY AREA SOUND OIL011 Jazztronica Dimitri Van Elsen, Stefan Van Elsen,Stefan Van Elsen Smooth, sophisticated urban and often frivolous OIL011 runs the gamut of modern jazz styles and more! Producer Stefan Van Elsen draws on his considerable musical influence creating tunes that span quirk, late night noir, evocative kitsch and disco. Sample
LOVELY MUSIC LVM103 Cheesy Listening Martin Nicholas Gratton Time for a kitsch 60s 70s retro lounge, easy listening quirky comedy cheese party!
CAVENDISH ARCHIVE CAVA0011 Fromage A La Funk - Funk Trevor Duncan,Dennis Farnon,Pete Moore,Sam Fonteyn,Syd Dale,Neil Richardson,Ray Davies,Gus Stephens,Kenyon Emrys-Roberts A splendiferous collection of retro-naff from the '60s and '70s
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM351 BIKINI MARTINI Remy SARRAZIN,Pierre ARRACHART, Laurent COLOMBANI, Christophe NEGRE,Didier VISEUX,Gaetan EVAIN,Lawrence MAGEE,Philippe FALCAO, Rene DE WAEL,Jean Claude SUODO,Benoit BOULAS,Julien AUCLAIR,Emmanuelle HILDEBERT,Mila BLUM,Michel MARIN,Francois TOURNEUR,Freder A cocktail of swell bossa novas, stylish muzak tunes and silky jazz melodies. Shaken not stirred
CAPITOL STUDIO MASTERS CAP107 The Hi-Fi Funky Lowdown Nigel Rivers,Brian Flores, James Laboz, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott,Glenn Rueger,Lloyd Richmond Vintage funk and retro kitsch with swagger and style. Soaked in wah-wah and cowbell for your listening pleasure.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM055 Ultimate Design Dominic Angelo Paterson, Francois Jean Pierre Paterson Chilled and confident overview with a sexy kitsch style. Includes 30s, 60s and loopable underscores.
TRUE STORIES TRU138 Plucked String Fun Frank de Kova, Lars Kristen, Peter Ludlam, Trent Larsen Fun, lighted-hearted and stripped-back pizzicato strings.
PARIGO PGO0005 Electro Kitsch Grand David,Minimatic Kitsch, Cheesy and quirky french electro revisited from 60's pop groove to Spaceship 1999 lounge, including 80's summer beats comedy.
BTV / PITCH BTV231 Retro Funky Beds Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Nick McEnally, Sam Taylor The perfect 1960s Motown funk soundtrack. Carefully crafted to use as retro underscores and old-school beds.
GARELIE GAL199 Extravagant Women 3 Laetitia Frenod Excentric, femme fatale, devilish, simply fabulous!
HOLLYWOOD MUSIC HM130 Magical Epical Christmas Elram Yerachmiel Bokser, Or Kribos, Tiran Ezra, Udi Harpaz,Glenn Rueger,Damon Criswell,Jeffrey B Franzel Power and wonder, magic and mystery, and holiday fun! Over-the-top rock orchestra perfect for any holiday production
BOSWORTH ARCHIVE BOSA128 The 77 Sound - Musical Cocktail And Conceptions Bernard Ebbinghouse,Anthony Mawer,Kenny Salmon,Stuart Crombie On the Open Road - Light Activity, Easy Listening, Kitsch organ and clavinet, swinging sixties, chirpy cheeky comedy, cockney and farmyards
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHOA140 Kitsch Romcom Travelogue Norman Dane The travelogue age of concrete new towns, cruise ships and package holidays takes 60s 70s mini skirts and flares to jazzy hotspots and a swinging kitsch romance.
KOKA FOR TV KTV0058 ENTERTAINMENT - Design & Innovation Frederic Auger,Le Fat Club,Aurelien Riviere,Noé Bailleux Create and innovate with this smart selection! For high-end luxury, corporate films, promos and daytime TV. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
MATCH MUSIC MAT286 Kitsch 'N' Lounge 4 Anders Johan Greger Lewen,Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Michael Ellgren From 60s party pop to hip-swivelling Latin rhythms featuring cheesy organs, bright brass, naive vocals... and the obligatory jazz flute solo.
GARELIE GAL196 Christmas Crackers Brice Davoli,Nicolas Montazaud,Gabin de l'Auray, Jan Pham Huu Tri,Elisabeth Conjard, Eric Gemsa,Eric Gemsa,Eric Gemsa, François Fournet,Frederic Vitani,Axel Concato, Cyrille Nobilet, François Bonnet, Jan Pham Huu Tri, Le Fat Club,Charles Nemes, Eric Gemsa Looking for sleigh bells and chimes? Tune into this festive and merry selection! Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GARELIE GAL197 So Galerie! Summer Chilled Moments David Ohana,Le Fat Club,Jok'a'face,Eddy Pradelles,Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle, Jean Villa Chilled, fresh and trendy tracks for your summer mix. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GOTHAM MUSIC GM225 Ultra Funk Throwback Grooves Emanuel Kallins, Stephen Teller In the pocket power funk grooves with slamming basslines, ear-popping vintage brass, vintage electric pianos, in the style of the Oceans 11 series and Austin Powers series, Funkadelic stylings created for that fun and funky throwback feel
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM049 The Cocktail Lounge Paul Reeves Elegant, reflective & quirky Jazz piano with relaxed bass, cool percussion & soft guitar. Cocktail Lounge, Blues, Latin, Soul & Charleston styles
GARELIE GAL189 So Galerie! Crazy & Quirky Christian Perret,Elio Antony,Bertrand Allagnat, Ernest Saint-Laurent,Jean-François Berger,Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle, Jean Villa Kitsch and zany tracks for comedy, cartoon and slapstick. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GARELIE GAL190 So Galerie! Kitsch Comedy Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle, Jean Villa,Skalp,David Ohana,Bertrand Allagnat,Gary Royant A funny and quirky selection in various styles, with a retro touch. For promos and comedy scenes. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1042 Jazzy Breaks Lars La Ville Smooth jazz kitsch, strutting, bouncing, bubbly tracks, cool groovy tunes. A positive retro vibe featuring a funky late night feel, sax, bass, synth. The downtown nightlife scene, fun fashion, cooking, travel, chillout, leisure
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