ジャンル「マーチ」アルバム検索結果303件 (1/4ページ) ALBUMTRACK
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0192 Essential Hip Hop 2 Alexander DalenGreen, Wesley AllenWilliams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Michaela Raven JoyPenn, Chris BHarris,Kito March II, Wesley AllenWilliams,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Michael PhilipMurray, Chris BHarris, Darius EdwardSmith,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Chris BHar Our #1 most requested ultra-modern hip hop is back! More catchy top lines, fiery beats and woofer-shaking bass. Keeping it 100%.
COLOR TV CTV1135 24-Hours News Tihomir Hristozov This album covers all news broadcast music needs with tracks made for breaking scandals, economic forecasting, the weather report and more. Every song begins with a strong melodic motif which is then augmented for emphasis at the end. The middle sections
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS047 Carefree Acoustic Guitars (Happy & Mellow) Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Davide Giovannini, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson,,Rafael Angulo Marchante, Andrea Terrano, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson, An album full of Happy and Carefree Acoustic Guitar tracks, featuring Drums, Strings and other instrumentation. Ideal for Friendships, Goodtimes, Road Trips, Summertime and Nature.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP008 Fantastical Tales Finn McNicholas,Gadi Sassoon,Alexander Stephan Golding,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Thomas Belton,Chris Hall When fantasy and imagination run riot! From dramedy to ceremonial marches, themes that conjure up images of castles, pirates, emperors, galaxies and wizards.
CUES4U.COM C4U298 Cinematic Trailers Yu Namikoshi Renowned Japanese composer Yu Namikoshi presents a collection of bold and beautiful contemporary orchestral works that are perfect for movie trailers, promos, dramatic sequences and emotional scenes across a variety of production genres.
CUES4U.COM C4U305 Folk Tunes Of The British Isles Traditional, Arr. Anthony James Hinnigan, Anthony Edward Maloney, Michael James Taylor Renowned British musicians Tony Hinnigan, Tony Maloney and Michael Taylor present a colourful and evocative collection of folk tunes from the British Isles beautifully performed on a variety of folk instruments - perfect for documentary, natural history,
TRUE STORIES TRU156 Epic History Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ian Paul Livingstone,Georgi Alexandrov Strezov,Andy Hopkins Orchestral, cinematic and choral themes for history, ancient worlds, myths and epic stories. Recorded in Sofia with the Bulgarian Session Orchestra.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS185 Fun In The Sun Gary Bishop, Max Bronco, Andrea Terrano,Davide Giovannini, Gary Bishop, Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco,Marc Forde, Gary Bishop, Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco,Rafael Marchante Angulo, Gary Bishop, Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco,Gary Bishop, Max Bronco, Andrea Terrano Light and happy music for happy holidays
ClLICK CLOCK CLK036 Emotional: Pause Hamilton Hawksworth,Jon Hansson,Moritz Bintig, Matthias Meusel,Findus Englbrecht,Viktor Petrov,Henny Arve,Jarkko Hietanen,Blue Star,Johannes Huppertz,Elijah Borghardsen,Jeppe Reil,Stephan Schelens,Tony Delmonte, Findus Englbrecht,Marc Mas Talens,Simon Wol Purist and wide sound mix for timelapse shots, scattered moments of introspection and calm nostalgia.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL232 Ancient Empires Derek Austin,Patrick Wilson,Derek Austin, Patrick Wilson From enigmatic atmospheres with haunting vocals and duduk, through light backdrops to everyday life in the ancient world, to epic armies marching to war. Cinematic orchestrations feat. ancient instruments by Derek Austin & Patrick Wilson. (stems included)
ELBROAR ER1234 Russia Lars-Luis Linek, Arr. Johannes Matthias Hoffmann Russia, the largest country in the world, extending across northern Asia and into eastern Europe with its music deeply rooted in the traditions of the proud Russian people. This album highlights 12 cues varying from ballads and Russian romances to up-temp
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL179 Brass Bands & Wind Bands Max Harris,Jim Parker,Nigel Hess,Derry Hall,Milton Hunter,Raymond Steadman-Allen,Don Harper Vintage & nostalgia. Airs, marches, ballads and fan fares - from sombre, gentle and romantic, to rousing, quirky and comical.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1022 Acoustic Summer Marco Ricciardi Organic, warm and cheerful, these contemporary acoustic-focused tracks cast a guitar-fueled glow of sunshine over any ad or scene. Bask in the light.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK027 Emotional: Letting Go Jasmin Reuter,Peter Dirkmann,Jan Jirasek,Joy Brandstaetter, Andie Heyer,Thomas Reil,Andie Heyer, Joy Brandstaetter,Rolando Marchesini,John Collins,Moritz Bintig, Matthias Meusel,Robert Simon Thoma,Girard Buhl,Queens Road,Raffael Gruber, Matthias Ullrich,M Leaving things behind, accepting and working on it. warm piano and guitar settings for introspective reflections between melancholy and hope.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK008 Emotional: Teardrops Rolando Marchesini,Nikita Moiseyev,Elijah Borghardsen,Peter Dirkmann,Thomas Reil,Tom Silvester, Jamie Saxe,Matias la Cour,Shetty List,Amir Baghiri,Juha-Pekka Linna,Wick Wild,Florian Thaller,Richard Armstrong, Martin Nicholas Gratton,Ralf Gscheidle,Jon Han Very minimalistic and reflective Piano tones for uncertain moments, melancholia and sadness.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK010 Positive: Harmony Alan Hakin Howe,Jon Hansson,Citokid,Peter Dirkmann,Shetty List,David Berges,Blue Star,Tom Silvester, Jamie Saxe,Markus Segschneider,Richard Armstrong, Martin Nicholas Gratton,Colin O'Dwyer,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer,Peter Jeremias,Alan Jay Reed,Wick Wild Warm and comforting underscores for calming down, finding peace and living in balance.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK011 Neutral: Architecture Peter Jeremias,Richard Armstrong, Martin Nicholas Gratton,Desire Inspires,Eriq Johnson,Jon Hansson,Citokid,Attila Bencsik,Skydiva,Rolando Marchesini,Arno Brugger,Stephan Schelens,Viktor Petrov,Christoph Schade,Hamilton Hawksworth,Felix Thoma,Alan Jay Reed Work in progress: building sound structures for outlining and drafting plans, 360 degree visions and uncommon perspectives.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK016 Dark: Pulsating Drones Gillian Gordon,Johannes Huppertz,Markus Segschneider,Skydiva,Henny Arve,Eriq Johnson,Jon Hansson,Layla Dakota,Nikita Moiseyev,Queens Road,Jarkko Hietanen,Walter Grund,Viktor Petrov,Hanjo Gaebler,Jasmin Reuter,Citokid,David Benaroch,Peter Jeremias,Amir Bag Dark and dangerous atmosphere with synth pulses and heartbeats for cruel tension and sheer fear.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK025 Positive: Regeneration Robert Briot,Skydiva,Laurent-Manuel Bleton,Jarkko Hietanen,Hanjo Gaebler,Stefano Mastronardi,David Benaroch,Viktor Petrov,Didier Viseux,Abbas Premjee,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer,Colin O'Dwyer,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,David Berges,Robert Simon Thoma,St Comforting, warm and soothing sounds for finding peace, celebrating mindfulness and rediscovering your inner inspiration.
CUES4U.COM C4U268 Fife And Drum American John Stafford Smith, Arr. Mark Thomas, Gruffydd John Harries, Paul Smith.,Traditional, Arr. Mark Thomas, Gruffydd John Harries, Paul Smith. A dramatic and powerful collection of regional and well-known traditional British melodies performed by an authentic and historically accurate military Fife and Drum ensemble.
LOVELY MUSIC LVM130 Way Out Weddings - Wedding March & Here Comes The Bride In Many Styles David Benjamin Haynes, TRAD Classic wedding tunes in different styles for different couples including classic organ, quirky, metal, punk, ambient and the all-important creepy zombie variation.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE181 HAPPY ANTICS 2 George Stroud,Clive Lukover,Matthew Moore A second collection of humorous pieces ranging from playful to peculiar, kooky to kinky and sly to silly. A sidekick album to SCORE081.
SOMOS SOO044 Pasión por el fútbol Javier Fourcade, Juan Sevlever, Martina Trost, Sebastián A. Di Pardo, Darío G. Margulis, Matías Boatella Celebratory and passionate sports chants inspired by Latin American and European football tunes. With driving, warm horn sections, powerful crowd cheers and energetic marching band drums.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS156 PlayPen Andrea Terrano, Davide Giovannini, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Adam Connor, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Rafael Marchante Angulo, Jimmy Kaleth, Max Bronco,Andrea Terrano, Marc Forde, Jimmy Children, Kids, Toddler, Comedic, Fun, Happy, Cheerful, Whistling, Novelty, Jaunty
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0174 Essential Hip Hop Daniel KennethSolovitz, Chris BHarris,Kito IIMarch, Hype Alexander, Wesley AllenWilliams,Richard TJordan II, Maya SimoneMurphy-Turner,Kito IIMarch, Wesley AllenWilliams,Charles RhodesII, Steven DavidFay,Daniel KennethSolovitz, Wesley BrentIan, Chris BHarr Ultra-modern hip hop from some of the top artists of today. Catchy female & male rap and melodic top lines with progressive beats - all coming together in a journey from hot club sounds to moody, trippy tracks - and everything in-between.
PARIGO PGO0037 Quirky Jazz Parade Yann Jankielewicz,Yann Jankielewicz, Ferdinand Berville,Simon Andrieux,Ferdinand Berville Take a journey from New Orleans to Bucharest with this quirky collection of acoustic jazz band, brass band and street music-style tunes. From Dixieland and classical jazz to funk and filmic parades, you'll find it all here: 14 explosive tracks including u
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL215 American Mashup Robert Allen Elliott, Adam Routh, John Philip Sousa,Robert Allen Elliott, John Philip Sousa,Adam Routh, John Philip Sousa Straight and mashed up versions of 4 classic Sousa marches, with Trap, Chiptune, Drumline and other elements mixed in.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY042 Rising Tempo Percussion Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Tobias James,Matthias Heider,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,David James Elliott, Oliver Ian Nezhati,Andrii Yefymov,Richard Charles Davis,Kyle Kniceley,Andrea Vick, John Colin McFarlane,Andreas Viktor Patrik Ahlm,Gregory Wei Zhe Tan,S Heart-stopping adrenaline percussion that relentlessly speeds up. Most trailer percussion builds speed over a straight pulse by increasing the density of hits but here the pulse itself speeds up and out of control for a much wilder and more exciting ride.
LOVELY MUSIC LVM117 TV Themes 2 Andy Kotz,Matthias Heider,Thomas Hewitt Jones,Luke Brandon Jackson,Vesselin Radulov,Brent William George March,Richard Wilkinson,Adriano Aponte, Stefano Formato,Adriano Aponte,Andrea Vick,Richard Wilkinson,Nicholas Steven George Pike,Samuel Thomas Burt, Lovely theme tunes for a wide range of reality shows.
CUES4U.COM C4U187 Palm Court Volume 1 Maurice Ravel, Arr. Geoffrey Simon,Cecil Chaminade, Arr. Geoffrey Simon,Filippo Marchetti, Maurice De Feraudy, Arr. Geoffre Simon,Johannes Brahms, Arr. Geoffrey Simon,Fernando Obradors, Arr. Geoffrey Simon,Gerardo Matos Rodriguez, Arr. Geoffrey Simon,Anto A superb collection of Palm Court chamber music beautifully and authentically performed by an ensemble of violin, melodion, Double Bass, Percussion and female voice.
BTV / PITCH BTV252 Victory & Triumph Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor Prestigious opening ceremonies, exhilarating gold medals and victorious celebrations. The perfect playlist for the world of sport.
EVO EVO331 Fantasy And Romance Udi Harpaz The Master Series Re-mastered. Romantic and pastoral orchestra.
GOTHIC HYBRID GHY041 Comedy 101 - A Comedy Trailer Compendium Luis Bergmann,Andrew Jarod Smith,Brent March,Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Andrea Vick, John Colin McFarlane,Anthony William Eve,Steven Corin Buckeridge, Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Elaine Christine Gallant,Jamie Salisbury, Jake Rory Willson,Michael Nickolas,J A rich resource of brilliant comedy cues including urban buddy swagger, romcoms and playful indie laughs.
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB134 Detox Citokid,Findus Englbrecht,Max Quanto,Skydiva,Raffael Gruber, Matthias Ullrich,Matias La Cour,Benjamin Geyer, Queens Road,Thomas Harald Eifert,Viktor Petrov,Cosimo Erario,Henny Arve,Eriq Johnson,Moritz Bintig, David Ebermann,Jon Hansson,Felix Thoma,Jasmin Eat your greens and live green! An organic feel well smoothie, absolutely healthy and amazingly analogue. Ready for your perfect work life balance?
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB135 Back To Basics Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Abbas Premjee,Thomas Reil,Elijah Borghardsen,Viktor Petrov,Max Quanto,Citokid,Joachim Tospann,Jasmin Reuter,Skydiva,Florian Philipp Mueller,Jon Hansson,Steve Mushrush,Mark Kahn,Florent Duclos, Benoit Jego,Sebastian Arno Spreng Escape-from-town-mix with warm and grounded tunes for reload stories and offline living. Country is king.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR202 Tropipop Latin y Caribbean Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson An array of bright, charming and uplifting Latin rhythms with splashes of the Caribbean.
CUES4U.COM C4U146 Brass Quintet Marches John Philip Sousa arr. Julia Findon, Andy Wood,Guiseppe Verdi arr. Julia Findon, Andy Wood,Georges Bizet arr. Julia Findon, Andy Wood,Johann Strauss Sn. arr. Julia Findon, Andy Wood,Edward Elgar arr. Julia Findon, Andy Wood A selection of stirring, well-known marches, performed by a brass quintet comprised of?trumpets, baritone horn, trombone and tuba.
SONGCRAFT SONG013 Lush Atmospheric Pop Brent William George March A true stand-out album of atmospheric modern pop songs with beautifully sung male and female vocal versions.
INTERVOX IVOX80474 Conspiracy Felix Thoma,Joachim Tospann,Elijah Borghardsen,Shetty List,Andreas Mangweth,Gillian Gordon,Stephan Schelens,Richard Armstrong, Martin Gratton,Holger Scheidt,Queens Road,Michel Dominique Barengo, Martin Haene,Findus Englbrecht,Florent Duclos, Benoit Jego,S Mysterious atmospheres for subtle signs, ambiguous intrigues, conspiration circles and weird theories.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1374 Pop Life Vol. 2 Chris Bernard,Nard Berings,David Lodge Parker, Vincent Thomas Alfieri,Benjamin Marchant, Catherine Sulikowski,Koichi Sanchez-Imahashi,David Le Moyne Grow,Jon Persitz,Cowya Hockett Our second installment of chart-topping contemporary pop themes, reflecting the styles that drive pop culture today.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1304 Marching On Blair Masters, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Marvin Bounds Gordy III,Nate Morgan,David Wittman Honor, pride and glory; a collection of marching band and drumline themes designed to underscore the big game.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS143 Hot Latino Nights James Kaleth, Rafael Marchante Angulo, Andrea Terrano,James Kaleth, Andrea Terrano
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2561 Groove On Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,David Lodge Parker, Vincent Thomas Alfieri,Eric Caver, Paul Timmerman,Colton Fisher, James Keith Katalbas, Jason Rabinowitz,Robert Francis Grimaldi,David Wittman, Lionel Cohen,Nard Berings,Benjamin Marchant, Catherine Sulikowski,Ste Shake it, don't break it! Electronic and pop dance grooves guide you past the velvet rope, straight into the VIP section
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2563 Indie Sounds Anthony Robert Junger, jason aaron schimmel,Joseph Patrick Cassidy,David Le Moyne Grow,Nard Berings,Alexander Holmes Kemp, Brian Liesegang, Joseph Patrick Cassidy,Nicholas John Rowland,Alexander Holmes Kemp,Luther Russell,Derek Whitacre,Rusty Logsdon,Benj From edgy to anthemic, these popular rock themes represent the heart of the independent music scene
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2567 Rhythm Foundations - Rock Vol. 1 Clinton Morrison,Nard Berings,Benjamin Marchant, Catherine Sulikowski,Anthony Robert Junger, jason aaron schimmel,Fritz Doddy,Luther Russell,Eric Ronick,Ken Korade,Christopher David Campanaro,Ryan Rehm,Joseph Patrick Cassidy,Alexander Holmes Kemp, Brian L Bass and drums lay down the foundation in these stripped down rock beds. Guitars need not apply!
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR187 Sneaky Secrets Raney Shockne, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Brandon Hale, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A funny, playful album chock full of orchestral quirky, silliness.
UNIVERSAL TRAILER SERIES UTS049 Fantasy & Adventure Alexander Okunev, Amir Gurvitz Fantastical, mystical and magical merriment, awe-struck wonder and quest-fallen adventure.
CUES4U.COM C4U068 Fife & Drum British Traditional arr. Mark Thomas, Gruffydd John Harries, Paul Smith. A dramatic and powerful collection of regional and well-known traditional British melodies performed by an authentic and historically accurate military Fife and Drum ensemble.
CUES4U.COM C4U072 Trumpet Processionals Felix Mendelssohn arr. Julia Frances Findon,Willhelm Richard Wagner arr. Julia Frances Findon,Anton Diabelli arr. Julia Frances Findon,Marc Antoine Charpentier arr. Julia Frances Findon,Jeremiah Clarke arr. Julia Frances Findon,Henry Purcell arr. Julia Fr British trumpeter Julia Findon presents a stunning and authentic collection of music for ceremonial and processional occasions, featuring well-known, uplifting and celebratory cues beautifully performed on trumpets only and on trumpet with organ accompan
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPR022 World Games - Ascent To Greatness Lisle Moore,Rhett Nelson,Stephen Joseph Anderson Olympian in scope, this exhilarating collection of classic brass fanfares, sweeping strings and lofty, soaring themes elevates the majestic to new heights. Intricate orchestral arrangements dramatically invigorate and inspire as they march forward in ever
TRUE STORIES TRU143 War Stories Ian Paul Livingstone,Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Jacob Nicholas Stonewall Jackson, Oscar Aldred, Toby Ellis Military drums, suspenseful drones and strings to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day and the end of the 2nd World War in Europe.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2507 French Fanfare Jef Cahours de Virgile, Jeremy Johnson, Laurent Lupidi,Jef Cahours de Virgile, Quentin Bachelet The French typical brass band! Also called 'Bôzarts Fanfare'. Featuring military marches, circus music, traditional celebration music from the South-West of France and popular mid-century tunes sound alikes.
LEGACY LEG026 Theamata James Riordon Norman Triumphant and dramatic 3 act epic trailer cues, starting with emotional intros and ending full orchestral/hybrid backend payoffs.
LEGACY LEG031 Critical Assault Charles Michael Desser,Luther Walton,Daniel Johnston Coe,James Riordon Norman A collection of menacing high action trailer hybrids with stomping percussion and heroic themes.
LEGACY LEG037 Battle Of Legends 2 David P Minnick Investigative intros build into thrilling adventure themes with villainous war marches and superhero bravery. Every track has high impact end rise finale, sweeps and whooshes, 30's, links and stings.
LEGACY LEG010 Industrial Hybrid Krzysztof Rzeznicki Powerful industrial orchestral hybrid with urgent sound design and high impact finales.
LEGACY LEG016 Ultimatum 2 Luther Walton A  collection of hair raising and thrilling orchestral action themes. Stems available upon request.
LEGACY LEG020 Final Retribution 2 James Riordon Norman Dark and brooding intros into apocalyptic hybrid trailer themes.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM118 The Dark Web 2 Thomas Edward Harrison Mysterious sound design creates an investigative atmosphere.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM133 Dark And Dreamy Jess Ellis Knubis A mix of dramatic new age war marches and new age serenity with angelic voices, harps and flowing synths.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM143 Hood March 2 Rashiid Cummins, Willie Eaglin Confident trap hip hop beats with extreme macho sports themes.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM089 Game Time James Riordon Norman Confident orchestral sports tracks with determined strings and marching percussion.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM059 Needle-Hop Winslow Walter Crockwell Various quirky hip-hop themes with monster beats.
GARELIE GAL204 So Galerie! Dangerous Block Jok'a'face,Dorian Pinto,Charles Breteville, David Bagatelle, Jean Villa,Loic Ghanem Hip hop and trap inspired beats with confidence and swagger. The perfect toolkit for urban lifestyle, sports and investigation. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
KILLER TRACKS KT373 Drumline Beats Brett Engel,Will Saulsky,Alexander Hitchens,Jamtown Energetic drumline cadences mixed with hip-hop/trap drums. Perfect for sports and promos.
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE198 Mixed Bag Andrea Terrano, Rafael Marchante, Jim Luckie, Max Bronco,Peter Ludlam, Jim Luckie,Jim Luckie, Andrea Terrano, Max Bronco,Martin Gratton,Andrea Terrano, Marc Forde, Jim Luckie, Max Bronco,Martin Gratton, Richard Armstrong,Rob Aitken A wide variety of fun music for kids, comedy and commercials, bouncy, bright, uplifting, positive, children, playful, happy.
LIFTMUSIC LIFT168 Trailer Park 6 Kjetil Rostad,Mitch Gardner,Stefan Kristinkov 22 modern trailer tracks. Epic struggles & triumphant endings, covert operations & techno warfare, truth seekers, chip tune thrillers, ominous battle marches & emotive orchestral themes
NIGHTINGALE MUSIC NVS115 Undefeated: Vocal-Driven Hip-Hop Anthems Bernard James Perry II, John August Pregler, Philip Jacobs,Bernard James Perry II, John August Pregler, Shannon Martin Riley Anthemic, hard-hitting Hip Hop & Rap album featuring razor-sharp vocals about overcoming adversity and becoming a champion! Produced by Gold & Platinum Award-certified duo John Pregler and BJ Perry. With cut-downs, non-vocal, instrumentals and stems.
BRUTON BR680 Mexican Banda Christopher Joseph Tedesco, Matthew Todd Naylor Upbeat, fun Mexican banda with bright trumpets, playful brass, tuba, and marching drums.
GUM TAPES GTP125 Spleen Pt. 2 Vincent Lemarchand,Dimitri Leroy,Stéphane Panunzi Nostalgic and melancholic acoustic tracks. Emotional countryside. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1024 Epic Trailers Mike Brown Dramatic tension impact trailers, powerful, emotional, dark, intense and strong for action heroes and huge battles to industrial cityscapes. Big brass to echoing piano to epic percussion.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1019 British Brass Band David Stoll A panorama of Brass Band recordings for ceremonies, nostalgia, military, funeral, comedy, fanfares, shorts and endings
10 Milles 10MILES007 10 Miles of Shorts, Stings and Spots 1 Oded Fried-Gaon Humorous childlike shorts for Transitions, Bumpers and Stings, filled with silliness and lightheartedness, perfect for children and most silly adults
10 Milles 10MILES044 10 Miles of Artists 5 Michal Paulina Oppenheim Landau, Tal Hefter,Michal Paulina Oppenheim Landau, Tal Hefter, Ran Shem-Tov,Michal Paulina Oppenheim Landau, Ran Shem-Tov,Michal Paulina Oppenheim Landau, Tal Hefter Indie Alt Synth Rock with defiant Female Vocals, sung in Hebrew, paint well the Urban streets of independent Tel Aviv, and convey the youthful message of rawness, confidence and wisdom
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM197 Culture & Clarity Simon Tellier Quaint orchestral movements offer the ideal soundtrack continental journeys and cultural discoveries.
FOCUS CLASSICS FCLS37 Children's Classical J Fucik arrKeith Blainville,Modest Mussorgsk arrKeith Blainville,Edvard Grieg arrKeith Blainville,Frederic Chopin arrKeith Blainville,Johannes Brahms arrKeith Blainville,Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov arrKeith Blainville,Camille Saint Saens arrKeith Blainville,R Childlike, fun and magical classical music from the great composers, including Saint Saens, Tchaikovsky and Brahms
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD176 Kids Create Craig Johnson,Alistair Justice,Craig Johnson,Sully Burton,Anders Lewen,Carmen Bradford,Sully Burton,Craig Johnson,Robert Dahlstrom Simple, happy, cute and innocent for young, innovative minds
CAVENDISH ARCHIVE CAVA0024 1940S Military Donald Bridger,Gilbert Vinter,Henry Reed,Ord Hume,Henry G Amers,Albert Williams,Thomas Chandler,Albert E Matt,William Myddleton,Frederic Chopin,J A Kappey,Jacques Offenbach,Arthur Hibert,Manuel Bilton,Handel Lancaster,Charles Gounod,Frank Wright,Frank Wri The music and marches on this album were played and recorded by the top military bands of the day and include such gems as 'The English Rose'
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS322 Pop Essentials Matthew S Orr,Chase Baker Stomp and clap along to these unique, feel-good indie-pop rock tracks slowly marching with upright piano, charming bells, gritty guitar, warm bass and winding keys synths Lively, melodic and uplifting Smiles guaranteed!
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1038 Movie Magic Ian West,Thomas David Barbrook,Adam Fitzgerald,Christopher Martin Gibbons Once upon a time A fun fantasy adventure, with proud, marching orchestral melodies and light, magical moments of wonder Mischievous goblins to swashbuckling superheroes, fairytale romance to epic victory
GARELIE GAL168 Quirky & Silly 2 Brice Davoli After the success of Quirky & Silly GAL102, here comes another great, eccentric album! STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
CUTE MUSIC LIBRARY CUTE183 Commercials 1 Gavin Courtie,Liz Radford,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Nikki Saks,Max Bronco,Ivans Moroko,Victor Lazlo,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Rafael Marchante,Jimmy Kaleth,Wes London,Andrew Innes,Jonathan Foster,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Andrea Terrano,Jim Luckie,Simon An outstanding selection of catchy and kid-friendly music beds for advertising, catchy, summer, positive, happy, hooky, friendly, jingle, uplifting, buoyant, upbeat, cute, good time, optimistic, playful, punchy, kids.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS408 Upbeats Philip Guyler Upbeat, driving, jazzy and happy beats & rhythms Perfect for advertisement, lively and energetic events or promos
ELBROAR ER1074 Red Glory Martin Laschober,Richard M Lauw,Juliana Neuhuber,Thomas Weilguny,Martin Laschober,Andreas Bamberger,Richard M Lauw,Martin Laschober,Richard M Lauw,Martin Laschober,Andreas Bamberger,Richard M Lauw,Juliana Neuhuber,Thomas Weilguny,Andreas Bamberger,Richard Authentic russian anthems of victory and glory Patriotic orchestral marches & large working class choirs reflecting the great russian spirit of the past and the present
ELBROAR ER1073 Sport Heroes - Anthems For Legends Ralf Goebel,Axel Coon,Jeanette Marchewka,Ralf Goebel,Axel Coon Anthemic trailer tracks to make your spirits soar! Uplifting, powerful and simply captivating An infectious crossover of rocking guitars, hybrid orchestra, EDM and celtic influenced melodies
KOKA MEDIA KOK2464 Funeral Laurent Levesque Solemn, tragic and poignant For funeral, history, fiction and documentary Church organ, symphony orchestra, choir, bells STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
ARCADIA JAZZ LINE JL904 Marching Blues Seelos-Winkler,Paul Honey,Hannes Jaric,Maggi-Taormina,Louis Reede Jazz you want? Jazz you got!
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD154 Drums Only James Grant Industrial, tribal, marching, military, jazzy, fun, exciting, show-stopping percussive routines
KOKA MEDIA KOK2453 Italian Cinema Laurent Couson,Brice Davoli The Great Italian cinema style album Inspiring orchestral music reminiscing of the most beautiful Classic Italian movies STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
GUM TAPES GT_037 Breaking Free Benjamin Kaniewski,Benjamin Kissi,Franklin Ferrand,Jocelyn Moze,Yann Marchadour,Dimitri Leroy,Cedric Gleyal,Emmanuel Cortell,Matthias Pothier,Julien Boulfray,Ismael de Saint Leger A collection of catchy & positive feelgood tracks STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
FOCUS FCD397 Latin Atmospheres Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Rafael Marchante Angulo,Jamie Kaleth,Andrea Terrano,Marc Forde The Latin sounds of Spain, atmospheric Spanish guitar for warm nights and exotic travels
CHAPPELL CHAP456 Mediterraneo Al Lethbridge A boisterous, joyous, romantic romp through southern Europe
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON014 Rhythmic Collisions Axel Tenner,Jimi Englund,Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemon Eerie female vocals and ambient effects precede powerful percussion and glitched synths An army of doom marches forth
GARELIE GAL152 Urban Pop Besar Likaj,Evelyne Nguyen,Sebastien Fouster Creative and feel good urban pop song with made up language,Female rap Urban beat and marching snare feel
GUM TAPES GT_003 Emotion Drive Charles Caste-Ballereau,Antoine Boule,Ulysse Klotz,Rémi Sauzzede,Antoine Duchene,Nicolas Kopec,Franklin Ferrand,Jocelyn Moze,Yann Marchadour,Enora Le Gall,Estelle Treville,Pascal Marius,Alexandre Armengol Areny,Laura Chevalier,Julien Rimailho,Alexandre Ar A collection of modern analog beats STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL146 Vintage Newsreel Derek Austin,Alex Ball,Patrick Wilson,David Ramsay Smith,William Kersten 1940s 50s style, exuberant, brassy orchestral march bursting with proud celebration Main Version
BRUTON BR625 Rockin' The Beat Derek Lewars,Everett Ruess,Derek Lewars,Jean-Luc Labasse,Anders Johan Greger Lewen Huge drum hooks take centre stage with these instantly catchy slices of power pop and rock
KOKA MEDIA KOK2437 Southern Blues Norman Langolff,Gaby Concato,Jean-Claude Ghrenassia,Jean-Pierre Sluys Let's take to the open road! Creative and acoustic Blues underscores with a slice of soul From laid-back crossroad blues to peppy marching bands and authentic blues rock, the perfect selection for TV, Documentary, Promos & Travel STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND
POKE MUSIC POKE056 Vintage Newsreel Michael Tauben A golden tribute to the music of pre-television cinema newsreels of the forties and fifties, Vintage Newsreel is a classic collection of light orchestral music and marches as popular at the time
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHOA132 Newsreel Sports David Hart,Roger Barsotti,Frank Naylor,Anthony Mawer,John Bath,Wilfred Burns,Richard Telford,Lee Jacobs,Cedric Palmer,Larry Ashmore,Tommy Rundle,Paulo Emmez,Ronald Hanmer,Hiram Hinton,William Duthoit,Hobart Blankenburg,Albert Ketelbey,Carl Gilbert,Otto Ba Sports marches, Olympic ceremonies, 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s Sports action, track and field, athletics, equestrian, excitement and chase, jubilation, heroes, proud winners
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