ムード「ミニマル」アルバム検索結果962件 (1/10ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP063 Ambient Grandeur Matthew Nicholson, Sabrina Plamenova,Matthew Nicholson,Thomas Belton,Alan Myson Broad, airy, panoramic and minimalist sculptures that convey warmth, depth, meditation and relaxation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP075 Storytelling Stormy Matthew Nicholson Dreams, hopes, aspirations and the universe, all encapsulated in these engrossing themes for piano and strings.
INDIESONICS LIBRARY IND067 Atmospheric Harp by Ellie Ford Eleanor May Ford These reflective and mysterious experimental acoustic pop tracks feature ethereal female vocals and beautiful minimal harp patterns to create a shimmering, atmospheric vibe. Composed and performed by UK alt folk harpist and singer Ellie Ford.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL248 Peaceful Piano Janette Mason, James Thompson Contemporary solo piano. Subtle, sensitive, contemplative & pretty.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC103 Lovely and Light Fabian Bitter Floating, fairytale light, heartwarming and positive atmospheres for the most beautiful moments in life.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC106 Changing Industry Daniel Jobar,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Peter Jordan, Marc Steinmeier,Robert Sternbach,Nathalie Raedler,Sascha Blank,Findus Englbrecht,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Ulf Kneiding,Fabian Kratzer,Rene Muenzer,Tom Lang,Anselm Kreuzer,Lars Jebsen,Michael B Positive, modern and sometimes exciting and thoughtful atmospheres to underline the change in industry towards more sustainability.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC92 Dark Connections Stephan Schelens,Daniel Jobar,Felix Hastrich, Thomas Stanger,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Anselm Kreuzer,Felix Halbe,Nathalie Raedler,Findus Englbrecht,Eckes Malz,Mirko Rizzello,Gillian Gordon,Bob Kane,Matthias Deger,Alan Ja Concentrated, translucent, dark and slightly criminal music for stories about cyber crime, machinations, dubious international networks and illegal business.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC93 Economic Facts Rene Muenzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Anselm Kreuzer,Queens Road, Benjamin Geyer,Johannes Huppertz,Vincent Blauberg,Peter Jordan, Marc Steinmeier,Felix Hastrich, Thomas Stanger,Citokid,Robert Sternbach,Florian Scholz,Christoph Schade,Ulf Kneiding,Mo Clear, analytical and multi-faceted underscores for coverage and reports on economics and business life - particularly suitable as background for infographics.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC95 Tax Evasion Nathalie Raedler,Anselm Kreuzer,Stephan Willing,Sascha Blank,Chris Gilcher,Michael Maas,Ingo Hassenstein,Alan Jay Reed,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Andreas Kolinski,Rene Muenzer,Robert Sternbach,Fabian Kratzer,Stephan Schel Reduced, minimalist and refined underscores with a crininal and questioning undertone for topics such as white-collar crime, tax evasion and machinations of high society.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC99 Science Society Nathalie Raedler,Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich,Tom Lang,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Eckes Malz,Anselm Kreuzer,Johannes Huppertz,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Sascha Blank,Peter Jordan, Moritz Heidrich,Mirko Rizzello,Citokid,Daniel Jobar,Stephan Schele Analytical and at the same time atmospheric music for topics related to science and technology.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM357 Minimal Drones Vol. I Nick Harvey Anxiety, fear and tension come to the fore through realms of dark enveloping atmospheres constructed through cold timbres and cavernous textures.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM359 Tranquil Electronica James Elsey A collection of Chillout and Downtempo forms of Electronica provide a uniquely relaxed vitality, as dreamy electronic timbres float through passages of organic grooves and beats.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL175 Reflexions Max Silverson A very illustrative album of thoughts, curiosities, doubts, things that move forward, both repetitive and stunning performed by minimalist orchestra.
VELOCITY VL204 Boundless Beats and Rhythms James Driscoll, Skinny Williams,Danette M Dufilho, Skinny Williams An array of energetic drum-driven rhythms designed to lace your promos and spots with an exciting yet minimalistic feel
DEEP EAST MUSIC DEM274 Spatial Minimalism David Edward Holden Effortlessly beautiful, deeply human lament-but-hope pieces from piano & strings.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK651 The Case Is Not Closed Jean Macheret Modern minimalist Electronic underscores for reports, investigation, forensic, crime scenes, etc...
ARTFUL RECORDED MUSIC LIBRARY ARTFCD108 Smooth Minimals 6 Vubbz,Garry Judd Minimal Beds - Maximum Impact
IMPRESSIVE MINDS IPMD011 Voices from Dystopia Stefan Berlak, Andreas Schmidt-Hoensdorf Bleak and beautifully haunting, this minimalist, atmospheric collection threads a fine line between longing and despair with airy female vocal textures that drift amidst moody guitars, plaintive violin and distantly ominous synth pulses and efx to create
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM587 Science & Investigation Sandy E. R. Lavallart Minimal underscores for documentaries and current affairs, featuring tense and positive pulses, atmospheric beds and dark drones
TRUE STORIES TRU158 Mallets in Motion Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Anthony Holt,Ella Ryan, Tord Jungsten Marimba, xylophone and other mallet instruments in bright, minimal patterns of motion and movement
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA038 TV Tools: Mallet Patterns Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Minimal, cyclic mallet pulses with light percussion, strings and atmospheric textures. Perfect for factual TV and online content.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1045 Analogue Synth Drama Justine Barker Analogue synth ambience, spooky, strange, uneasy tension, minimal, bleak, suspenseful, dark drones, futuristic, space, Sci Fi, technology and documentaries, featuring arpeggiators and 80s retro
CUES4U.COM C4U311 Contemporary Electronica Mark Goldenberg An interesting collection of contemporary electronica cues composed by celebrated American composer Mark Goldenberg.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP034 A Thousand Violins Gadi Sassoon,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Matt Preston,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale Lush strings delivered in a variety of styles, from classical and minimalist to pizzicato and epic.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2550 Beautiful Harp Fred Dubois A graceful and delicate minimalist and neo classical exploration of this magical stringed instrument. Feat. orchestral harp, piano, classical guitar, celesta and soft percs. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
NOVA NOVA139 Medical World Paul Richard O'Brien Organic synth patterns, ambient guitars, piano and sub bass combine to make minimal beds for science, technology, news and factual documentary programs. Stripped-back underscores available in drop-down menu.
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB167 Copy Paste Shetty List,Timothy Whitelaw,Findus Englbrecht,Holger Scheidt,Felix Thoma,Jon Hansson,Skydiva,Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber,Jeppe Reil,Henny Arve,Hamilton Hawksworth,Alan Jay Reed,Joachim Tospann,Thomas Strasser,Wick Wild,Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock,Viktor Investigative minimalistica for background inquiries, fact check and critical copyright questions. Fake it until you make it?
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA007 Minimal Motion Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli The journey begins and ends here. A hybrid blend of adventurous, and exotic mallets set the journey in motion. Beautiful strings and orchestral percussion textures gently build and expand horizons. Interwoven mechanical loops signal the passing of time an
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA009 Introspective Piano Textures Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Beautifully recorded intimate piano and subtle string arrangements, with the extended, wide and cinematic sound of modern neoclassical production techniques - extended and layered low end, spacious and gentle string arrangements, and drifting, looping, pr
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA013 Underscores: Positive Pulses Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Positive, bright and simple music beds, some including light classical influences, others with a more electronic-tinged feel. The arrangements and musical texture gradually build and thicken to add anticipation and suspense. Perfect for inspiring stories.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA020 Life in Reverse: Cyclic Underscores Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli A collection of minimal, circular underscores centred around reversed sounds and simple, soothing string arrangements. Perfect for nature, science and discovery, and online promos.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA027 Headspace: Light Ambient Drones Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Light, airy, dreamy and distant ambient drones with orchestral textures, piano, and subtle synth layers. A perfect soundtrack for scenes of natural beauty.
BTV / PITCH BTV281 General Minimal Folk Matthew James Parker, Sam Taylor A bright collection of light, positive acoustic-folk tracks with acoustic guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiel and soft drums.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE012 Heartfelt African Jazz Piano Hilton Schilder,Ramon Hector Alexander A warm, nostalgic and sophisticated collection of proudly South African solo piano pieces by legendary Cape Jazz maestro Hilton Schilder and the critically acclaimed Ramon Alexander. This collection was beautifully recorded live on a vintage Bluthner pian
NETWORK MUSIC NM355 Minimal Woodwinds Jeff Lardner, Mark David Allaway Simple woodwinds with some bass and percussion accompaniment. Minimal, rhythmic, artsy, quirky. Good for animation, kids shows nature and arts programs.
NOISE REFINERY NRF038 Organic Motion Kenneth Edward Belcher Organic Tension Beds
BTV / PITCH BTV276 Modern Minimal Documentary Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor Innovative and future-thinking with a timeless feel. Intimate piano documentary scores above light, electronic beats.
ENERGY MUSIC EN030 DÉJÀ VU - Cyclical Motions Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey An elegant, minimal and subtly repetitive collection of compositions. Ideal narratives for a wide range of human stories and documentaries.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2547 Perpetual Motion Laurent Dury Repetitive and minimalist selection. Intertwined, repetitive, building and evolving acoustic tones: piano, strings, woodwinds & percs. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS045 Neutral Minimalism (Ambient & Calm Drones) Alexandr An Album Full of Gentle Drones and Beds. Ideal for Science, Discovery, Landscapes, Mental Health, Wellness, Drama and Factual TV programming. Lots of Variation in the Alternative Versions and Stems are available.
SPOT ON SPOTON0037 Brighter Side Aaron Albert Srdoc,Lee Gordon, Nathaniel Cooper,Leonard C Miller,Dain Luscombe,Ken James Gibson,Zach Lemmon,Seth Littlefield,Julie Carpenter,Benjamin Krause Positive indie tracks in the styles of minimalist, rock, folk, and light orchestral. Categories include Happy, Quirky, and Uplifting.
TRUE STORIES TRU157 Mysterious Universe Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Ian Paul Livingstone,Daniel Jansson The haunting, metallic sounds of the hang pan: ambient, mysterious musical textures for space, the universe and science
BTV / PITCH BTV273 Dramedy Tension Mark Anderson, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor A timeless collection of eccentric, mischievous tracks with subtle suspense and tension. Perfect for cookery, light comedy and unpredictable moments!
CHAPPELL CHAP528 Simply Drones Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl Minimal drones. A simple approach with maximum effect.
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM120 Wind Works Martin Robertson A unique collection of Woodwind tracks composed and performed by Martin Robertson. Perfect for Human Documentaries and Contemporary Arts programming.
ClLICK CLOCK CLK031 Tech: Eco Energy Skydiva,Viktor Petrov,Hanjo Gaebler,Peter Jeremias,Queens Road,Henny Arve,Richard Armstrong, Martin Nicholas Gratton,Xyle Lake,Patrick Puszko,Citokid,Jon Hansson,Jermaine Penniston,Chris Gilcher,Mark Kahn,Shetty List,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Didier Vi Innovation, motivation, vision. Positive tech minimalism and flowing atmospheres in the context of progress, sustainability and future potential.
CUES4U.COM C4U292 Post-Rock Instrumentals Alex Charles Veale A collection of interesting, experimental Post-Rock cues that focus on exploring timbres and textures with both electric and acoustic guitars and electronics and synthesisers. The cues are gradually building, impactive and emotive and built on top of lusc
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL234 Minimal Tension Matthew Beattie minimal tension beds for documentaries, hospital/crime drama, game shows, news - by Matthew Beattie. (stems included)
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS189 Minimal Percussion Peter Lavoz, Ben Dixon A reflective percussive and minimalist colour paletteÊ
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS192 Pizzicato Pictures Fradji Marshall, Laurent Cohen Salmon Light and gentle minimalist pizzicato string themes
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1132 Never Been There Vol. III Wolfgang M Neumann Deconstructions and narratives embue this charming, minimalist acoustic universe of hammered dulcimer, concert harp, classical guitar, upright bass and brushed drums.
NORDIC ID NORD102 Nordic Traditions Emil Ernebro Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro. Sweden based Emil Ernebro is a well known-guitarist. With +100k followers on Social Media channels his guitar covers and original songs have amazed people all over the world. “Nordic Traditions signed Emil Ernebro”
STORYTELLER STORY004 Moving Reflections Joel Goodman,Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno Introspective and contemplative themes in modern minimal styles.
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1131 Never Been There Vol. II Wolfgang M Neumann, Rudi Zapf,Wolfgang M Neumann Deconstructions and narratives. A minimalist acoustic universe of hammered dulcimer, concert harp, classical guitar, upright bass, brushed drums.
CPM CAR552 From A Distant Earth Alastair Gavin A collection of ambient electronica that makes use of minimalist style techniques and layers of sound-warping synthesis. The interweaving of musical motifs and drone-like textures creates an otherworldly feel.
10 MILLES 10MILES126 Atmospheric Drones 3 - Mid East Tension Julian Blackmore,Michal Sinka,Steven Nicholas Probst,David Michael Malinich,Elna Maria Myburg,Bald Wyntin,Miguel Godinez Gutierrez, Roberto Verastegui,Yehuda Ashash,Carl D. Lord,Walter S. Pappas Suspense and atmospheric soundscapes, hypnotizing and captivating, filled with Mid East instruments and minimal rhythmic patterns, perfect for News Reporting, Documentary, Drama, and Cinematic Tension.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS485 Movements Todd James Carlin Baker A versatile collection of crafted movements for modern storytellers. Blending warm organic and electronic textures. Forward-thinking, hopeful, fresh and dreamy.
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM118 Out Of The Darkness Justine Emma Barker Minimal, brooding tension scenes with delicate, emotive splashes of light. Where hope meets disaster. Human Drama and Documentary.
BRUTON BR724 Patterns Of Motion Ben Niblett, Jon Cotton,Samuel Karl Bohn,Gresby Race Nash,Carl David Harms,James Joshua Otto,David Stephen Goldsmith Minimalist motifs and cyclic patterns in a selection of styles, from subtle underscores to uplifting piano and strings.
BTV / PITCH BTV270 Dark Soundscapes Alex Bohemia, Dom Bohemia, Sam Taylor Menacing, suspenseful and creepy. A dark collection of atmospheric drones with eerie sound design. For Halloween, horror and dark thrillers.
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST018 Minimal Acoustic Guitar Dimitris Papageorgiou These gentle and flowing minimal acoustic guitar beds are underpinned by light pulsing percussion, ukulele and harmonica to evoke a warm, comforting mood for a variety of uses including documentary, educational videos, long-form promos and infomercials.
BTV / PITCH BTV271 Minimal Electronic Pulses Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Nick McEnally, Sam Taylor,Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor,Mark Anderson, Sam Taylor Computer-like synths, glitchy rhythms and electric pianos with neutral emotion. Ideal for science, research and technology.
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST019 Minimal Contemporary Piano Michael Beever This serene, atmospheric album of ambient modern piano features gently evolving, dreamy motifs and peaceful floating textures from Coldplay producer Mike Beever.
KILLER TRACKS KT382 The Lost Year Donn Wilkerson Minimal dark ambient music for highly anxious situations, with a bit of neutral reflection and even some hope.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL169 Dynamic Minimalism Isle Of Sweden Very colorful, this repetitive music illustrates an intimate journey, in search of love and trust. A feel for moments and meanings illustrated by some Una Corda pieces.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS046 Positive Minimalism (Happy Electronica) Luca Francini An album full of Positive Electronic Beds ideal for Science, Biology Ai, Robots, Mental Health and Technology. Perfect for Documentary and Drama TV programming.
NOVA NOVA137 Acoustech 2 Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt Sequel to NOVA113 - Emotional piano meets deep minimal beats.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL174 Small Minimalist Max Silverson Narrative, orchestral, enchanting, colorful collection where instruments of the orchestra are living and reactive characters.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS048 Tiny Electronic Minimalism (Science and Technology) John Robert Meredith An album full of Small Electronic Sounds ideal for Science, Biology Ai, Robots, Cyber Crime and Technology. Perfect for Documentary and Drama TV programming.
NOISE REFINERY NRF033 Still Victoria Dewavrin Cinematic Atmospheres
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS054 Psychological Minimalism (Fear & Tension Drones ) Jake Bradford-Sharp,Ronnie W Verboom An Album Full of Weird, Tense and Uneasy tracks. Emotions and Usages inc. Dark, Unnerving, Creepy, Tense, Weird, Twisted, Danger, Fear, Dystopia, Quarantine, Isolation, Pandemic, Sports, and Mental Health.
TRUE STORIES TRU152 Graceful Strings Andrew Lord, Ella Ryan, Gary Bishop Elegant, gentle, uplifting. Live string quartet for nature scenes and human stories.
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV493 Remixed: The Human World Julie Gruss, George Georgia,Jamie Wilder, James Nathan Jeremy Jones,Charlie Felix Fieber, George Georgia,Benjamin Thomas Jacobs, George Georgia,Nico Dalla Vecchia, James Nathan Jeremy Jones,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong, George Georgia,Brewster Nolan, James Natha Exploring the intersection of the human and natural worlds, these electronica tracks celebrate the successes of humanity in all its forms around the world. Remixes from CAVCD 442 Landscapes: Inspiring Minimalism and CAVCD 456: World Stories
EPIC SINGLE SEIRES ESS001 Butterflies Merethe Soltvedt, Michael Werner Maas Tenderness, elegance and beauty personified. The first in a series of minimal, emotive pieces with delicate instrumentation and exquisite vocals.
INTERVOX IVOX80480 Warm Patterns Holger Scheidt,Jeppe Reil,Elijah Borghardsen,Felix Thoma,Martin Nicholas Gratton, Richard Armstrong,Viktor Petrov,Skydiva,John Bullaro, Dennis Buikema,Jon Hansson,Thomas Eifert, Tobias Hundt,Moritz Bintig, Birk Lind,Marc Mas Talens,Shetty List,Andreas Hel Warm, pausing and minimalistic underscores for positive reflections, grounded perspectives and organic growth.
PARIGO PGO0040 Minimal Stories Vol.2 Laurent Dury Modern minimalism with a twist. 12 tracks for human drama, art, documentary, film and history composed and perfomed by Laurent Dury – a multi-award-winning French composer. This album includes various underscores, commercial versions and all the stem. It'
ALPHASONIC ALPHA054 Modal Atmospheres Michael Richards Minimalist underscores & vignettes, each based around a single tonality. Referencing a range of Western & Eastern, traditional and contemporary modes, this collection is ideal for drama and documentary where subtlety is key.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM571 Shades of Minimalism Laurent Dury Evolving, cyclical, pulsing. Small ensemble minimalism featuring tuned percussion, piano and strings.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA080 Closer Than Lovers - Dimiter Dimiter Yordanov Intimate and raw, these elegantly simple indie folk ballads from Dimiter lay bare fragile emotions that cling to hope and better days. Minimal arrangements of piano, guitar, synths and female backing vocals keep these tracks delicate and bittersweet.
POKE MUSIC POKE102 Minimal Beauty Lee Pasch,Hayley Wood,Fadi Gaziri,Jade Woodhouse,Jonny Poole,Giles Peter Drayton,Donal Scott,Christopher Ibbetson,Jade Woodhouse, John Etkin-Bell,Stuart Peck,Jon Boorman,Pushed Button,John Etkin-Bell,Sarah Chapman,Stefan Macdonald,Stefan Fletcher,Tom Livi Moving minimal soundtracks to accompany the beautiful things in life. From tender human connection to wondrous nature and profound peace, these tracks accentuate the small moments that matter
CUES4U.COM C4U286 Nuances Of Nature Mark Goldenberg A beautiful, thought-provoking and subtle evocation of the nuances of nature composed and performed by renowned American composer Mark Goldenberg.
COLOR TV CTV1126 Science & Technology Christoph Schade,Johannes Huppertz State of the art productions showcasing the masterful skills that create a diversity of emotional directions. This functional album provides 19 tracks with a variety of scenarios while using urban and electronic beats, synthesizers, sound design and sound
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL198 ElectroLove & Electric Dreams Lawrence Oakley,Todor Kobakov,Paul Cuddeford, Jonathan Paxman, Mark Sayer-Wade,Ian Button,Stephen Dewey, Dennis White,James Leibow, Morgan Visconti,Jean-Philippe Deslandes Dreamy, chilled, atmospheric and sparkling. Electronic & Electro-Acoustic - ambient and beats.
FILM SERIES FHT057 Minimalism Mans Billner,George Strezov Tiny tales of delicate tonal texturesÊ
FILM SERIES FHT059 Backdrops 2 George Strezov,Mans Billner Beautifully crafted minimal underscoresÊ
VOLTA MUSIC VM059 Nordic Score Christian Tschuggnall, Michael Edwards Intimate and fragile cinematic soundscapes for drama, documentary and film scores.
FRESHWORX FRX040 Minimal Magical Aron Wright, Florian Moenks Mesmerising Modular Moments - Classy modern minimalism with a captivating sheen. A dazzling collection of supportive soundtracks perfect for documentary, dramedy, science and modern corporate.
NOVA NOVA135 Organic Underscores Alistair William Smith, Simon George Begg,Simon George Begg Minimal underscores using a hybrid of acoustic instruments and atmospheric sound design. Styled for factual documentary, science and technology.
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1027 Crisis Hans Gruber, Max Burn, William Knot Dark, minimal, creepy underscores to heighten suspicion and fear – without getting in the way. Pulsing synths, thudding bass, glitchy percussion and a stealthy appetite for destruction.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT213 Uplifting Momentum Thomas Spencer Hewitt Jones,Peter Ian Jones, STEPHEN MATTHEW PORTER,Stephen Matthew Porter A mixture of orchestral and indie folk tracks bursting with momentum and emotional release. Perfectly structured for human stories and scenes of overcoming struggle.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS053 In Motion Minimalism (Driving and Electronic) Paolo Cattaneo An album full of Forward Moving Electronic tracks with bass and rhodes keys also. Beautiful chords deliver a Deep Emotive and Human vibe. Some dark, some tough, but always emotional. Lots of variation in the alternative versions, from beats to stripped ba
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS112 Minimal Orchestral Lukas Gabriel Minimalism
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS122 Cucumber Cool Ben Dixon, Peter Lavoz Minimalism
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM389 Rhodes Piano Tension James Kelly Investigation and true crime themes on Rhodes Piano for a minimal and light tension approach
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM328 Minimal Electronica II Robert de Fresnes Absorbing soundscapes led by atmospheric synths and weightless textures demonstrate a sense of modern discovery and scientific research, in a focused display of futuristic minimalism.
PRODUCTION MUSIC ONLINE PMOL229 Light Minimalism Dirk Campbell, Paul Robbins Light orchestral minimalism with an enigmatic, factual feel - by Dirk Campbell & Paul Robbins. (stems included)
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC89 Explain It Simply Christoph Schade,Citokid,Peter Jordan, Marc Steinmeier,Stephan Schelens,Alan Jay Reed,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Johannes Huppertz,George Henson,Michael Maas,Morten Johanson, Dietrich Pinhammer,Michael Bibo Dynamic, entertaining and optimistic instrumental music full of lightness and charisma to accompany the simplest possible explanation of complex facts.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC65 Amazing Excuses Bernhard Hering,Aleksei Artishevski,Eike Groenewold,Fabian Graetz,Sascha Blank,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Eckes Malz,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Citokid,Peter Note,George Henson,Ulf Kneiding,Nicklas Ohlsson Amusing, ironic, gallant, cheerful and bizarre music for topics and situations around embarrassment, lies, excuses, mind games and being caught.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC67 Smart Construction Jean-Eric Bohdanowicz,Citokid,Anselm Kreuzer,Sebastian Parche,Eckes Malz,Aleksei Artishevski,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Dan Jobar,Johannes Huppertz,Moritz Limmer,Anselm Kreuzer, Markus Segschneider Minimalistic and creative music based on evolving patterns in playful, serious and dynamic facets to express design, architecture, handicrafts and other processes from concept to result.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC72 Time Pressure Lukas Kiedaisch,Thomas Stanger,Tony Delmonte, Sebastian Watzinger,Queens Road,Tony Delmonte, Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Sascha Blank,Simon Rahm,Bernhard Hering,Fabian Bitter,Andreas Skandy,Michael Edwards, Christof Larsson,Anselm Kreuze Exciting and driving atmospheres expressing haste and the passage of time - for reports, reality TV and game shows.
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