ムード「モチベーショナル」アルバム検索結果1,424件 (1/15ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP060 Maxim presents Trapped Beats John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Audra Nishita, John Bryan, Keith Palmer Do not stop here for your one-shot skinny latte with lite foam, these streets are mean and the beats are too. Courtesy of Maxim, genre-pushing producer and one-third of rave legends The Prodigy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP067 Inner City Orchestra Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,John Valasis,Patrick Edward Carpenter Relentlessly tense, edgy, dramatic and determined themes that will launch the newest SUV, create tension or celebrate achievement whilst making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP091 Ssaturns presents Feel Good Funk and Soul Dallas Ramirez, Maurice Williams Ssaturns take us on a tour of their irresistibly catchy feel good funk and soul tinged tracks impossible not to move to!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP096 Female Swagger John Austin Crinan Robertson,Andrew David Robinson, Stefanie Bull,Alexander David Rudd, Laura Connolly,Catch Harrington, Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Petrina April Smith, Yasmin Jane Lacey Eresh,Christopher Nicholas Bangs, Jessica Jane Rebecca Sharman, Olivia Ni For a high dose of attitude, energy and all-round fire look no further - this is an album of the finest female swagger.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD246 UPLIFTING SPORTS STORIES Timo Hohnholz, Timo Logemann,Jason Bush,Ivan Bertolla, Gabriella Bertolla,Ivan Bertolla, Daniel Rink Hopeful and inspirational for sporting events and achievements.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA079 Quest - Epic Motivational Stef Tahlia Buzzy guitars, anthemic chants and stomp-clap rhythms fuse with massive low-end power beats to amp up these inspirational, slow-grinding rock instrumentals that aim to conquer.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM069 Pure Percussion James Yan,Wesley Hicks,Christopher Elmslie Upbeat, energetic rhythmic percussion underscores for advertising, reality TV, sports & game shows, featuring powerful drums, cool body percussion & quirky found sounds.
ENERGY MUSIC EN032 ELEVATE - Cinematic Pop Anthems Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey A beautiful collection of cinematic gold. Expertly crafted filmic pop from ENERGY Music’s talented family of composers. Overflowing with raw human emotions. Perfect for human drama, the big screen and promo.
EVO EVO343 Inspired & Uplifted 2 Katherine F Martin, Steve Fawcett Fresh, positive and uplifting motivational underscores and anthems bubbling with energy, confidence and hope.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO250 Advertising Callum Melville, Luke Melville,Joshua Ellis Stylish shiny contemporary adverts, promos and lifestyle tracks, bright summer flavours, tribal beats, glamour and fashion TV, happy, positive, motivational, dance, fun excitement and rushing drama, high end promotion for beauty, sports, travel, vacations
SONIC QUIVER SQ146 West Coast Best Coast II Tim Mosher Ultimate California rockin' road trip. An exciting and edgy ride from the ocean to the desert. Good vibes only.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP011 Offbeats Chris Hall,Robin Philip Brunson,James Russell Sobers II, Vadim Alexsandrovich Peare, Yarah Bravo,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,James Russell Sobers II, Vadim Alexsandrovich Peare,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser, If you like your beats a little on the hot and bizarre side these will blow you away. Quirky, rhythmic and utterly unconvertional.
CUES4U.COM C4U307 Cinematic Orchestral Emotions 1 Mark Thomas A useful collection of cinematic orchestral cues that convey a wide range of human emotions performed by a live orchestra.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP012 To The Extreme Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Benjamin Ridge,John Bryan, Keith Palmer Butch, brash and bold. Heavy rock with malice...
CUES4U.COM C4U308 Think Positive Robert Alan Clifford, Graham Keith Gouldman,Robert Alan Clifford,Robert Alan Clifford, Michelle Birrane,Robert Alan Clifford, Eva Maria Abraham,Robert Alan Clifford, Gideon Daniel Wagner Sometimes you just need one word or phrase in a music bed to re-enforce your positive message, so here is a collection of positive words and phrases in various musical styles from Detroit to California, from Berlin to London and beyond. This collection fe
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP032 Amplified Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alexander Rudd,Andrew David Robinson,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Alexander Stephan Golding,Peter Wrig This is rock with an electric edge. Confident, edgy, bluesy, indie, moody and energetic. For full effect, turn it up to 11!
CUES4U.COM C4U310 Cumbrian Sketches Mo Foster A superb collection of beautiful and thought-provoking cues inspired by the majestic splendour of Cumbria and the words of William Wordsworth by renowned British composer Mo Foster.
FRESHWORX FRX048 Get Go Indie Jeremy Noel William Abbott Fun and fabulously feelgood indie pop gems bursting with motivating summer energy and happy, heady hooks.
GUM TAPES GTP236 TIme Goes By Jean-Baptiste Ayoub,Oscar Pouts Lajus,Achille Richard,Clément Bordenave,Benjamin Terrier, Mickael Feldman,Laurent Cuenca,Matthews Samar,Thomas Gaudibert,Charles Caste-Ballereau The precision of electronics combined to the warmth of acoustic music in this album of positive and confident chill tracks with pitched vocals and analog synthesizers.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2548 Emotional Piano & Strings Laurent Couson Beautiful piano and string orchestra with percs. Moving-forward, building, emotional, hopeful & positive. A must-have for commercials and corporate films. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR229 Urban Millennium Christopher Cardena, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A wide array of early 2000's Hip Hop and Urban pop gems. All feel good, uplift vibes.
TRUE STORIES TRU159 Retro Funk Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney, Harbans Srih,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney Funky horns, hammond organ and wah-wah guitars: live grooves with a retro funk band
VOLTA MUSIC VM069 Epic Wonders Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Inspiring and epic orchestral hybrid trailers. Hopeful and awe-inspiring cues for epic sports, heroic adventures and panoramic nature programming.
AUDIO WAX WAX021 Beat It Up Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry,Will Saulsky,Jintae Ko,Gilde Flores,Brett Engel Beat driven and percussive tracks that blend Hip Hop, Rock, and Future Bass to create driving and exciting energy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP002 Forward Syncing Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton,Finn McNicholas,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Calling all advertisers. New car to sell? Next gen energy drink? The latest tech? These Driving, futuristic tracks will help you upsell, every time.
CUES4U.COM C4U304 Full Throttle Punk Alex Charles Veale, Jack Patrick Taylor,Alex Charles Veale, Jack Patrick Taylor, Nicholas Paul Wilton A stunning collection of fast and furious, edgy and energetic modern Punk Rock cues composed by renowned British rocker Alex Veale, perfect for sports, action, drama, factual productions and reality TV.
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1306 German Schlager 3 Lutz Korndörfer,Florian Brückel,Caroline Von Brünken, Michael Kunzi,Jasmin Asedyar, Lutz Korndörfer,Lia Mariella, Linda Fäh, Peter Jay Jordan,Lia Mariella, Paul Falk,Lukas Hauck, Roman Andor Krotil, Victoria Densing,Elin Bell, Florian Luig, Laura Kloos, L 20 german schlager songs with various styles featuring full vocal and instrumental versions - from electro schlager to pop and retro schlager.
BTV / PITCH BTV279 Shimmering Guitars Matthew James Parker, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Thomas Richard Balmforth Carefully crafted, guitar focussed atmosphere drones for documentaries, nature and future thinking tech.
BTV / PITCH BTV280 Regal Strings Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor Grand and majestic string sections with a noble, royal essence influenced by Baroque and Romantic classical movements. For history, antiques, architecture and nature.
BTV / PITCH BTV281 General Minimal Folk Matthew James Parker, Sam Taylor A bright collection of light, positive acoustic-folk tracks with acoustic guitars, ukuleles, glockenspiel and soft drums.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE006 Inspiring African Voices Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan,Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan, Lungile Jacobs,Bruce Muirhead, Grant McLahlan, Jaco Maria A beautiful selection of lush African vocal orientated tracks with positive, uplifting, warm and inspiring moods. Energy levels are gentle right through to fast tempo and high energy.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE016 Big Screen Africa - Spirit of the Land Nic Paton,Dizu Plaatjies, Gideon Murray, Nic Paton,Nic Paton, Ronan Skillen A heart-stirring, rousing and richly cinematic collection of African infused orchestral tracks expertly created for the big screen. It's epic, majestic, grand and emotive and perfect for films, doccies, wildlife, advertising, corporate productions, NGO's
VALO ARTISTS VALO_234 Callie Hopper Gabriel Candiani, Callie Morgan Hopper Singer-songwriter Callie Hopper intertwines folk and a nuanced country twang with her tender, lighthearted indie style on this heartfelt and frolicking acoustic sparkler.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_257 Matt Murphy - Heroes On The Street Matthew S Orr Matt Murphy captures and inspires with an upbeat and lively mix of Indie, Pop, and Electronic tracks to lift you up.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_264 Accent Chanceller F Clift, James Curran, Jay Warren Trap beats and atmospheric synths underscore Accent's downtempo rap style, ranging from dark and hypnotic to celebratory and feel-good.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_266 Kenny Olson Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth John III Olson,Gabriel Candi Detroit guitarist Kenny Olson brings his rugged and energetic rock chops to the world of rap, merging heavy, distorted rock riffs with lively hip hop beats, classic rock drums and an aggressive, frenetic flow.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_267 Ray Blunt - Traveler Marcus Bently,Ray Blunt Roots-rock artist Ray Blunt expresses the freedom of the open road with his americana and outdoorsy style. Untroubled guitars support heartfelt, carefree vocals with feel-good folk ambitions.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_285 David And The Funky Band Gabriel Candiani, David Leon Bedell, Christopher Vaughn The Funky Band's ode to retro funk, replete with 70s keyboards, dynamic bass licks and high-energy group refrains, delivers the animated, syncopated Feel Goods as only funk can.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_310 GRLS Rule - Upbeat Female Pop Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Steve Newman Sass and swagger infuse these fresh, flirty pop gems with youthful, no-nonsense GRL vocals, 'happy to be me' lyrics and irresistable contemporary pop grooves to move by.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_314 Daydreaming - Chill R&B Vibes MICHEL, Norbert Bueno,MICHEL, Norbert Bueno, Talon Brooks Cardon Summer time shines in these soulful, laidback, contemporary R&B love songs though lyrics hint at showers to come with angsty, yearning male and female vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_322 Ice Hotel 3 - Solid As a Ghost Michael Jay McClellan Ice Hotel returns with its classic youthful angst wrapped in a nostalgic 80s and 90s shimmer. Featuring charismatic male vocals and optimistic sentiments about love and life, Solid as a Ghost's brand of alt rock leaves a wistful yearning for simpler times
VALO ARTISTS VALO_325 Take You In It Matthew S Orr, Ryan C Herma Pop-rocker-meets-singer-songwriter in these earnest, shimmering odes to love featuring steady indie rock rhythms, angsty, charismatic male vocals, crystalline synth textures and memorable power hooks.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1030 Light Orchestral Inspiration Richard Dennis Stanley Collins,Tony Lewis,Brian Michael Fuller,Aarne Andersson, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Beautiful, building orchestral inspiration without the bombast. The perfect amount of lift for promos and documentaries.
SOUND BREAKERS SB100 Inspirational Pop Vol. 8 Andrew Joseph Carpenter, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Mark Richmond Phillips,Christian James Walker, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Paul Andrew Pacey, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Volume 8 of our uplifting, energetic, inspirational Pop tracks. All positive.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR225 Rev It Up Rock Keith LuBrant, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson High powered, motivational, victorious rock jams. Guitar shredding abound!
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR226 Electrocuted Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A range of high energy electro for reality TV, fashion, entertainment news and sports
SCORE ADDICTION SDN048 On Soaring Wings Aniruddh Immaneni Ashok,Jonathan Daglish, Jordan Rees,Jordan Rees, Samuel Griffiths Orchestral family adventure themes for epic journeys, delicate moments of discovery and triumphantly overcoming adversity along the way.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR227 Trap City Kenneth Akridge, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson An album filled with anthemic, driving and victorious Trap beats. Tailor-made for sports and drama.
AUDIO WAX WAX020 Motivational 2 Boris Nonte,Andrew Joseph Carpenter, Mark Richmond Phillips,Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry,William James McAuley III,Hannah Keefe,Will Saulsky,Theodore Reade Aronson Uplifting and inspirational pop and alt. pop instrumental tracks that are sure to get you motivated.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR228 Playful Wonders Jacob Paul Turner, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Bright, cheerful and inspiring pop compositions for film, TV and the ad world.
BRUTON BR729 Percussion Live James Christopher Bragg, Jon Buster Cottam, Preston Brian Gilhooly Prince, Samuel William John Walker Scorching solo percussion and dynamic drums in a variety of styles. From rolling jazz, to carnival latin rhythms, all recorded live.
BTV / PITCH BTV276 Modern Minimal Documentary Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor Innovative and future-thinking with a timeless feel. Intimate piano documentary scores above light, electronic beats.
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM067 Positive Indie Folk Richie Aikman, Carter William Positive indie folk underscores for reality TV, documentaries & advertising, featuring warm, homely acoustic guitar, calm piano, upbeat light percussion & uplifting vocal textures.
BTV / PITCH BTV277 Warm Orchestral Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor,Bob Bradley, Matthew Sanchez,Bob Bradley, Christopher Shaun Wonfor,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Bob Bradley, Thomas Richard Balmforth A beautiful collection of heartwarming orchestral tracks that evoke feelings of warmth, optimism and nostalgia. Perfect for nature documentaries, romance and emotive advertising.
ICON TRAILER MUSIC ICON044 Awake Aaron Albert Srdoc,Gareth David Coker,Zachary Scott Lemmon,David Bertok,Jose Tomas Novoa Espinosa, Sebastian Felipe Olivares de Simone,Frederik Wiedmann,Ariel Mann,Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Gemma Hyesu Wiedmann Positive, pattern-based tracks that build momentum in a variety of uplifting and inspirational styles, from orchestral to electronic, pop, and indie.
BTV / PITCH BTV278 Sweeping Orchestral 2 Bob Bradley, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Bob Bradley, Christopher Shaun Wonfor,Bob Bradley, Matthew Sanchez,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Sam Taylor,Bob Bradley, Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Matthew Sanchez A vast sense of wonder with panoramic strings and large scale orchestras. Powerful tracks for aerial nature, travel and wildlife.
MATCH MUSIC MAT300 Uplifting Pop Anders Gunnar Kampe, Henrik Lars Wikstrom, Niklas Rolf Edberger An inspiring collection of positive pop with heartfelt male and female vocals. Whether it’s matters of the heart, the need to heal or for someone to be supportive, these songs are sure to lift you up.
ENERGY MUSIC EN030 DÉJÀ VU - Cyclical Motions Phillip John Gregory,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey An elegant, minimal and subtly repetitive collection of compositions. Ideal narratives for a wide range of human stories and documentaries.
NOISE REFINERY NRF040 Simple Moods Mauricio Yazigi, Peter Neff Contemporary Organic Instrumentals
GUM TAPES GTP230 Digital Age Vol. 6 Charles Caste-Ballereau,Roberto Rodriguez De La Fuente,David Di Pietro,Camille Ballon,Benjamin Kaniewski, Frederik Tao Nordso Schjoldan,Antoine Heid,Laurent Cuenca,Benjamin Kaniewski,Steven Viennot A timeless selection of elegant and dynamic electronic tracks.
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1028 Breakthrough Trailers Lukas Knoebl,Bartosch Mccarthy,Christian Schlumpf,Aarne Andersson, Leo Lang, Sebastian Vogel Subdued openings building to glorious climaxes. Trailer cues to overcome any challenge.
GUM TAPES GTP231 Believe Ervin Trofimov,Romain Laupy,Frédéric Parcabe,Laurent Cuenca,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Guillaume Barraud Believe in your dreams, believe in you and find the strength to build your future with this dynamic selection of hopeful and motivational tracks.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2989 Motivational Builders Joseph Edward Devenney,Nate Morgan,Adam Hanson,David Benjamin Louis Koor, Matthew Nicholson This collection of inspirational and uplifting electronic pop themes is just what's need to push that boulder up the hill of success and victory.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX136 The Big Riff Paul Werner A collection of heavy, riff-based guitar tracks. From bone-crushing power anthems to moody and atmospheric soundscapes. Perfect for sport, advertising, high achievers, strong women and men, urban heroes and flaming passion - with strong builds and great e
GARELIE GAL233 Classic Soul Kania Allard, Pierre Terrasse,Pierre Terrasse Tribute to the Classic 60s Soul and Motown. A feelgood, bouncy, warm & romantic selection. Featuring male and female vocals, backing vocals, brass & rhythm section, useful instrumental melody alternative versions. Vintage mix. Stems available in 'Refine t
GOTHAM MUSIC GM240 Emotional Rollercoaster Emanuel Kallins, Steve Skinner This album contains multiple feelings which includes sad and fearful, happy and uplifting emotions, an emotional scoring tool
GUM TAPES GTP224 Modern Fantasy Vol. 2 Max H,Sebastien Baret, Sebastien Billy,Achille Richard,Joël Abelard,Maxime Lebidois,Ismael De Saint Leger,Alice De France, Ambroise Dehais,Romain Paillot,Robin Strauss,Cyril Orcel,Jonathan Raynal,Guillaume Coantic Look at the other side of the mirror and experience wonder or fear with this unreal album mixing orchestra and electronics.
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST021 Anthemic Indie James Christopher Bragg, Jon Buster Cottam, Anthony Donje, Samuel William John Walker, Daniel Marcus Clark, Michael Simmonds,James Christopher Bragg, Jon Buster Cottam, Anthony Donje, Samuel William John Walker, Daniel Marcus Clark The award-winning UK indie band, The Adventurists, bring their unique brand of hopeful angst to this nostalgic collection of dreamy alternative songs featuring charismatic male vocals, piano, strings and rock drums evocative of 80s neo-psychedelia and the
GUM TAPES GTP226 Go with the Flow Eric Milliard, Jason Levine, Michael Ghegan,Eric Milliard, Jason Levine,Eric Milliard, Frédéric Radix, Jason Levine,Brandon Evans, Eric Milliard, Jason Levine,Eric Milliard, Jason Levine, Malo Mazurie Desgarennes It's just peace, love, unity and having fun! Forget about your worries with this cheerful and upbeat old school hip hop album led by positive male and female vocals on acoustic arrangements.
CHRONIC TRAX KTCM152 Rise and Grind 2 Alexander Hitchens Dramatic and thrilling orchestral hip-hop cues. Perfect for sports, gaming and reality television. Composed by GRAMMY and EMMY award winning composer Alexander Hitchens.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM116 Synthwave Vernon Waller,David Alexander,Tom Watt,Finlay Geraghty Ride the synthwave this summer! Euphoric & epic synth pop for the big moments...
SARAO MUSIC SA105 Really Motivational 3 Raul del Moral Redondo,Stephen Daniel Lemaire Bold, adventurous and motivational with orchestral and neo-classical elements that create uplifting moods.
BTV / PITCH BTV275 Panoramic Orchestral 3 Bob Bradley, Christopher Shaun Wonfor,Bob Bradley, Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Matthew Sanchez,Bob Bradley, Thomas Richard Balmforth,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Bob Bradley, Matthew Sanchez, Nick McEnally,Bob Bradley, Steve Dymond,Christopher Shaun Wonfor, Beautifully uplifting orchestral tracks with graceful strings and triumphant themes. For nature, aerial landscapes, documentaries and period dramas.
TONAL CHAOS TCT027 Invincible (Motivational & Heroic) Henning Hansen,Jonathan Altenmuller,Adrian Nicholas Valdez,Adrian Nicholas Valdez, Harrison King,Andrija Lazarevic,Wan Ying Chan,Amadeo Lopez,Manuel Federici,Giscard Rasquin,Armi Päivinen,Grant Borland There will be obstacles. You may feel defeated. If you never give up...you will be INVINCIBLE. Heroically heart-pounding and full of awe-inspiring resilience, this power-packed collection of 17 dynamic tracks compel an overwhelming feeling of strength an
GROOVE ADDICTS GA074 Inspire - Contemporary R&B Chris B Harris, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Brianne Charne Bryant,Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris, Jon Bryant,Jon Bryant, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris,Chris B Harris, Daniel Kenneth Solovitz,Daniel Kenneth Solovitz, Chris B Harris, Brianne Soulful male and female vocals empower these motivational anthems with grace and undeniable glory. Fusing hip-hop with classic and contemporary R&B tropes, this collection instills courage, confidence and the all-in commitment it takes to be a true winner
STORYTELLER STORY003 A Better Tomorrow Benjamin Krause,Benjamin Krause, Dimitris Mann,Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno,Joel Goodman,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt, Joel Goodman Uplifting and motivational cues to overcome any obstacle and achieve any dream.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE193 NEOCLASSICAL SKETCHES Koshi Kamada Simple vignettes with light orchestration for strings, piano and woodwinds. Artistic, sophisticated, animated and beautiful.
SONIC QUIVER SQ142 Positive Simplicity Jay Price Warm, positive and uplifting cues that are picture-perfect for advertising and the corporate world.
ENERGY MUSIC EN024 BRIGHT & BREEZY – Upbeat Indie Promos Brian Colin Burrows,Phillip John Gregory,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Timothy David Bradshaw,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Roo Pigott, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey, Timothy David Bradshaw,Guy Edwin Charles Rigby A youthful, uplifting, spirited and positive collection of songs with hopeful, upbeat and motivational messages. Simple bouncing, strutting drums and rhythms, melodic acoustic and electric guitars, playful bells and pianos. Immensely melodic and meaningfu
GUM TAPES GTP215 Young and Free Jean-Philippe Serres, Romain Paillot,Alain Ekpob, Frédéric Parcabe Energetic, fearless and positive! Fresh and uplifting selection of electro pop tracks led by emotional guitars and determined drums.
ENERGY MUSIC EN025 UPLIFTED – Electronic Euphoria Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Upbeat, pumping, energy filled contemporary EDM Floor fillers. A wide-ranging compilation of club styles from drum and bass and house right through to tech and future house. All with a positive, motivational and inspirational feel. Ideal for sports, enter
GUM TAPES GTP221 Forever Young Laurent Cicala,Benjamin Farley, Manuel Armstrong,Cedryck Santens,Benjamin Kaniewski,Julien Agazar, Manuel Armstrong,Manuel Armstrong,Benjamin Kaniewski, Lasse Tang Boman,Paul Tyan,Jean-Michel Zanetti, Nicolas Place, Yannick Berger,Benjamin Kaniewski, Fred A super catchy and dynamic collection of positive rock tracks!
ENERGY MUSIC EN026 GRAVITY - The Infinite Universe Brian Colin Burrows,Barry Whittaker-Gilbey,Phillip John Gregory Epic orchestral and analogue synth compositions for cosmic interplanetary documentary, big science and epic cinematic sci-fi scenarios.
IN REALITY IRL048 Positive Beats & Underscores 2 Andrew Joseph Carpenter, Mark Richmond Phillips,Max Cameron Concors,Jamal Steven Pilgrim,Nate Dodge Positive and uplifting pop and urban pop inspired underscores.
EVO EVO336E Anthems of Hope David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Inspiring and motivating scores with themes of empowerment, hope, optimism and triumph.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2541 Light and Joyful 2 Eric Chevalier Graceful, delicate and light anthemic orchestral wonders with piano melodies.
FOCUS FCD441 Electropop Delights Nicholas Chuan Mann Tsang,Henry Parsley,Harry Matthew Tarlton, Mo Brandis,Stephen William Cornish,Oliver Wilde, Philip Peter Dudley Panton, Tom Barnes Delightfully uplifting, warm & playful, electronic-indie-rock-pop.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2542 60s Sunshine Pop Barton Hartshorn, Lexie Kendrick, Philippe Uminski,Lexie Kendrick, Philippe Uminski,Philippe Uminski Panorama of the 60s cultural revolution: sunshine pop, psyche folk rock, acoustic English ballads, British Invasion. Male and female vocals, instrumental melodies alt versions. Tape recording and mastering. Vintage sound! Stems available in 'Refine this a
BIG SCREEN BSM037 Thrive Volume 1 - Prosperity Josh Wynter,David Hewson,Dave Oliman, Mike Reed,Andrew Joy,Lincoln Jaeger,Chris Elmslie, George Iezzi,Rob Manning,Ian Dolamore,Owain Llwyd,Susan Legg,Paddy Roberts Bright orchestral energy for a new era of success, achievement and prosperity. Innovative, motivational, joyful, accomplished, inspirational.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX134 Dreamscape Matthew Bishop, Tom Bishop,Luke Machin Ambient guitar tracks for Philosophy, Art, Science and Nature. Deep thoughts, big ideas, strong emotions, strange concepts and multiple realities. To download and import the FLEXiTRACK version of a track, select it and click on the STEMS button.
NETWORK MUSIC NM354 Four Wheel Drive: Lifted Runman Upbeat, motivational rock mixed with elements of trap. Perfect for outdoor, automotive, and sports promos.
FRESHWORX FRX045 Dream Big Indie Epics Amon Turner, Eben Stone, Harvey Halensberg,Harvey Halensberg, Jonny Weevil,Harvey Halensberg, Joshua Cliff,Ali Chee, Harvey Halensberg,Harvey Halensberg, Kev Ward Inspire Ignite Unite - Sky-high indie anthems build dreams, drive destinies and send hearts soaring.
NOVA NOVA138 Chilled Indie Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd Feel-good Indie Pop with jangly guitars and hooky toplines.
GARELIE GAL228 Galerie for TV - Glamour and Luxury 2 Josselin Bordat,Le Fat Club The second volume of Glamour & Luxury on Galerie for TV. Stylish electronic tracks for fashion, beauty and luxury.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR219 Funk Pop Olivier Bibeau, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson High flying positivity comes shining through on these electro funk pop instrumentals.
BRUTON BR727 Long Build Dance Pop Thomas Jack Foley,William Baxter Noon,Bjorn Nilsson,Harry T Croxford,Paul Emanuel Bright, uplifting, positive dance pop with long building intros to give a sense of anticipation before the chorus. Features female vocal hooks.
GOTHAM MUSIC GM239 Building Chieli Minucci, Emanuel Kallins All the songs start very subtle, then gradually build with a positive climax in a variety of styles.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR223 Positively Indie Keith LuBrant, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A solid selection of indie and alt rock with positive, uplifting, energy filled themes but ranging in mood from playful and light to heavy hitting and driving. Recorded live in studio with special guest drummer Adam Hamilton (Brian Jonestown Massacre, L.A
BTV / PITCH BTV267 Anthemic Indie Ben Whynes, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Harrison Stanford, Sam Taylor,Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond,Matthew James Parker, Matthew Sanchez, Sam Taylor,Sam Taylor, Steve Dymond Uplifting indie rock with driving energy and motivational melodies. These inspiring tracks are great for entertainment, sports, promos, adventure/travel and more.
GUM TAPES GTP212 Devil's Highway Laurent Guillet, Victor Paillet Step on the gas with this burning heavy rock album! Wild electric guitar solos and riffs on angry drums. Only for the bold ones!
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