ジャンル「オペラ」アルバム検索結果141件 (1/2ページ) ALBUMTRACK
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE200 SCORE AT THE OPERA Charles Gounod, Nicola Kirsch,Giuseppe Verdi, Nicola Kirsch,Georges Bizet, Nicola Kirsch,Wolfgang Mozart, Nicola Kirsch,Gioacchino Rossini, Nicola Kirsch,Vincenzo Bellini, Nicola Kirsch,Antonin Dvorak, Nicola Kirsch,Gaetano Donizetti, Nicola Kirsch,Giacom A collection of some of the most popular arias featuring a live symphony orchestra and the voice of Nicola Kirsch. Full versions, orchestra-only versions, with edits and some instrumental beds.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL199 Classical Miscellany Verdi, Arr Alan Parker,Rossini, Arr Andy Brown,Mendelssohn, Arr Deborah Mollison,James Brett,Charlie Morgan, Sebastian Van Dam,Keith Bessey, Paul Moessl,Rachel Portman,Nicholas Walker,Deborah Mollison,Gareth Williams, Ed Dunne,Morgan Visconti,Mark Sayer-W Classical, operatic, contemporary and hybrid styles including arrangements of Verdi, Rossini & Mendelssohn.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC98 Explain It Playfully Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich,Johan van der Voet,Queens Road,Florian Scholz,Sascha Blank,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Findus Englbrecht,Ulf Kneiding,Christoph Schade,Markus Segsc Light, smart and playfully narrative background music for explanatory films, science programs, operating instructions, industrial films and other entertaining and informative formats.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA137 Sunset Bliss Abel Almonte, Gabriel Candiani This varied collection of grooving instrumentals touches on all things breezy and sunny and swings from latin-infused jazz to blues-tinged electro-rock.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_274 Adassa - Cumbiaton Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani These hip-shaking Latin-infused dance tracks from Adassa are guaranteed to get you up and groovin' with breezy Columbian rhythms fueled by sassy Latin vocals showcasing an undeniable sultry swagger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_318 NO12U Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani Big and bold, these cinematic power ballads feature dramatic, anthemic choruses and battle-ready arrangements, all lifted to epic, mythical heights with a dramatic, emotionally fierce female lead that cuts through the fog like the masthead of an undaunted
3 MONKEYS 3M017 Dramedy Deluxe Anders Paul Niska,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska Classic dramedy tracks divided into three sections: Fun & Fast, Sneaking & Peeping and Exotic & Quirky. Bassoons, clarinets, and saxophones in the lead with big band and orchestras in the back. Comical to serious, slow to fast and vintage to modern. Perfe
POPCORN MUSIC LTD POPC023 Shadow Operative Daniel Paul Adcock,Darren Guy Mudge,Alexander Okunev,Robert James Aitken,Mariano Roberto Iannone,Neil Robert Dube,Michael Ellegren, Jean Cardigan,Richard James Neale,Rory Carlile,Jure Jerebic, Timothy Williams Brooding, ominous, atmospheric and dramatic hybrid tracks for action and thriller promos and trailers. There’s no escape from …. The Shadow Operative.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM115 Hopeful Stories Paul Honey Uplifting, positive & human… A collection of contemporary & optimistic orchestrals.
INTERVOX IVOX80482 Empires Viktor Petrov,Florian Philipp Mueller,Robert Simon Thoma,Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock,Edgar Munchkin,David Berges,Jon Hansson,Thomas Reil,Ivan Bertolla,Andie Heyer, Joy Brandstaetter,Amir Baghiri,Christoph Schade,Skydiva,Patrick Puszko,Timothy Whitelaw,Chris G Constantly driving dramatic orchestra scores for history shows full of power plays, intrigues, political ambitions, imperialism and fatalism from medieval battlefields to today’s high tech military operations.
AUDIO ATTACK PRODUCTION MUSIC AAPM001 Neo - Modern Classical Cello Themes Deryn Leigh Cullen Intimate, emotional cello pieces with mysterious, melancholic and suspicious themes.
GROOVE ADDICTS GA080 Closer Than Lovers - Dimiter Dimiter Yordanov Intimate and raw, these elegantly simple indie folk ballads from Dimiter lay bare fragile emotions that cling to hope and better days. Minimal arrangements of piano, guitar, synths and female backing vocals keep these tracks delicate and bittersweet.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA109 The Dragon Hadassa Candiani, Gabriel Candiani This collection of dramatic, dynamic modern orchestral score includes subtle world nuances, virtuosic piano and string passages, edgy efx, contemporary percussion and smoldering themes conjuring stories of passion, loss and love.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA120 Cholombiano Gabriel Candiani From the streets of Monterrey, Mexico, this collection of passionate, playful Cumbians features steamy accordion, energetic guitars and animated Latin percussion compliments of live players who make these Cholombiano gems ring true.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS076 The Tenors Traditional, Arr. Reynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva The Tenors
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS077 The Sopranos Traditional, Arr. Bashiri, Hasenohrl,Traditional, Arr. Reynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva The Sopranos
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS092 The Sopranos Vol. 2 Ossi Bashiri, Hasenohrl Operatic songs and arias
EMH CLASSICAL MUSIC LIBRARY EMHCML021 Cello Works Volume 1 - Bach Solo Suite #1 Johann Sebastian Bach, Arr. Edwin Merrell Hinckley This release features a spirited, inspired cello performance by Michal Kanka of the well-known Bach Cello Suite No. 1 as well as the Prelude from Bach's 2nd Cello Suite.
EMH CLASSICAL MUSIC LIBRARY EMHCML022 Cello Works Volume 2 - Bach Solo Suite #3 Johann Sebastian Bach, Arr. Edwin Merrell Hinckley Michal Kanka provides a bold, passionate interpretation of Bach's 3rd Cello Suite in this release, with the rich, resonant tone of the cello in full display throughout.
CUES4U.COM C4U254 Classical Nursery Rhymes Traditional, Arr. Matthew Simon Knight,Johann Sebastian Bach, Traditional, Arr. Matthew Simon Knight A superb collection of well-known, traditional nursery rhymes performed by the renowned opera singer Lucy Knight and arrnged and orchestrated in a classical style by British composer, arranger and trombonist Matthew Knight.
ABACO MUSIC LIBRARY AB318 High Crimes & Ransom Notes Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Polkemusic, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Lucas August Mendes,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides, Polkemusic,Dom Howard, Phil Joannides,Phil Joannides, Jacqueline Yu,Dom Howard Featuring live vocals from a female opera singer and organic elements combined with electronic, this album encompasses trailer music, underscores and links between electronic & classical tonalities. Perfect for modern dramas and documentaries, with politi
ELBROAR ER1213 Organic Documentary 6 - Authentic Violin Louis Edlinger, Gustavo Strauss,Louis Edlinger, Gustavo Strauss, Tarek-Alexander Schmidt An exquisite collection of blissfully organic violin cues soundtracking moments of joy, wonder and acoustic enchantment.
CUES4U.COM C4U208 Leopold Stokowski Conducts Samson and Delilah Charles-Camille Saint-Saens, Arr. Geoffrey Simon A 1950's recording of highlights from the Opera 'Samson and Delilah' composed by Charles-Camille Saint-Saens and conducted by the renowned maestro Leopold Stokowski. The unique, vintage vinyl character of the recording is perfect for period dramas, arts
CUES4U.COM C4U210 Leopold Stokowski Conducts Boris Godunov Modest Mussorgsky, Arr. Geoffrey Simon A 1950's recording of highlights from the Opera 'Boris Godunov' composed by Modest Mussorgsky and conducted by the renowned maestro Leopold Stokowski. The unique, vintage vinyl character of the recording is perfect for period dramas, arts and historical
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH194 The Beethoven Years John W. Lenehan Beethoven compositions, arranged for piano, depicting important stages in the composer's development.
CUES4U.COM C4U142 Kazopera Georges Bizet arr. Bob Clifford,Guiseppe Verdi arr. Bob Clifford,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. Bob Clifford,Amilcare Ponchielli arr. Bob Clifford A witty collection of tongue-in-cheek, famous opera melodies performed on kazoo in a variety of light-hearted styles and moods arranged and performed by well-known British composer Bob Clifford.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM347 Consumer Affairs: Shady Operators Vince Webb, Christopher Whiter,Vince Webb, Raoul Neumann,Andy Simms,Alex Attwood,Wick Wild,Vince Webb Underscores for stories of dodgy dealers, lies and scammers for consumer affairs and documentary edits
ONE MUSIC OM251 Beat Opera Brian Flores, Jeremy Joseph Rodriguez, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Lamont Thomas, Jonathan Slott Minimal, simple beats, artistic, fresh and engaging hip hop in multiple settings and presented in editor friendly formats
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM240 Orchestral Epics Nik Haley Vast, sweeping Film Score arrangements produce enduring moments of power, beauty and hope.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM099 World At War Paul Honey A collection of dramatic orchestral pieces, invoking the history of World War 2. Tracks 1-6 Military operations & warfare. Tracks 7-11 Strategy & suspense. Tracks 12-16 Human stories & reflections.
ELBROAR ER1153 Romantic Comedy 2 Helge Borgarts, Thomas Stanger,Felix Hastrich, Helge Borgarts, Thomas Stanger A beautiful and elegantly crafted collection of romantic comedy cues in true Hollywood technicolor. Featuring expansive themes scored for full orchestra, piano ballads and magic fairytale waltzes, sparkling with elegance and rom-com bliss.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO225 Nostalgic Melodies Wynne Evans, Philip Jewson, Paul Cartledge,Paul Cartledge, Harry Ferri Bittersweet emotion, building, triumphant, operatic joy. Light, nostalgic, orchestral, flowing, lilting beauty. Heart-warming traditional songs in soft yet powerful arrangements.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHOA137 Opera And Operetta Ervin Litkei, Andrea Litkei,Miklos Gafni, Martin Kalmanoff,Martin Kalmanoff The pride and the passion of remarkable tenor Miklos Gafni singing with the Vienna Operetta and Hungarian Philharmonic in tandem with the glorious soprano Lynn Owen
LIFTMUSIC LIFT168 Trailer Park 6 Kjetil Rostad,Mitch Gardner,Stefan Kristinkov 22 modern trailer tracks. Epic struggles & triumphant endings, covert operations & techno warfare, truth seekers, chip tune thrillers, ominous battle marches & emotive orchestral themes
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1078 Pizzicato Deluxe 2 Luc Pisco Pizzicato: A unique playing technique that involves plucking the violin strings with the fingers. An extremely intimate sound emerges, radiating innocence, hope and wonder. Music for the smallest things on earth, or maybe the greatest. Performed with time
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA058 Industrial Edge Hadassa Candiani, Gabriel Candiani Sinister underscores unravel mysteriously, pulling from the mists of dark ominous cinematic territories, with hybrid orchestral stabs, and otherworldly sound designs that take you on a haunting trip to THE UNKNOWN.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA060 Pensive Corban Shane Calhoun, Gabriel Candiani Elegant Cinematic beds that mystify with enchanting grace as moving strings, inspiring piano, and triumphant orchestral touches amaze and leave you PENSIVE.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA061 Misterio Urbano Hadassa Candiani, Gabriel Candiani Immerse yourself in this dark abyss of Urban/Reggaeton Cinematic themes that will overwhelm with sinister sfx, mysterious piano, eerie strings, and hard hitting drums that form the fabric of your nightmares!
ELBROAR ER1113 Operation Liberland - A Documentary Sebastian Pecznik Extraordinary, jazzy arthouse scores of intoxicating beauty. An ethnic mash-up of small chamber orchestra, woodwinds, jazz improvisation, balkan brass, and virtuoso flamenco guitars. Atmospheric, melodramatic and descriptive with high emotional impact.
Flexitracks FLEX108 Hypnotic Tension Marten Andrew Joustra, Andy Blythe Power Struggles, Mind Games and Covert Operations. To access the FLEXiTRACKS components of tracks on this album, click ' Refine this album in search '
ELBROAR ER1100 Romantic Comedy Felix Magnus Grossmann A beautiful & quirky collection of romantic comedy cues in true Hollywood technicolor Featuring illustrious orchestral themes, romantic pop ballads and sneaky dramedy tracks, sparkling with elegance and class
ELBROAR ER1102 Carefree Colors Ross Andrew McLean Bright, charming and irresistibly catchy acoustic indie-pop full of whistling, female doo-wop vocals, glockenspiels, ukuleles and merriment Cute and colorful, warm and wonderful
ENTERPRISES SONOR ESO185 From Dawn Till Dusk Michael Beckmann,Michael Beckmann,Vit Polak Instrumental tracks for every occasion from the morning till midnight, featuring the styles of pop, rock and funk
COLOR TV CTV1100 Love, Romance & Broken Hearts 2 Florian Leissle,Ernest Ribka,George Chrichton,Sven Hoff,Ernest Ribka,Peter Spielberg,Ernest Ribka,Mofro,Ernest Ribka,Benedikt Dorn,Ernest Ribka,Conrad Bekk,Ernest Ribka,Joe Dachtler,Joe Dachtler,Curt Cress,Sebastian Carr,Mofro,George Chrichton,Josef Kranz A heartfelt collection of romantic themes, sentimental ballads and sweet nostalgia
COLOR TV CTV1098 Love, Romance & Broken Hearts Ernest Ribka,Joe Dachtler,Florian Leissle,Ernest Ribka,Peter Spielberg,ErnestRibka,George Chrichton,Josef Kranz,Ernest Ribka,Mofro,ErnestRibka,EricVelasquez,Curt Cress,Chris Weller,Curt Cress,Benedikt Dorn,Ernest Ribka,Benedikt Dorn,Ernest Ribka,Conrad Be A heartfelt collection of romantic themes, sentimental ballads and sweet nostalgia
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM269 Medical Drama Michael Holt,Austin Davey,Richard Chorzelski The drama and tension of the operating theatre and waiting room
ELBROAR ER1089 Shades Of Beauty Dominique Ehrenbaum A tender & noble vision of delicate beauty Heartwarming piano & strings establishing a scene of bucolic bliss
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS309 Contemplative Cinematic Piano Themes Or Chausha,Or Kribos,Amit Weiner An exquisitely simplistic marriage of piano and violin vignettes that evoke the most intimate emotions of the human experience
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0023 Vocal Atmospheres Catch Harrington,Jed Jay Joseph,Catch Harrington,Ea Akilat,Catch Harrington,Jonathan David Wildey,Jamie Wilder,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Ryan Noble Cinematic electronica with vocal textures, from operatic and choral to ambient and ethereal
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0023 Vocal Atmospheres Catch Harrington, Jed Jay Joseph,Catch Harrington,Ea Akilat,Jonathan David Wildey, Catch Harrington,Jamie Wilder,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Ryan Noble Cinematic electronica with vocal textures, from operatic and choral to ambient and ethereal
ELBROAR ER1083 Changes Johannes Huppertz Changes - filmic musical progressions - journeys through atmospheres and styles, going through a variety of moods, ever-changing, developing, turning into something completely new
SARAO MUSIC SA072 Excellence Future Helios Peñalver Fontanals,David Palet Vicente,Helios Peñalver Fontanals,David Palet Vicente Laidback and groovy, featuring Trap, Futurebass and Trip Hop elements mixed with neo-classical and opera elements that create a refined, luxurious mood
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS299 Pursuit 3 Gabriel Candiani,Hiram Patrick Hernandez II,Gabriel Candiani,Gabriel Candiani,Christopher Julian Vaughn Danger is eminent! While electric guitars bombard, terror follows at each turn, as a barrage of orchestral and hybrid effects, thunderous percussion, and aggressive brass, collide in this neurological thriller with an epic, triumphant twist!
NIGHTINGALE MUSIC NVS112 We Are Legendary - Crushing Anthemic Rap-Rock John August Pregler,Benjamin Patrick Burbary,Bernard James Perry,Shannon Martin Riley,John August Pregler,Bernard James Perry,Jesse Allen Williams,John August Pregler,Bernard James Perry,Benjamin Patrick Burbary,Shannon Martin Riley,Jesse Allen Williams,J Powerful, anthemic Rap Rock songs with driving electric guitars, hard-hitting percussion and empowering lyrics delivered with strength and conviction Each song features male Rap and Rock vocals Additional versions include: Instrumentals with guitar leads,
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1056 Plug In Organic Joscha Arnold Quietly cooking indietronica jazz riffs, fusing with charismatic woodwinds - warm, rich-sounding, full of urban poetry This is Joscha Arnold's sound habitat, playfully blending his jazz roots with electronic arrangements
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL52 Opera | Famous Arias & Duets Giuseppe Verdi arrThomas Hewitt Jones,Georges Bizet arrSamuel Pegg,Gioachino Rossini arrThomas Hewitt Jones,Giuseppe Verdi arrSamuel Pegg,Jacques Offenbach arrThomas Hewitt Jones,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrThomas Hewitt Jones,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrSa Opera's most famous songs and melodies, complete with alternate non-vocal leads and instumentals Played by a full orchestra and more and some of the UK's most exciting operatic and choral vocal talent
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH133 Choral Soundscapes Bill Connor,Richard Allen Harvey Vivid, emotional sound pictures scored for choir and orchestra and a cappella choirs
ELBROAR ER1050 Kids Of The World Ingo Hassenstein Jolly whistling tunes, sun-filled acoustic goodness, a collection of catchy & positive feelgood tracks for kidz of a global world This album oozes colorful happiness
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1050 Pizzicato Deluxe Luc Pisco The art of pizzicato: A unique playing technique that involves plucking the violin strings with the fingers An extremely intimate sound emerges, radiating innocence, hope and wonder Music for the smallest things on earth, or maybe the greatest Performed w
ELBROAR ER1016 Decent Illustration Ralf Goebel,Axel Coon Atmospheric indie-pop guitars & electronica, serene, transcendental, positive, in a timeless setting Calmly illustrating, artfully at peace with the universe
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1038 Massive Arts - Martin Daske - Dust Pictures Lars Kurz,Martin Daske Martin Daske, experimental composer in a pork pie hat, sound designer and decorated author of manyfold radio artwork creates a refined and subtle sound that fluctuates from sombre presentiment to resigned acceptance and back again Realistically grim with
ZERO TO SIXTY ZTS032 Tricked Out Hybrids Kat Green,Billy Lincoln,Henry Gorman,Kat Green,Billy Lincoln,Richard Harris,Kat Green,Billy Lincoln,Kat Green,Billy Lincoln,Matlock What happens when you combine unusual instrumentation with usual music genres? Add in ample hits and edit breaks? Thrown in some nasty and noise? You get some tricked out hybrids!
TELE MUSIC TM3077 Operation Hypnosis Marc Chantereau,Pierre-Alain Dahan A versatile collection of electronic underscores providing a wide range of moods
LIFTMUSIC LIFT126 Trailer Park 2 Lincoln Jaeger,Ron Verboom,Lee Baker,Victoria Beits,Michael Tauben,Michael Farmer,Pilar Martinez Sanchez,Mark Sinclair,Elizabeth Levine,John Etkin-Bell,Joss Peach,Michael Simmonds,Samuel Toernqvist 38 killer trailer tracks Haunting operatic life stories, explosive futuristic tech, hard hitting heavy metal action, epic orchestral journeys, menacing dystopian thrillers & dramatic gothic fantasies
MINDS AND MUSIC MAM026 Lattes & Laptops Timothy Ian Geraghty,Rupert Christopher Embleton-Smith,Vincent Blauberg,Tony Delmonte,Matt Prior,Timothy Ian Geraghty Album Theme: Computer Science Listen to Operating Systems and Control Panels, Unlimited Possibilities and Personal Profiles
MASSIVE BASS MASSIVE1028 Massive Arts - Prepared Chamber Music by Ulrich Lars Kurz,Ulrich Bassenge Composer,author Ulrich Bassenge, is a jack of many trades: from film scores to playing contrabass in pioneering world music collective Embryo to avant-garde acoustic art to writing and producing internationally decorated radio drama Here he explores chamb
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO161 Welsh Choir James James,Evan James arrJean Manasse,Trad arrJean Manasse,Trad arrLee Jacobs,Trad arrAlwyn Humphreys,Ellis Williams,Dyfed Lewis arrAlwyn Humphreys,Joseph Parry arrJean Manasse,Rowland Prichard,Samuel Wesley arrAlwyn Humphreys,Trad arrEric Jones,Jacques National Music of Wales, the nostalgic Welsh Choir, Opera Classics and rousing Traditional Hymns and Songs
ENTERPRISES SONOR ESO166 Elgar, Rossini, Strauss, Smetana, Weber Sir Edward Elgar,Gioacchino Rossini,Bedrich Smetana,Carl Maria Von Weber,Johann Strauss Sohn Military, March, Drama, Tension, Emotional, Romantic, Target, Tension
ENTERPRISES SONOR ESO138 Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Koppehele Opera, Emotional, Happiness, Romantic, Orchestra
NIGHTINGALE MUSIC NIGHT127 Intrigue, Action & Espionage Steve Buick Crime Thriller action soundscapes - adventure, heroes, secret agents, bank heists and covert spy operations
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS058 Opera And Choral Hits Wagner arrReynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva,Handel arrReynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva,Schubert arrReynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva,Caccini arrReynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva,Delibes arrBashiri,Hasenohrl,Offenbach arrReynold Anselm Mathias D'Silva,Gounod arrReyno Classical, Orchestral, Symphony Orchestra, Opera, Ring Cycle, Valkyries, Vocal, Choir, Dramatic, Exciting, Stirring, Epic, Apocalypse Now
FOCUS CLASSICS FCLS32 Classical Greats 2 Giacomo Puccini arr.Keith Blainville,Georges Bizet arrBarry Francis,Antonon Dvorak arrBarry Francis,Christoph Gluck arrBarry Francis,Johann Bach arrBarry Francis,George Handel arrBarry Francis,Claude Debussy arrBarry Francis,Johann Strauss Sr arrBarry Fra A second collection of the world's most famous classical masterpieces, with precise commercial length edits
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC CLXY020 Opera Hits Luigi Denza arrBashiri,Hasenohrl,Luigi Denza arrBashiri,Giuseppe Verdi arrBashiri,Hasenohrl,Giuseppe Verdi arrBashiri,Georges Bizet arrBashiri,Jacques Offenbach arrBashiri,Hasenohrl,Jacques Offenbach arrBashiri,Leo Delibes arrBashiri,Georges Bizet arrBash Classical Music, Neapolitan Song, Comedy, Cheeky, Fun, Playful, Happy, Jolly, Italian, Libretto, Operatic, Animation, Orchestral, Party, Pasta, Uplifting, Well Known Tunes
FOCUS CLASSICS FCLS30 Italian Opera Giuseppe Verdi arrBarry Francis,Gioacchino Rossini arrBarry Francis,Giacomo Puccini arrBarry Francis,Alfredo Catalani arrBarry Francis,Vincenzo Bellini arrBarry Francis Stirring arias and interludes from famous Italian operas by Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Catalini and Bellini
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC1009 Puccini Love Duets Giacomo Puccini opera, arias
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC1100 Pearl Fisher's Duet Georges Bizet,Giacomo Puccini,Jules Massenet,Charles Gounod,Giacomo Meyerbeer,Giuseppe Verdi,Amilcare Ponchielli,Pietro Mascagni,Ruggero Leoncavallo,Francesco Paolo Tosti opera, arias
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC1125 The Art Of The Prima Donna -Highlights/J.Sutherl Thomas Arne,Georg Friedrich Haendel,Vincenzo Bellini,Gioachino Rossini,Charles Gounod,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Leo Delibes,Giacomo Meyerbeer opera, arias
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC1214 Greatest Opera Choruses Giuseppe Verdi,Giacomo Puccini,Pietro Mascagni,Ruggero Leoncavallo,Charles Gounod,Georges Bizet,Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky,Carl Orff,Ludwig Van Beethoven,Carl Maria Von Weber,Richard Wagner opera, arias
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC2016_1 The Singers Of The Century Richard Wagner,Ludwig Van Beethoven,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Friedrich Von Flotow,Charles Gounod,Bedrich Smetana,Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,Sergei Rachmaninov,Georg Friedrich Haendel,Gaetano Donizetti opera, arias
ALL MUSIC GALLERY ALC2016_2 The Singers Of The Century Gaetano Donizetti,Giuseppe Verdi,Amilcare Poncielli,Ruggero Leoncavallo,Giacomo Puccini opera, arias
LIFTMUSIC LIFT106 The Voice Works (Classical A Cappella) arrPaul Sandrone,arrJohn Etkin-Bell,Paul Austin Kelly,arrPaul Sandrone,Lindsey Oliver,arrJames Oxborrow An amazing collection of classical a cappella reimaginings Takes you from wondrous avant garde swing to kookie Gregorian inspired barbershop quartets & beautiful soaring opera
FOCUS CLASSICS FCLS34 Classical Romance Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky arrKeith Blainvill,Johannes Brahms arrKeith Blainville,Edvard Grieg arrKeith Blainville,Felix Mendelssohn arrKeith Blainville,Jacques Offenbach arrKeith Blainville,Max Bruch arrKeith Blainvill,Giuseppe Verdi arrKeith Blainville,Wo Famous classical pieces with gentle romance and the sweeping strings of love Includes operatic love songs from Mozart, Puccini and Verdi
FOCUS CLASSICS FCLS24 Opera Greats 2 Tchaikovsky arrBarry Francis,Rossini arrBarry Francis,Offenbach arrBarry Francis,Von Weber arrBarry Francis,Beethoven arrBarry Francis,Wagner arrBarry Francis,Verdi arrBarry Francis,Cherubini arrBarry Francis,Mussorgsky arrBarry Francis Opera masterpieces from the great composers: arias, chorus and duets
MASTERSOURCE MSTR63 Dance/House Elisa Furr,Jamie Dunlap,Scott Nickoley,Michael McGregor,Jamie Dunlap,Molly Pasutti,Scott Nickoley,Paul Taylor,Randi Soyland,Paul Taylor,Jamie Dunlap,Scott Nickoley,Stephen Lang Disco-laden House tracks from the 70s, contemporary Teen Queen Pop, and operatic Techno Danceathons round out this volume's respective Dance CD
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL28 Famous Overtures Berlioz,Delibes,Rossini,Brahms,Mozart,Auber Opera overtures performed by Symphony Orchestra
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL32 Opera Masterpieces II Verdi,Gluck,Mozart,Rossini,Wagner,Bizet Beautiful vocal and orchestral performances of well-known opera arias and overtures
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL9 Vocal : Operatic, Sacred & Chamber Giuseppe Verdi,Richard Wagner,Ludwig Van Beethoven,George Friedrich Handel,Hector Berlioz,Anton Bruckner,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Georges Bizet,Sances,Jacques Offenbach,Franz Von Suppe,Franz Schubert A collection of classical vocal music from throughout the ages
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL17 Orcestral : Suites Georges Bizet,Peter I Tchaikovsky Ballet Opera Suites from Bizet and Tchaikovsky
CAVENDISH CLASSICAL CACL27 Opera Masterpieces Verdi,Gounod,Mussorgsky,Bizet,Catalani,Ponchielli,Wagner,Weber An exceptional collection of famous arias and choruses with symphony orchestra
FOCUS FCD276 Italian Flavours John Denon,Peter Willmott,Joel Bevan,Al Lethbridge,Mike Sampey,Mick Parker,Pete Thoms,Phil Smith,David Gosnell,Verdi Keith J Blainville,Mozart Keith J Blainville,Leoncavallo Keith J Blainville,Rossini Keith J Blainville,Puccini Keith J Blainville,Mendelss The classic sound of Italy: romantic mandolins, accordians and opera
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV266 Short Circuit Audio Android Stuttering beats with lo-fi synths and a variety of samples ◯ opera, 50s library music, ambient ◯ spliced, sliced and rearranged in this glitch hop collection 2009-10-23
BRUTON BR515 Popular Opera Instrumentals Nic Raine,James Fitpatrick Elegant and beautiful orchestral versions of classic arias
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1154 Orchestral Film Scores Chris Walden Symphonic orchestra in classical and typical Hollywood style
KOKA CLASSICAL KLA3045 Souvenirs Offenbach J,Verdi G,Gounod C,Smetana B,Lalo E,Grieg E,Bizet G,Wagner R,Donizetti G,Tchaikovsky P I,Mozart W A,Schumann R,Bach J S,Beethoven L V,Flotow F,Dvorak A,Chopin F,Brahms J,Handel G F,Charpentier M A [CDCategory] Archival Historical Recordings, Art Culture, Classical [Description ] Vintage Recording from 1900 to 1960
KOKA MEDIA KOK2106 History Of The World Bruno Alexiu From The Big Bang To The 1750's Sounds Resembling Famous Movie Soundtracks
BPM CLASSICAL SERIES / EXPLORER SERIES BPM1001 Opera Arias Vincenzo Bellini,Leo Delibes,Georges Bizet,Alfredo Catalani,Giuseppe Verdi,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Gioachino Rossini,Charles Counod Jean De Florette, Stella Artois, Ba, Diva, Morse
KOKA FOR TV KTV0005 Money & Power Philippe Lhommet,Stefan Rodesco,Guy Skornik,Zab,Philippe Lhommet,Loic Beauvillain,Alexandre Levy,Thierry Durbet,Laurent Thierry-Mieg,Michel Pelay,Jean Yves Rigo,Olivier Renoir,Armand Frydman,Lyonel Bauchet,G Daviaud,Daniel Darras,Jean-Louis Bucchi,Bruno A Designed for news reports, newsmagazines, documentaries and institutionnal uses
BPM CLASSICAL SERIES / EXPLORER SERIES BPM1002 Opera Choruses & Overtures Giuseppe Verdi,Richard Wagner,Ludwig Van Beethoven,Georges Bizet,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Beautiful, Rich & Rousing
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