ムード「セクシー」アルバム検索結果680件 (1/7ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP084 Latin Excursions Joss Peach, Lee Ahmad Baker,Douglas Horner, Timothy Belcher, Tristan Banks,Martin Gratton, Robert Sneddon,Garry Judd,Mickey Bruce, Richard Mark Salmon,Lee Ahmad Baker,Alexander Stephan Golding An uplifting journey through Latin America with an authentic taste of Salsa, Rhumba, Boogaloo, Bossa Nova, Samba and Batucada.
MUSIC SCULPTOR SONG POWER MSP2 70s Moods Morten Johanson, Matthias Meusel Stylish and charming songs and instrumentals from funk to film music that conjure up the glamor of the 70s.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC96 Swinging Slapstick Christof Larsson, Charlie Husk,Christof Larsson, Michael Edwards Humorous and funny instrumental music full of warmth and charisma with a touch of swing and retro feeling - perfect for comedic situations on reality TV.
LOVELY MUSIC LVM149 Sexy Smoochy Pop Kellie McCollough, Jason M Petrin,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,David Benjamin Haynes,Andrii Yefymov,Giscard Rasquin Turn down the lights for the sexiest most seductive smouldering pop grooves you ever slow-danced to.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP003 In The Foyer Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser,Matthew Dungey, Thomas Graham Marriott, Vesa Haapenen, Wayne Charlton Ambrose Urquhart,Keir John Fraser,Benjamin Joseph Mallott, Matthew Rhydian Chandler, Thomas Graham Marriott, Wayne We all need our downtime. In the Foyer provides a mellow, confident and assured bunch of grooves in which to chill, sooth, relax, sip a cocktail, take a bubblebath, enjoy a massage and so on
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP005 Strike A Pose James Hopcutt, Michele Balduzzi,Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Chris Hall,Thomas Belton,Andrew David Robinson,Gadi Sassoon,Alan Myson,John Valasis From the catwalks of Milan to the boutiques in Paris and the runways in New York, fashionistas will adore these divine creations to showcase their latest haute couture. This is the music of this season, darling!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP037 Indie Rocks 1 Minh Le, Thomas Belton,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Harun Lyicil,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman AAA wristband sorted? LET'S GO. If you want life, vim, vigour and energy, you need Indie Rocks.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP040 In The Background: Drama Gregory Harwood,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Chris Hall,Keir John Fraser,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Cyrus Shahrad Dramatic background atmospheres with an air of mystery, discovery and imagination.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP048 Kid Koala presents Sounds of Space Eric San The ultimate gamer music. If you need to defeat the aliens, take out the baddies or stealthily stalk your prey, Kid Koala's got your back with these 8 bit sci-fi tunes.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR332 Mas Exitos Latinos 2 Marc Ferrari, Michael McGregor,Dimitri L. Syde, Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Marc Ferrari, Vanessa Chamaine Barela,Cecilia Barajas, Dimitri L. Syde, Heyalak Jones, Jim Condelli, Marc Ferrari,Bryan James Sammis, Evan Bryan Ambrose More choice chart toppers in Latin, Reggaeton and Hip Hop that combine for an aural explosion of Pop sounds sure to please the most discerning palettes.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR229 Urban Millennium Christopher Cardena, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A wide array of early 2000's Hip Hop and Urban pop gems. All feel good, uplift vibes.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA008 Deep & Elegant Beats Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Elegant, laid back, deep & housey beats, with a modern edge and a sprinkling of glitter and glamour. Deep kick drums, urgent high hats, and wide clicks and claps punctuate warm, pulsing bass lines, filtered chords and sophisticated string arrangements.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_248 Aexo - Soulmatic Joseph Gileadi, Chris Kelly Crabb,Joseph Gileadi, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, John Brent Chris Ahfua,Joseph Gileadi, Robert Thomas Wannamaker,Joslyn Poole, Joseph Gileadi,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole Soulmatic showcases Aexo's sexy falsetto atop a playful fusion of R&B and Electro Funk, spinning sophisticated retro touches with timeless pop melodies for an eclectic, glam feel.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_202 Adassa Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Tony Daryl Brown Jr,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Erik Alfonso Diaz,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Denton Bedward,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Moises Ortiz Santa, Fra Adassa covers a wide swath of hip hop styles, plus some vivacious reggaeton rhythms, lacing everything with sassy Spanish and English lyrics that define girl swagger.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_304 Emma - Down To Earth Gabriel Candiani, Kristi Leah Keiki O Kalani Kamai Bradley, Emma Lynn White Flirty and wide-eyed, these summertime pop love songs sparkle with all things innocent, optimistic and heartfelt. Warm, layered female vocals, anthemic hooks and a heavy dose of the feel-good fuzzies will keep you humming.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_261 Tandem Wave - POP! Mason Porter, Nathaniel Kenneth Pyfer This Tandem Wave collection features infectious electro-pop melodies--from the danceable to the dreamy--with swirling synths and sultry, warm vocals to create the ultimate feel-good mood.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_205 Jena Woods Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman Ethereal and grounded at the same time, Jena Woods' wistful, breathy vocals hit home in this nostalgia-inducing collection of contemplative songs that gently pulse with longing and intimacy.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_312 Blast Off - Electro Pop Explosion Leo Eli, Ste'phane Lo Jacono, James Delaney McHugh,Leo Eli, Natalie Anne Salomon,Leo Eli, Ste'phane Lo Jacono, Timothy Charles Riehm,Leo Eli, Carson Maki, Shayaan Cyrus Oshidar,Leo Eli, Timothy Charles Riehm,Leo Eli, James Delaney McHugh,Leo Eli, David Jo High on life, these instantly engaging pop tracks range from sultry and downtempo to full-on party throwdown. Laced with pulsing club beats, modern R&B magic and confident, soulful vocals, these songs point the way forward with style and zeal.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_265 Aexo - Satellite Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole,Joseph Gileadi, Ransom Leif Wydner,Joseph Gileadi, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi Swinging neo-soul and electronic, feel-good fun positively shine in Aexo's Satellite with textural synths, funky bass grooves, retro guitar riffs and smooth, carefree vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_206 Chris Crabb Chase Baker,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Chase Baker Gritty and electrifying performance by Chris Crabb! Indie, Nu Disco, Garage, Punk. Perfect for any promotion, branding, and theme use.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_269 NYK Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani, Raymon LaKeith Reed,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun,Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun, Hadassa Candiani NYK combines fresh electronic funk, hip-hop and pop with a soulful R&B vocal delivery to create this playful retro-tinged collection featuring 80s synths, call-and-response vocals and dynamic arrangements.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_207 Chase Baker Chase Baker VALO Artist Chase Baker delivers a collection of Gritty and Electrifying songs that encompass indie pop anthems, radio-ready alt, and garage infused bangers.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_276 Velvet Echo - Unplugged Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Amy Whitcomb,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Niklaus Christian Day,Matthew S Orr,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman, Amy Whitcomb Experience songcraft at its finest in this intimate and compelling collection of stripped-down/unplugged songs! Singer/Songwriter, Pop, Indie, Acoustic, Rock, Chamber and Adult Alternative styles all featuring stunning vocal performances make this a truly
VALO ARTISTS VALO_209 John Lane Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan Bask in the sonic-luster of these electrifying performances by Valo artist John Lane. Indie-electronic gems and gritty garage heavy anthems.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_277 IMI Gabriel Candiani, Corban Shane Calhoun Energetic funk pop flourishes with lively and upbeat excitement; IMI's smooth vocals slide over animated electric guitar and punchy drums in stylish, confident and feel-good fashion.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_212 Ice Hotel Chase Baker,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Michael Jay McClellan,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan Experience songcraft at its finest in this compelling collection of Rock, Pop, Dance, and Acoustic tracks from the Valo Artist Ice Hotel. Ranging from radio-ready rockers to indie-electronic jams and stripped-down/unplugged songs.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_219 Paul Pfau Paul Joseph Pfau, Tyler Cain,Paul Joseph Pfau, Tyler Douglas Cain Organic arrangements, a contemporary sound and strong vocal delivery breathes life into a range of emotions from positive and optimistic to introspective and passionate.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_280 Velvet Echo - Unplugged Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Amy Whitcomb,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Niklaus Christian Day,Matthew S Orr,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman, Amy Whitcomb Velvet Echo erases all the noise with these intimate, heartfelt acoustic ballads highlighting vulnerability and longing, complete with elegant strings, reflective piano and male and female plaintive leads.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_235 Aexo Joseph Gileadi,Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, Melanie Shore, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi, Craig W. Poole,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole AEXO creates soulful synth pop with an intriguing blend of EDM, energetic house drums, buoyant bass grooves, shimmering synths and passionate vocals on these dynamic electronic dance tracks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_226 Kenneth Smith Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth Ray Smith,Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani,Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth Ray Smith, Hadassa Candiani, Ismael Vergara, Michael Antonio Dobbs,Gabriel Candiani, Kenneth Ray Smith, Justin Daniel, Arroyo, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani VALO Artist Kenneth Smith will get you in the mood with this smooth, stimulating mix of super-hot R&B, Pop & Hip-Hop tracks! From his sultry, passionate slow-jams, to his sexy, upbeat hip-hop tracks, you'll fall hard for these alluring vibes.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_281 Adalaide Adelaide Marie Daines, Harley Anderson Adalaide's folk-tinged but powerful, wide-ranging vocals shine in this poignant collection of modern ballads featuring soaring choruses, intimate verses and sound palettes that surprise.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_236 Selecta Daniel Joshua Holyoak, Sonia Yvette Lopez,Daniel Joshua Holyoak Euphoric, anthemic themes combine with hard hitting electronic drums in this EDM collection of pop-infused club tracks, featuring both male and female lead vocals.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_227 William Lauderdale Gabriel Candiani, Hadassa Candiani, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Julian Vaughn, William Edward Lauderdale III,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Julian Vaughn, William Edward Lauderdale III, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn, Comin' in heavy with a Hip-Hop/Funk mix. Rap artist William Lauderdale adds power, groove, and style to the VALO Catalog with his first release.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_291 Matt And Belle - Something Real Matthew S Orr This intriguing power ballad collection from Matt and Belle features a signature blend of pop, electronica and hip hop with reverberating guitars, 808 drums and spacious, ethereal choruses. Belle's celestial vocals make for a cozy counterpoint to Matt's a
VALO ARTISTS VALO_238 Aeonic Jamen Brooks,Jamen Brooks, Joslyn Poole A mix of sophisticated chill trance and EDM, this collection from producer Aeonic brings a sexy, metropolitan shimmer to pulsing electronica featuring sultry male and female vocals and rich, uplifting hooks.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_228 Vaughn Willis Gabriel Candiani, Christopher Vaughn, David Leon Bedell VALO Artist Vaughn Willis brings his unique soulful and romantic vocal style to center stage in this sultry R&B release.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_293 Velvet Echo - Escapist Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Jessica Rebecca Frech,Michael Jay McClellan,Jacob Scott Rakozy This Velvet Echo release shimmers with Top-40 electro-pop gems featuring lush, expansive choruses, heavy drops, sparkling synths and serenely powerful female leads sharing bittersweet sentiments that land.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_242 Tandem Wave Mason Porter Lush, dreamy grooves, chillout synths and spacey background vocals elevate pop and EDM ear candy from Tandem Wave featuring the siren vocals of Julianne Brough.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_201 EVRYWHR Gabriel Candiani, Michael Jamal Jefferson, Blair Taylor Lavigne, Ismael Vergara,Gabriel Candiani, Michael Jamal Jefferson, Blair Taylor Lavigne,Gabriel Candiani, Michael Jamal Jefferson, Blair Taylor Lavigne, Vurdell Muller,Gabriel Candiani, Michael Jamal EVERWHR lends his smooth R&B Pop vocals to this collection of feel-good, carefree grooves blending funk, pop and hip hop flavors.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_296 Signals Vol 2 - Red Light Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan, Aaron David Anderson, Debra Fotheringham Signals' epically passionate electronic pop showcases soaring female vocals, swirling synths, pulsing electro-rhythms and atmospheric breakdowns to convey hopefulness in the midst of a bittersweet cloud.
A-LIST RECORDS AR021 Élite [Feat. Lil' G And Delgado] - Rompelo Jaime Delgado, Jeffrey Kesteloot, Yendi Sarahi Lozano Guzman,Jeffrey Kesteloot, Yendi Sarahi Lozano Guzman Festive and passionate Latin rap and dance pop featuring Élite, the artist duo with rappers Lil'G and Delgado
SOUND BREAKERS SB099 Latin Hip Hop Vol. 1 John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Omar Nieto, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Christopher Joseph Smith, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Jarom Davin Hansen, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Jacques Michael Franko, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrar Vol. 1 of our collection of Latin Hip Hop, infused with Reggaeton and Urban Pop stylings
A-LIST RECORDS AR019 The Bissonette Brothers - Across The Pond Gregg Bissonette, Matt Bissonette Fun, retro and rockin' classic British rock and pop styles inspired by the sounds of the '60s and '70s, featuring keys, jangly guitars, mellotron, drums, bass, and male vocals
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST020 Retro Glam Pop Rock Laurie Yule Never say die! The glam 70's return with these art-punk retro throwbacks . Think men in make-up with attitude, sinuous guitars and sexy, fun hooks echoing psychedelic folk beginnings. Ah, we miss the simpler times.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA126 Neutron Matthew S Orr Bold synths, huge trap beats and massive trailer impacts make for ideal promo material in this collection of powerful electronic instrumentals.
COLOR TV CTV1130 Guitarspheres Daniel Emile Andre Finot, Jacques Philipp Kathrein, Sanchez Chino With an eye on bridging the gap between atmospheric sound and cinematic score, this album masterfully sources lush electric guitar tones enriched with chorus, delay, echo and reverb effects. The expansive, floating feel that results is on display in ten b
ELBROAR ER1236 Vintage Revisited Roman Andor Krotil,Roman Andor Krotil, Victoria Huster Nostalgia rules in this inspired collection of retro-sounding gems as vigorous electro-swing follows acid jazz follows swanky odes to the golden age of radio - featuring wacky orchestral arrangements, gramophone brass and vocals and swaggy remixes. Uh One
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS060 Chill Hop Vol.4 (Mellow Hip Hop Beats for Extreme Sport) Brennan Mack Chilled Hip Hop cuts ideal for the Cool Crowd, Summer, Travel, Holidays, Extreme Sports & Fashion. Emotions and Usages inc. Moody, Mellow, Feel Good, Chilled, Cool, Rad, Sexy, Youthful, Surfing, Upbeat & Sunny.
EVO EVO337E Dream Cycle David Ashok Ramani, Jonathan Elias Creative themes and underscores for documentary, innovation, and positivity. A creative mix of chilled beats, ambient rhythms, ethnic atmospheres.
SOUND BREAKERS SB091 Urban Vol. 8 Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,Dennis Ramone Gonzalez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen Volume 8 of our Urban collection of Hip Hop and Trap with big thumping beats and attitude.
EDITIONS HIBOU HIBCD617_29 SENSUAL and SEXY Vol.7 Gerald LEADMAN, Vittorio DARMANO,Emmanuel GEOFFROY, Gabriel BENHAMOU,Mark ROZEVILLE, Garry SANDEUR,Guy LEONARD, Philippe BREJEAN,Vittorio DARMANO, Mark ROZEVILLE,Rafael FERRY, Gabriel BENHAMOU,Vic ADAM, Gerard SHESS,Gerald LEADMAN, Vic ADAM Seductive , Inviting and Sensual Atmosphere
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST013 Nu Jazz Dimitrios Papageorgiou, Konstantinos Stouraitis Smooth jazz gets an update with chillout hip hop grooves - featuring electric piano, clean guitar and mellow trumpet to create a serene, vibey soundtrack.
AUDIO ACTIVE MUSIC AA110 Helix Trap Promo Matthew S Orr This chillout electronica package features hybrid trap beats, sultry vocal efx, elegant orchestral layers, club drops and sleek, hypnotic grooves to create a cool, after-hours vibe.
STANDARD MUSIC LIBRARY ESL197 Quirky Funky Things John Ross,Sean Anderson, Paul Turner,Tam Nightingale,John Winfield, Keith Osborne, Peter Dyson,Ian Button,Mark Sayer-Wade, Paul Cuddeford, Jonathan Paxman,Michael Dempsey, Martin Brett, Rory O'Farrell,Daniel Pemberton,Gordon Minette, Gareth Williams,Nick Quirky beats and grooves with a funky flavour. Elements of jazz and kitsch.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR211 Summer House Olivier Bibeau, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Sexy, playful, upbeat Electro Dance and House tracks tailor-made for fashion and entertainment news.
BRUTON VAULTS ANTHOLOGIES BVA020 Late Night Love Chris Rae, Frank McDonald, Gerry Shury,Chris Gunning,Brian Wade,David Lindup,Trevor Bastow,Alan Hawkshaw,Jeremy Michael Lubbock,Stephen Gray,Harold Fisher Seductive bass grooves and sensual melodic riffs reflect an after dark soundtrack for the evocative visual accompaniment.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM157 Phat Funk Matthew Thorne A great mix of upbeat, cheerful and cool, Funk/Rock/R&B. Groovy and playful.
FLEXITRACKS FLEX131 Urban Thrill Paul Joseph Smith,Sam Blythe Street culture, strange people and unfamiliar places. Gritty, atmospheric, edgy and exciting. To download and import the FLEXiTRACK version of a track, select it and click on the STEMS button
SOUND BREAKERS SB080 Soft House Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Volume 2 of our Soft Electronica chilled to the core. Relaxing and reflective.
GARELIE GAL224 Elles - The New French Pop Scene Faustine Le Bras, Frederic Auger,David Ohana, Frederic Auger, Gérôme Gallo,David Ohana, Faustine Le Bras, Frederic Auger,Frederic Auger,David Ohana, Frederic Auger A refreshing overview of the French pop scene 'renouveau'. Female vocals, French lyrics. Vibrant, romantic and happily nostalgic. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
GARELIE GAL226 French Kiss Nicolas Subrechicot, Pierre Terrasse Boost your sex appeal with this erotic, sensual and languorous selection. French touch electro, Italo disco and funky tracks with vocoder. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS018 Chill Hop Vol.2 Brennan Mack Chilled Hip Hop cuts ideal for the Cool Crowd, Summer, Travel, Holidays, Luxury, Extreme Sports & Fashion. Emotions inc. Mellow, Feel Good, Chilled, Cool, Rad, Sexy, Youthful & Sunny.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS019 Chill Hop Vol.3 Brennan Mack Chilled Hip Hop cuts ideal for the Cool Crowd, Summer, Travel, Holidays, Extreme Sports & Fashion. Emotions inc. Mellow, Feel Good, Chilled, Cool, Rad, Sexy, Youthful & Sunny.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS017 Chill Hop Vol.1 Brennan Mack Chilled Hip Hop cuts ideal for the Cool Crowd, Summer, Travel, Holidays, Extreme Sports & Fashion. Emotions inc. Mellow, Feel Good, Chilled, Cool, Rad, Sexy, Youthful & Sunny.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS007 Laid Back Happy Cool Tamas Varga,Tim Sync,Flip Fantazia, Douglas Horner Cool and Glamourous Scene Setters. Mellow House, Disco & Breakbeats with a sexy summer vibe bringing happy, Feel-Good, Mellow times. Perfect for Parties, Luxury, Travel, Holidays, Cool Crowds & Youth.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS016 Summer Breeze Gauthier Quatelas,Flip Fantazia, Douglas Horner An Album full of Feel Good Summer Jams with a Classy European Vibe. Emotions & Usages inc. Happy, Feel Good, Sunshine, Holiday, Travel, Love, Party, Cool, Sexy, Luxury, Beach Bar & Youth. Styles featured are Bossa, House and Latin.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD222 WILD COOL SWINGING SIXTIES Steve Martin, Nathalie Ordan,Jason Glover, Gary Crockett, Dominic Glover,Steve Martin,Nathalie Ordan,Steve Martin,Gary Crockett,Dominic Glover,Jason Glover A no-holds-barred roundup of 60s pop culture. Cheesy, kitsch, cool, fun and sexy.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2529 TV Essentials - Feel Good & Happy Maxime Pinto, Stéphane Briand,Camille Ballon, Pierre Terrasse,Guillaume van Hecke, Richard Boisson,Eddy Pradelles,Thomas Gallicani,Franck Fossey,Laurent Vernerey, Regis Ceccarelli,Eric Heber Suffrin,Ernest Saint-Laurent,La PlageLa Plage,Stéphane Caisson,D An essential selection in various styles for joyful and positive moments.
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0171 Southern City Limits Wesley Garren,Sean LeeWiggins,Bart KHendrickson,Sean LeeWiggins,Joshua AlexanderBerman,Sean LeeWiggins Modern yet timeless country blues rock with strong, gutsy female vocals. Authentic, raw, and a bit sexy. Kickass music for hitting the road or grabbing a beer.
SPOT ON SPOTON0031 Positive Vibes 4 Benjamin Krause,Alexander Richard Kopp,Aaron Albert Srdoc, Samuel Steir,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt, Andrew Joslyn, Eric Lilavois,Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Jake Goldman,Shaun Hettinger,Ken James Gibson,Julian Harris Positive, friendly tracks in a variety of styles. Perfect for advertising, promos, and programming. Categories include Upbeat, Sexy & Romantic, and Inspirational.
VELOCITY VL199 Dark Pop Fantasies Chris Penny, Skinny Williams,Chris Penny, Rory James Harvey, Skinny Williams A lush merging of EDM pop and 80s Goth sensibilities creates a sonic masterpiece of longing and independence with fantastic male and female lead vocals and sick hooks
FRONT RUNNERS FRONT113 Past Midnight Andrey Tatarinov, Bilal Mirza, Leo Eli,Bilal Mirza, Leo Eli, Stéphane Lo Jacomo,Bilal Mirza, David John Walker, Leo Eli Dark, sexy, soulful vocals over hard-hitting urban drums and lush melodies create the perfect late night vibes. Featuring vocals from M1RZA.
MASTERSOURCE MSTR325 Keepin' It 100 2 Douglas Starling Jones, Kenny Ray Moron, Marc Ferrari,Kenny Ray Moron, Marc Ferrari,Bryan James Sammis, Olen Matthew Kittelsen, Samuel Grant Beresford,James John Desmond, Marc Ferrari, Mikhail Oliver Johnson, Panauh Kalayeh,Cecilia Barajas, James John Des Volume 2 of Grit with the grace that offers contemporary trap hop and R&B with a dash of pop influence. Many different moods are represented including sexy, sensual, tense, dark, ominous, aggressive, and many others.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR202 Tropipop Latin y Caribbean Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson An array of bright, charming and uplifting Latin rhythms with splashes of the Caribbean.
TRUE STORIES TRU147 Pop Soul Vocals Chris James, Nick Ramm Tasteful, mellow pop soul love songs with female vocals, piano and organ
ELIAS MUSIC EM1062 Big Ideas Christopher Bentley Kemp, Daniel Edward Venne,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp,Benson Taylor, Christopher Bentley Kemp,Aashish Pathak, Christopher Bentley Kemp,Benson Taylor, Nate Morgan,Dan Marfisi, Nate Morgan,Chri A place where big dreams and gumption collide to create a collection of positive and motivational themes in a variety of popular genres.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1072 World Cafe Daniel Ezra Hulsizer, Thomas Morse,Nate Morgan, Thomas Morse,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Marc Aaron Jacobs,David Ashok Ramani, Michael Sherwood,Aashish Pathak, David Wittman,David Ashok Ramani, David Wittman Global beats and tribal rhythms that extend across borders in this collection of themes from around the world.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1109 Too Cool Jonathan Hausbaemint, Nate Morgan,Benson Taylor, Nate Morgan,David Ashok Ramani, Michael Sherwood,Benson Taylor, Kenny Segal,David Wittman,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Jose Eduardo Morteo Eboli,David Wittman, Marc Aaron Jacobs,Aashish Pathak, Michael Sherwoo Put on your shades as this multi-styled collection of jazz ditties is gonna take you hoping through jazz clubs from New York City to Paris and everywhere between.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1023 A Thing of Beauty Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,David Wittman, Ken James Gibson,David Wittman, Jonathan Scott Manness,Nate Morgan, Thomas Morse,Adam Matthew Barber, David Wittman,Lester Frances, Mike Joseph Fraumeni,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Daniel Edward Ven An eclectic variety of genres and musical styles celebrate beauty and grace with a hybrid of organic and electronic instrumentation.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1033 Slightly Over Aggressive Christopher David Campanaro, Nard Berings,Christopher Bentley Kemp, David Ashok Ramani,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher David Campanaro, David Ashok Ramani,David Wittman, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Nate Morgan, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christoph Driving hard rock and metal tracks explode with heaving hitting drums and screaming electric guitar leads will rattle your bones and make your ears bleed.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1043 Delicious and Dusty Aashish Pathak, David Wittman,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Luciano Storti,Aaron Steinberg, David Wittman,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,David Wittman, Thomas Morse,Michael Sherwood,Luciano Storti, Nate Morgan,Adam Matthew Barber, David Wittman,B Nostalgic and resplendent, this collection harkens back to the good old days featuring retro rock, jazz and orchestral themes.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1044 Dead Sexy David Ashok Ramani, David Wittman,Christopher David Campanaro, David Ashok Ramani,Christopher David Campanaro, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Eric Brian M Sassy as hell with attitude for days, this collection of garage and indie rock ditties drip with plenty of strut and swagger
ELIAS MUSIC EM1060 Back Story Fritz Doddy,Lester Frances, Mike Joseph Fraumeni,Christopher David Campanaro, Lucias Dennis,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Thomas Morse,David Wittman, Marish Elad,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,James Haun, Lionel Cohen,David Wittman, Ryan Paul Gil Emotive is music for emotional drama, the sentimental to the romantic, human stories: the complete range of the emotional landscape.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1165 Renegade Rock Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Aaron Steinberg, Thornton III Jenkins,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,Jacob Daniel Craner, James Haun,Mike Fraumeni,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Disco Stew,Fritz Doddy,Andy Zuckerman,Kenny Segal, Ryan Paul Driving, aggressive, and full of attitude, these are big rock anthems with an edge and never-say-die spirit.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1170 Beautiful & Mysterious Derek Whitacre,Ryan Rehm,Lester Frances, Mike Fraumeni,David Wittman,Lester Frances, Sarah Trevino,Nate Morgan,Kenny Segal,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Disco Stew,Thomas Morse, Thornton III Jenkins,Blumenthal Ariel Avraham,Benson Taylor, Thornton III Jenkins Sexy, sleek, and sophisticated; these are hybrid-tracks representing the luxury lifestyle for the high-class modern jetsetter.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1173 Indie Movement Matthew A. Fletcher,Benson Taylor, Fritz Doddy,David Ashok Ramani, Michael Sherwood,Ryan Paul Gilbert,Mike Fraumeni,Benjamin Braude Rothbard,Andy Zuckerman, Fritz Doddy,Benson Taylor, Thornton III Jenkins,Fritz Doddy, Glen Hamilton Tarachow,Fritz Doddy, R Grab your skinny jeans and black-rimmed glasses for these indie rock/electro gems that even the most ardent hipster will love.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1190 Rough Tough & Rock Luther Russell,Mike Fraumeni,Michael Sherwood, Ryan Paul Gilbert,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Ryan Paul Gilbert, Thornton III Jenkins,Kenny Segal, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Gregory D Griffith, Ryan Paul Gilbert,David W Crank it to 11 and hit the highway with the windows down with these gritty blues-rock and lo-fi garage rock grooves.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1191 Alternative Means Luther Russell,Kenny Segal, Ryan Paul Gilbert,David Wittman, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Andy Zuckerman, Michael Sherwood,Gregory D Griffith, Ryan Paul Gilbert Guitar heavy fist-pumpers dominate this alternative rock collection, from the indie underground to the mainstream anthems
ELIAS MUSIC EM2618 Grit and Swagger Vol. 3 David Ashok Ramani,Nard Berings,Ryan Rehm,Fritz Doddy,Eric Ronick,Laurie Riddle Smith We're back and badder than ever with this collection of in-your-face rock and electronic jams. Chock full of grit and attitude.
SONIC QUIVER SQ134 Futura Paul S Elliott Retro-futuristic piano, beats, synth and strings. Cool, mellow, trip-hop; laid-back floaty beats and sexy piano themes. Vintage cocktail lounge scene meets future tech.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1253 Built To Rock Jaco Caraco, Jono Brown,Luther Russell,Ken Korade,Jeff Kollman, Jono Brown,James Haun, Ryan Paul Gilbert,Jono Brown,Andy Zuckerman, Christopher David Campanaro,Gregory D Griffith,Christopher Bentley Kemp, Disco Stew,Christopher Bentley Kemp,Matthew A. Fle Rocking Riffs, Soulful Jams, Bluesy Grooves and Pop Hooks that take you everywhere From The Beaches of SoCal To The Deep South
ELIAS MUSIC EM1363 Swampy Vol. 2 David Luther Cleveland, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,Paul Christopher Otten,David Ashok Ramani,Blair Masters, Kenneth Brian Lewis, Scott Dente,David Le Moyne Grow Our second installment of bayou infused, swampy blues tracks filled to the brim with Southern attitude & bravado.
ELIAS MUSIC EM1376 High Society Kavin Hoo,Joseph Edward Devenney,Barry Gilbey,Ian Keith Miller Chilled-out electronic themes lead you to your private table in the world's most sophisticated upscale lounges and clubs.
ELIAS MUSIC EM2766 Grit and Swagger Vol. 4 Nard Berings,Joseph Edward Devenney,David Ashok Ramani,David Whitacre,Fritz Doddy,Ryan Rehm,Luther Russell Hold on to your ironic beards and skinny jeans! Rock & electronica take the stage in our latest installment of gritty, edgy cuts filled to the brim with attitude and swagger.
10 MILLES 10MILES109 Urban - MidEast Mediterranea - Trap Hip Hop 1 Anthony Biafore, Luke Smit,Dmitry Lifshitz,Raz Burg, Tal Ronen,Paul Krieg,Jeremy Webster,David Horsley,Jonas Lars Nickolaus Fridh,Michal Sinka,Joseph Vincent Carpenter Sexy Urban Trap and Hip Hop melodic tracks, hypnotizingly tense and sensually captivating, raw and evocative
BRUTON BR708 Chart Pop 6 Cody William Falkosky, Jason Zachary Parris,Charity Elaine Vance, Cody William Falkosky, Jason Zachary Parris,Jessie Marie Villa, Michael Thomas Geiger,Charity Elaine Vance, Jason Zachary Parris,Cody William Falkosky, Jason Zachary Parris, Spencer Sutherl Fun and sexy pop songs with a mix of female and male vocals about love and life. The latest chart sounds featuring full vocal and instrumental versions.
EVO EVO324 Are & Be Edgar Vargas A collection of sultry, dreamy & chilled out R&B songs. Performed by up and coming artist, Hill. Produced by: Edgar Vargas.
GOTHAM MUSIC GM234 Pop Beds & Promos Emanuel Kallins, Steve Skinner Electro Pop to Chilled Hip-hop, A fresh variety of tracks, filled with emotion and energy, perfect for Reality and Promos.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT053 Viva Latino James Alexander Dorman,Ethan Galloway, Stephen William Cornish,Jody Karl Jenkins,Lee Ahmad Baker Spain, South America, Cuba... Viva Latino visits a number of Latin destinations.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT060 Elegant Heists Lennert Busch,Benjamin James Parsons,Nicholas John Harvey,Paul Farrer,James Alexander Dorman,Wayne Roberts,Jody Karl Jenkins Slinky jazz and bold big band themes for vintage spies, secret agents and classy criminals.
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