ムード「サスペンス」アルバム検索結果2,973件 (1/30ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP058 Raffertie presents Synth Odyssey Benjamin Paul Stefanski Deep, dramatic and emotive synthesiser tracks that exercise, stretch and challenge every sense. Courtesy of composer, producer and recording artist Raffertie.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP075 Storytelling Stormy Matthew Nicholson Dreams, hopes, aspirations and the universe, all encapsulated in these engrossing themes for piano and strings.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP060 Maxim presents Trapped Beats John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Audra Nishita, John Bryan, Keith Palmer Do not stop here for your one-shot skinny latte with lite foam, these streets are mean and the beats are too. Courtesy of Maxim, genre-pushing producer and one-third of rave legends The Prodigy.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP079 Hang Drum Journey pt. 3 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson,Anthony Woods, Matthew Nicholson The basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC101 Urban Mysteries Claus Quidde, Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Tom Lang,Claus Quidde,Rene Muenzer,Claus Quidde, Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Tom Lang, Rene Muenzer,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Claus Quidde, Tom Lang,Rene Muenzer, Tom Lang, Claus Quidde,Tom Daring, atmospheric, urban and smart underscores that reflect urban life with a focus on its criminal, wicked and underground facets.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP061 Hang Drum Journey pt. 1 Matthew Nicholson, Suki Jeanette Finn,Matthew Nicholson The hang drum is the basis for these elegant, eloquent and ebullient themes, from discovering the ancient worlds to modern corporations, travel for leisure and suspended atmospheres.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP080 Classical Classics 1 Edvard Grieg, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Nicolai Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov,Alan William Baker, Claude Debussy,Camille Saint-Saens, Martin Gratton,George Beck, Richard Wagner,Antonio Vivaldi, George Beck,George Beck, Gioachino Rossini,Edvard Grieg, George B A collection of famous orchestral pieces you will recognise straight away, featuring lush and opulent instrumentation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP062 Kid Koala presents Beats and Bytes Eric San When the pressure is on, the tension is rising and all is to play for these beats, drones, rock and hip hop influenced loops will prove to be real game-changers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP092 Underscores - Dark and Tense Cesar Gimeno Lavin Dark and discordant, these electronic soundscapes inject a cinematic sense of unease and tension.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP063 Ambient Grandeur Matthew Nicholson, Sabrina Plamenova,Matthew Nicholson,Thomas Belton,Alan Myson Broad, airy, panoramic and minimalist sculptures that convey warmth, depth, meditation and relaxation.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP093 Strange Synths Peter James Crossman,Eamonn Patrick Downes Whether retro or futuristic, these synth odysseys paint evocative soundscapes of other-worldly, warped weirdness...
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP064 Funki Porcini presents Ambient Beats James Patrick Darcy Braddell Turn off the lights and immerse yourself in this downbeat, ambient extravaganza from film composer and trip hop pioneer James Braddell aka Funki Porcini.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP094 Peculiar Peculiarities 1 Oliver Dipre, Petrina April Smith,James Andrew Hustwit,Liam Joseph Hennessy,Serge Sauvage Kitsch and quirky, these audable oddities bring a distinctively light-hearted and left-field spirit.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP066 Machinedrum presents Source Material Travis Stewart Electronic music artist and world-class producer Travis Stewart aka Machinedrum offers up a collection of intoxicating, energetic and cool rhythms, grooves and beats
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP095 Reeps One presents Harry Yeff Renowned London beatboxer Reeps One presents an assortment of atmospheric tracks, showcasing his versatility and mind-bending skill.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP067 Inner City Orchestra Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Andrew David Robinson,Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,John Valasis,Patrick Edward Carpenter Relentlessly tense, edgy, dramatic and determined themes that will launch the newest SUV, create tension or celebrate achievement whilst making the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!
STORYTELLER STORY006 Beneath The Surface Joel Goodman,Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno,Benjamin Krause, Joel Goodman,Alexander Rudd, Zach Lemmon Shadowy and unsettled tension with varying degrees of suspicion, suggesting that trouble or danger is lurking.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS082 Modern Drama (Pulses, Throbs, Knocks, & Ticks) Ronnie W Verboom An album full of Electronic and Atmospheric Underscores for Modern Drama. Ideal for underscoring Tension, Suspense, Futuristic, Crime and Thriller scenes and sceanrios. Lots of variation in the alternative versions, and as always with TMS releases, stems
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP069 Travelling Light: Inbound Keir John Fraser,Alan Myson,Eric San,Tom Evans,Harun Lyicil,Thomas Belton,Alexander Stephan Golding,Donal Scott, Renny Jackson,Donal Scott, Renny Jackson, Salvador Daza A collection of gentle atmospheric tracks from different parts of the world
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP055 In The Background: Future Tech 1 Finn McNicholas,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans,Christopher James Teasdale,Keir John Fraser,Andrew Potterton,John Valasis The discoveries in technology will ensure a safer place to live for longer. As long as we humans remain in control....
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP070 Coldcut presents Atmospheres Jonathan Richard More, Matt Black Ninja Tune founding fathers and electronic music mavericks Coldcut present their first ever production music album - a cosmic, intriguing, floaty collection of tracks
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP057 Petrified Gadi Sassoon,Harun Lyicil,Chris Hall Did that doll just wink at me? Welcome to hell on earth, whatever you do, don't turn out the lights and for Pete's sake, lock the door behind you!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP071 In The Background: Beats Jonathan Richard More, Matt Black,Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Chris Hall,Finn McNicholas,Andrew Potterton,Gadi Sassoon,Andrew David Robinson Dark, edgy and cool beats from streets so mean, so cool and so real that you don't get to visit without an invitation.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD245 CINEMATIC CHRISTMAS Michael Walters,Steven Baker, Graham Foote Orchestral arrangements of new and traditional Christmas songs from Hollywood family film styles to British period dramas.
ADDICTIVE TRACKS ADD247 CHRISTMAS DRAMEDY Anders Kampe,Steve Martin, Henrik Wikstrom,Niklas Edberger,Keith Beauvais,Steve Martin The dramedy side of Christmas. Fun and quirky with a touch of yuletide drama.
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST014 Fear Robert Dudzic This uber dark, inventive, mini-soundscape toolkit ranges from bone-chilling sub-bass drones to disturbing visceral sounds of the unspeakable. Please enjoy!
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST015 Trailer Hits Robert Dudzic Powerful industrial-laced hits create a sharp impact with reverberations that leave a dreaded taste of destruction in their wake.
TRYNITY GROOVE MUSIC CST016 Industrial Robert Dudzic Dark and edgy, industrial sound effects and hits reverberate fear and create jump scares in these intense trailer production elements.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC100 Attention Peter Jordan, Moritz Heidrich,Mario Schumacher,Morten Johanson, David Ebermann,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Peter Jordan, Fabian Schickedanz,Nigel Watson,Citokid,Roman Andor Krotil,Timo Jewel,Markus Segschneider, Anselm Kreuzer,Alan Jay Reed,Queens Road Self-confident, expressive, aggressive and cheeky music in different styles from rock to funk to electronica - attention is energy.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC92 Dark Connections Stephan Schelens,Daniel Jobar,Felix Hastrich, Thomas Stanger,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Anselm Kreuzer,Felix Halbe,Nathalie Raedler,Findus Englbrecht,Eckes Malz,Mirko Rizzello,Gillian Gordon,Bob Kane,Matthias Deger,Alan Ja Concentrated, translucent, dark and slightly criminal music for stories about cyber crime, machinations, dubious international networks and illegal business.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC95 Tax Evasion Nathalie Raedler,Anselm Kreuzer,Stephan Willing,Sascha Blank,Chris Gilcher,Michael Maas,Ingo Hassenstein,Alan Jay Reed,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Andreas Kolinski,Rene Muenzer,Robert Sternbach,Fabian Kratzer,Stephan Schel Reduced, minimalist and refined underscores with a crininal and questioning undertone for topics such as white-collar crime, tax evasion and machinations of high society.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC98 Explain It Playfully Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Anselm Kreuzer,Rainer Quade, Sebastian Parche,Thomas Stanger, Felix Hastrich,Johan van der Voet,Queens Road,Florian Scholz,Sascha Blank,Michael Bibo, Felix Mannherz,Findus Englbrecht,Ulf Kneiding,Christoph Schade,Markus Segsc Light, smart and playfully narrative background music for explanatory films, science programs, operating instructions, industrial films and other entertaining and informative formats.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM357 Minimal Drones Vol. I Nick Harvey Anxiety, fear and tension come to the fore through realms of dark enveloping atmospheres constructed through cold timbres and cavernous textures.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM360 Abstract Classical Robert de Fresnes Orchestrations encompassing intrigue, nobility and drama are conveyed through elegant string quartet performances, supplemented with deftly diverse instrumentation.
EVO EVO344 Epic Tribal Beats 2 Adele Roberts, Sacha James Collisson,Adele Roberts, Thomas Jack Foley,Adele Roberts, Oliver Price, Thomas Michael Greenwood,Adele Roberts, Max Howlett,Adele Roberts, Christopher James Dececio,Adele Roberts, James Oliver Hutchinson,Adele Roberts, Christoph The wildly successful Epic Tribal Beats is back with Volume 2!! This second iteration doubles down on the attitude, swagger & energy. Massive tribal & percussive elements mixed with Trap, Rock, Hip Hop, EDM and World music create an epic soundtrack for Sp
FRESHWORX FRX049 Twilight Tales Herbert Dabb, Toby Carter Future Groove Adventures - Brilliantly creative and captivating sonic journeys, featuring live instrumentation fused with found-sound organics and future-bound beats and soundscapes. An inventive, intriguing, and intelligent soundtrack to modern drama, do
SCORE ADDICTION SDN050 Urban Orchestral Drama Ben Jordan, Luke Gordon,Luke Gordon,Ben Beiny Orchestral Hip Hop for city-scapes and tense action. Perfect for hard-hitting documentaries, serious sports action and urban drama.
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH221 Classical Drama Volume 2 Robert J. Foster A romantic escape to a world of classic drama, mystery and suspense
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP040 In The Background: Drama Gregory Harwood,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Chris Hall,Keir John Fraser,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Cyrus Shahrad Dramatic background atmospheres with an air of mystery, discovery and imagination.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP002 Forward Syncing Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton,Finn McNicholas,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Calling all advertisers. New car to sell? Next gen energy drink? The latest tech? These Driving, futuristic tracks will help you upsell, every time.
NORDIC ID NORD109 Electro Cinema 2 Eva Lind, Matilda Gratte,Cornelia Wiebols, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Cornelia Wiebols The second album of the Electro Cinema series features epic, emotional and cinematic tracks from talented up and coming Swedish composers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP019 World Not As You Know It Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,John Valasis,Alex Banks,Finn McNicholas,Alan Myson,Keir John Fraser A journey around the modern world savouring the atmosphere and sounds of different cultures
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP041 Beatscapes Robin Philip Brunson,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser,Christopher James Teasdale,Chris Hall,Michele Balduzzi,Lee J Malcolm, Tom Evans Let the beats do the work! Positive, spacious, expansive and hopeful beat driven soundscapes.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM346 Investigative Beds II Mirco Altenbach Analytical intricacies designed through atmospheric soundscapes, rhythmic leads and ethereal textures, demonstrating tense moments perfect for mysterious modern dramas.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP006 Amon Tobin Productions presents Two Fingers Amon Tobin Amon Tobin Productions brings his signature Two Fingers sound - bassy, edgy, intense and inimitable - to the Ninja Tune production music library
NOVA NOVA139 Medical World Paul Richard O'Brien Organic synth patterns, ambient guitars, piano and sub bass combine to make minimal beds for science, technology, news and factual documentary programs. Stripped-back underscores available in drop-down menu.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP021 Retro Electro Marisa Lock, Robin Philip Brunson,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Robin Philip Brunson,Nike Oruh, Robin Philip Brunson,Robin Philip Brunson, Stuart Warren-Hill,Michele Balduzzi,Stuart Warren-Hill,Thomas Belton A retro visit to a time where white socks ruled, synths had cool codenames, like DX7, you still used phone boxes and Saturday night was spent down your local disco.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP043 Shoegazing Hazel Sainsbury, Ian Kellett,Hazel Sainsbury, Jeff Stephens,Ian Kellett, Will Daunt,Hazel Sainsbury, John Russell Bradshaw The glory days of 90s indie are revisited here in a dreamy haze of shimmering vocals, hypnotic riffs and youthful, life-affirming lyrics
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP008 Fantastical Tales Finn McNicholas,Gadi Sassoon,Alexander Stephan Golding,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,John Valasis,Thomas Belton,Chris Hall When fantasy and imagination run riot! From dramedy to ceremonial marches, themes that conjure up images of castles, pirates, emperors, galaxies and wizards.
NOVA NOVA140 Epic Promos 3 Gresby Race Nash Cinematic, powerful and dramatic tracks for trailers, promos, and documentary. Building from atmospheric, underscore style intros into full-blown epic themes. The third in the Epic Promos series.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP026 Hope and Glory Matthew Nicholson,Charles Sicouri, James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit,James Andrew Hustwit, Moritz Wanger The spirit of endeavour and pride in ourselves and others is reflected and represented in these cinematic indie songs.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP045 Trailers: Rise of The Ninjas Thomas Belton,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Christopher James Teasdale,Andrew David Robinson,Finn McNicholas,Alex Banks,John Valasis Dark, inhuman powers beyond our world of imagination. The Rise of the Ninjas will not make you sleep easy in your bed at night!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP010 Legato Movements Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,Cyrus Shahrad,Finn McNicholas,Matthew Nicholson,Sophie Galpin,Minh Le, Phong Le, Thomas Belton,Patrick Edward Carpenter This delectable combination of piano and strings opens you up to all manner of wondrous situations.. from a slow running stream to a full blown panorama, these tracks will enhance, enrich and enliven your pictures.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB008 Drive - Tension Drama Underscore Damon William Baxter, Flaviu Ciocan, Marton Horvath,Damon William Baxter, Mike Westergaard All out, high-octane sports tension and drama with pulsing bass lines, punctuated hits, timed risers and ticking percussion, keeping you on the edge of your seat!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP028 Poolside Party Andrew David Robinson,Andrew David Robinson, ECHO,Gadi Sassoon,Alan Myson,Michele Balduzzi Sunscreen, sunglasses, giant flamingo float - let's go party!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP047 Celestial Sphere Matthew Nicholson Atmospheric, ethereal and suspended themes that cover a range of situations from climate on earth to the mysteries of the outer reaches of our solar system.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP011 Offbeats Chris Hall,Robin Philip Brunson,James Russell Sobers II, Vadim Alexsandrovich Peare, Yarah Bravo,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,James Russell Sobers II, Vadim Alexsandrovich Peare,James Patrick Darcy Braddell, Keir John Fraser, If you like your beats a little on the hot and bizarre side these will blow you away. Quirky, rhythmic and utterly unconvertional.
SOUND BREAKERS SB103 Grime Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Justin Desjardins West, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,Bruno Sant Anna Camara, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Paul Andrew Pa Volume 2 of our Grime tracks: edgy, electronic Urban beats
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP030 The Big Bad Big Band Conall Mulvena, Walter Magnum Peterson Big band themes that encapsulate the glamour, sophistication and sheer cool of Hollywood, Las Vegas and New York.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP048 Kid Koala presents Sounds of Space Eric San The ultimate gamer music. If you need to defeat the aliens, take out the baddies or stealthily stalk your prey, Kid Koala's got your back with these 8 bit sci-fi tunes.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP012 To The Extreme Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Benjamin Ridge,John Bryan, Keith Palmer Butch, brash and bold. Heavy rock with malice...
VOLTA MUSIC VM069 Epic Wonders Enrico Cacace, Lorenzo Castellarin Inspiring and epic orchestral hybrid trailers. Hopeful and awe-inspiring cues for epic sports, heroic adventures and panoramic nature programming.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP032 Amplified Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alexander Rudd,Andrew David Robinson,Gianluca Pizzorno, Lorenzo Mazze, Michele Balduzzi,Alex Banks,Alan Myson,John Bryan, Keith Palmer,Patrick Edward Carpenter,Alexander Stephan Golding,Peter Wrig This is rock with an electric edge. Confident, edgy, bluesy, indie, moody and energetic. For full effect, turn it up to 11!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP050 Phaeleh presents Cinematic Downbeat Matt Preston A collection of moody and reflective trip-hop-influenced grooves from Bristol-based DJ and producer Phaeleh.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP013 Amon Tobin Productions presents Short Scores Amon Tobin Amon Tobin Productions draw you into fantastical worlds that are strange and wonderful. These curious and grand cinematic scores full of excitement and magical character will bring pictures to life.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1045 Analogue Synth Drama Justine Barker Analogue synth ambience, spooky, strange, uneasy tension, minimal, bleak, suspenseful, dark drones, futuristic, space, Sci Fi, technology and documentaries, featuring arpeggiators and 80s retro
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP034 A Thousand Violins Gadi Sassoon,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Matt Preston,Thomas Belton,Christopher James Teasdale Lush strings delivered in a variety of styles, from classical and minimalist to pizzicato and epic.
GUM TAPES GTP233 The Rise of the Middle East Jean-Michel Plantey, Nicolas Fauveau Welcome to a mysterious and spiritual land. Feel the spirit of pharaohs and jinns thanks to these tracks with traditional oud, powerful vocals and wide vaporous synthesizers.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP014 The Beauty Within Cyrus Shahrad,Gadi Sassoon,Tom Evans Hopeful, heartfelt and emotive, The Beauty Within provides warm, empowering, atmospheric tracks that enhance all situations in this world and beyond.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP035 Trailers: Blockbusting Riffs Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson These tracks have immense power, aggression and attitude, they could start a fight in an empty room. Come and have a go, if you think you are up to it!
GUM TAPES GTP235 Mind Games Vol. 2 Julien Rimailho,Manuel Bleton,Sandy Lavallart,Paul Tyan,Josué Abelard,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian,Adrien Dennefeld,Thomas Didier,Charlotte Boisselier,Steven Viennot,Bastien Ehouzan, Cedryck Santens, Jean-François Viguie, Tim Dornbusch, Vincent Pate Solve puzzles but don't waste too much time because the stakes are high! A selection of inquiring, interrogative and tense tracks to train your mind!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP015 Trailers: Battle Of The Bows Alan Myson,Harun Lyicil,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Gadi Sassoon,Dave Sebant-Montefury, Joe Slash, Loki One, Trent Ferman,John Valasis,Matthew Nicholson Dramatic, cinematic, epic and emotive. These tracks transport you from everyday to the very edges of your imagination and beyond.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP036 The Dance Tent Andrew David Robinson,Chris Hall,Thomas Belton,Michele Balduzzi,Daniel Lindegren, Thomas Belton Get ready for an all-nighter. These ten pumping EDM rascals will keep you dancing until sunrise.
KOKA MEDIA KOK2550 Beautiful Harp Fred Dubois A graceful and delicate minimalist and neo classical exploration of this magical stringed instrument. Feat. orchestral harp, piano, classical guitar, celesta and soft percs. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP016 Daedelus presents Zero Gravity Alfred Darlington Prolific musician and recording artist Alfred Darlington aka Daedelus offers up a collection of cosmic soundbeds
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP039 Trailers: Drums of Thunder Andrew David Robinson,Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Alan Myson,Thomas Belton,John Valasis No, you aren't paranoid, yes, they are out to get you. Epic, dramatic and terrifyingly ominous, these percussive tracks will have you running for cover!
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP001 Forensic Search 1 Daniel James Arnold, Leon Paul Harris, Liam McGregor Black,Garry Judd,Chris Hall,Christopher James Teasdale These tense, dark, gritty and ominous atmospheres perfectly complement the sinister and brooding world we live in - in these unnerving times where crime can be commited from the comfort of a laptop we all have to be on our guard...
NORDIC ID NORD108 Electro Cinema 1 Eirik Jacobsen, Sindre Hotvedt,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl The first album of the Electro Cinema series features 10 suspense and driving tracks with a touch of the 80’s retro sounds.
NINJA TUNE PRODCUTION MUSIC NTP018 It's A Trap 1 Andrew David Robinson,Chris Hall,Alan Myson,Gadi Sassoon,Thomas Belton It's an outbreak of beats, grime, trap and rap.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_040 Cybernetic Apocalypse - Futuristic Dystopian Action Josef Peters A futuristic battleground of action hybrid buildups featuring driving drums, distorted synths, hits, FX and pulses designed for gaming and trailers
BLACK IS BLONDE BIB168 Subtle Suspense Desire Inspires,Martin Laflamme,Eriq Johnson,Elijah Borghardsen,Jermaine Penniston,Jon Hansson,Jochen Schmidt-Hambrock,Jarkko Hietanen,Tom Silvester, Jamie Saxe,Hanjo Gaebler,Jeppe Reil,Blue Star,Florian Philipp Mueller, Nikolaus Kuczewski,Citokid,Peter D Have this slight feeling something’s wrong out there? Uneasy and tense atmosphere for facts in question and anxious moments.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_041 Luminary - Futuristic Sci-Fi Action Roman Kovalik Futuristic, sci-fi hybrid action drama cues featuring synths, strings, brass, percussion and sound design
1ST PRODUCER SERIES 1ST022 Hybrid Tension Beds David Disher Dark, moody and mysterious, these hybrid tension beds feature low, churning cinematic strings and vintage synths to create ethereal atmospheres and textures that slowly increase in intensity.
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS488 Pulse 3 Espen Fahlen,Oliver Holmes,Mark Russell,Lawrence Mau Yip Wong,Andrew Michael Britton, Matthew Robertson A selection of underscores for documentary and Factual TV, all with an underlying pulse to create a sense of movement and anticipation.
BRAVE NEW AUDIO BNA013 Underscores: Positive Pulses Matthew Sibley, Giacomo Trivelli Positive, bright and simple music beds, some including light classical influences, others with a more electronic-tinged feel. The arrangements and musical texture gradually build and thicken to add anticipation and suspense. Perfect for inspiring stories.
BBC PRODUCTION MUSIC BBCPM121 Fantastic Voyage Michael Kruk,Stuart Roslyn A collection of orchestral cues for travel and adventure on the high seas and beyond.
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1069 True Crime Markus Gleissner,Dai Watts It's a true crime thriller full of danger, tension, suspense, forensics and building, cold, dark cinematic atmospheres. Criminals, victims and the intrigue of law courts, lawyers, judges and juries. Hospital drama and serious pressure for game shows again
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE003 North Africa - Arabic Inflections Chris Tokalon, Nic Paton,Nic Paton A timeless cinematic album of great variety and emotional depth encompassing Arabic Africa, North Africa and the Middle East – the old and new world order. It speaks of conflict, love, urgency and peace. It evokes the desert, the oasis, the busy market,
PLAN 8 MUSIC PN8CD1071 Dark Edgy Drama Markus Gleissner,Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Randall McGravey Dark guitar tension and drama background beds for secrets, intrigue, corruption, danger and suspense, mystery, crime and anticipation coupled with grungy reverb, cinematic heat, serious atmospheres for moody documentary thrillers and urban city nights
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE005 Slamming African Drums - For Sports & Action Trailers A.G Magwaza A collection of powerful African percussive tracks designed for battle on the sports field, action trailers or tense dramatic scenes. Including Zulu war drums, Nigerian talking drums through to Latin flavoured stadium slammers this album hits plenty of h
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX001 Trailer Tools - Action - Reverses Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE009 Africa Rising - Upbeat & Dramatic Ryan Grogan A cinematic safari across the African continent with a sprinkling of Asian, Indian and South American influences here and there. The album varies between upbeat and fun tracks to tense and dramatic ones.
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX005 Trailer Tools - Action - Risers Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE010 West African Drums – Authentic Rhythm! Gideon Murray, Solomon Manan Ajimah Immerse yourself in the rhythms of West Africa with this dynamic collection of African solo drum tracks commonly played across the West African region. Featuring traditional percussive instruments such as the DumDum, Talking Drum, Kpalago and the Agogo Be
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX006 Trailer Tools - Action - Alarms Nicola Ficeli, Dario Ferrante Our ever-popular Trailer Tools is back with its ACTION SERIES! This compilation delivers a wide selection of cutting-edge sound design, ranging from HITS to BOOMS, RISERS to ALARMS, and REVERSES to DOWNERS. Accent your ACTION-packed journey and race to th
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE013 SA House Flava - Amapiano Craig McGahey, Dale Blignaut, Jeff Moffatt,Wiseman Mbedu,Melvyn Riberts Super stylish, groovy, exciting, glamorous and very hip Amapiano (African House) tracks guaranteed to light up any production. Packed with plenty more infectious SA House flavoured grooves and the freshest sounds around these trend setting tracks are a mu
10 MILLES 10MILES130 Action Drama 6 - Middle East Marios Georgiades,Yehuda Ashash,David Keen,Alexander Espique Dilan Jr.,Julian Blackmore,Walter S. Pappas,Omar Fadel,Jeremy Webster,Patrick Robert Boylan,David Michael Malinich Emotional and melodic Mid East and Mediterranean Action cues, featuring East-West instrumentation, driving, deliberate, mystical, and intensely authentic.
ESSENTIAL AFRICA AFRE015 AFROdrama - Mystery A.G Magwaza African themed drama underscores expertly created for scenes focusing on mystery, intrigue, light tension and reflection. Great for daily dramas, reality TV, soaps, documentaries, crime & investigation shows and much more.
A-LIST MUSIC AL_039 Taiko Glorious Joey Peters A sonic assault of taiko drums, percussion and sound design featuring massive impacts, gongs, tribal drums, fx, cymbals, scrapes, drones and synth pulses.
IN REALITY IRL051 Dramatic Tension 7 Edgard Jaude,Jacques Brautbar,Jamal Steven Pilgrim,Jason Steele Tension drones, promo builds, and suspenseful cliff hangers containing full orchestra and dark synths. Great for reality television and all your tension needs.
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