ジャンル「シンセポップ」アルバム検索結果215件 (1/3ページ) ALBUMTRACK
NORDIC ID NORD108 Electro Cinema 1 Eirik Jacobsen, Sindre Hotvedt,Anders Paul Niska, Klas Johan Wahl The first album of the Electro Cinema series features 10 suspense and driving tracks with a touch of the 80’s retro sounds.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1028 City Nights Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth,Michael Tedstone, Paul Thorne,Michael Tedstone,Richard Smithson Youthful, lush synth pop evoking nights out and summer festivals. For ads and sync.
SONIC QUIVER SQ145 Neon Metropolis Keith M Thomson Synthy electro and dream pop with a futuristic feel right out an 80's sci-fi soundtrack.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_243 Velvet Echo Michael Jay McClellan, Stephen Michael Newman,Stephen Michael Newman, Michael Jay McClellan,Chase Baker,Chase Ryan Taylor,Scott Brenden Wiley, Stuart Barry Maxfield, Aaron David Anderson An eclectic mix across multiple genres from Velvet Echo includes rebellious indie rock, tranquil and romantic synth pop and lighthearted poptronica.
VALO ARTISTS VALO_235 Aexo Joseph Gileadi,Joseph Gileadi, Melodie Kristina Lyman,Joseph Gileadi, Melanie Shore, Jarrett DeCarl Burns,Joseph Gileadi, Craig W. Poole,Joseph Gileadi, Joslyn Poole AEXO creates soulful synth pop with an intriguing blend of EDM, energetic house drums, buoyant bass grooves, shimmering synths and passionate vocals on these dynamic electronic dance tracks.
IN-SPIRED PRODUCTION MUSIC IPM116 Synthwave Vernon Waller,David Alexander,Tom Watt,Finlay Geraghty Ride the synthwave this summer! Euphoric & epic synth pop for the big moments...
ATMOSPHERE ATMOS486 100% HER - Contemporary Songs Rachael Irene Jones,Siobhan Lynch,Kimberly Anne Sutherland, Rhiannon Mair Gray,Olivia Kierdal,Brooke Jazz Lawrence, Sophie Olivia Ackroyd,Melissa Bellm, Rhiannon Mair Gray,Agatha Antonia Abimbola Carrena, Shakirat Adenike Belewu Carrena, Simone Deborah Vi This album features the return of our joint venture with shesaid.so - 100% HER, this time showcasing contemporary pop songs. Tracks were composed, produced, mixed and mastered exclusively by women, making it once again 100% HER! | Mixed by Olga Fitzroy |
ATLANTIC SEVEN A7044 Synthia Steven Jeffries Music for sync and trailers. classic, retro analog synthesizer themes
3 MONKEYS 3M015 POP: Synthwave Klas Johan Wahl, Olivia Barley,Klas Johan Wahl, Niara Scarlette,Anders Johan Greger Lewen, Anders Paul Niska,Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Elin Porsinger, Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall,Jarkko Heiniö, Klas Johan Wahl,Eva Lind, Oliver Björkvall, Olivia Barley,Elin Pors We´re bringing you back to the 80´s with a contemporary touch! Synth pop with vocals. Gated snares, cheezy hooks and sounds that will make you think of neon, hairspray and Walkmans!
BRUTON BR726 Upbeat Indie Synth Pop Bret Levick, Sean Siders,Bret Levick, Micah Steven McCraw, Sean Siders Indie synth pop songs with upbeat vibes, lively bass, dreamy pads, and full vocals.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF124 SynthWave Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland 80's infused modern electronica, from beats and hooks to widescreen synth drama.
AND THEN SOME ATS028 Shimmer Pop Juliette T. Reilly, Patrick Kiloran,Victoria F. Beaumont,Stevie Gold, Stine M. Kinck,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove Uplifting Synth Pop featuring female vocals, contemporary beats and euphoric choruses.
SONIC OZAULT SOZ097 The Awakening Synth Pop Maggie Szabo, Ellis Miah, Federico Digeronimo,Ellis Miah, Federico Digeronimo,Ellis Miah, Federico Digeronimo, Devin Moses,Jody Den Broeder, Maggie Szabo, Ellis Miah,Devin Moses, Marvin Buessau, Ellis Miah,Jody Den Broeder, Devin Moses, Ellis Miah Uplifting and inspirational synth pop. Empowered Vocals, groovy rhythms and massive synths. Awaken and join the party!
ENERGY MUSIC EN020 COLOURS - Emotional Pop HELENA KATE BLAND, HENRI CHRISTIAAN DONDERS, Kristan James Dawson, Tom Prendergast,CATHERINE RANNUS, HENRI CHRISTIAAN DONDERS, Jamie Westgarth Shield, Lee Arthur Bailey, Tom Prendergast,Jamie Westgarth Shield, Tom Prendergast,HELENA KATE BLAND, HENRI CHRI A fresh, vocally charged, slick collection of commercial, emotional pop songs. Massive warm vocal, synth, guitar and sax hooks which lend from the 80s analogue but reside firmly in the here and now. The lyrical themes suggest a wide range of usage from ad
FRESHWORX FRX042 Slick Hop Jeremy Noel William Abbott,John Brooklyn Punchy Beat-Led Positivity - Slick and stylish, TV-friendly Hip Hop and R&B grooves for reality, daytime and make-over magic.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR218 Cyberwave X-12 Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Tristan Calder Retro Wave, Synthwave, Vaporwave, Outrun. Taking the classic 80's synth inspired soundtrack and new wave vibes and bringing them up to date with contemporary, hyped production value.
FUTURE POP FUP058 Upbeat 80s Pop (Spotlight) Edward Haydon Future Pop's Spotlight albums shine a light on composers who excel in their specialized genre. Upbeat 80s Pop by Ed Haydon features classic 80s instrumentation, dazzling energy and moods that capture the essence of the era.
BRUTON BR718 TV Pop Beds Christopher Lewis, Vance Westlake,Christopher Lewis, John Paul Rushton, Vance Westlake,Christian Jacques Pandit, Christopher Lewis, Vance Westlake Electronic/synth pop beds to underscore fashion, entertainment and reality TV.
SARAO MUSIC SA101 Retroscience Juan Jose Alba Gomez Bright with synthetic sonorities, Chill Out and Synth Pop grooves that create inspiring moods and a feel for innovation and technology.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK620 NEON CITY 80 Jean Baptiste Ayoub,Jean Baptiste Ayoub, Philippe Capelle Anthemic Electro Pop / Synth Pop in the Style of 80's Period
NOVA NOVA133 Elevate Chad Neale Cinematic Dream Pop for contemporary promos and tv entertainment featuring panoramic pulsing synths, ambient vocals, hybrid drums and shoegaze guitars.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT204 Dancefloor Pop Lee Ahmad Baker,Craig Alexander Warnock, Lee Ahmad Baker, Sean Liam Hennessey,Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz Upbeat dancefloor-friendly pop beds in various styles from chart pop, house (EDM, tropical, chilled) to funk and retro-influenced. Great for ads, reality TV shows, fashion, lifestyle, and general entertainment productions
FRONT RUNNERS FRONT113 Past Midnight Andrey Tatarinov, Bilal Mirza, Leo Eli,Bilal Mirza, Leo Eli, Stéphane Lo Jacomo,Bilal Mirza, David John Walker, Leo Eli Dark, sexy, soulful vocals over hard-hitting urban drums and lush melodies create the perfect late night vibes. Featuring vocals from M1RZA.
FRESHWORX FRX035 The Skies Brighten Steven Thomason,Frank Diamond,Jay Price,Jeremy Noel William Abbott,Frank Diamond, Liam Anderson,Billy McNamara, Frank Diamond Hopes Head Higher - Warming and aspirational indie pop for motivational stories and soaring corporate builds.
IN REALITY IRL034 Pop Underscores 3 Scott Greene,Samuel Phillip Karl Smith,Will Saulsky,John Fulford, Tomas Wischerath,Joseph Pincus, Nicholas Perloff Giles,John Fulford, Matthew Vander Boegh,Andrew Joseph Carpenter, Mark Richmond Phillips,Nate Dodge,Jason Steele,Jamal Steven Pilgrim Pop inspired underscores perfect for reality programming.
CAVENDISH MUSIC CAV480 Electronic Dreams Jasper Spencer Warm, cool and contemporary Dream Pop, Synth pop, Shoegaze and Organic Electronica
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS94 Dance Trax 7 Steve Shone,Richard Marcangelo,Steve Murrell,David Pine, Tony Woolcock,Howard Farmer, Jeff Ellis,Andrew Potterton,David Pine, Alexander Pine Dance Trax 7 is an album of high-quality media-friendly Dance Music from the Music For Sport team: Hip Hop, EDM, House, Club, Electro, Techno, Salsa, Hip House, Trap, Trance, Funk, and Synth Pop. Beats and grooves galore, dynamic builds and releases, and
ELIAS MINIMALIST EM_2914 Rhythm Foundations - 80's Pop David E. Berg,Colton Fisher, James Keith Katalbas, Jason Rabinowitz,Sarah Whittaker-Gilbey,Nard Berings,Peter Kerekes,Randy Torres,Trevor Martin,Nicholas John Rowland Tease up your hair and throw on those jelly shoes with this collection of 80's synth pop grooves and beats
ELIAS MUSIC EM2896 Independent Women Jess Nolan, Tyler Tuohy,Bre Jacobsen, Matthew Koziol, Tyler Tuohy,Natalie Royal, Tyler Tuohy,Christine Schmitt, Tyler Tuohy,Chloe Kinnon, Tyler Tuohy,Peyton Parker, Tyler Tuohy,Kelsey Reid, Tyler Tuohy,Melodie Chase, Tyler Tuohy,Jasmin Kaset, Tyler Tuohy Strong and confident women take center stage in this collection of indie electropop featuring captivating vocals and meaningful lyrical themes.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT079 Synth Pop Party Gordon Davis, Paul Newman,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Daniel Marantz, Sacha James Collisson,Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Bernadette Dowd,Lee Ahmad Baker,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler, Rob Bagshaw,Lawrence Oakley,Max Haines Radio-friendly, synth-driven pop tracks for energetic teens.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT119 Tropical Pop Matthew Fleming,Lawrence Max Gale Hayes, Louis Greenwood Sun-drenched tropical pop tunes for long summer days on the beach. Vocal samples, steal drums and pop beats all soaked in reverb with strong feel-good melodies.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR026 Urban Pop Radio Volume 1 Dameon Hughes, Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson A blend of positive, uplifitng EDM and pop.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR027 Urban Pop Radio Volume 2 Dameon Hughes, Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Feel good pop based EDM with some Hip Hop attitudes.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR184 Glowing Flow Christopher Cardena, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Powerful, positive electronic pop. Ranging from floaty half time to driving four on the floor dance club beats.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR191 Indie Pop and Chill Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, William Dennis Collins Lush Indie Pop with some new retro electro influences. A splash of the eighties with a modern twist that's perfect for indie film and TV placements.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR001 Urban Pop Radio Volume 3 Lloyd P II Mizell, Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Kevin Andrae Boland, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Andre Tavarez, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Love, passion and fashion are the calling cards of this Urban Pop and R&B album.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR003 Hard Hitting Electro Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, William Collins New Wave, 1980's movie score and driving beats.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR004 Hard Hitting Electro Volume 2 Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, William Collins Dark, driving, retro drama.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR005 Electro Pop Vol.2 Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, William Collins,Dennis MaGee Fallon, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Konstantinos Panagiotidis, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Andre Tavarez, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Lloyd P II Mizell, Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Driving dance and electro rock rhythms.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR008 Electro Dance Lloyd P II Mizell, Michael Garcia, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Dennis MaGee Fallon, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson,Andre Tavarez, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Rhythmic flavors of electro dance.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR016 Electro Pop Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Wynter Nicole Williams Electro flavors custom built for Entertainment News.
FUTURE POP FUP041 Dark Wave Pop Michael Ian Denny Wondrous, celestial synth pop that evokes emotional awe and glistening beauty.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT195 Electro Synth Pop Ashley Warren, Bjorn Nilsson, Jason Tarver,Vance Westlake, Stuart WintersIMRO, Jamie NelsonIMRO,Jonathan Philip Dix, Beck Goldsmith, Vance Westlake,Christopher James Dececio, Vance Westlake, Jonathan Siejka,Vance Westlake, Conor Blake Manning, Sophie Paul Catchy Electro Synth Pop tunes perfect for dreamy nostalgic scenes. Huge synths, reverb-laced vocals and punchy drums.
VITAMIN A VTM-A42 Future Beats Keegan Meiring,Keegan Meiring, William Henderson A collection of modern, electronic pop, featuring male and female vocals. Genres spanning from big room, future bass and electro-house.
A-LIST RECORDS AR008 VAYY - Black Crow Mawk Phoenix, VAYY,Judith Martin, Mawk Phoenix, VAYY VAYY delivers atmospheric synth pop tracks that build to the sky with emotion and verve, featuring booming drums, elegant keys and celestial vocals
LIFTMUSIC LIFT174 Let The Machines Do The Work Ewan Lawson A collection of robotic electronica & synth pop for hi-tech assembly lines, industrious machinery, data processing & futuristic technology
SCORE ADDICTION SDN026 Fade To Black Huw Williams 80's Inspired Synth Pop & Retrowave Soundtracks
AND THEN SOME ATS013 Synth Pop Robert W. Lamond,Jonathan B. Buchanan,Alkalein,Alkalein, Sashi Graham Feel-good, synth pop nostalgia, featuring female vocals, hooky synth and guitar riffs, and driving 808 beats
GUM TAPES GTP154 Synthwave Loic Pichard,Matthieu Joly,Simon Bridonneau,Antoine Petri, Frederic Schumann,Laurent Cuenca Picture yourself driving on a road by the sea at sunset. This collection of analog pieces full of arpeggios and synth pads brings back to life the colors of the 80s mixed with today's production quality.
VITAMIN A VTM-A41 Summer Nights Ross Fraser Cool male and female vocal pop with a summery electronic flair. Styles ranging from synth pop, contemporary beats and smooth house.
BRUTON BR662 Chart Pop 4 Cody William Falkosky,Jason Zachary Parris, Jimmy Andrew Richard,Hero Perry DeLano, Jason Zachary Parris, Moses Haughton,Jason Zachary Parris, Moses Haughton From funky party pop to chill hip-hop and tropical beats. The latest chart sounds featuring full vocal and instrumental versions.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM115 Exo Skeleton Charles Edward Heinz A collection of various synth cues including 80s synth pop, investigative synth themes and suspenseful sound design.
INVASION FROM MARS IFM120 Sugar Pop James Riordon Norman, Jose Manuel Sanchez Miranda RosSGAE,James Riordon Norman Brace yourself for a tidal wave of synth-pop party mayhem coming your way! Upbeat commercial pop beats star-burst into dramatically happy synths cues.
CAPITOL STUDIO MASTERS CAP105 Soundtrack of Dreams Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Jonathan Averbook,Derek Long, Jaron Takach, Jonathan Averbook, Timothy Greer,Derek Long, Jaron Takach,Derek Long, Effie Passero, Jaron Takach, Jonathan Averbook A blend of emotive synth pop and shoegaze electro. Swelling synthesizers, tepid drumming, scattered bass-lines, saxophones, and a seemingly endless supply of guitars - creates over-the-top synthetic stadium-prog that builds to a beyond-satisfying crescend
FOCUS FCD429 Disco-Tinged Indie Ben Graham McLusky, Vance Westlake,Matthew Richard Salvage, Samuel Wesley Tattersall,Peter Peters, Vance Westlake,Christopher Lewis, Vance Westlake,Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake,Elizabeth Ruth Argent, Paul Timothy Carr, Vance Westlake All spangling guitars and glitzy earworms with gated snares and 80’s shimmering synths.
SARAO MUSIC SA088 Smart Electro Thibault Parker Light, floating and bouncy, featuring electronic elements with Pop styles that create moods of innovation and progress.
REVERBNATION MUSIC RNM086 Artist Feature: Ivan Ives Vol.2 Ivan Ives, Gregg A. Allen,Ivan Ives,Ivan Ives, Dean Alexiou,Ivan Ives, Aaron Matthew Marsh Ivan Ives delivers a new batch of hip hop tracks. This time around, he's blended other genres into the mix, including Dubstep and 80s synth pop.
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM319 Top 40 2019 Robert De Fresnes,Ben Macklin,Luke Jones,Robert De Fresnes, Chris Bucknall Chart influenced pop sounds tracks from the sound of 2019
LIFTMUSIC LIFT169 Beats & Pieces Jon Boorman, Alan Boorman,Dave Bloor,Eamon Downes,Oliver Kilpatrick,Lee Baker,Len Van De Laak, Tim Barning,Rob Savage,Robert Thomas A cool compilation of modern electronica & dance tracks. Driving big beat anthems, punky rave euphoria, mashed up jungle breaks, analogue synth pop, futuristic tech house & cinematic electro funk
FRESHWORX FRX024 Bigger Picture Positive Steven Thomason,Adam Matthew,Peter Payter Wide-Angle Corporate - Polished and positive soundtracks for progress, technology and a bright, beautiful future.
GARELIE GAL184 So Galerie! 80s Wave Laurent Vernerey, Regis Ceccarelli,Franck Fossey,Gaby Concato, Norman Langolff,Arnaud Rignon, Norman Langolff,Jean-François Berger,Mickey Bruce, Richard Mark Salmon Get back to the 80's with this new wave, cold wave and synth pop selection. Stems available in 'Refine this album in search' mode.
GUM TAPES GTP124 Stories Timothee Zephir,Antoine Boistelle, Fabien Langard,Olivier Visconti, Stéphane Lozac'h,Olivier Visconti,Camille Ballon,Afife Siva Gerede, Marc Reghay,Clélia Félix,Thomas Didier,Armand Falco, Khatchadour Babelian, Michaël Larcanche,Eric Heber Suffrin Uplifting music for millennials. STEMS AVAILABLE ON DEMAND.
SEVENTH SENCE SVN029 Emotive Songs 4 Jonathan Josue Monroy, Matthew Todd Naylor, Oliver Spencer Emotionally charged songs with passionate vocal hooks, perfect for epic trailers and promos.
VITAMIN A VTM-A38 Top Ten Sounds Ross Fraser Emotive male and female vocal pop with chart influences. Styles ranging from cool pop, contemporary acoustic and airy R&B, featuring moody themes and smooth synths.
SARAO MUSIC SA083 Pop 80s Juan Jose Alba Gomez,Raul del Moral Redondo,Arnau Giordani Calsina, Miki Grau Bright and bouncy, featuring synth pop elements of the 80's, male and female lead vocals that creates an optimistic, upbeat mood.
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM336 ACIDMATH Regis MAISONNAVE Electro synth pop for lounge, chill and psychedelic addicts, dream garanteed
GARELIE GAL179 French Pop Attitude Delphine Dupont, Gérôme Gallo Quirky & trendy indie French pop with an 80's twist! Female and male vocals. The perfect selection for promos, brand content and entertainment! STEMS available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
VELOCITY VL190 The Blissful Popternative Aaron Kelley, Skinny Williams,Chris Penny, Skinny Williams A lush and pulsing sonic landscape of danceable pop music with alternative tendencies. Divinely synthesized pop candy.
EVO EVO301 Power Sports Promotion Jack David Elliot,Joey Casanova, Patrick J Avard,Richard Friedman A collection of dynamic and powerful sonic imprints for sports promotion, highlights and game day rituals. Features a mix of synth-pop, EDM & traditional sports orchestra
NOVA NOVA117 Melodic Electronica Douglas Johan Holmquist Fresh programmed beats with multi-layered melodic synths.
FRESHWORX FRX005 Indietronic Alan Newman, Toby Fortress,Alfie Solo, Luther Calliope,Brian Lovechild, Nicholas Waddington,Frank Diamond,Nicholas Waddington Frequency Sequencing - To-the-stars guitars with super-dynamic soaring synth warmth, fun, rousing-rhythms and dynamic drum-drive. Have fun, dance hard.
FRESHWORX FRX010 Whipcrack Wonder Pop Gordon Johnsson, John Brooklyn,Hannah Lucy Melbourn, Peter Enfield,Peter Enfield Very Now Super Sounds - Modern and massive pop-EDM euphoric-exultations. Beat-heat, synth, stutters and wide-smiles.
SARAO MUSIC SA081 Massive Pop Arnau Giordani Calsina, Miguel Mazon Grau Bright and uplifting, in the style of Indie Pop, Synth Pop and Dance Pop, featuring male lead vocals that create moods of inspiration, empowerment and romance.
SCORE PRODUCTION MUSIC SCORE136 VINTAGE ELECTROPOP Amy Collins, Martyn Stonehouse An authentic collection of sincere electropop songs. Retro slick production and sublime, natural female vocals evoke effortless cool and timeless classic sounds.
BRUTON BR671 Soaring Indie Pop Vance Westlake, Christopher Lewis,Vance Westlake, Christopher Lewis, Christian Jacques Pandit Soaring, building and driving indie pop. Atmospheric synthesizers, reverb drenched guitars, big punchy drums and wordless hooks.
BRUTON BR673 Hearts On Fire Matthew Todd Naylor, Jonathan Josue Monroy,Matthew Todd Naylor, Lestley Renaldo Pierce Jr., Jonathan Josue Monroy, Christopher Darius Pierce,Matthew Todd Naylor, Lestley Renaldo Pierce Jr.,Matthew Todd Naylor, Lestley Renaldo Pierce Jr., Jonathan Josue Mo Brooding ballads and emotive songs all with powerful vocals and useful lyric hooks. Perfect for promos.
10 Milles 10MILES028 10 Miles of Pop, Dance and Fashion 2 Alon Rafael Soker Upbeat and Emotional Electronic Synth Pop, with lush and melodic synthesizers, and steady Dance drum beats
10 Milles 10MILES011 10 Miles of Business corporate and Technology 1 Oded Fried-Gaon,Nadav Liber,Oded Fried-Gaon, Guy Zion Geulem Emotional Electronica and Ambient Pop, good for Corporate, Business Technology, and Documentaries
A REMARKABLE IDEA ARI108 Promenade - Matt Peel Benson Taylor,Darren Lord,France Nadeem Lahmar,Jake Cope,Joshua Lewis,Matthew Peel British Record Producer Matt Peel, known for producing the Kaiser Chiefs and Eagulls, brings us pure 80's analogue Synthwave
SPOT ON SPOTON0016 Defining Moments Dain Luscombe,Benjamin Krause,Jack DavidElliot,Seth Littlefield,Leonard C Miller,Dimitris Mann,Samuel Steir,Aaron Albert Srdoc,ZachLemmon,Ken James Gibson,Scott Michael Smith Contemporary tracks which build along a pivotal dramatic arc, highlighting a discernible shift to something bigger or better
MATCH MUSIC MXS025 Power Pop Anders Gunnar Kampe,Henrik Lars Wikstrom,Louise Dowd,Jeremy Noel William Abbott,Louise Dowd,Stephen William Cornish,Niklas Rolf Edberger,Richard James Neale,Michael Ellgren,Jens Inge Bertil Johansson Vibrant contemporary electronic pop with soaring vocals
AIRPLAY ARP22 Feelgood Radio Dave Bethell,Geoffrey Michael Geier,Dave Bethell Radio ready pop beats, mainstream EDM and fresh feel-good vibes
CDM MUSIC LIBRARY CDM326 Midnight Overdrive Greg Ermin,Baptiste Charles,Charles Cates,Florent Duclos,Benoit Jego,Francois Maigret,Julien Auclair,Mylene BAILLON,Julien Auclair,Sylvain Poge,Fabien Carouge a futuristic vision of neon electro & synth pop set in th glorious 80s
BRUTON BR667 Fresh Sparkling Pop Christopher Lewis,Vance Westlake,Christopher Lewis,Vance Westlake,Christian Jacques Pandit Fresh sparkling pop to quench your thirst and bring zest back to your entertainment TV and adverts
LIQUID CINEMA INSD0134 Electro Pop Party Alec Lee Justice,Benjamin Andrew James MacDougall,Daniel James Mumford,Carlin Jared Guthrie,Andrew Jeffrey Miller,Cody M Johnson Find the perfect start to any dance party with these modern, upbeat synth pop instrumentals Complete with influences of contemporary, upbeat EDM, funk & 80's cool they are exciting, happy & always energetic It's time to raise the roof!
FLAVA OF THE MONTH FLAVA084 Flava Of The Month Dec 18 Billy Elson Farmer,Thomas Donovan,Christopher Bangs FLAVA of the month, cool original music reflecting what's hot right now! Alt synth pop, glitchy dub-step & seductive house!
BRUTON BR659 Indie Psych Rock Matthew A Thomas,Ryan William Keaton Upbeat indie and pop rock with fun guitar riffs, cool synths, and stomping drums
SPOT ON SPOTON0013 Jump For Joy Benjamin Krause,John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Dain Luscombe,Charles A Jr Pollard,Raul A Medina,Mireya Valdes Medina,Samuel Steir,Aaron Albert Srdoc,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt,Eric Lilavois,Jack DavidElliot,Brian C Chapman,Alexander Richard Kopp,Samuel Steir,Jess Friendly, positive tracks in the styles of happy Acoustic, upbeat Rock and motivational Pop
SPOT ON SPOTON0005 Poptimistic Jack DavidElliot,Charles A Jr Pollard,John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Samuel Steir,Joy Ngiaw,Scott Michael Smith,Lee Gordon,Nathaniel Cooper,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt,Eric Lilavois,Imre Czomba,Samuel Steir,Jessica Rae Huber,Dimitris Mann,John Pregler,Anthony Mili Energetic, enthusiastic Pop and Rock that will lift your spirits and brighten your day
SPOT ON SPOTON0009 Effervescence Dain Luscombe,John Pregler,Bernard Perry,Lee Gordon,Benjamin Krause,Samuel Steir,Scott Michael Smith,Raul A Medina,Seth Littlefield,Benjamin Krause,Jake Goldman,Dimitris Mann,Jimi Englund,Christopher Timm Beaty,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt,Eric Lilavois,Julian Positive, upbeat, confident, and reassuring Pop Rock
SPOT ON SPOTON0010 Sky High Dain Luscombe,Benjamin Krause,Scott Michael Smith,Leonard C Miller,Dimitris Mann,Lee Gordon,Nathaniel Cooper,Michael Alan Levine,Bijan Anthony Olia,Benjamin Krause,Samuel Steir,Imre Czomba,Jack DavidElliot,Seth Littlefield,ZachLemmon Hopeful, inspiring, dreamy, inquisitive and reflective tracks in a range of styles and degrees of ambience
NON-STOP MUSIC NSPS324 Fresh Rock Matthew S Orr,Chase Baker,Chanceller F Clift,Gabriel Candiani,Jake Jones,Gabriel Candiani,Chad Lane Crawford,Noah Ruble Light Synth Pop and Acoustic Pop with huge synth bass, grooving drums Electric, Manic, and Fun
FUTURE POP FUP004 Modern Synth Pop Andrew Hall,Kee Chung,Howard A Alper,Kazumi Koyama,Joao Gabriel Gulman Rodrigues,Stef Tahlia,Thomas Henry McFall,Jason John Dean,Dyfan Owain Jones Emotive, dramatic and seriously cool Epic, modern synths and powerful electro beats with poignant, uplifting choruses
SARAO MUSIC SA074 Synth Pop, New Wave Jose Xorto Prados Bright and bouncy, in the styles of Chillwave, Synth Pop and Dream Pop, featuring male lead vocals, synth textures and synth drum grooves that create a dreamy, optimistic mood
A-LIST RECORDS AR006 Sikora - Tidal Wave Elizabeth Forde,Matthew Thomas Sikora The next wave of future bass featuring massive synths, West Coast guitars and club-destroying beats from Sikora, the dynamic male and female vocal duo
CHAPPELL GRAND STAGE CGS017 Infectious Indie Ben Ziapour,David Gerard Lawrence,Matthew Salvage,Sam Tattersall Infuriatingly Catchy Ear-worms and Infectious Riffs Youthful and Festival Friendly
CHAPPELL GRAND STAGE CGS018 Synth Pop Jason Tarver,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Bjorn Nilsson,Ashley Warren,Bjorn Nilsson,Luke Masih,Swati Khunti A blend of upbeat contemporary synth pop with a retro inspired 80's vibe Packed with shimmering synths and anthemic vocals
FOCUS FCD414 Here Come The Girls Michael Alan Raphael Celebrating the female artists and vocalists of the world, with a selection of singer-songwriter pop, rock and dance songs, led by a powerful female vocal
BERLIN PRODUCTION MUSIC BER1269 Signal EP The Fold,Thomas Geiger The newcomer artists BECAUSE THE NIGHT with their first EP Ambient, melancholic, dreamy and touching vocal synth pop - music with attitude! Get inspired and let yourself fall under their spell
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM171 Essence Of 1980's Heroic Pop Mike Reed,Toby Bricheno,James Graydon,James Nisbet,Dan McGrath,Owen Gurry,Jacopo Tittarelli Rubolli Relive the synth pop renaissance of the 1980's, with uplifting displays of electronic nostalgia synonymous to a favourite bygone era
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