今月の新譜一覧 (160アルバム)
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM431 Factual Drama Richard Chorzelski Emotive ranges for personal stories; tension and pensive tales in a modern documentary sound
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM430 Qatar Pop Oscar Doom Upbeat; exciting and atmospheric middle east Pop & EDM
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM429 Emotive Piano & Strings Mike Beever, Mike Newport Tender and poignant contemporary piano for emotion moments and subtle drama
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM428 Entranced Emma Heathcote Joyous and emotive Piano and string album for tender and poignant stories
RELIABLE SOURCE MUSIC RSM427 A Royal Life Jonathan Vincent, Sandy Nuttgens An emotive and storytelling string album aimed at coverage of the royal family. Moods ranging from Elegance and grandeur to solemn and sombre
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK684 Moment Of Fullness Cyril Duflot Verez,Christophe Allemand, Jean Francois Bourassin Poetic, graceful and contemplative film scores with New Age and ethno flavors
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO291 Super Sweet Pop Milkuro Super sweet electronic dance funk fun! Advertising, fashion, kids, online, happy, cute, feel-good positivity, upbeat and bouncy danceable moods, carefree and relaxed to bubbly and elated
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO290 Cool Marching Band Kristofor Josef Anderson,Jake Leander Bradford-Sharp American high school college marching band style sports and game show competition with a cool attitude twist! Happy motivation, rhythmic and fun, positive, cheerful for challenges and action
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO289 UK Drill Beds Thomas Christopher Stickels UK London style drill hip hop, chilled out and relaxed mood to anxious tension anticipation, cool, reflective for city life, documentaries, reality TV, video games, online use, crime drama
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO288 Ambient Impressions Steve Buick Atmospheric ambience to set the scene, featuring emotive string and piano melodies, slow, soft and gentle to light tension and drama
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO287 Rock N Roll Vol 3 Loz Netto,Jason Mason,Paul Williams,Bear Cat Phillips,Douglas Ian Kinloch Upbeat, fun and crazy rock and roll, jives and kitsch cheesy moods, happy and jaunty feel good, light-hearted and bright for TV, comedy and kids
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM416 Neo Soul Lincoln Jean-Marie,Mark Walker, Lincoln Jean-Marie,Mark Walker, Earl Dawkins, Lincoln Jean-Marie Delightfully inspiring and uplifting soul anthems come to life through infectious grooves and expressive vocal leads.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC131 Neutral & Inventive Sebastian Parche, Rainer Quade Minimalist and universally usable pieces with mallet instruments and finely accentuated electronic components - inventiveness, innovation, clever conclusions.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC130 Dark Defense Darren Campbell Jenkins,Christoph Schade,Anselm Kreuzer,Peter Moslener, Daniel Backes,Darren Campbell Jenkins, Dimitrios Papageorgiou,Daniel Brown,Alan Jay Reed,Stefan Schnabel,Robert Sternbach,Vincent Blauberg Oppressive, dystopian suspense music with industrial character. Sounds like: stressful situations in bitter conflicts, espionage and the dangerous investigation of serious crimes.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC129 Quirky Entertainment Benedikt Kuhn,Anselm Kreuzer,Martin Straka, Benedikt Kuhn,Felix Mannherz, Michael Bibo,Hanjo Gaebler,Markus Segschneider,Ingo Hassenstein,Sebastian Hassler,Anselm Kreuzer, Markus Segschneider,Sascha Blank,Alan Jay Reed,Hans Christian Petzoldt,Chris Alexander Schuetze,Martin Straka,Vincent Blauberg A colorful, whimsical and quirky-humorous collection of music with influences ranging from electro swing to polka - stylistically diverse from modern retro feel to acoustic arrangements to a cappella vocals - perfect for quality entertainment and tongue-i
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC128 Dramatic Openings Anselm Kreuzer,Sascha Blank,Ralf Gottlieb,Sebastian Hassler,Alex Wartan,Stephan Schelens,Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber,Christoph Terbuyken,Mirko Rizzello,Darren Campbell Jenkins,Hans Christian Petzoldt,Rene Muenzer,Fabian Bitter,Citokid,Frank Albertsen,Alex Cherevkov,Alan Jay Reed,Thomas Stanger,Dorothy Holm,Ingo Hassenstein, Daniel Schunn,Michael Adels Captivating and emotional opening music with cinematic pathos - from small motifs to dramatic climaxes. Various expressive styles from historical drama to economic miracles to biographical themes. Perfect as opening music or recurring themes for documenta
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC127 Backstory Investigation Frank Albertsen,Jean-Eric Bohdanowicz,Aleksei Artishevski,Ingo Hassenstein, Daniel Schunn,Rene Muenzer,Anselm Kreuzer, Markus Segschneider,Jian Xiong,Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber,Alex Cherevkov,Darren Campbell Jenkins, Dimitrios Papageorgiou,Stephan Schelens,Ralf Goebel, Axel Broszeit,Mirko Rizzello,Anselm Kreuzer,Fabian Bitter,Robert Sternbach,Citokid,Dominik Matzka,Findus Englbrecht,Alan Jay Reed Mysterious, exciting and dramatically increasing underscores for documentaries and investigative journalism - from the first lead to the breakthrough.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC126 Percussive Underscore Morten Johanson Versatile percussive instrumentals with influences from industrial and world music - to increase tension and intensity in an unconventional way.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC125 Urban Groove Yannik Obel Contemporary trap beats underline stories in an urban context: parties, fashion, underground culture and criminal milieus.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC124 Sublime String Quartet Edward Knight, Or Kribos Noble and sublime string quartets in a timeless style between baroque and classical, partly with well known classical themes and always arranged with love to accompany special scenes - from culinary delights to wedding and seasonal festivities to historic
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC123 Tiny Animals Felix Thoma Droll little wild animals explore the world. Loose handmade tracks illustrate their playing, romping and everything else they experience.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC122 Moods & Colors Rene Muenzer, Claus Quidde Atmospheric blurred tracks between ambient and minimalism for urban scenes and motifs - all facets from pulsating lightness to big city stress.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC121 Neutral Facts Robert Sternbach,Fire Rabbit, Electrical Mayhem,Anselm Kreuzer,Findus Englbrecht, Tony Delmonte,Michi Koerner, Chris Gilcher,Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener,Michi Koerner, Sebastian Watzinger,Christoph Schade,Citokid,Sebastian Parche, Rainer Quade Analytical, serious and reduced music beds for journalistic reporting, documentaries or short info videos.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC120 Modern 80s Moritz Schuster, Thomas Stanger Glamorous retro tracks between funk, disco and synth-pop, reviving the unmistakable flair of the 80s. Perfect for light fashion and tabloid themes, promo trailers or commercials.
MUSIC SCULPTOR GMBH MSC119 Romantic Piano Nicklas Ohlsson,Morten Johanson, Nicklas Ohlsson Heart-touching solo piano full of warmth and intimacy for all romantic emotional states: friendship, love, reconciliation, regret, melancholy, separation... And always desire!.
MINIM MNM122 Slapstick Comedy Mischief Steven John Cracknell,Alexander Ewen Young Joyful quirky tunes with live instruments for happy playful moments.
ONETRACKADAY M106 Nordik crime vol.2 Luigi Seviroli String quartet based dark drama
ONETRACKADAY M105 Nordik crime vol.1 Luigi Seviroli String quartet based dark drama
LOVELY MUSIC LVM174 Cop Action TV! Ioannis Moutzouris, Alberto Sueri, Alessandro Mastroianni Pulsing excitement for brave cops keeping the streets safe.
LOVELY MUSIC LVM173 UFO Hunters Lionel Schmitt Incredible alien mystery textures for UFO TV shows and other awe-inspiring explorations of the unexplained.
GOTHIC STORM MUSIC TOOL WORKS GTW124 Tortured Violin Horror FX Christoph Allerstorfer, Alessandro Camnasio An innocent violin is plucked, stretched, dragged and scratched until it screams. Each horrific sound is presented in three progressively more disturbing natural, main and intense variations.
GOTHIC STORM MUSIC GOTHIC077 Hannutopia - The Musical World of Hannu Honkonen Hannu Teemu Tapani Honkonen,Mikko Lempinen, Hannu Teemu Tapani Honkonen Passionate masterpiece from major trailer composer Hannu Honkonen. Live strings and vocals paint breathtaking utopian-dystopian fantasy vistas. A pure artistic expression of Hannu's true musical loves.
EPIC SCORE ES072 Epic Hybrid Action: Alien Battlefield Timothy Peter Cole Stoney Orchestral elements and sound design combined with powerful percussion and strong emotions.
CAVENDISH ARCHIVE CAVA0047 Archive Remixed: Boca 45 Edition Ray Davies, Scott Hendy,Steve Gray, Scott Hendy,Chris Barron, Scott Hendy,Scott Hendy, John Scott,Scott Hendy, Alan Langford,Sam Fonteyn, Scott Hendy,Scott Hendy, Gus Stephens,Scott Hendy, Malcolm Lockyer,Scott Hendy,Scott Hendy, Edward White,Scott Hendy, Peter Leonard Durrent, Pamela Jackson Bristol hip hop institution Boca 45 digs deep into the Boosey & Hawkes and Cavendish vinyl archives and puts his trademark drum-heavy spin on a selection of rare library cuts from the 60s and 70s in this collection of boom bap, feel good big beat, tough b
MUSIC FOR SPORT MFS111 Sailing 3 Steve Stapley,Mike Koch,Peter Jagger,Simon Webb, Peter Jagger,Jerome Van Den Berghe,Jay Stapley,Dai Watts,Alessandro Ponti SAILING 3 is a hugely evocative sailing and water sports album with tracks in a variety of moods and styles. All tracks have multiple versions including underscores. stings, loops, and commercial lengths.
PANAMA MUSIC LIBRARY PANAMA085 REFLECTIVE MOODS Peter Carnell,Kayleigh Huelin,Jim Gill,David Jensen,Angie Diggins,John Littlehales,Val Fay,Anthony Joseph Panama Music Library - Reflective music 10 tracks
PANAMA MUSIC LIBRARY PANAMA084 LO-FI MYSTERY Kayleigh Huelin Panama Music Library - Lo-Fi Music 8 tracks
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX023A Signature Sounds - In All Keys (vol. 2) Henning Hansen,Marc Aaron Jacobs,(Beto) Mario Alberto Vázquez Fortis,Tito Huapaya,Jonathan Altenmuller,Sergey Halenko,Filip Lacković,Arvids Saulitis Find Your Signature Sound! This massive collection of signature sounds have all been meticulously hand-crafted and designed to help unleash your imagination and creativity to the world. Each Sound Design element has been recorded in each key, making ada
TONAL CHAOS TCTSDX023 Signature Sounds - In All Keys (vol. 1) Marc Aaron Jacobs,Sergey Halenko,(Beto) Mario Alberto Vázquez Fortis,Filip Lacković,Adrian Valdez,Tito Huapaya,Arvids Saulitis,Jonathan Altenmuller Find Your Signature Sound! This massive collection of signature sounds have all been meticulously hand-crafted and designed to help unleash your imagination and creativity to the world. Each Sound Design element has been recorded in each key, making adap
ALPHASONIC ALPHA059 Cuban Percussion João Sorriso An collection of authentic Afro-Cuban percussion grooves covering a variety of traditional popular folkloric dance styles
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK682 Sci Fi Investigation Jean Baptiste Ayoub Futuristic electronic investigation scores with 80's Synthwave tunes
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS125 Funky Punky Pop (70s & 80s vibes) Esme Lila Sarfas, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Roo Garvey, Molly Jackson,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Molly Jackson, Roo Garvey,Aaron Kieran Neville, Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Roo Garvey, Molly Jackson An album full of 70s and 80s influenced punky funk tracks with a pop feel. Leftfield in its approach with it's mix up of styles and eras. Male and female vocals. Stems are available on request.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS124 Modern India Heetan Manilal Jethwa An album full of modern beats & sounds intertwined with traditional authentic Indian instrumentation. Ideal for any backdrop to modern India. Perfect for drama, reality and documentary usage. Lot's of variation in the alternative versions and stems are av
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS123 Small Quirky Orchestra For Eccentric Storytelling Marco Andrea Pes,Davide Merola Tammaro,Mariano Roberto Iannone An album full of quirky and whimsical orchestral tracks with the focus on small and detailed instrumentation. Think of a Wes Anderson film style. Emotions include: happy, sad, comical, love, romance, perculiar, feel-good and charming! LOTS of variation in
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS122 Threat & Danger (Textures, Ambience & Beats) James Richard Cooper, Paul Simon Brown, Andrew Charles Pye An album full of cinematic textures, ambiences and hard beats for all levels of danger, threat and fear. Exploring the dangerous side of human emotions and situations people find themselves in. Perfect for contemporary drama, investigation, crime & docume
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS121 Living On Sunshine (Big Songs For Big Moments) Graeme Richard Michael Stanton Four uplifting feel good SONGS with a big country rock vibe. It's all about the sunshine & goodtimes ya'll. Perfect for Romance, Love, Drama, Cowboys and aspirational dreams! MALE VOCALS. Stems are available.
THE MUSIC SUPERVISORS TMS120 Positive Modern Lives (Feel Good Alt Pop) Quinn Patrick Scharber, Justin John Krol An album full of guitar and synth led tracks. All with a modern clean vibe. Emotions and usages include: reality, youth, travel, teenagers, sunsets, summer, holidaying, romance, modern drama, documentaries. Lot's of variation in the alternative versions a
TELE MUSIC TMCD1379 Guitarscapes Jacob Mook Beautiful atmos themes with electric guitar chords. Delicate, aerial and emotional. Perfect for nature documentaries and human stories.
POPCORN MUSIC LTD POPC028 The Great Pizzicato Pilfer Daniel Paul Adock,Darren Guy Mudge,Harry Francis, James Winston Green,David Bertrand Holland,Ruben Sonnoli, Dario Ferrante,James Winston Green,Filip Lackovic The very finest pizzicato pieces plucked for our gallery. From dramedy, quirky and curious to upbeat, fun and a little scary.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM412 Mellodia Marc Vickers A perfectly contemporary assortment of luscious tropical flavours; spanning everything from breezy afrobeats to summer time pop.
ARTFUL RECORDED MUSIC LIBRARY ARTF117 InterContinental lofi 3 Garry Donald William Judd Authentic underground #lofi #chillhop #study beats from one of the scene’s top producers
PANAMA MUSIC LIBRARY PANAMA083 LO FI AMBIENT Kayleigh Huelin,Stephen Hardaker Panama Music Library - Lo Fi music 9 tracks
WARNER BROS. PRODUCTION MUSIC WBTVUK043 Emotive And Uplifting Mark Russell A collection of uplifting and emotive cues for film and TV dramas.
VITAMIN A VTM-A47 Future Beats 2 Keegan Meiring A continuation of modern electro-pop sounds with male and female vocals. Genres include electro house, tropical dance, and retro beats.
VELOCITY VL212 The NeonSput Sessions - In My Bag Chris Penny, Dwayne Eric Thomas Jr, Robert Searight, Skinny Williams,Dominique Xavier Taplin, Dwayne Eric Thomas Jr, Mark Justin Lettieri, Robert Searight, Skinny Williams Volume 2 of our killer collaboration with the legendary rhythmic duo of Sput Searight and MonoNeon expands their sick, locked-in groves m into an array of genres including Club Soul, Afro-beat, modern R&B and more. Chris Penny of the Velocity family, is b
TRUE STORIES TRU170 Moments from Disaster Daniel Jansson,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Tim Gilbert,Thom Powell, Trent Larsen,Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan Suspense and anticipation for disasters, cliffhangers, mishaps and factual shows
TRUE STORIES TRU169 Ambient Blooms Lincoln Jaeger,Stacey Leon Ambient, atmospheric drones and backdrops. Strings and synths that slowly build, swell and bloom.
SEVENTH SENCE SVN056 Edge Of Elysium Ivvi, Michael Werner Maas,Andreas Viktor Patrik Ahlm,Thomas Graham Evans,Tom Samson Epic cinematic drama with piano, orchestra and ethereal vocal textures. Ideal for trailers, dramas, storytelling & fantasy.
SEVENTH SENCE SVN055 Building Beats David Thomas Connolly, Max Samuel Rowat,Liron Linker, Or Chausha,Or Chausha,Gresby Race Nash Ear bleeding, rolling warehouse beats customised for trailers, promos & games. Intense & industrial techno for action-packed content.
STORYTELLER STORY017 Transient Moods Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno,Joel Goodman,Benjamin Krause, Joel Goodman,Joel Goodman, Kevin Bluhm,Andrew Benjamin DeWitt, Joel Goodman A collection of short cues and transitions in a variety of positive moods and styles.
SKETCH MUSIC SKE017 Hopeful Moments Christian Tschuggnall,Sam Cleeve,Enrico Cacace Positive piano stories filled with hope, happiness and wonder.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN058 Operation Rampage: Trailers Vol.6 Peter Nickalls,Luke Gordon,Samuel Griffiths Dark, menacing, tension-driven trailers. Audio-glue to keep eyes stuck to the screen and butts stuck to the seat.
SCORING PICTURES SCP019 Quirky Dramedy Tension Axel Nouveau, David Vadant,François Rousselot, Gabriel Marini,Théo Croix,David Vadant, Romain Allender,Jean-Pierre Ensuque,Daniel Diaz,Damien Salançon,Nathalie Bonin,Geoffroy Berlioz A quirky selection of light-tension, dramedy and suspenseful cues. These light orchestral themes are perfect for reality TV, cookery, TV sitcoms, comedies and peculiar documentaries. Stems available in 'Refine this album in Search' mode.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR248 True Crime Vol.2 Charles Avery Stites, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Synth based drones that swirl and swell creating a perfect bed for true crime and investigative programming.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR247 Action Drama Orchestral Idan Yakov, Ran Shir, Rotem Moav Dramatic strings, pounding, epic drums and percussion. Intense, victorious and adventurous themes.
SARAO MUSIC SA115 Motivational Indie Raul Bonilla Vendrell Energetic and enthusiastic, with Pop Rock elements, featuring electric guitar, synth textures and driving drums that create moods of motivation and determination.
RADAR RDR041 Lightwork Adam Duncan Strong Mcloughlin, Jake John Heath, Michael Ruddlesden, Sebastian Harry Oliver Skelly Artist: dat BRASS
PATCHWORK PWLP0044 Modern Way Teddy Lasry This is the 44th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1979. Composed by Teddy Lasry. A side; Experimental synthwave. B side: Jazz rock / Jazz funk. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
PATCHWORK PWLP0042 Moods Guy Boulanger,Edgar Cosma, Vladimir Cosma This is the 42nd album of the famous Patchwork French vintage catalogue, initially released in 1979. Composed by Guy Boulanger, Vladimir Cosma and Edgar Cosma. Experimental space rock, prog-rock, pre trip-hop. Digitalized & mastered from the original viny
PATCHWORK PWLP0041 Guerre et paix - Suite impressionniste Pimper Carola, Theodor Grigoriu,Edmond Missa, Pierre Laurency This is the 41th album of the famous Patchwork French vintage catalogue, initially released in 1979. Composed by Théodor Grigoriu, Pimper Carola, Pierre Laurency and Edmond Missa. Classical influence orchestral score. Digitalized & mastered from the origi
PATCHWORK PWLP0040 Jingles Teddy Lasry,Claude Perraudin,Guy Boulanger,Valto Laitinen This is the 40th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1979. Composed by Teddy Lasry (aka John Lagan), Claude Perraudin, Guy Boulanger and Valto Laitinen. Various TV and radio jingles and beds. Digitalized & mastere
PATCHWORK PWLP0039 Sixties Rock Hits C Cardwin This is the 39th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1978. Composed by Cliff Cardwin. 60s Rock'n'roll, Rockabilly and Boogie. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
PATCHWORK PWLP0038 Industry Guy Boulanger,Edgar Cosma, Vladimir Cosma,Norbert Mercier This is the 38th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1978. Composed by Guy Boulanger, Vladimir Cosma, Edgar Cosma and Norbert Mercier. Experimental. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
PATCHWORK PWLP0036 Moyen-Âge Georges Delerue This is the 36th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1978. Composed by Georges Delerue. Medieval and Biblical music. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
PATCHWORK PWLP0033 Des Carpates au Baïkal Pimper Carola, Vladimir Cosma This is the 33rd album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1978. Composed by Vladimir Cosma and Pimper Carola. Traditional folk music from Hungary, Romania, Central Asia, Transylvania and Russia. Digitalized and mastere
PATCHWORK PWLP0032 Les structures sonores Jacques Lasry,Jacques Lasry, Stany Lasry This is the 32nd album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1978. Composed by Jacques and Stany Lasry. Contemporary, experimental, ambient. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
PATCHWORK PWLP0030 Harpe, Flûte, Cor anglais, Clavecin Jacky Giordano, Jean Breuzet,Bernard Gérard,Georges Delerue This is the 30th album of the famous French vintage catalogue Patchwork, initially released in 1977. Composed by Jean Breuzet and Jacky Giordano. Classical influence. Digitalized & mastered from the original vinyl.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT229 Fantastic Funk Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Hugh Robert Edwin Wilkinson Booming brass, funky guitar - This is Fantastic Funk. Perfect for your daytime & reality TV programming.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT110_BM Emotion & Momentum Lee Ahmad Baker,Benjamin James Parsons,Paul Farrer,Dominic Marsh, Jonathan Philip Dix,James Alexander Dorman,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,Jody Karl Jenkins,Benjamin Peter McAvoy, Kamal David Kamruddin,Ben Wheeler Building emotional/optimistic tracks for achieving goals and inspiring teams.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT109_BM Thoughtful Journey Benjamin James Parsons,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Jody Karl Jenkins,Max Haines,Christian Leslie Henson,James Alexander Dorman Building reflective tracks for embarking on a journey to find oneself.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT108_BM Folk & Frolics Chris Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Lee Ahmad Baker,Jody Karl Jenkins,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Andrew Charles Huckvale,Paul Farrer,Samuel William Hooper,Max Haines Folky tunes for happy summer sunshine vibes. From upbeat folk rock/pop tunes to delightful little ditties.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT107_BM Reflective Documentary James Alexander Dorman,Giles Robert Lamb,Lennert Busch,Samuel William Hooper,Christian Leslie Henson,Samuel Sim,Lawrence Oakley,Dan Parry,Mike Westergaard,Niall Anthony Byrne,Jonathan Rhys Hill,Wayne Roberts,Benjamin James Parsons Subtle, thoughtful tracks create an introspective mood for human documentaries and journeys of reflection.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT105_BM Electronic Underscore Christian Leslie Henson,Lennert Busch,James Alexander Dorman,Max Haines,Jody Karl Jenkins,Andrew Michael Hewitt A variety of technological and futuristic atmospheres to soundtrack modern age documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT104_BM Optimistic Outlook Lawrence Oakley,Daniel Marantz, Stephen John Collins,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins,Wayne Roberts,James Alexander Dorman,Giles Robert Lamb,Samuel William Hooper,Paul Farrer,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Carl David Harms Bright and uplifting documentary cues for looking at things from a positive perspective.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT100_BM Action & Adventure Richard Everard Lawrence Wells,Paul Farrer,Jody Karl Jenkins Huge cinematic action adventure tracks for vigilantes and heroes on a quest.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT098_BM Lost Hope Richard Andrew Canavan,Benjamin James Parsons,Giles Robert Lamb,Paul Farrer,Christian Leslie Henson,Mark Sayer-Wade,James Alexander Dorman,Samuel William Hooper Mourning the loss of close ones. Sorrowful tracks evoke feelings of loss, grief, and heartache.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT097_BM Documentary Narrative 2 Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Paul Farrer,Dan Parry,Samuel William Hooper,Jody Karl Jenkins,Wayne Roberts,James Alexander Dorman Episode 2 of Documentary Narrative. More general underscores for all types of documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT096_BM Curious Incidents Carl David Harms,James Alexander Dorman,Wayne Roberts,Lennert Busch,Giles Robert Lamb,Lawrence Oakley,Benjamin James Parsons,Geoffrey Alexander,Jody Karl Jenkins Music for odd and eccentric characters. Various quirky and dramedy cues underscore curious scenarios.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT095_BM Summer Pop Party 2 Jeremy Noel William Abbott, Louise Dowd,Chris Lewis, Daniel Marantz,Lee Ahmad Baker,Daniel Marantz, Iain Prasad Mahanty,Blue Feds, Ethan Galloway,Rob Bagshaw,Dominic Marsh, Mike Reed, Thomas Richard Peter Howe,Paul Farrer,Stephen Charles McKeon The follow-up album to Summer Pop Party. Fun pop tunes for good times on the beach.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT094_BM Old-Time Tunes Benjamin James Parsons,James Alexander Dorman,Paul Farrer,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Jody Karl Jenkins,Jessica Charlotte Dannheisser,Lawrence Oakley,Andrew Carwithen Morel, Benjamin James Parsons Whether on the beach, at the fairground, or in the music hall, these fun old ditties are perfect for a good old knees up!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT093_BM Period Drama Lennert Busch,Pendle Poucher,James Alexander Dorman,Jody Karl Jenkins,Samuel Sim,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson Orchestral pieces set the scene for an early 20th century period drama and represent the civilised upper-class.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT091_BM Drones & Beds Jonathan Rhys Hill,Lawrence Oakley,Richard Neville Hartley,James Alexander Dorman,Lennert Busch,Christian Leslie Henson,Richard Everard Lawrence Wells A collection of brooding and tense cinematic underscores.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT090_BM A Time of Reflection Samuel Sim,Samuel William Hooper,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Wayne Roberts,James Alexander Dorman As we sit back and ponder the meaning of life.......
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT089_BM Trial and Elimination Ian Charles Porter, Peter Robert Miller,Samuel Sim,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Paul Farrer,Steve Isles,James Alexander Dorman,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Christian Leslie Henson,Stephen Charles McKeon,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill Tense game show cues for nervous contestants.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT088_BM Rock Renegades Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,Christian Leslie Henson,Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Jody Karl Jenkins,Michael John McEvoy Gritty guitars and hard-hitting drums unite for a collection of heavy rock jams.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT086_BM The Waiting Room Jody Karl Jenkins,Jessica Charlotte Dannheisser,Lennert Busch,Matthew Charles Gilbert Davidson,Paul Farrer,James Alexander Dorman,Robin Arthur Dylan Elliott,Frederic Chopin, Timothy Michael Hammond,Timothy Michael Hammond Pour a long, chilled drink and relax in our waiting room to this playlist of kitsch tunes, muzak grooves and piano classics.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT085_BM Documentary Narrative Aaron Frederick Lazlo Wheeler,Samuel William Hooper,Wayne Roberts,Lee Ahmad Baker,Paul Farrer,Samuel Sim,Lawrence Oakley,Christian Leslie Henson,James Alexander Dorman Versatile cues for use in all types of documentaries.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT083_BM Aspirational Living James Alexander Dorman,Paul Farrer,Lawrence Oakley,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,Benjamin James Parsons,Jody Karl Jenkins Marble lawns, granite staircases, and a combined dining / swimming area.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF132 The Rock Bible Cesar Gimeno Lavin, Maximillian O'Donnell,Cesar Gimeno Lavin Riffs, beats and melodic mayhem. Classic rock, garage rock, blues rock and indie rock. It’s time to ROCK!
ONE MUSIC OM264 Cool Commercials: The Ad Groove Chris Norwood, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott,James Laboz, John Hunter Jr, Jonathan Slott A collection of upbeat and friendly tracks for commercial, retail and promo. Also great for reality tv & lifestyle. Variety of styles and instrumentation include: retro funky grooves, horns, percussion tracks, energetic rock, Latin & stylish pop synths
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