今月の新譜一覧 (326アルバム)
SARAO MUSIC SA108 Nordic Pop Hits Rundqvist Thomas Karl Bright and energetic, featuring Dance, Pop and Reggaeton groove, female and male vocals that create feel-good, celebratory moods.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS205 The Banjo Boys Peter Lavoz, Martin Russell Wheatley, Ben Dixon Light unorthodox tunes for the banjo
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS203 Pizzicato Playtime James Kaleth, Max Bronco, Dan Denning Playful pizzicato pieces for documentaries
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS202 ACOUSTIC AIR Darren Kerr Campbell Ambient music for delicate scenarios
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS200 Building To Achievement Vol. 1 John Denon, Stephen John O'Neill,Stephan North, Graham Wright,Stephan North, Peter Willmott Corporate music for developing prestige
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS199 CHANGING SEASONS Amit Weiner, Amir Gurvitz,Amit Weiner, Darren Campbell Jenkins, Amir Gurvitz Building and alternating lighter themes
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC IDOCS198 Country Junket Randall McGravey A light country album featuring 'fiddle'
ALPHASONIC ALPHA058 Contemporary Acoustics Chris Wells Modern & sophisticated jazz influenced chamber music.
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK657 Afraid Of What Sebastien Didyme, Gregory Laffargue, Thomas Potrel, Jordane Tanzi,Alexandre Larcanche, Leonard Raponi,Jean Francois Bourassin, Christophe Allemand,Maxime Larcanche, Mickael Patrac,Jerome Rossi,Thomas Verovski Quirky and spooky orchestral scores, Halloween specialties. ZIK or Treat !
MUSIQUE & MUSIC ZIK655 Investigation Time Michael Larcange, Mickael Patrac Modern drama underscores for investigation, TV report or documentary. Urban beats and hybrid instrumentation
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM594 Christmas Holiday Pop Simon Tellier, Katie Hargrove,Simon Tellier, Ronald Bingaman,Simon Tellier, Victoria Hills,Stevie Gold, Katie Hargrove,Richard P. Craker, Valentina Giardullo,Adam M. G. Double,Amy C. McKnight,Jordan Louis, Mia J. Mormino A feelgood collection of Christmas Holiday songs, bursting with excitement and festive joy. Featuring pop, soul and hip hop influences, male and female vocals and sparkling percussion.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM593 Nordic Noir Juno Jensen,Keld H. Ibsen,Pétur Jónsson,Lauri Porra,Sofia Hallgren A collection of desolate, emotive Nordic Noir themes created by some of the region's finest composers. Building suspense, tension and drama with glistening strings, solemn percussion and eerie atmospheres.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM592 Bombastic Comedy Adventures Amir Gurvitz, Daniel Markovich A madcap comedy adventure filled with raucous swing, boisterous big band and quirky jazz. Featuring bouncing brass, playful percussion and cheeky sound effects.
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM581 Discovery & Emotion Chris Doney, Beth Perry Stirring, evocative cello and piano pieces that shimmer with expression and beauty
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM580 World at War Robert J. Foster,Matt Norman,Matt Norman, Robert J. Foster Dark and investigative cues designed to build suspense and tension in documentary and drama programming. Featuring orchestral strings, military drums, dramatic brass and synths
WEST ONE MUSIC WOM579 Pop Rock Swagger Tristan Ivemy, Gem M. Jones, Jack Monroe,Tristan Ivemy, Gem M. Jones,Tristan Ivemy, Jack Monroe Powerful pop-rock anthems packed with energy and swagger, featuring heavy drums, epic vocals and roaring guitars
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0063 80s Club Nostalgia: The New School Freddie Prest,Jackson Hamish Almond,Louise Ann Baldwin,Jonathan David Wildey,Matthew Meeson Contemporary takes on the 80s club electronica sound
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0062 80s Club Nostalgia: Killer Love Aleksandrs Hromcovs,Jackson Hamish Almond,Ezra Devra,Matthew Meeson,Oliver Knowles 80s flavoured dance pop with a strong hint of romance
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0061 80s Club Nostalgia: Downtown Disco Joseph Peter Farr,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong,Yonatan Collier,Oliver Richard Barrett, Matthew Stanley Mills Cinematic, electronic 80s-inspired disco, equally at home on the dance floor or on late night drives
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0060 80s Club Nostalgia: Club Kids Aneek Thapar, Jonathan Atkinson,Catch Harrington,Oliver Richard Barrett, Matthew Stanley Mills,Joseph Peter Farr,Ato Ayerra Cool, sassy and fashionable 80s-influenced dance
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0059 80s Club Nostalgia: Midnight Run Jeremy Andrew Sliwerski, Daniel Rodrigues Solimene,Jess Gavelle,Oliver Knowles,Ezra Devra 80s-influenced electronica with a cinematic nod to classic action soundtracks
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0058 UK Garage: Bright Bubblers Duncan Burton,George Stephenson, Lee James,Jackson Hamish Almond,Sergey Suokas,Catch Harrington Upbeat, bed-friendly takes on the UK garage sound
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0057 UK Garage: Mellow Rollers Axel Stone, Alex Barron,Jackson Hamish Almond,Sergey Suokas,Miles McAllister Deep, laid back and bed-friendly. Classic and contemporary takes on the UK garage sound
WOTNOT MUSIC LIBRARY WN0056 UK Garage: Club Bangers George Stephenson, Lee James,Duncan Burton,Jeremy Andrew Sliwerski, Daniel Rodrigues Solimene,Lawrence Mau-Yip Wong High energy, uptempo floor-fillers from the genre made famous in the UK but moving feet across the world
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH228 Looking Out Looking In Rory P. Dempsey, Dominic D. Sales Studies in observation and emotion
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH227 Spirits of Earth, Sea and Air Richard Durrant, Brian D. Gulland Colourful, visual music featuring imaginative juxtapositions of ancient and modern acoustic instruments
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH217 Super Eight Stardust Stephen Coates, Bea Parks Imaginative, musicality playing with light and shade
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH216 Beats and Pieces Jonathan B. Buchanan, James Copperthwaite A punchy, playful fist of fun
THE SCORING HOUSE TSH215 Country Life Francis R. Shaw Depictions of rural life, observed through the changing seasons
SOMOS SOO050 Reparto Cubano Adolfo Jose De la Torre Casmartiño Vibrant, excited Reparto Cubano with relentless, driving party energy. Features male vocals, punchy beats and contemporary synths.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO257 Drum And Bass Beds Kamil Mazurek,Oliver Kilpatrick Exciting, racing, high impact, adrenaline pumping drum and bass beds, urgent, catchy and cool, vibrant, electronic activity and fast movement, confident, intense competitive attitude for sports, speed and endurance, city life, Summer youth
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO256 Cool Christmas Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe,Benedict Gordon,Joseph Rusnak Feel-good pop and cool hip hop beats meets Christmas tradition! Sparkling, cute, upbeat, dance, fun and festive motivation for Christmas adverts, activities, leisure, shopping and fashion. Cuddle up to rom coms, cooking and glistening magical bells.
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO255 Glam Rock Stuart Elliott, Rick Driscoll,James Henterly, Dennis Klinefelt,James Henterly,James Henterly, David Bradley Retro party time, glitter balls, outrageous costumes, makeup and platform shoes, 1970s glam rock, chugging guitars, pounding drums, wild exciting action, driving sports riffs, TV and throwback documentaries and movies
SOHO PRODUCTION MUSIC SOHO254 Christmas Shopping Lewis Lloyd, Michael Botzaropoulos,Michael Botzaropoulos, Ryan James Trebilcock,Jack McKenzie,Joseph Michael Rusnak,Robert Clarke, Kevin Jarvis,Markus Gleissner,Paul Williams, John Burns,Kevin Jarvis,Nicola McCollum, Eamonn Downes, Mark Coupe Big, bright Christmas advertising excitement! Happy, feelgood sleigh rides, kids, presents and magical moments. Bouncing, festive celebration, cheeky quirky to sentimental beauty, it's a contemporary yuletide sleigh-bell utopia
SARAO MUSIC SA109 Fall Into Dissonance Josep Maria Soler Prim Dark and eerie, featuring electronic elements fused with orchestral sonorities creating suspenseful, tense moods.
REAL TO REEL RTR007 Investigation & Discovery Jonathan B. Buchanan Dark, investigative tension, featuring orchestra with pulsing synths and driving drums.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM376 Beating Tension Robert de Fresnes Cold cinematic backdrops, utilising rhythmic leads and suspended textures, setting the scene for suspenseful moments of drama and intrigue.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM375 Positive Pop Oliver Melville-Smith Contemporary chart Pop productions with old-school retro vibes aplenty, utilising an array of live instruments and vintage synths to create these infectiously energetic dance floor anthems.
NO SHEET MUSIC NSM374 Heatwave Ben Macklin Stylish summertime flavours showcased through a selection of modern Pop genres, as Nu Disco-inspired instrumentation and sweltering synths take centre stage.
GOTHIC STORM MUSIC TOOL WORKS GTW113 Trailerized Crowd FX - Stomps, Claps & Chants Alessandro Camnasio The instant feeling of a massive event via trailerized crowd stabs from master trailer sound designer Alessandro Camnasio. Featuring huge processed stomps, claps, chants, risers and screams.
GOTHIC STORM MUSIC GOTHIC075 The Second Melodic Dawn Lionel Schmitt Incredible melodic joy with bold sweeping builds - a timeless goosebumps-inducing euphoric classic for trailer makers and fans alike.
FUTURE POP FUP070 Trance Pop Yalcin Bora Varsay,Gareth Charles Thomas,Christoph Allerstorfer,Edward John William Haydon,Richard William Armstrong, James Kenneth Grover,Claudio Ottaviano Euphoric, exciting and exhilarating trance tracks with all the classic sentiment and production quality from trance's heyday.
FANTASY PRODUCTIONS MUSIC FPM135 RADIO POP Sarah De Warren, Reese Szabo,Ashley Wanton, Tanya Morehead,Bianca Oeschle, Reese Szabo,Andrew Mark Jordan, Reese Szabo,Sarah De Warren, Jamie Burke, Reese Szabo,Kacy Mooneyham, Reese Szabo BanginÕ Poptastic Tracks Perfectly Produced For Your PlaylistsÉ ÒCHUUUUUUUNZZZÓ
FILM SERIES FHT063 CRIMEDY George Strezov,George Strezov, Kiril Georgiev,George Strezov, Iavor Pachovski,George Strezov, Alexander Kostov,George Strezov, Velislava Georgiev Take A Hint Of Irony, With A Dash Of Satire Laced With A Pinch Mishievous, Comical SuspenseÉ The Perfect Recipe For Dramedy
FILM SERIES FHT062 DRAMEDY George Strezov, Alexander Kostov,George Strezov, Simeon Edward,George Strezov, Hristo Penev,George Strezov, Iavor Pachovski Take A Hint Of Irony, With A Dash Of Satire Laced With A Pinch Mishievous, Comical SuspenseÉ The Perfect Recipe For Dramedy
FIRED EARTH MUSIC FEM059 Eternity: Empowering Trailer Songs Jonathan B. Buchanan,Sarah deCourcy, Katie Hargrove,Susannah M. Wilkins, James W. Green,Sarah deCourcy, Lauren Dyson Rousing trailer songs with entrancing female vocals from Susie Wilkins, Fya Fox, Katie Hargrove, Lauren Dyson and Olivia Locke. Featuring powerful trailer drums and evocative orchestral arrangements.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1047 Piano Drama James Jones Soaring, heartwarming piano, beautiful and romantic modern classical evokes freedom, courage and drama, strong, powerful, majestic, flowing inspiration with epic, emotional orchestra.
BOSWORTH MUSIC BOS1046 Horror Trailers Melissa Hollick, Joe Sullivan Powerful dramatic horror promos and trailers, haunting creepy clockwork, Halloween fear, terror and suspense, stalking, hunting and escape, glitching countdowns and eerie vocals and screams.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX111 Anthemic Emotive Pop Bjorn Nilsson, Devon Hill,Jennifer June, James George,Mic Burns,Conor Manning, Jeremy Stack, Gabriella Chloe Feldman,Sacha Collisson, Adam Martin,Matt Tamsedge,Susie Wilkins, Jimmy Green Collection of anthemic, emotive pop songs - ranging from powerful synth pop to heartfelt pop ballads
BAM LIBRARY BAM-BX102 Intimate Acoustic Folk Sam Clunie,Robbie Albery,Iain Mahanty,Alexander Carson Warm, organic acoustic folk with beautiful guitar lines, light orchestral elements and a pastoral feel
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AS30 Arnaud Hug : Sailor's tales Arnaud Hug, Iris Di Napoli,Arnaud Hug Cold, atmospheric, cinematic, very emotional and sensitive, a dramatic album that deeply stirs inside.
BAM LIBRARY BAM-AL188 Psych Indie Rock Iain Mahanty,Freddie Prest, Oliver Paradis,Chris Lewis, Christian Jaques Pandit, Ellis John Paul Turner,Jon Dix, Daniel O'Donnell-Smith, Neil Comber,Matthew Cocksedge,Wayne Murray, Paul Rawson Feel-good, dreamy psychedelic indie with hazy vocals, shimmering guitars and heavy basslines
2ND FOUNDATION MUSIC 2FM071 Reality TV Strings Daryl Griffith Fun, upbeat underscores with pop string orchestra, pizzicato, percussion & electronics for reality TV, game shows & lifestyle, featuring happy, tense & cheeky moods.
ZERO TO SIXTY ZTS043 Gothica Billy Lincoln, Henry Gorman, Kat Green,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green,Adam Jason Fox, Billy Lincoln, Kat Green,Alex Kharlamov, Billy Lincoln, Kat Green,Billy Lincoln, Danny McCarthy, Kat Green,Billy Lincoln, Casey Dunmore, Kat Green,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Kate Conklin,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Matt Harris,Billy Lincoln, Kat Green, Maria Sandia,Franz Schubert, Kat Green, Tony Blondal,J.S. Bach, Kat Green, Tony Blondal,Josquin des Pres, Kat Green, Tony Blondal,Kat Green, Tomas Luis De Victoria, Tony Blondal,Kat Green, Stephen Foster, Tony Blondal,Kat Green, Steffe, Tony Blondal,Kat Green, Tony Blondal Trailerized versions of great choral works. It's all about the chorus. Big choirs, acapella hymns, hybrids styles, remixes, Spirtutal, haunting and full of wonder and creativity.
WALL OF NOISE WON032 Awakening Or Chausha,Or Chausha, Or Kribos Dark, percussive, hybrid orchestral steamrollers featuring visceral low brass, searing strings & powerful cinematic backends
AUDIO WAX WAX022 Electro Energy Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry,Erica Driscoll, Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry,Will Saulsky,Nate Dodge,Gilde Flores,Jacob Berman,Theodore Reade Aronson,Andrew Lappin 80's and Nu-disco inspired high energy pop tracks.
VITAMIN A VTM-A45 Split Second Renee Tofa, Tauese Tofa A powerful hybrid of epic and inspiring vocal songs.
VOLTA MUSIC VM070 Elysium Matthias Ullrich, Raffael Gruber Dark electronic soundtracks for thrillers, trailers, crime dramas and chilling documentaries.
UNIVERSAL TRAILER SERIES UTS058 The Prestige Dmitriy Alexandrovich Mityukhin, Ros Stephen,Joni Amelia Fuller,David Thomas Connolly,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,David Thomas Connolly, Max Rowat Dramatic strings for high-end TV drama promos and trailers. Tracks are intense, creating a strong sense of anticipation and suspense throughout.
UNIVERSAL TRAILER SERIES UTS057 Sonant Steve Everitt,Michael James Burns,Sophy Olivia Purnell, Stefan Jon Fletcher,Robin Everitt,Edward John Michael McCormack III,Sophy Olivia Purnell, Steve Everitt A tapestry of vocal textures & phonetics with orchestra and sound design for trailers, documentaries and promos.
UNIVERSAL TRAILER SERIES UTS056 Back To The 80s Michael Werner Maas,Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,Robin Everitt, Steve Everitt,Gresby Race Nash,Francesca Luisa Sartori Tense, dark and energetic trailer music combining signature 80s sounds with full epic orchestra. Action & adventure packed with a twist of 80s nostalgia.
TRUE STORIES TRU162 Sunshine Indie Terry Caster,Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Nicholas Charles O'Donnell-Smith, Trent Larsen,Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen Indie pop energy, bright guitars and care-fee days
TRUE STORIES TRU161 The Influencers Adela Samme, Frank de Kova, Max Bronco, Trent Larsen,Simon Pettersson,Thom Powell, Trent Larsen Glamour Pop EDM with wordless vocals, for the social media stars and the millions that follow.
TRUE STORIES TRU160 Cinescapes Andy Hopkins, Ella Ryan,Andy Hopkins, Dean Mahoney,Danny Cullen, Thom Powell,Tord Jungsten, Trent Larsen Contemporary, cinematic drama and stripped-back film score atmospheres
SEVENTH SENCE SVN050 Trap Chorale Daniel Burrows, Daniel William David Mallender, Thomas Richard Hill,Owen Parker, Sacha James Collisson, Vance Westlake,Stephen William Cornish,Christopher James Dececio, Vance Westlake Classical choirs, cinematic strings and supercharged trailerised trap taking epic to new levels. Hugely intense, disturbingly dramatic and all out dynamic.
STORYTELLER STORY010 Focus Joel Goodman,Benjamin Krause, Joel Goodman,Joel Goodman, Kevin Bluhm,Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno Gentle rhythms and confident themes inspire the determination to prevail.
STORYTELLER STORY009 Hope Returns Joel Goodman,Joel Goodman, Vicente Julio Ortiz Gimeno,Benjamin Krause, Joel Goodman Thoughtful and positive themes inspire a touch of hope and optimism.
SPOT ON SPOTON0038 Percolations Dain Luscombe,Aaron Albert Srdoc,Bernard Perry, John Pregler,Jack David Elliot,Benjamin Krause,David Scott Butler,Jimi Englund Dramatic percussive beds with electronic elements in a range of styles and moods. Categories include Determined, Energetic, and Fun.
SEE SEE042 Gamer, Next Level Cliff Lin,Daniel Heath,Marc Aaron Jacobs,Jason Todd Miller, Marc Aaron Jacobs,Christopher Heckman, Daniel Heath Epic Gaming trailers, high intensity action, adventure. Game scoring elements, next level high stakes competition and tales of adventure.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN052 Warm & Hopeful Stories Ben Beiny,Brian Goral,Luke Gordon Contemporary warm and hopeful beds for emotional storytelling.
SCORE ADDICTION SDN051 Ultimate Pulses Luke Gordon, Mark Havryliv,Luke Gordon,Maksim Tyutmanov Pulses and beds for tech, science, data and investigation.
SCORING PICTURES SCP015 Action Thriller Damien Salançon,Axel Nouveau, David Vadant,Théo Croix,Antonio Gambale,Lucas Napoleone,Nicolas Maranda,Jean-Pierre Ensuque,Fabien Waltmann,Eric Melville,David Menke, Rémi Boubal,François Rousselot, Gabriel Marini,Julien Auclair Modern action and thriller scores spiced with orchestral espionnage themes. Great for an action packed chase scenes
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR233 Inspirational Advertising Jacob Paul Turner, Leon Lohmann, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Perfectly dialed in edits for the advertising world. 15, 30, 60 & 90 second versions broken into three styles; light hearted ukulele, sweeping orchestral and high powered positive pop.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR232 Alternative Trap Rock Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Tristan Calder Live, distorted electric guitars blazing alternative and heavy rock riffs on top of trap beats. Victorious, edgy and motivational.
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR231 Nova Pop Rachele Lehner, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Tristan Calder,Lana Shea Walling, Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Tristan Calder,Sebastian Barnaby Robertson, Tristan Calder First half of the album is super powered, soaring, future bass, electro pop anthems with strong, uplifting female vocals. Second half is blazing instrumentals in the same vein!
SONIC BEAT RECORDS SBR230 True Crime Vol.1 Sebastian Barnaby Robertson Volume one in a series created for crime, mystery and investigative programming. Cold drones, dark underscores with creepy and tense textures.
SOUND BREAKERS SB114 Tension Drums Vol. 3 Bruce Aronson, John K. Sands,John K. Sands, Josh Heineman Volume 3 of our Tense percussion beds. Atmospheric and suspenseful
SOUND BREAKERS SB113 Urban Vol. 9 Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,Dennis Ramone Gonzalez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Antonio David Gonzalez, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Christopher Joseph Smith, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Christian James Walker, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Fabien Renoult, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari Volume 9 of our Urban collection of Hip Hop and Trap with big thumping beats and attitude.
SOUND BREAKERS SB112 Inspirational Pop Vol. 9 Andrew Joseph Carpenter, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Mark Richmond Phillips Volume 9 of our uplifting, energetic, inspirational Pop tracks. All positive.
SOUND BREAKERS SB111 Soft House Vol. 4 John K. Sands, Justin Hilton Portis, Marc Ferrari Volume 4 of our Soft Electronica chilled to the core. Relaxing and reflective.
SOUND BREAKERS SB110 Rocktronica Vol. 1 George Adam Hamilton, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari Volume 1 of our edgy Rock tracks infused with Electronica elements. Perfect for Sports programming
SOUND BREAKERS SB109 Hip Hop Orchestral Vol. 2 John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Michael A Tremante,Benjamin Tobias Kieser, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen, Victor Vidot Torres,John K. Sands, Justin Desjardins West, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,James Robert Noble, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Kieran Jones, Marc Ferrari, Trevor Roy Lewallen Volume 2 of our Hip Hop / Trap beats with dramatic Orchestral strings. Perfect for sports programming
SOUND BREAKERS SB108 Grime Vol. 3 John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Paul Andrew Pacey, Trevor Roy Lewallen,Craig Donald Erwin, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Marc Ferrari,Bruno Sant Anna Camara, John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Trevor Roy Lewallen,John K. Sands, Josquin des Pres, Justin Desjardins West, Trevor Roy Lewallen Volume 3 of our Grime tracks: edgy, electronic Urban beats
SOUND BREAKERS SB107 Tension Drums Vol. 2 Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Rachel Lynn Leonard,Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Tony Phillips,Dhruv Goel, Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari Volume 2 of our series of Tense percussion beds. Atmospheric and suspenseful
SOUND BREAKERS SB106 Sports Rock Vol. 4 George Adam Hamilton, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari,John K. Sands, Josh Heineman, Pamela C Orlovitz,John K. Sands, Josh Heineman, Michael Hart Volume 4 of our exciting high-energy rockers geared for Sports programming
SOUND BREAKERS SB105 Action Drums Vol. 3 Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Tony Phillips,Dhruv Goel, Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari,Doug R Bossi, John K. Sands, Marc Ferrari, Rachel Lynn Leonard Volume 3 of our hard-hitting, dramatic percussion. Perfect for action moments in sports.
SARAO MUSIC SA107 Happy Hip Hop 2 Brett Piron, Marc Barrachina Sanchez,Marc Barrachina Sanchez, Nathaniel Winston Joseph Bygrave, Roger Rodes Sendros,Marc Barrachina Sanchez, Nathaniel Winston Joseph Bygrave,Marc Barrachina Sanchez, Nathaniel Winston Joseph Bygrave, Simon Morales Riesco,Marc Barrachina Sanchez, Roger Rodes Sendros,Marc Barrachina Sanchez Groovy and bright, with R&B and Hip Hop elements, featuring male rap and vocals creating inspiring moods of optimism.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT224 Pop Weekender Christopher Lewis, Daniel Marantz A mixed bag of current, pop flavours. Upbeat and feelgood vibes, perfect for that weekend feeling!
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT223 Laid-Back Lifestyle James George,Michael Lesirge, Tarek Modi,Nicolas Phillimore Dagnall, Vance Westlake,Frederick George Alan Prest, Vance Westlake,James Peter Wilson, Vance Westlake Chilled Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk & Lounge - a collection of luxurious live instrumental beats perfectly curated for lifestyle & property shows as well as vlogs.
SOUND POCKET MUSIC PKT222 Sweeping Orchestral Samuel Joseph Thompson,Michael James Burns,Samuel Karl Bohn Beautiful orchestral pieces bursting with marvel and wonder. Perfect for sweeping shots of nature.
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDF128 Nu Jazz & World Beats Jai Widdowson-Jones, James Graham,Alessandro Rizzo, Elliot Greenway Ireland A deep dive look into Nu Jazz and World Beats, played by duo/trio ensembles and arranged in places for cello and violin, bringing serenity and thoughtfulness to these songs. This youthful DIY recording approach is echoed within the bustling Bristol jazz s
PEDIGREE CUTS PEDB009 Nightbreed Horror Damon William Baxter, Flaviu Ciocan, Marton Horvath Fear, anxiety and panic: Damon Baxter (aka Deadly Avenger) delivers the soundtrack we were never meant to hear. With music placements in Hereditary, Midsommar and Pet Sematary, his music sends chills down our spines and makes our skin crawl. Will your scr
NYB NYB147 Minimal Organic Chris Constantinou, Florence Sabeva, James Young,Donn Wilkerson,Jason Steele,Chris Constantinou, James Young Minimal, organic sounding beds, hopeful, positive ambience.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1034 A Hint Of Japan Michel Dominique Barengo Japanese and Western instruments combine in a variety of moods for documentary and TV underscore.
NUVOTONE STRATOS NUVS1033 Intimate Folk Elien Walter Yukio Lanz, Marco Ricciardi,Marco Ricciardi Gently positive folk-pop. Close, intimate production and easy-going momentum.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1031 Upbeat Acoustic Adam Galo Light, upbeat acoustic tracks for ads, promos and general underscore.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1030 Funk Remix Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Callum Robert Melville, Luke James Melville,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, Daniel James Denning, James Patrick Kaleth,Aleksandrs Hromcovs, James Patrick Kaleth, Nicholas Charles O'Donnel-Smith Hard-grooving Nu Disco and Neo Funk. Deep vibe and sensuality for ads, promos and general sync.
NUVOTONE LIME NUVL1029 Young And Stylish Darren Ellis Smith Upbeat, contemporary dance pop combining Nu Disco and EDM. Crafted for ads, promos and youth-focused TV.
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1031 From Ashes Lukas Knoebl,Bartosch Mccarthy Cinematic yet underscore-friendly orchestral builds. Styled for documentaries and promos about facing challenges and emerging stronger.
NUVOTONE ANTIMATTER NUVA1030 Hybrid Swagger Alan Jay Reed, Queens Road,Brad William Miller,Steven Patterson Thundering drums and dangerous riffs. Menacing grooves for confrontation, extreme sports, trailers.
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